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Full text of "Catalogue of the London Library, St. James's Square, London : Supplement 1-8"

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The date shows when this volume was]taken. 




All books not in use 
for instruction or re- 
search are limited to 
all borrowers. 

Volumes of periodi- 
cals and of pamphlets 
comprise so many sub- 
jects, that they are held 
in the library as much 
as possible. For spe- 
cial purposes they are 
given out for a Hmited 

Graduates and sen- 
iors are allowed five 
volumes for two weeks. 
Other students may 
have two vols, from the 
circulating library for 









-ued to 





ft books, 

.ver wishes 

allowed to 


924 092 490 774 








%0\^1 X^%\\(a'2- 







(1903 & 1903) 









"^ U >4 5 














Eight Hon. LOED AVEBUEY, P.E.S. 

Eight Hon. Sie M. E. GEANT DUPP, G.C.S.I. 


Sir E. Blennbbhassett, Bart. 
J. H. Beidgbs, Esq., M.D. 
Horace T. Beown, Esq., P.E.S. 
Professor Lewis Campbell, LL.D. 
Austin Dobson, Esq., LL.D. 
Sydney Gbdge, Esq. 
Sir A. Gbikib, P.E.S. 
Sir E. GiFFEN, K.C.B., P.E.S. 
Edmund Gossb, Esq., LL.D. 
Mrs. J. E. Geebn. 
Eev. W. Hunt, M.A., Litt.D. 
Sir C. P. ILBEET, K.C.S.I. 

Sir C. M. Kennedy, K.C.M.G., C.B. 

Sidney Lee, Esq., Litt.D. 

W. S. Lilly, Esq. 

Sidney J. Low, Esq. 

Prank T. Maezials, Esq., C.B. 

Sir Peedeeick Pollock, Bart. 

Eev. J. H. EiGG, D.D. 

H. E. Tbddee, Esq., P.S.A. 

Eev. H. Wacb, D.D. 

Sir Spbncee Walpolb, K.C.B. 

A. W. Ward, Esq., Litt.D., LL.D. 

Secretarg ano librarian. 
C. T. HAGBBEG weight, LL.D. 

BAECLAY & COMPANY, Limited, 1 Pall Mall East. 

London Libeary, 

St. James's Square, S.W. 

The Library offers to its Members over 220,000 volumes selected from the literature 
of all countries, including a large proportion of old and valuable Works not supplied by 
ordinary Circulating Libraries. 

Additions are continually made, both of the standard Works of the day and of older 
and rarer Books. 

Fifteen volumes at a time are allov^ed to Country Members ; Ten to residents in 
London. For every extra pound per annum, an additional number of Volumes may be 
had at the rate of five Volumes at one time of old Works, or the supply of any nev? 
Work (provided it is already in the Library) by the purchase of another copy. 

Fourteen days are allowed for the perusal of new Books (i.e. Books published within 
the last twelve months), and two months for Books of older date. 

The Beading Booms, which are open daily from Ten to Half-past Six, are furnished 
with Periodicals, English and Foreign, together with a selection of new Books for use in 
the rooms only. 

The Library is closed three days at Easter and three days at Christmas, on Whit- 
Monday and August Bank Holiday. 

Subscribers are admitted on the recommendation of a Member, subject to the approval 

of the Committee. 


Secretary and Librarian. 


This Supplement contains all the books added from the time the Catalogue was sent to press 
in November 1901 up to November 1, 1903. 

Several large sets, The Harleian Miscellany, Force's Collection of Tracts, Chalmers' 
Works of the English Poets, and the Camden Miscellany, the mere titles of which appeared 
in the Catalogue, have been re-catalogued in a detailed manner. 

A list of Errata in the Catalogue of 1903 is also added to this Supplement. Attention 
is drawn to this list, as it contains a few important corrections, e.g. those under the names of 
Lady Gertrude Georgiana Douglas, Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, Miss Marie Corelli, Comte 
Florimond Claude de Mercy-Argenteau. 

Supplements will be issued annually in future, as formerly. 

Several volumes which are described as "wanting" in the Catalogue have been purchased, 
and therefore it is necessary to consult both the Catalogue and this Supplement. It is the 
intention of the Committee to continue to complete imperfect sets. 

The price of this Supplement is 2s. unbound; 3s. M. bound. A case to contain 6 un- 
bound Supplements, Is. 6cZ. 


FOE 1903 & 1903 

A. M. F., see Falls (Mrs.k. M.) [A. M. F.] 
'Abbas 'Ali, Daroghah, JSdjl. iflust. hist, album of the rajas & 
taaluqdars of Oudh. 8". Allahabad. 1880 

Abbeys, see Hableian Miscell. 

Abbotsford Club, see Hebbies (J. M., baron). Hist. mem', of r. of 
Mary Q. of Scots, & portion of r. of James VI ; [ed. B. Pit- 
cairn], 1836. 
Abbott (Edwin Abbott). Contrast, or a prophet and a forger. 
IThe Intr. of " From Letter to Spirit." On the Gospel accord, 
to St. John d the 2"'' Epistle of St. Peter. P1044]. 8". 1903 
A Shakespearian grammar. [repr.'] s8i'. 1901 

Abbott (Evelyn). Pericles & the golden age of Athens. 

s8o. N.Y. 1901 
Abbott (Greorge Frederick). The tale of a tour in Macedonia. 

8°. 1903 
Abbott (J. H. M.). Tommy Cornstalk. n. imp. sS". 1902 

'Abdti Yazdl, Hdjl, ['Abdu Yazdl, Haji, calling himself JSich- 

makdni'], ps. [i.e. Sir E. F. Bubton], see Bubton {Sir B. F.) 
Abel (Niels Henrik). *N. H. A. : memorial public k I'occasion 
du centenaire de sa naissanee. 4". [1902] 

Abelard (Pierre), see MacCabe (J.) P. A., 1901. 
Aberconway. Register & chronicle of the Abbey of A. ; ed. 

Sir H. Ellis, 1847, see Camden Miscellany (The), vl. 

Aberdeen. Bectorial addresses delivered in the Universities of 

A., 1835-1900. Ed. P. J. Anderson. 8". Aberdeen. 1902 

Aberdeen (Ishbel Maria Gordon, countess of), wife of 7"" earl, 

see Women, Inteenat. Congress of, ■t899. Transactions ; ed. 

A., 1900. 

Aberdeen (John Campbell G-ordon, 7"' earl of), see MaoCaetht 

(J.) British polit. leaders, 1903. 
Aberystwyth, see University College of Wales, A. 
Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. Hft. 1-16, i. 

{in prog.]. 8". L. 1877-1903 

After Hft. 9 called Abhdlgn. z. Gesch. d. mathematischen 

Wissenschaften mit Einschluss ihrer Anweudungen ; 

begriindet von Moritz Cantor. 

Issued as Supplements to the Zeitschrift fiir Mathematik 

und Physik : Hist.-literar. Abth. 

Abraham, hen Meir Ahen.Esra. A. Ibn Esra. Zur Gesch. d. 

mathemat. Wiss. im 12. Jhdt. Von M. Steinschneider. [3.] 
Adelardus, Bathensis, see Euclid, below. 
Archimedes. Neue Studien zu A. Von J. L. Hoiberg. [5.] 

Der Loeulus ArchimediuB. Hrsg. u. iibers. v. H. Suter. [9.] 

Aristotle. Die homocentr, Spharen etc. Von G. V. Schiaparolli. 

fibers. V. W. Horn. [1.] 

On an allusion in A. to a construction for parallels. By T. 

S. Heath. [9.] 

Arnauld (A.) A. A. als Mathematiker. [ Fore] Karl Bopp. [14.] 

Avenare (A.), see Abraham, ben Meir Aben Ezra, above. 

Bjornbo (A. A.) Studien uber Menelaos' Sphiirik. [14.] 

Bobynin (V. V.) D^veloppement des precedes servants a de'oom- 
poser le quotien en quanti&me. [9.] 

Boethiua (A. M. T. S.) Die Boetius-Frage, see Weissenborn (H.) 

Bolyai de Boya (J.) Lebensgesch. d. J. B. de B. (1802-1860). Von 
Franz Schmidt. [8,] 

Bppp (C.) Antoine Arnauld, der grosae Arnauld, als Mathe- 
matiker. [14.] 

Brahmagupta. Das TrSipcz bei Euklid, Heron, u. B., see Weissen- 
born (H.), below. 

Braunmiihl (A. v.) Zur Gesch. d. prosthaphaeret. Methode in d. 
Trigonoinetrie. [9.] 

Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik [continued]. 
Burkhardt (H.) Die Anfange d. Gruppentheorie u. Paolo RufBni. 

Cajoti (P.) Notes on the hist, of Logarithms. [9.] 
CallippuB. Die homocentr. Spharen etc. Von G. V. Sohiaparelli. 

tjbers. V. W. Horn. [1.] 
Cantor (M.) Verzeichnis d. mathemat. Schriften d. M. C. [9.] 
Curtze (M.) Der Tractatua Quadrantis d. Eobertus Anglious in 

deutscher t)bers. aus d. J. 1477. [9.] 

Ein Beitrag z. Gesch. d. Algebra in Deutschland im 15. Jhdt. 


Die Hs. No. 14836 d. K. Hof- u. Staatsbibliothek z. Miinchen. 


De Inquisicione Capacitatis Pigurarum. Anon. Abhdlg. aus 

dem 15. Jhdt. [8.] 

Uber eine Algorismus-Schrift d. 12. Jhdt. [8.] 

Urkanden z. Gesch. d. Mathematik im Mittelalter u. d. Re- 
naissance. 2 T. 

1. Der " Liber embadorum " des Savasorda in d. tJbers. d. 

Plato V. Tivoli. — Der Briefweohsel Eegiomontan's mit 
Giovanni Bianchini, Jacob Speier u. Christian Roder. 

2. Die " Praotioa Geometrise " d. Leonardo Mainardi aus 

Cremona. — Die " Algebra " d. Initius Algebras ad Tlem 
Geometram magistrum suum. [13.] 
Cnsa (card. N. de). N. von C. u. s. Beziehungen z. mathemat. u. 

physikal. Geographie. Von S. Giinther. [9.] 
Dasypodius (C.) Heron v. Alexandria, K. D. u. d. Strassburger 

astronom. Miinsteruhr. Von W. Schmidt. [8.] 
Descartes (R.) Descartes o. d. Brechungsgesetz d. Lichtes. Von 
P. Kramer. [4.] 

Les " Excerpta ex M.SS. R. Des-Cartes." Par Paul Tannery. 


Diokstein (S.) Zur Gesch. d. Prinzipien d. Infinitesimalreoh- 

nung. [9.] 
Bisenstein (G. P.) Briefe an M. A. Stern. Hrsg. v. A. Hurwitz u. 

P. Eudio. [7.] 

Autobiographie. Hrsg. v. F. Rudio. [7.] 

Eneatrom (Gustaf). P. W. Wargentin u. d. sogenannte Halley'sche 

Methode. [9.] 
Euclid. Euclid u. d. seohs planimetr. Biicher. Von Max Simon. 


Das Trapez bei E. etc., see Weissenborn (H.), below. 

Die tjbersetzung d. B. aus dem Arabischen in das Lat. 

duroh Adelhard von Bath. Von H. Weissenborn. [3.] 

Eudoxus, of Cnidos, the mathematician. Die homocentr. Spharen 

etc. Von G. V. Sohiaparelli. Ubers. v. W. Horn. [1.] 
Pavaro (A.) Intomo ad un inedito Trattato di Mechaniohe di 

Galileo Galilei. Notizie di A. P. [9.] 
Permat (P. de). P. P.'s Streit mit John Wallia. Von G. Wert- 

heim. [9.] 
- Portolfus. Rythmimachia. Von R. Peiper. [3.] 
Franco, of Likge. Der Traktat P.'a v. L. ; " de quadratura circuli." 

Hrsg. V. Dr. Winterberg. [4.] 
Galileo, Intomo ad un inedito Trattato di Mechaniohe. Notizie 

di A. Pavaro. [9.] 
Gelcioh (E.) Eine Studie ii. d. Entdeckung d. analyt. Geometrie 

mit Beriicksiohtigung eines Werkes d. Marino Ghetaldi, 1630. [4.] 

Zur Gesch. d. Langenbestimmung zur. See. [9.] 

Ghetaldus (M.), see Gelcich (E.) Eine Studie etc., above. 

Graf (J. H.) Die Geometrie v. Le Clerc u. Ozanam, ein Plagiat 

aus dem Ende d. xvii. Jhdt. [9.] 
Giinther (S.) Die quadrat. Irrationalitiiten der Alten. [4.] 

N. von Guaa u. s, Beziehungen z. mathemat. u. physikal. 

Geographie. [9.] 

Heath (T. L.) On an allusion in Aristotle to a construction for 
parallels. [9.] 




Abhandlungen ziir Gesch. d. Mathematik [contintied]. 

Heiberg (J. L.) Byzantinisclie Analekten. [9.] 

Neue Stndien zu Archimedes. [5.] 

Ptolemaus de Analemmate. [7.] 

Heller (A.) tlber d. Anfgaben e. Gescli. d. Physik. [9.] 
Henry (C.) Prologus Ocreati in Helceph ad Adelardum Batensem. 
Fragment sur la multiplication et la division publ. par C. H. [3.] 
Hero, of Alexandria. H. v. A. im 17. Jtdt. "Von "W. Schmidt. [8.] 

H. T. A., Konrad Dasypodius u. d. Strassburger astronom. 

Miinsterulir. Von W. Schmidt. [8.] 

Das Trapez bei Euklid, H., etc., see Weissenboru (H.), below. 

Hipparchus, the astronomer. Winkelmessungen durch d. Hippar- 

chische Dioptra. Von F. Hultsch. [9.] 
Hultsoh (F, 0.) Winkelmessungen durch d. Hipparchische Diop- 
tra. [9.] 
Hunrath (C.) Des Eheticus Canon doctrinSB triangulorum u. 

Vieta's Canon mathematicus. [9.] 
Hurwitz (A.) & F. Eudio. Briefe v. G. Eisenstein an M. A. Stern. 

Hrsg. V. A. H. n. F. E. [7.] 
Initius Algebras. Die "Algebra " d. I. A. see Curtze (M.), Urkun- 

den etc., above. 
Inquisicione (De) Capacitatis Figurarum. Anon. Abhdlg. aus d. 

15. Jhdt. Hrsg. v. M. Curtze. [8.] , , . , 

Isenkrahe (C.) tjber d. Zuriickfiihrung d. Schwere auf Absorp- 
tion. [6.] 
Joachimus (G.), jRkieficus. Des Eheticus Canon doctrinse trian- 
gulorum etc. Von K. Hunrath. [9.] 
Joannes, de Muris, see Muris (J. de), below. 

Kramer (P. M.) Descartes u. d. Brechungsgesetz d. Lichtes. [4.] 
Le Clero (S.) Die Geometric v. Le C. u. Ozanam, see Graf (J. H.), 

above. .. 

Lobaohevsky (N. I.) N. I. L. Rede von A. Wassiljef. Ubers.v. F. 

Engel. [7.1 
Loria (G.) II " Giomale de' Letterati d' Italia " di Vejiezia e la 

" Eaccolta Calogera " come fonti per la storia delle matematiche 

nel secolo 18. [9.] 
Liittich {F. v.), see Franco, of Liige, above. 
Mainardi (L.) Practica- Geometrias, see Curtze (M.) Urkunden 

etc., above. ■ " ' 

Mansion (P.) Notes sur le caractfere geometrique de I'ancienne 

astronomie. [9.] 
Meaelans, of Alexandria. Studien iiber Menelaos' Spharik. [Von] 

A. A. Bjornbo... [14.] 
Meyer (W. F.) Ubier d. Bncyklopadie d. mathemat. 'Wissenschaf- 

ten. [9.] 
Mishnath Ha-Middoth. M. Ha-M. (Lehre von den Maassen.) 

Hrsg. V. M. Steinschneider ; ubers.u. erl. v. H. Schapira. [3!] 
Muhamma^d ibnishak. Das Mathenaatiker-Verzpichniss im Fihrist 

des Ibn Abl Ja'kub an-Nadim. , tJbers. v. H. Suter. [6.] . „ 
Miillei (F.) Zur jerminologie d. altesten mathemat. Schriftgn in 

deutscher Spraohe. [9.] 
Miiller (J.), Begiomontanus. Briefwechsel mit G. Bianchini,.Jacob 

V. Speier, u. Christian E'6der,'see Curtze (M.) Urkunden etc., 

Muris (J. de). Das Quadripartitum d. J. de M. u. d. prakt. Eech- 

nen im 14. Jhdt. Von A. Nagl. [5.] 
Nagl (A.) Der arithmet. Tractat d. Eadulph von Laon. [5.] 
■ Das Quadripartitum d. Joannes de Muris u. d. prakt. Eech- 

nen im 14. Jhdt. [5.] 

Die Eeohenmethoden au£ dem griech. Abakus. {9.] , . 

Nemororins (J.) De numeris datis. Hrsg. v. P. Trentlein. i [2.] 
Ocreatus (N.) Prologus 0-. in Helceph ad Adelardum Biatensem. 

Fragment sur la multiplication et la division publ. par G. Henry. 

Ozanam (J.) Die Geometrie v. Le Clero u. C, see Graf (J. H.) 

Peiper (C. R. S.) Fortolfi Eythmimaehia. [3.] 
Plato, of Tivoli, see Savasorda, below. 

Vtolemjtthe geographer. De Analemmate. Von J. L. Heiberg. [7.] 
Radulphns, Laudninensis. Der arithmet. Tractat d. E. v. Laon. 

Von A. Nagl. [sl] 
Kegiomontan, see Miiller (J.), Begiomontanus, abpve. 
Robertas, Anglicus. Der Tractatus Quadrantis d. E. A. in 

deutscher tJbers. aus d. J. 1477. Von M. Curtze; [9.] 
Rosenberger (F.) Die erste Entwicklung d. Elektrisirmaschine. [8.] 

Die ersten Beobachtungen fiber elektrische Entladtingen. [8.] 

Die Gesch. d. exakten Wissenschaf ten. [9.] i 

Rudio (F.) Eine Autobiographie v. Gotthold Eisenstein. . Hrsg. v. 
F.R. [7.] 

Die Unverzagt'schen Linienkoordinaten. [9.] 

Euffini (P.) Die Anfange d. Gruppentheorie u. P. E. Von H. 

Burkhardt. [6.] 
Sachse lA.) Versuch einer Gesch. d. Darstellnng willkiirlicher 

Functionen einer Variablen durch trigonometr. Reiheh. [3.] 
Sauerbeck (P.) Einleitung in d, analyt. Geometrie d. hoheren 

algebraischen Kurven nach den Methoden v. Jean Paul' de Gua 

de Malvea. [15.] ' ■' in 

Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik [continued]. 

Savasorda [Abraham ibn Chijja]. Liber embadorum in d. Ubers. 

d. Plato v. Tivoli, see Curtze (M.) Urkunden etc., above. 
Scheubel (J.) J. S., ein deutscher Algebraiker d. 16. Jhdt. Von 

H. Staigmiiller. [9.] 
Schiaparelli (G. V.) Die homooentr. Spharen d. Eudoxus, d. Kal- 

lippus u. d. Aristoteles. tJbers. v. W. Horn. [1.] 
Schmidt (F.) Lebensgesch. d. ungar. Mathematikers Johann 

Bolyai de Bolya (1802-60). [8.] 
Schmidt (W.) Heron von Alexandria im 17. Jhdt. [8.] 

Heron von Alexandria, Konrad Dasypodius u. d. Strass- 
burger astronom. Munsteruhr. [8.] 

Zur Gesch. d. Thermoskops. [8.] 

Simon (M.) Euclid u. d. seohs planimetr. Biicher. [11.] 

Zur Gesch. u. Philosophie d. Difterentialrechnung. [8.] 

Stackel (P.) Franz Adolph Taurinus. Ein Beitrag z. Vorgesch. 

d. nichteuklid. Geometrie. [9.] 
Staigmiiller (H.) Johann Scheubel, ein deutscher Algebraiker d. 

16. Jhdt. [9.] 
Steinschneider (M.) Abraham Ibn Esra (Abraham Judseus, Ave- 

nare). Zur Gesch. d. mathemat. Wiss. im 12. Jhdt. [8.] 

Mathematik bei den Juden (1501-50). [9.] 

Mischnath Ha-Midoth (Lehre von den Maassen). Hrsg. v. 

M. S. ; libers, u. erl. H. Schapira. [8.] 

Sturm (A.) Zur Gesch. d. altgrieoh. Mathematik. [9.] 
Suter (H.) Der Loculus Archimedius oder d. Syntemaohion d. 
Archimedes. Hrsg. u. iibers. v. H. S. [9.] 

Die Mathematiker u. Astronomen d. Araber u. Hire Werke. 


„ Nachtrage zu "Die Mathematiker u. Astronomen d. 

Araber u. Ihre Werke." [14.] 

Das Mathematiker-VerzeiohnisB im Fihrist des Ibn Ab! 

Ja'kflb an-Nadlm. Ubers. v. H. S. [6.] 

Tannery (P.) Les " Excerpta ex M.SS. E. Des-Cartes." [9. 
Taurinus (P. A.) F. A. T. Ein Beitrag z. Vorgesch. d. nichteuklid. 

Geometrie. Von Paul Stackel. [9.] 
Treutlein (P.) Die deutsche Cobs. [2.] 

Das Eechnen im 16. Jhdt. [1.] 

Der Traktat d. Jordanus Nemorarius " De numeris datis." 

Hrsg. V. P. T. [2.] 

Unger (P. A.) Einige Additionsmaschinen. [9.] 

Unverzagt (W.) Die Unverzagt'schen Linienkoordinaten. Von 

F. Rudio. [9.] 
Viete (F.) Des Eheticus Canon doctrinse triangulorum u. V.'s 

Canon mathematicus, Von K. Hunrath. [9.]; 
Wappler (B.) Beitrag z. Gesch. d. Mathematik: [5.] 

Zur Gesch. d. deutschen Algebra. [9.] ' . 

Wargentin (P.) P. W. W. u. d. sogenannte Halley'sche Methode. 

Von G. Enestrom. [9.] 
Wassiljef (A.) N. I. LobatBchefskij. Rede. Ubers. v. F.- Engel. [7.] 
Weissenborn (H.) Die Ubersetzung d. Euklid aus dem Arabischen 

in das Lat. durch Adelhard von Bath. [3.] 
Zur Gesch. d. Mathematik : 1, Das Trapez bei Euklid, 

Heron, u. Brahmegupta ; 2, Die Boetius-Frage. [2.] 
Wertheim (G.) Die Berechnung d. irrationalen Quadratwurzeln 

u. die Eriindnng der Kettenbriiche. [8.] 

Pierre Fermat's Streit niit John Wallis. [9.] .,,,.,;,-• 

Winterberg ( ). Der Traktat Franco's von Luettich : " de quad- 

ratura eircuh." Hrsg. v. W. [4.] 
Wittstein (Armin). Histor.-astronom. Fragmente aus d. oriental. 

Lit. [6.] ' ■ ■ '■ 

Wohlwill (Emil). Die Entdeckung der Parabelform der Wurflinie. 

Wolffing (Ernst). Mathemat. Biicherschatz. Verzeiclmis d. 

deutschen u. ausland. Lehrbiicher u. Monographien des 19. 

Jhdt. Tl, Reine Mathematik. [16, i.] 

Abigail (Mrs.), character of fiction, see *Mes. Abigail, 1702. 

Aborigines Protection Soc, see- New Zealand. On the Brit, 
colonization of N.Z., by the committee of the A.P.S., 1846. 

Abraham & Isaac, [play], see Bbome plat. 

Abraham, ben Meir Aben Esra, [A. Avenabe]. For, an essay 
see Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 

Abraham, iirn CAiyo, SatiasorxJa, see Savasorda. 

Abrahams (Israel), see Xellin (D.) & I. A., Maimonides, 1903. 

Abrantes (Laure 3\mot, dvxkesseA'), see Tubquan (J.) La 
gen^rale Junot, duchesse d'A., 1784-1838, 1901. 

Abruzzi (Luigi A. G.. M. F. F., duke of the), see, Lciai : Amedbo 
Giuseppe Mabia Febdinando Fbancesco, d. of the A. 

Abstract (An) of the lawes of New England, as they are now 
established, 1641, see New England. 

Abundance (Jean d'). *La Guerre et le debat entre la 
lague, les membres et le vStre, [by J. d'A. ?, ed. S.]* see Col- 
lection de podsies, romaus, chronique^, &'., livr. 15, 1838-58. 

Academia Bomana. Analele Academiei Bomane. t22, 23. 
[<22 has 3p, t23 has 4p,2 (Partea Administ. si Desbat..;:Mem. 
Lit. ; Mem. 1st. ; Mem. Sci.). 4". 1900-2 



Academia Bomana [continued]. 
Publicajiunile Jondului V. Adamachi. tl. Ia8". 1900 

Composed of 3 parts d an intr. Each of the parts has a 
Sep. tp. <& a Sep. pagin. 

1, Rafinarea petroleulul orud, de V. S. Gutzu. 

2, 8, Studii geologice ;i paleontologice din Carpa^il Sudici, de I. 

Simionescu, I, II ; III. 
i, Fauna cretacica superii5r!( de la Urmos (TrEmsilvania), de I. 

5, StudiH asupra pelagrei, de I. Neagoe. 

see Hepites (S. C.) Mijl6ee de inyestig. ale meteorologiei, 1903. 
„ IsTRATi (C. I.) Ghioa, 1902. 
„ LivT. Istoria, tr. de N. Barbu, t2, 1901. 
„ Mabdarie, Coeianul. Lexicon slavo-romdncso ^i tllcuirea 

numelor, din 1649 ; publicate, etc., de G. Cre^u, 1900. 
„ Petrescu (G.), D. a. Sturdza, D. C. Stdrdza, edd., Aote gi 

doc. rel. la ist. renascerel romaniei, t9, 1901. 
,, PujCARiTj (J.) Ugrinus— 1291, 1901. 
Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. '[One of the S 
wh. form the Institut de France.] M^raoires pr^sentfe par 
divers savants, si, Sujets divers d'6rudition, til. 4°. 1901 
Eeoueil des historiens de la France, 1899 etc. : [a cont. of M. 
BrntgueVs " Becueil des historiens des Gaules "], see 
see BrBLioTHEQCE Nationale. Notices et extraits des mss. de la 

Bibl. N. etc., t37, 1902. 
Academie des Sciences. [One of the swh. form the Institut de 
France.] Comptes rendus hebdomadaires. tl32_136 (Jan. 
1901-jmn 1903). 4°. 1901-3 

Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. [One of the S 
wh. form the Institut de France]. Compte rendu, n. skx., 
t45-60 (1896-1903). 8». 1896-1903 

Academie Boyale de Belgique. 
see BioGRAPHiE nationale, tl6, 17, 1901-3, 
„ Commission botale d'histoike de Belgique. 
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2. Soripta minora, prsecedit dissertatio de vita scriptbris. 
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s%ibseguen,tly many others. In progJ]. 

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or, the law, the greatest and best support to the crown, 1702, 

see Cbosfeild (E.) 

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parisien : docs, pour servir a nne hist, ni^tallique du bureau 

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see Jew. 
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are tpK in Finnish. D2 has tp. Svensk-Finsk ooh Finsk- 

Svensk Ordbok]. 2« uppl. 8°. Helsingfors. 1883-4 

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[repr.]. s8». 1899 
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Ilse Feapan-Akdnian. 
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Louisa. s8f. 1902 

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Emanuel, princess of Stolberg, calling herself C. of A. ; wife 

of Prince Charles Edward Stuart]. Le porteteuille de la 

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•I" duke etc. 
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2t in 1. 4" ed. li'' ed. publ. in 18S7]. 88°. Eio de Janeiro. n.d. 
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Hector']. Stronger than love. s8i'. 1902 

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Alfred, the Great, king of England, 
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[by Pierre Gringore ?, ed. A. V.], see Collection de poesies, 
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2°'' imp. 68°. 1902 



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(Mme. H.) 
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Boncore's di Santa Vittoria 

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orationum. [41b.] 
ChristonuB Campoliliensis : 

Christans v. Lilienfeld reli- 

giose Dichtmigen. [41a.] 
Psalteria Wessofontana : Ulrich 

Stocklins v. Rottach sieben- 

zehn Eeimpsalterien. [38.] 
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s8». Firenze. 1874 

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see Dante Alighieei. Lectura D''. : II e. 7 del Purgatorio letto 

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No. 10. 
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FoBOE (P.) Tracts etc., v4, 1846. 
see Eawson (E.) & S. Sewall. *The revolution in New-England 
justified, etc. ; to wh. is added, a narr. of the proceedings 
of Sir E. A. & h. accomplices, by sev. gentlemen who were 
of h. Council, re-pr. 1773. 
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in Bodleian & 0. Oxford libs. [ [in prog.] s4°. 0. 1881 etc. 
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8". Halle a. S. 1900-1903 
The title of Jahrg. 11-14 is Beiblatt z. Anglia : Mitteilungen 
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B. et Saint-Cyr, 1898. 
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France, followed by the Journal of the Temple, by C16ry, & 

the narr. of M. T., duchesse d'A., 1902. 

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see Goethe (C. E.) Briefe v. Goethes Mutter an d. Herzogin 

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Anne, queen of Gt. Britain & Ireland. 


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Anne Mary Louisa, [d'Orlians], ducliess of Mcmtpensier, see 

MONTPENSIEE [Mile. de). 
Annee (L') poetique (1902). [Ed. C. Fusfer. Cont. o/L'Ann6e 

des pontes]. sS". 1902 

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de I'Europe. Publ. par Borel d'Hauterive, ann^e 60% 61=. 

s8°. 1902-3 
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8°. 1902-3 

FramceBca da Rimini. Tr. A. 

Symons, sS". 1902 

Giooonda. Tr. Syraons. s8<>. 1901 
Les victoires mutiMes : trois 

tragedies [(La Gioconda — La 

ville morte — ^La gloire)]. Tr. 

Or. HfireUe. s8». [1908] 

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Francesca da Rimini. 

84". -Milano. 1902 
II fuoco. 680. Milano. 1901 

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cita di Vittore Hugo, 1802- 

1902 : ode. Ia8». Milano. 1902 
Le novelle della PeBcara. 

sS". Milano. 1902 
Sogno d'un mattino di prima- 

vera. [P1046]. la8o. 1897 

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insuloe sanctorum, 1624. 
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Bengal. a8°. 1902 

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woman's lore-letters," 1901, see Housman (L.) 
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Uganda, 1902. 
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Antipodes. * A voyage to the A., a simile, in dialogue betw. 

Eemarquo & a sayler, giving ace. of treachery of some 

Eeformado-officers ; w., reasons why seamen desert H.M.'s 

service etc., 1703, see Voyage. 
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Antoninus (M.) 
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son of Cleophas, Martyrdom of Simon) , ed. & tr. by M. D. 

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see Mead (G. K. S.) A. of Tyana, 1901. 
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comm. T. de Vio Caietani. 
Apology for the religious orders: a tr. of two minor Works. 
[1, Against those who attack the religious profession' (Op. 
XIX:) ; 2. Against those who W. deter men from entering 
religious life (Op. XVII.)]. Ed., w.intr., by J.Procter. s8». 1902 
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prog., 1901-3. 
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misc. pieces etc. Tr. B. D. Butler. [Hung. <& Eng.]. sS". 1881 
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[Verein f . Sooialpolitik, 103, 104 i.]. Bl, 2 i, in 3v. [li is Fitger 
(E.) Entwicklung d. Seesohiffahrt]. ' 8o. L. 1902^3 

see Veekehrsgeweeben. Untersuchungen ii. d. Lage d. Ange- 
teUten u. A. in d. V., 1902. 
Arbeo, see Cyeincs. 

Arblay (MOTe.d'),se«DoBS0N (H.A.) F.Bumey(Mnie.d'A.),1903. 
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Cours de litt. oeltique. Par A. de J. [i& 3. Loth]. 

til, 12. [in prog.]. 8«. 1902 

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gallois : la m^trique galloise. Par J. Loth. t2, ii. 

2, du 9° a la fin du 14« s. : partie ii, Cyhghanedd cbn- 
sonnantique ; rythme ; m^trique bretonne-armori- 
caine, cornique, irlandaise ; origines et traits 
caractiSristiques de la m^trique celtique.' 

12, Prineipaux auteurs de I'antiquit^ k consulter sur I'hist. 
des Celtes dep. les temps les plus aneiens jusqu'iiu rSgne 
de ThiSodose 1". 

Elements de la grammaire celtique : dtelinaison, conjugaison. 

s8<>. 1903 

The Irish mytholog. cycle, & Celtic mythology. Tr., w. addit. 

notes, by E. I. Best. 8». D. 1903 

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Wanderprediger Frankreiohs, Tl, Eobert v-. Arbrissel; 1903. 
Arc (Jeanne d'). J. d'A., maid of Orleans, deliverer of France : 
being story of her life, etc., set forth in the orig. doc'., by T. D. 
Murray. ' , 8". 1902 

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Jehanne Puoelle, [ed. G. D;], See Collection de poesies, 
romans, chroniques, &'., livr. 10, 1838-58. 
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castle u. T., New Ser., v24, 1903, see Societtt of antiqcaeibs 
OE Newcastle u. T. ' ' •, 

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Marches, &] journal of the Cambrian Arohseolog. Assoc. 

6'" ser., vl, 2. 8». 1901-2 

„ „ Index to first four ser., 1846-84 ; w. iBtr. & 

lists of articles & illust. By D. R. Thomas. 8<>. 1892 

„ „ Index to 5th ser., 1884-1900 ; w. list of papers 

& articles. By F. Green. 8<>. 1902 

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Publ. under the direction of the Congress of Arch. Sbos.' "in 

union w. the Sop. of Antiquaries. ' 

[lOv in 6. iS9S-99 are hound in rt]. 8°. 1892-1901 

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A. L of A.], 1901-2. 

Archaeological journal, see Eoyal AECHiEOLoaicAL Institutis. 

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8"' ed., by J. T. Dodd. s8». 1895 



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d. Mathematik. 
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IGont. of " PhilosopUsclie Studien. Hrsg. v. W. Wundt "]. 

Bl. laS". L. 1903 
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B7-9). 80. 1901-3 

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Philosophischen Monatshefte. B7, 8. 8". 1901-2 

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Archives etc. tlO. 8». 1902 

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v20, 21. 8". Palermo, Torino. 1901-2 
Archivio storico italiano. Ser. V. t27-31. 8". Firenze. 1901-3 
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Aeduinus, king of Italy. 
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s24 (Haute-Bourgogne). [in prog.]. sS". 1901 
Arduinus, king of Italy, d. iOIS, [A., marguis of Ivrea ; Akdoin ; 

Aedoino; Aedoinus; Akduin; Aedwig], see Uekunden d. 

deut. Konige u. Kaiser, B3, Hein. II u. A., 1903. 
Ardwig, king of Italy, d. 1015, [A., marguis of Ivrea], see 

AEDuiNns, king of Italy. 
Aretino (Pietro). Die Gesprache des gottlichen P. A. Ver- 

deutscht V. H. Conrad. 2B. s8". L. 1903 

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bald, e. of Argyll, to John, d. of Lauderdale. [Bannatyne 

Club]. 4°. E. 1829 

see Hableian Miscell. 
Argyll (Archibald Campbell, •/»' marg. of), see Haeleian 


Argyll (J. G. Campbell, 9"" duke of), see Loene (marg. of). 
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; vitseque sanetorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., 
1i3], 1896. 
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Aristophanes, the poet. Comoedise quse supersunt cum per- 
ditarum fragmentis. Tertiis curis recog. H. Holden. 

vl. 8». Cantabrigiss. 1868 

This vol., although it has the ip. of the S'"* ed., is composed 

of parts of several ed"., & has a 2"^ tp. 

tiptaroipavoVs KanmSiat. The comedies of A. Ed., tr., & ex- 

■ plained, by B. B. Eogers. [v5]. Frogs, Eoclesiazusie. [m 

■' ■ prog.]. 8». 1902 

■ ■ With 2"'^ tp. : ApuTTOifjavovs Parpaxoi. The Frogs of A. The 

Greek text rev., w. tr., etc., by B. B. E. 

Frogs, see Eueipides. Euripides, [<£ "Frogs" of A.], tr. into 

Eng. verse by G. Murray, 1902. 
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paging] 8". 1895-6 

8". 1902-3 

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For 2 essays see Aehandlungen 

zur Gesoh. d. Mathematik. 
Ethics. Ed., w. intr. & notes, 

by J. Burnet. 8<>. 1900 

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Peters, . S"" ed. s8». 1901 

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3, Bks. 3-5, & notes. 

4, Bks. 6-8, & notes. 
«ee Lezaud (P, L.) Platen,, A., 


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Commentaria in A. Graeca; ed. 
cons, et auct. Acad. Litt. B. 
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iii, 22, i. [in prog.] 

Ia8". Berolini. 1902-3 
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ralia. Ed. P. Wendland. 190?. 

[22, i]. 
Olympiodori prolegomena et in 

categorias comm. Ed. A. 

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anim. Ed. M. Hayduok. 190S. 

[14, iii], 
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phrasis Hebraice et Latiue. 

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•^^ in Metaphysioorum A. Ed. 

S. Landauer. 1903. [5, v]. 
in Parva naturalia. Ed. P. 

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see Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vl6, 1810. 
Armstrong (Sir Walter), director, Nat. Gallery of Ireland. 
Turner. fol. 1902 

see DonsoN (H. A.) W. Hogarth ; w. intr. on H.'s workman- 
ship by A , 1902. 
Army. *Army admin, in 3 centuries. By Constitutionalist. 

[P1025]. 8". 1901 
*The Army f. -within ; by a. of " An absent-minded war," 1901, 

see Caienes (Gapt. W. E.) 
English Army Lists & Commission Begisters, 1661-1714 ; ed. 
C. Dalton. v5. [in prog.]. laS". 1902 

*The seaman's opinion of a standing a. in Engl., in oppos. to a 

fleet &a., 3"" ed., 1699, see Seaman's. 
see Haeleian Miscell. 
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Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
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. A.'s notebooks. With pref. by Hon. Mrs. Wodehouse. 38". 1902 
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see Smaet (T. B.) Bibliog. of M.A., 1892. 
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Arnold (William Thomas) [ps. Vigilans sed iEgnus]. 
Gernaan ambitions as they affect Britain & the U.S. of America. 
Eepr., w. add'., & notes, f. the "Spectator." By "VigUans 
sed iEquus." ' s8°. 1903 

The Manchester Stage 1880-1900 : criticisms repr. f. " The 
Manchester Guardian." [By W. T. A. & others]. s8°. [1903] 
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, „ Keats (J.) Poet, works, ed. W. T. A., 1888. 
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illust. ed. 8". 1885 
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Art Annual [<& Easter A. A.]. 1902. 4". 1902 

see EicHMOND (Sir W. B.) The life & work of B., by " H. L.," 
„ EossETTi (H. M. M.) Life & work of D. G. Eossetti, 1902. 
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40. 1901-2 
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2p. s8». 1902 

Arthur, king of Britain, see Billings (A. H.) Guide to the 

Middle Eng. metrical romances, dealing w. Eng. & Germanic 

legends, & w. the cycles of Charlemagne & of A., 1901. 

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add'., incl. ch. on Old Age Pensions, by H Preston-Thomas. 

With intr. by H. Sidgwiok. 2»i ed. 8». 1902 

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the coll. of printed books, the property of A., sold by Messrs. 

Sotheby : 1" portion, June, 1897 ; 2»'' portion, Dec, 1897 ; 

3'-'' portion. May, 1898. [MS. prices, <(: plates]. 84". [1897-8] 

Cat. of the portion of the coll. of MSS., the property of A., 

known as the Barrels Coll., sold by Messrs. Sotheby, June, 

1901. [Plates.] [b.w. Cat. of the coll. etc., a^ove]. s4'>. [1901] 

Cat. of books, returned f. the sales of the Ashburnham library 

[as], imperfect, sold by Messrs. Sotheby, Dec, 1898. [MS. 

prices], [b.w. Cat. of the coll. etc., above]. s4». [1898] 

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. , in the coal & iron, industries of Gt. Britain (feAmexiea. 8". 1903 

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[Hist, of Welsh lit.] 8". Liv'l. n.d. 

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Asoka, emperor of India, see Haedy (E.) Konig A., 1902. 
Assam. Eepoit on the admin, of A. For 1900/1. 

fol. Shillong. 1901 
Assessoren, ps. [i.e. S. A. Kiebkegaabd], see Kieekegaaed 

Association Eeformiste de Geneve. Seance du 21 nov., 1865 : 
r^forme du sjst^me Electoral. [P266]. 8°. Geneve. 1865 

Athanasian Creed (The), see Haeleiah Miscell. 
Athenaeum (The). Jan., 1902-Dee., 1903. 4". 1902-3 

Athenian drama. Ed. G. C. W. Warr. 

v3. [in prog.'] sS". [1902] 
see EuEipiDES. Euripides [(" Hippolytus " i " Bacclice "), 
d " Frogs " of Aristophanes'] ; tr. into Eng. verse by 
G. Murray, 1902. 

■ see *DisconESE (A) of the contests etc. betw. the nobles & 
the commons in A. &Eome etc., 1701. 
„ Keil (B.) Anonymus Argentinensis : Eragmente z,. 
Gesch. d. perikleischen Athen aus einem strassburger 
Papyrus ; hrsg., u. erlaut., v. K., 1902. 
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Atherton ((Jertrude Franklin). *The aristocrats : being the 
impressions of the Lady Helen Pole etc. [Fiction]. sS". 1901 
The conqueror : being the true and romantic story of Alex. 
Hamilton. s8». 1902 

The splendid idle forties : stories of old California. sB". 1902 
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origins (by L.), & Primal law (by A.), 1903. 
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dir. of A.U. ; w. proceedings of Gth conference for study of 
Negro problems, 1901. Ed. W. E. B. DuBois. 

7, The Negro artisan : rep. of a social study made under dir. of 

A.U. ; w. proceedings of 7th conference for study of Negro 
problems, 1902. Ed. W. E. B. DuBois. 

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see GoviND Singh. Eayhit Nama, [tr. A. S.], 1876. 
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& I. Zycha. [8, ii]. 
Eetraotationum lib. ii. Eec. etc. P. Knoll. [1, ii]. 
see Haenack (C. G. A.) Monasticism — Confessions of St. A. : 

two lects. ; tr., 1901. 
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Augustus (Caius Julius Csesar Octavianus), emperor of Rome, 
see FiETH (J. B.) A. & the organisation of the empire of 

Eome, 1903. 

,, Shuckbubgh (E. S.) a., 1903. 

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ALTERS, 1891 etc. 
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tl, 2, (1474-1530). 4°. Bayonne. 1896 
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4". Bayonne. 1892 
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(C. M., e. of). 
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La terre qui meurt. 88°. 1900 

B. B., see *Histoeical (A.) & law treatise agst. the Jews & 

Judaism, etc. ; [dedication signed B. B.], 1703. 
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(Bt. Hon. Sir M. E.) 
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& J. Fletcher, see Thorndike (A. H.) The influence of B. 

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Beaurepaire (Eugene de) {ps. E. Sideedoulx], see Sidredoulx 

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etc.], see Evans (J.) & J. Britton. Topograph. & histor. descr. 
of Monmouth, n.d., c. 1818, wh., w. new tp., is part of vH of 
" The b. of E. & W." 
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Bede (Cuthbert) ps., see Bradley (E.) 




Bedell CWilliam), bp. of Kilmore & Ardagh. Two biog'. of B. : 

[one by his son, W. Bedell, ? ; £ the other by A. Clogy]. With 

a sel. of h. letters, & an unpubl. treatise [" On the efficiency of 

grace "]. Ed., w. notes, &c., by E. S. Shuckburgh. 8". C. 1902 

see Bible : Irish. Leabhuir an Tsean Tiomna, an U. Bhedel, 1827. 

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bp. Two biog'. of B. : {one by W. B., the son ?], 1902. 
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pref*., mem. etc. by B., n. ed., 1846. 
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see EEsoui' {le baron A. A.) L'art musical au 19'' s., etc., 1888. 

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Virginia, in 1675 & 1676, 1835, see Bacon (N.), Virginian rebel. 
Begley (Walter). *Is it Shakespeare 1 : the great question of 

Elizabethan lit. Answered by a Cambridge graduate [i.e. 

W. B.-]. 8». 1903 

see *NovA SoLTMA, the ideal city ; w. intr. by W. B., 1902. 
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s. Kupferstiche, etc., 1901. 
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see Handelspolitik. 
B. z. neuesten H. Osterreiehs, 1901, see Handelspolitik. 
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B24-28, [hrsg. v. E. Sievers]. 8°. Halle a/S. 1899-1903 

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Texte u. Untersuchungen ; hrsg. v. Clemens Baumker u. Georg 

Freih. V. Hertling. [in prog.]. 8". Munster. 1891 etc. 

see Adelabdus, Batheiisis. Des 
A. V. B. Traktat, De eodem 
et diverse, 1903. [ii]. 
„ GUNDISALTI (D.) De difi- 
sione philosophiEe, 1903. 
[4ii, iii]. 

see Saadiah, _ ben J. Fayumi, 
Goon, tjber die hi. Schriffc, 
1903. [B4iv]. 
„ SwiTALSKi (B. W.) Des 
Chalcidius Kom. z. Plato's 
Timffius, 1902. - [BSvi]. 

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1899-1902, see Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft. 
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zenberger u. Prellwitz. B26, 27. 8°. Gottingen. 1901-2 

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den Heer W. Leevend. Niet vertaalt. 

8d in 8v. s8". 's-Gravenhage. 1886-7 

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gende druk. sS". 's-Gravenhage. 1901 

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pessa B., 1902. 
Belgique [or Belge or Belgium]. 
Inventaire des cartulaires beiges conserves a I'^tranger. [Annexe 
au Bulletin de la Comm. roy. d'hist. de Belg. (1899). P1020]. 

8'. Brux. 1899 

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gieuses). [Annexe au Bulletin de la Comm. roy. d'hist. de 

Belg. (1899)]. 8". Brux. 1899 

see Commission eoyale d'histoibb de Belgique. 

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Angleterre au 18' s., 1660-1744 : Dryden — Addison — Pope. 

2" ^d., augm. d'un index. 8». 1897 

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poet. Poet, works ; w. mem. by E. B., rev. ed., 1892. 
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essays on the art of everyday conduct. sS". 1903 

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[by W. K., ed. B. B.], 1828. 

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I'organisation du canton. 8". 1900 

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Bobespierre. 8°. 1901 

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& hist, assoc. s8°. 1902 

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of two Ulster manors & of their owners. 

Re-issue, rev. & enl. 8°. 1903 
Parliamentary mem", of Fermanagh & Tyrone, 1613-1885. 

8°. D. 1887 

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Academia de la Historia en la recepeion publica. [On Isidoro 

de AntilI6n. With Contestaoi6u by CesAreo Fernandez Duro]. 

4°. 1903 
Belvoir Castle, see Haeleian Miscell. 

Senary (Albert Agathon). Die romisehe Lautlehre spraoh- 

vergleichend dargestellt. Bl, [no more pubV .]. 8". 1837 

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viDius], see Mantova Benavides (M.) 
Bendall (Cecil). Cat. of the Sanskrit MSS. in the Brit, Mus., 

1902, see Bbitish Museum : MBS. 
Benedek (Elek). Csondes 6r4k. Elm^lked6s, hangulat. s8». n.d. 
Benedict, Saint, abbot of Monte Cassino. Three Middle- 
English versions of the Rule of St. Benet, & two contemp. 
rituals for the ordination of nuns. Ed., w. intr., notes, & 
gloss"., by E. A. Kook. [E.E.T.S., 120]. 8". 1902 

Beneflcenza. Congresso Internazionale di B. di Milano. Atti, 
1880. 8". Milano. 1880 

Benenden letters, 1753-1821 ; ed. C. F. Hardy, 1901, see Hardy 

(C. F.) 
Bengal. Govt, publications. 

Hist, of services of gazetted and o. officers serving under gov'. 

of B. Corrected to 1" July 1901. , 8^ Calcutta. 1901 

Hist, of services of gazetted & o. officers serving under gov'. 

of B. Corrected to 1" July 1902. 8". Calcutta. 1902 

see Dalton (E. T.) Descriptive ethnology of B., 1872. 

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Benn (George). *The hist, of Belfast. 8". 1823 

A hist, of Belfast f. the earliest times to the close of the 18"" o. ; 

with maps & illust". [The " maps " are bound separately]. 

8". 1877 
„ A hist, of Belfast f. 1799-1810. v2. [This is v2 of above]. 

8°. 1880 

Bennett (Charles), of Manchester. The Wonderful Child : 

tracts issued in 1679 rel. to C. B. ; ed.W. E. A. Axon, see 

Cheiham miscellanies. New ser., vl, 1902. 

Bennett (Enoch Arnold). Anna of the five towns. s8°. 1902 

The Grand Babylon Hotel. s8". 1902 

Benson (Arthur Christophei). The schoolmaster. s8». 1902 

Benson (B. K.) A friend with the countersign. sS''. N.Y. 1901 

Who goes there ? s8i'. 1900 

Benson (C. E.) Crag & hound in Lakeland. 8". 1902 

Benson (Edward F.) Scarlet & hyssop. s8". 1902 

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the Acts of the Apostles. ^8°. 1901 

Benson (Margaret). Soul of a cat, & o. s. s8o. 1901 

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8". E. 1843 

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Bentzon (Th.) ps. [i.e. Mine. Th^bese Blanc]. Questions 

am^ricaines. s8°. 1901 

Tchelovek. 58". [1900] 

BenYeuuto, da Imola. [f Eambaldis (Benevenutus de) delmola]. 

see Toynbee (P. J.) B. da I. & his comm. on the Divina 

Commedia, 1901. 

„ Index of authors quoted by B. da I. in h. comm. o n 

the Divina Commedia ; [w.] app"., B. da I. & the Iliad & 
Odyssey, 1901. 
Beowulf, see Ten Brink (B.) B., 1888. 

Berachya. The ethical treatises of B. : being the Compendium 

& the Masref. Ed., w. tr., intr., etc., by H. GoUanez. 8". 1902 

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moyen-age. 2= ^d. 88°. 1902 

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Questions ext6rieures (1901-1902). s8". 1902 

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see Basset (E.) 
Berenger (Henry). Les proletaires intellectuels en France. 
Par H. B., P. Pettier, P. Marcel, P. Gabillard, M.-A. Leblond. 

5" 6d. sS": n.d. 

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Renaissance. S"" imp. s8'>. N.Y. 1900 

Florentine painters of the Eenaissance, w. index to their works. 

2°" ed. s8». 1901 

s8». 1902 

Lorenzo Lotto. rev. ed. 84". 1901 

The study & criticism of Italian art. a-" s. 8». 1902 




Berger (Wilhelm). Johannes Hus und Eontg Sigmund. 

80. Augsburg. 1871 
Bergerat (Emile) [jps. Caliban]. La lyre briafie. 

2« 4d. g8». 1903 
Bergholz (Paul). The hurricanes of the Far East. Eng. tr., 

rev. by E. H. Scott. 8». Bremen. [1901] 

Bergs0e (Villielm). Bruden fra B0rvig, fortselling. 

Andet opl. s8". 1872 
Bergson (Henri). Mati^re et m^moire : essai sur la relation 

du corps k I'esprit. 2= ^d. 8<>. 1900 

Bergstrom (E.) Svenska bilder : 1, Stycken ur vSr odlings- 

historia ; 2, SmShistorier. [Sp in •/, pagin. sep.]. b8». n.d. 
Berkeley (George), bp. of Cloyne, see Hablbian Miscell. 
Berkeley (George F-H.) The campaign of Adowa, & the rise 

ofMenelik, 8°. 1902 

Berkeley (Sir John) [Behklet], see Harleun Miscell. 
Berkeley (Sir "William). A list of those that have been executed 

for the late rebellion in Virginia, 1835, see Fokce (P.) Tracts 

etc., vl, 1836, 
Berkley (Sw John), see Berkeley (Sir J.) 
Berlioz (Hector). Les musiciens et la musiqne. Intr.par A. 

Hallays. s8». [1903] 

see TouNO (F.) Mastersingers, 1901. 
Bermejo (Ildefonso Antonio). Hist, de la interinidad y guerra 

civil de Espafia desde 1868. 3t. Ia8». 1876-7 

Bermudas [Babmudas]. *A plaine desor. of the Barmvdas, w. 

the manner of their disoouerie 1609, etc., \J>y 8. Jourdan], 

■w. an addition, or more ample rel. of diuers 0. remarkeable 

matters cone, those Hands since then experienced, etc. ; 

[Epistle signed W. C], 1613, see Foece (P.) Tracts etc., v3, 

Bermudez (Joao). Short aco. [of the embassy wh. B. brought 

from the emperor of Ethiopia, Preste John, to the king of 

Portugal], 1565, see Oastanhoso (M. de). Portuguese expedi- 
tion, 1902. 
Bernacchi (Lonis). To the South Polar regions, 1898-1900. 

8". 1901 
Bernard, Saint, abbot of Clairvaux. Vita S. MalaohisE, see 

Messingham (T.) Florilegium insulsB sanctorum, 1624. 
see Lafeitte (P.) Les grands types de I'humanitS, [t3], 1897. 
Bernard, The family of, see Higoins (Mrs. N.) The B'. of 

Abington & Nether Winchendon, 1903. 
Bernard (A.) Le sermon au 18= s. 8". 1901 

Bernard (Charles de) ps. [i.e. Dugbail de La Villette (Ch. 

Beknabd)]. Un homme sirieux. n. kA. s8". 1878 

Bernard (Delphine), see Bbeton (J.) B., 1902. 
Bernard (Jolm Henry), see Bible : New Testament. Criticism 

of the N. T. ; by W. Sanday, F. G. Kenyon, F, C. Burkitt, P. H. 

Chase, A. C. Headlam, J. H. B., 1902. 
Bernard (William Cecil) & H. M. Brown. The Housing of 

the Working Classes Act 1890. With notes &a. 8°. 1891 

Bernardin, Saint, of Sietma, ISSO-1444. Wie der Lowe Capitel 

hielt uber alle Thiere, see Eenst (P.) Altital. Novellen, Bl, 

Bemhard (FroM Marie). Die Perle. sS". L. [1894] 

Bernhardi (Theodor v.) Denkwiirdigkeiten aus d. Leben d. 

K. F. V. Toll. 4B in 5 [4i, ii]. 2« A. 8». L. 1863-6 

Bernhardy (Gottfried). Grundlinien zur Encyklopadie d. 

Philologie. 8". Halle. 1832 

Bemis (,le card, de) [fPiERRE de Beenis (F. J. de), card., cte. 

de Lyon]. Mem'. & letters of B. ; w. intr. by C. A. Sainte- 

Beuve. Tr. K. P. Wormeley. 2v. 8". 1902 

Beroalde de Verville (Frangois). Contes en vers imit^s du 

Moyen de Parvenir [0/ B. de V.}, par Autreau, etc.; avec les 

imitations de Chevignfi et celles d'B. Sidredoulx. Publ. par 

un membre de la Soc. des Bibliophiles gaulois. 68°. 1874 

Bertha, consort of Pepin, kimg of Fratux. *Miracle de nostre 

dame d'Berthe, [ed. F. Michel], see Collection de po&ies, 

Tomans, ohroniques, &*., livr. 8, 1888-58. 
Berthelet (Giovanni). *I1 papa futuro. Per nn Oattolico 

italiano [i.e. (?. B.]. 8". Torino. 1898 

Berthelot (Marcellin P. E.) Science & Education : discours & 

notices acadtoiques. 88". 1901 

Bertheroy (Jean) ps. [i.e. Mme. Eot de Clotte]. Le jardin 

des Tolosati. 2« 6d. s8o. 1903 

Berthold (Georg). Die deutschen Arbeiter-Kolonien, ihre 

Entstehung u. Entwioklung 1882-95, nebst Individualstatis- 

tik fiir 1891/93. 8». 1897 

Bertoldi (Alfonso), see Dante Amghiebi. LeoturaD".: He. 19 

dell' Inferno letto da A. B., 1900. 

Bertolini (Francesco). Storia antica [dalle origini al 395 d. c.]. 
[P. Villari. Storia polit. d' Italia]. Ia8". Milano. [1874] 

This is also called " Storia dall' Italia antica, pi." 
[Storia antica] i barbari. [P. Villari. Storia polit. d' Italia]. 

1380. Milano. 1881 

This is also called " Storia dall' Italia antica, p2," & 

" Storia delle dominazioni germaniche in Italia dal 395 

al 1024." 

Storia d' Italia dal 1814 al 1878. [P. Villari. Storia polit. 

d' Italia]. laS". Milano. 1881 

Storia romana, re e repubbliea. [P. Villari. Storia polit. 

' d' Italia], [b.w. Brizio (E.) Epoca preist.]. Ia8''. Milano. n.d. 

This is, apparently, a new ed. of h. " Storia antica dalle 

origini al 393 d. c." 

Bertololy (Ernst). Kraiiselungsmarken u. Dunen, 1900, see 

MtJNOHENEE geograph. Studien, hrsg. S. Giinther, Stviok 9. 
Bertrand (Joseph L. F.) Eloges acad^miques. n. s6rie, aveo 
un ^loge hist, de J. B. par G. Darboux. s8». 1902 

Besant {Sir Walter). 

The art of fiction : Qieoture at 
the Roy. InBt., 1884]. 

n. ed. 88". 1902 
As we are and as we may be. 

sS". 1903 

Autobiography. With prefatory 
note by S. S. Sprigge. 8". 1902 
A five years' tryst, & o. b. 

s8», 1902 
London in the 18"" 0. 4». 1902 
No other way. sS". 1902 

Besliere (Jean), see Mobsano (A.) & J. B., La mouette, 1903. 
Bessieres (lemarichal Jean Baptiste), due d'Istrie; '176S-iS-/3, 

see Eabel (A.) Le mar. B., due d' I., 1903. 

Betham-Edwards (Miss Matilda B.) East of Paris : sketches 

in the G&tinais, Bourbonnais, & Champagne. 8». 1902 

Mock Beggars' Hall. s8». 1902 

Betharius, episc. Carnot. Vita, see Krusch (B.) Passiones 

vitsque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., 

t3], 1896. 

Bethencourt (F. F. de), see Peenandez ee B^thencouet (F.) 

Bettany (Mrs. George Thomas), aft. Mrs. C. Kernahan, see 

Keenahan (Mrs. C.) 

Bevan (Edwyn Robert). The House of Seleucus. 2v. 8". 1902 

Beveridge (William), bp. of St. Asaph. Ecclesia Anglicana 

Eoolesia Catholiea ; or, the doctrine of the Church of England 

consonant to Scripture, etc. 2°'' ed., rev. 8°. 0. 1846 

Beyle (Marie Henri) Ips". Stendhal ; d, L. A. C. Bombet]. 

La Chartreuse de Parme. sS". [1900] 

The Chartreuse of Parma. Tr. by Lady Mary Loyd ; w. orit. 

intr. by M. Hewlett. 80. 1902 

Chroniques et nouvelles. sS". 1855 

NouveUes inid. sS". 1902 

see Chcquet (A.) Stendhal-Beyle, 1902. 

Bezobrazov (Vladimir Pavlovich), see Seoenik. CSophhki 

rocyaapcTBeBHBixi snaHiii. Tl-6, 1874-1878. 
Bezoid (Carl), see Beitish MusEnm : Inscriptions. Cuneiform 

tablets in Kouyunjik Coll. of B. M., by B., 1889-99. 
Bezoid (Friedrich v.), historical writer. Konig Sigmund u. d. 
Eeichskriege gegen d. Husiten. Abtlg. [l]-3. 

80. Miinohen. 1872-7 

[1], bis z. ausgang d. 3"=° Kreuzzugs. 2, 1423-8. 3, 1428-31. 

Zur Gesch. des Husitentums. 8". Miinchen. 1874 

*Bhagavadgita, see Eoussel (A.) tr., L^gendes morales de I'Inde, 

emprunt^es au B. etc., 1900. 
Bianchi (Kicomede). La politique du cte. Camille de Cavour 
de 1852 k 1861. Lettres infedites. 8". Turin. 1885 

Bianco (Giuseppe). La Sicilia durante I'occupazione inglese 
(1806-15). • la8». Palermo. 1902 

Bibianus [Vivianus], episc. Santon. Vita, see Keusch (B.) 
Passiones vitseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. 
Merov., t3], 1896. 

The Bible is arranged as follows : — Complete Texts & Gen. 
Comm^. come first, after which the various Books, & 
Divisions, of the Bible, d Languages, follow in one 
alphabetical order. 
Complete Texts, Gen. Comms., etc. 
Geneva version. The Bible : that is. The holy Scriptures con- 
tained in the 0. & N.T. [With, Apocrypha ; c& the Eevelation, 
w. the Annotations of Franc. Junius. Engraved tp.]. 

fol. London, Robt. Barker. [1611-12] 

This is a Geneva version; w. (1), The Book of Common 

Prayer; (2), Genealogies & Descr. of Canaan, by John Speed; 

(3), Tomson's revised N. T. & F. Junius's Eevelation; (4), 

The Psalms. The Bk. of Common Prayer S Genealogies do 




Bible [continued]. 
Complete Texts, Gen. Comms., etc. [continued']. 

not properly belong to this ed. This a reprint of the 
■i6oy edition. The above 3 parts are bound in the order given 
below and have 5 separate tps. : — 

1), The booke of common prayer, w. tbe Psalter or Psalmes 
of Dauid. Of that translation which is apptd. to be vsed 
in Churches. [No pagin.]. fol. London, Bobt. Barker. 
2), The genealogies recorded in the sacred Scriptvres, ace. 
to every familie & tribe. With the line of ovr saviovr 
I. C. etc., by J. S. ; [with, A descr. of Canaan & the bordering 
Covntries (4PP; two of wh. have an engraved map). No 
tp. or pagin.]. tol. n.p., n.d. 
3), The Bible : etc., as above. 

4), The New Test, of ovr Lord leans Christ, tr. out of Greeke 
by Theod. Beza, wherevnto are adioyned briefe Summaries 
of doctrine by T. Beza. Englished by L. .Tomson. To- 
gether w. the Annotations of Fr. Junius vpon the Beuela- 
tion of S. lohn. [With two Tables withotit pagin. The 
colophon is dated '1612]. fol. London, Bobt. Barker, 1611 
5), The whole booke of psalmes. Coll. into Eng. Meeter by 
Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins & others, w. apt Notes 
to Sing them withall. [With 6 pp. of Prayers without 
pagin.] fol. London, printed for the Co. of Stationers. 
The Eng. Bible. Tr. by the commandment of Jas. I, 1611. 
[Repr. of the " Great He Bible "]. [Tudor tr'.] vl-5. 8». 1903 
1, Gen.-Joshua. 2, Judges-Esther. 3, Job-Song of 
Solomon. 4, Isaiah-Malachi. 5, Apocrypha. 
Cambridge (The) Bible for Schools & Colleges. Ed. J. J. S. 
Perowne. Song of Solomon ; A. Harper. s8<>. C. 1902 

International Critical Commentary. Ed. S. E. Driver, A. 
Plummer, & C. A. Briggs. Numbers ; G. B. Gray. 8». E. 1903 
see Bahb (H.) Zum Streit um Bibel u. Babel, 1903. 
„ Bbugsch (H.) Steininschrift u. Bibelwort, 1891. 
„ Caeleton (J. G.) The part of Eheims in the making of 

the Eng. Bible, 1902. 
„ Cabpenteb (J. E.) The B. in the 19th c, 1903. 
„ CoNDEB (C. E.) The first Bible, 1902. 
„ Delitzsch (P.) Babel u. Bibel : Vortrag, 1903. 

„ „ Zweiter Vortrag ii. B. u. B., 1903. 

„ Babel & Bible ; [tr.] ; ed., w. intr., by C. H. W. Johns, 

„ — — - Babel & Bible, tr. T. J. McCormack, 1902. 
„ BNCTCiiOP^nii Biblica, ed. Cheyne & Black, v4, 1903. 
„ KoNiQ (E.) Bibel u. Babel, 1903. 
„ LoisT (A.) Etudes bibliques, 1901 ; 3« ^d., 1903. 
„ ZiMMEKN (H.) Bibl. u. babyloh. Urgesch., 1901. 

see Benson (E. W.) Addresses on the A., 1901. 
„ Chase (P. H.) CredibUity of the bk. of the A., 1902. 
AntUegomena, die Eeste der ausserkanonischen Evaugelien 
& nrchristlichen tjberlieferungen. Hrsg., u. fibers., v. E. 
Preusohen. 8". Giessen. 1901 

Apocrypha Arabica ; ed. & tr. M. D. Gibson, [Studia Sinaitica, 
8], 1901, see Apocrypha Ababiga. 
Apocrypha Sinaitica ; ed. M. D. Gibson, [Studia Sinaitiea, 5], 
1896, see Apocbypha Sinaitica. 
see Bousset (W.) Die judisohe Apokalyptik, 1903. 
„ KoNiG (B.) Einleitung in d. Alte Test, mit Einschluss d. 
Apokryphenu. d. Pseudepigraphen Alien Testaments, 1893. 
„ SiBACK (H. L.) Einleitung in d. Alte Test.jeinsehliesslioh 

Apokryphen u. Pseudepigraphen, 1898. 

see also Bible : Jun^o-A. 

[Bible]. 8°. n.d. 

Holy Bible in Arabic. 4°. Newcastleu.-Tyne. 1811 

An Arabic version of Ep". to Eomans, Corinthians, Gala- 
tians, w. part of Ephesians, f. a 9"" o. MS. in convent of St. 
Catharine on Mt. Sinai ; ed. M. D. Gibson, 1894, see Studia 
Sinaitica, N". 2. 
see Gibson (M. D.) Arabic version of Acts of the Apostles & the 
Seven Catholic Epistles, etc. ; ed. M. D. G., [Studia Sinai- 
tica, 7], 1899. 

[New Testament]. 8o. [Malta]. 1831 

Cathouo Epistles, see Bible : New Tkbtauent. 

Bible [continiied]. 
Chbbbmiss [or Tscheremiss]. 

[New Testament]. go. 1821 

Chinese. ■ 
[N. T. in Wenli {Classical Chinese), {pt. of a complete- Bible 
in S-tv). Tr. Morrison & Milne]. 4v. 8°. [Malacca. 1831-2]. 
[N. T. Wenli. Delegates' version]. s&<>. [Hongkong. 1854] 
CoLOSsiANS, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Conooedances & dictionabies. 

see DicTioMABY (A) of the B., ed. Hastings, v4, in prog., 1902. 
„ Encyclopaedia Biblica, ed. Cheyn? & Black, ,v4, 1903 
„ Haebis (M. a.) Glossary of Old Eng. Gospels ; Latin-Old 

Eng., Old Eng.-Lat., 1902. 
„ Eeal-Encyclopadie d. Judentums, 1896. 
CoEiNTHiANS, See olso Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles, 
Deuteronomy, see aZso Bible : Pentateuch. ,. ■ '. ■■ 

Ephesians, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. , 
Epistles. For separate E'., see Bible : Paul, Peieb, etc. 
Exodus, see also Bible : Pentateuch. 
Les Psaumes de David et les Cantiques. D'ap. nn manuscrit 
framjais du XV= s. 8o. 1872 

Galatians, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Genesis, see also Bible : Pentateuch. 
see Loisy (A.) Les mythes babyloniens et les premiersch". de 

la Gendse, 1901. 
„ Eyle (H. E.) The early narratives of G., 1900. 
„ Zapletal (V.) Der Schopfungsberioht d. G. (1, 1-2, 3) etc., 

[N. T.] 40. [Moscow. 1816] 

Gospels. . [Texts, Commentaries, etc.], .. / , 
see Caepenxeb (J. E.), The first three Gospels, 2"* ed., 1890. 
„ Haebis (M. A.) Glossary of Old Eng. Gospels : Latin-Old 

Eng., Old Eng.-Lat., 1902. 
„ LoisY (A.) Etudes ^vang^l., 1902. 
Hebrews (Epistle to the), see also Bible : Paul & Pauline 


see Cabpenieb (J. E.) The composition of theH., 1902. 
[New Testament]. ' s8''. [Serampore. 1812] 

[Pentateuch]. 8". [Serampore. 1812] 

HUNGABIAN.- .l •, : 

[New Test.],jFord. Karoli G. ^ s8». 1861 

[Psalms], [b. w. Hungarian, New Test., 1861]. s8<>. 1861 

Icelandic. ; r , 

[Bible].',.. I).' ' 8". 1866 


Leabhuii' an.Tseitn Tiomna ; an UiUiam Bhedel. 8°. D. 1827 
James; .■, .■ , 

see Gabpbntee (W. B.) The wisdom, of Ja,mes the Just, 1903. 
Javanese.-, a ,;. 

[New Testament]. 8». [Serampore. 1829] 

Job. ., . ,, ;, 

see Blake (W.) Ulusf.of the Book of J., 1826. 
Sons (Ep..4 Qospgl). . u' • , .. 

see txJ^oJPiBLE : Go;Spels. 

see Abbott (E. A.) Contrast, 1903. 
„ BEVijtLE (J.) Le qiiatri^me ^vangile, 1901. 
„ We«d,t (H. H.) The Gospel aflcordiijg to St. John, 1902. 


[Matthfew, John, Aqts, Hebrews]. ; 68". n.d. 


[4 Gospelsii . b8». n.d. 

Kaohi (dialect of ^jsDm). 

. [Matthew]. s8». [Bombay. 1834] 

Kalmuk [or Westebn Mongol]. 

[Matthew. Tr. 1. J. Schmidt]. s4o, [St. Petersburg. 1815] 

KaeasS'Tubki, see Bible: Nogai Tubki. 
Lapp, seis «Zso Bible : Noewegian Lapp. 
Leviticus, see also Bible : Pentateuch. 
LuKEjSee also Bible : Gospels. 
Malay.. ■ y , , 

. [NewTestament]. go.aslS 

ManchK.> ■'■ ■ J ■.■■... . 

[New Testament]. Tr. — Lipoffizofl. ^ Eev., & ed., G. Borrow]. 
8v. laS". [St. Petersburg 1 1S35 .»] 

MaEAIHI.. 'T ■• • r "--■ ' "•-;•.'. ■ 

[Pentateuch], •., ^ 8\ [Serampore. 1812] 




Bible [continued]. 
Mabk, see also Bible : Gospelb. 
Matthew, see also Bible : Gospels. 

Mongolian, see also Bible : Kalmok [or Westeen Mongol]. 
Moses & Mosaioal Books, see Bible : Pentateuch. 

[New Testament & Psalms]. [2»« ed.] 8». Bautzen. 1846 

New Testament. [Comrmntaries & English Texts]. For Texts 
in any langtcage except English, see under the language, 
see also Bible : Gospels. 
Criticism of the N. T. : St. Margaret's Lectures, 1902. By 
W. Sanday, F. G. Kenyon, F. C. Burkitt, F. H. Chase, A. C. 
Headlam, J. H. Bernard. sS". 1902 

see Albxandek (W. M.) Demonic possession in N. T., 1902. 
„ Zahn (T.) Forsehungen zur Gesoh. d. neutest. Kanons, t7i, 
NoGAi (or Kaeass) Tukki, -sometimes called Turkish-Taetak. 

[New Testament]. 8". [Karass. 1813] 

NoKWEGiAN Lapp (or Quanian). 

[Luke to Revelation]. s8». [Christiania. 1840] 

see also Bible : Pentateuch. 

For ed. in Internat. Crit. Comm. see Bible : Complete 
Texts, etc. 
Old Testament. For Texts in amy language except English, 
see under the language. 

see Buhl (F. P. W.) Canon & text of the O.T., 1892. 
„ Cheyne (T. K.) Critica Biblica, or crit. notes on the text 

of the 0. T. writings, pi, 2, 1903. 
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eine Erwiderung auf Delitzsch's " Babel u. Bibel," 1902. 
„ KoNiG (E.) Einleitung in d. Alte Test, mit Binsohluss d. 
Apokryphen u. d. Pseudepigraphen Alten Testaments, 
„ LoisT (A.) Hist, du canon de I'Anoien Test., 1890. 
„ Pinches (T. G.) The O. T. in the light of the hist, records 

& legends of Assyria & Babylonia, 1902. 
„ ScHRADER (E.) Die Keilinschrif ten u. d. Alte Test., 1903. 
„ ScHULTZ (H.) 0. T. theology ; tr. J. A. Patei-son, 1898. 
„ Smith (G. A.) Modern criticism & the preaching of the 

0. T., 3'* ed., 1902. 
„ Strack (H. L.) Einleitung in das Alte Test., 1898. 
„ Vatke (W.) Hist.-krit. Einleitung in d. Alte Test. ; hrsg. 
V. H. G. S. Preiss, 1886. 
Otji (Gold Coast). 

Acts of the Apostles, in Otji. s8''. Basel. [1859] 

Palestinian Syeiac, see Bible : Syeiao. 
Pastoral Epistles, see Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Letters of St. Paul to seven Churches & three friends. Tr. 
A. S. Way. s8", 1901 

see Bible : Aeabic. A version of Ep". of St. P. etc., f. a g" c. 

MS. : ed.- Gibson, [Studia Sinaitioa, 2], 1894. 
„ VoLLMER (H.) Die alttestamentl. Citate bei P., 1895. 
A Palestinian Syriac lectionary, cout''. lessons from the P. etc., 
ed. by A. S. Lewis, see Studia Sinaitica, 1894-1902. 
Persic (Jvdmo-), see Bible : Jud^o-P. 
Petee. For Apocryphal Boohs see Petee, Apostle <& Saint, 
see Abbott (E. A.) Contrast, 1903. 
Philemon, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Philippians, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 

[New Testament]. S". [Serampore. 1811] 

Quanian, see Bible : Norwegian Lapp. 
see BoussET (W.) Die jiidische Apokalyptik, 1903. 
„ Paul (A.) • Latter-day light on the. Apocalypse, 2°^ ed., 
Romans, see also Bible ;■ Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Russian, see Bible : Slavonic. 

[New Testament]. s4». Wilniuje. 1816 


New Testament in Scots : being Purvey's revision of WycliSe's 

version turned into Scots by M. Nisbet c. 1520. Ed. T. G. 

Law, [Scott. Text Soc, 46, 49]. vl, 2. 8<>. 1901-3 


[New Testament],, ,. sS". London. 1840 

[Psalms]. [6.W. Secuana, New Test., 1840]. 88°. 1841 

Bible [continued]. 
SiNDHi, see Bible : Kachi. 
[New Testament]. 8". London. 1859 

Solomon. For separate Books of 8., see Bible : Song op Solo- 
mon, etc. 

Song op Solomon. For ed, in Oamb. B. see Bible : Complete 
Texts, etc. 
Nuevo Testamento de nuestro sefior Jesu Cristo : version re- 
vista y confrontada con el texto griego, y con diversas 
traduccionds, por C. de Valera. s8°, 1858 

[New Testament]. 40. 

[Old Testament]. 40. 

see Palestinian Syriac leetionary, eonts. lessons f . the Penta- 
teuch, etc. ; ed. A. S, Lewis, etc., [Studia Sinaitica, 6], 
Tartar (Turkish-), see Bible ; Nogai Turki. 
Tsoherbmiss, see Bible : Cheeemiss, 

Thessalonians, see also B3le : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Timothy, see also Bible : Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Titus, see also Bible : , Paul & Pauline Epistles. 
Turkish, see also Bible : Aemeno-Turki. 
Turkish-Tartar, see Bible : Nogai Tueki. 
Wend (Lower). 

[New Testament]. s8°. Choschobnsu. 1822 

Wend (Upper). 

[New Testament]. sS". W Budeschini. 1835 

Bibliografia espanola. afio 1, 2, (1901, 1902). 

Ia8<'. Asociacidn de la Libreria [1902]-3 
aiio 1 has no tp. Each ano is in 4 parts, each of wh. has 
a Sep. pagin. 
Bibliogiaphical Soc. 

Rules & list of members. 1900- 
1903, in 2v. 8". [1900-3]. 

Transactions. v6. 8". 1903 

see Ames (J.) *Index to Dib- 
din's ed. of the Typo- 
graphical Antiquities first 
compiled by J. A., etc., 
„ Greg (W. W.) List of 

masques, &c., 1902. 
„ Plomee (H. R.) Abstracts 
f . the wills of Bng. printers 
& stationers (1492-1630), 

see Plomee (H. R.) R. Wyer, 
printer & bookseller, 1897. 
„ Peoctoe (R. G. C.) a clas- 
sified index to the Sera- 
peum, 1897. 
Illustrated monogeaphs. no. 2, 
9, 10. 
see Barwiok (G. P.) A book 
bound for Mary Q. of Scots, 
etc.^ 1901. [9.] 
„ Gibson' (S.) Early Oxford 

bindings, 190S. [10.] 
„ Peoctor (R.) J. V. Does- 
borgh: essay in bibliog., 
1894., [2.] 

Bibliographie der deutschen Zeitschriften-Litteratur. 

B7-10, 1900-2. Ia8». L. 1901-2 
„ Bibliographie der deutschen Bezensionen : Suppl. zur 
Bibliog. d. deutsch. Zeitschriften-Litt. Bl, 2, 1900-1. 

Ia8<'. L. 1901-2 
Bibliotlieca, see also Bibliotbek, Bibliotheque. 
Bibliotheca Danica, B4, 1902, see Bbuun (C. V.) 
*Bibliotheea Erasmiana, p3, in prog., 1901, see Erasmus (D.) 
Bibliotheca f anatica, see HaRleian Miscell. 
Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Collations & notes, no. 6 : Bulletin 
de I'Assembl^e nationale, 5-21 Sep., 1792 ; Bulletin de la 
Convention nationale, 22 Sep., 1792-26 Oct., 1795. 

f ol. p.p. 1902 

First revision : Hand-list of proclamations, Suppl., 1521- 

1765. • fol. Aberdeen Univ. Press. 1901 

Bibliotheca Nacional, Bio de Janeiro, see Bio de Janeiro : 

BiBL. Nac. 
Bibliotliek, see Preussisohe Bibliothek. 
Bibliotheque de I'Ecole des Chartes, see Ecole (L') des Chabtes. 
Bibliotliec[ue de I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes. 
Sciences Beligieusbs, v4, 14. 

see Am^lineau (B.) La morale ^gyptienne quinze s. avant 
notre *re, 1892. [4]. 
„ Reville (J.) Le qnatrifeme Svangile, 1901. [14]. 
Bibliotheque grecque vulgaire, [" depuis le moyen dgejusgu'au 
commencement de ce siicle." Pnbl. par EmUe Legrand]. 

t6, 7. [2° ^d., rev. & corr.] laS". 1902-3 

6, Les exploits de Basile Dig^nis Acritas, dpopee byzantine. 
•7i Rec. de doc. grecs cone, les rels. da patriarcat de Jerusalem 
avec la Ronmauie (1669-1728). 




Bibliotheqne Kationale. Gat. g£u. des livres imprimis de la 
B.N. t8-15. [in progf.] 8<>. 1901-3 

8-15, Barrucand-Bonney. 
Notices & extraits des mss. de la Bibl. N. & autres bibl". 

t37. 4°. 1902 
Biedennann CWoldemar, Wrhr. v.) 
Goethe u. Leipzig. 2T. s8», L. 1865 

1, Goethe's Leben in Leipzig. 

2, Goethe's spatere Beziehungen zu Leipzig. 

Bigelow (John). Molinos the Quietist. s8». N.Y. 1882 

The mystery of sleep. s8». N.Y. 1897 

Bigelow (Poultney). The children of the nations : a study of 

colonization & its problems. 8°. 1901 

Bigir (Charles). Unity in diversity. s8». 1899 

Biggar (E. B.) The Boer war. With a glossary of Cape 

Dutch & Kafir terms. [P. 1045]. 

6"' ed., rev. & enl. 8". Toronto. 1900 
Bignon (le baron Louis Pierre Ed.) 
Souvenirs d'un diplomate : La Pologne (1811-1813). Pr^c. 
d'une notice hist, sur la vie de I'auteur par M. Mignet. [Ed. 
by Barcm A. Ernouf]. s8°. 1864 

*Bigorne qui mange tons les hommes qui fot le comademet de 
leurs femmes, \ed. S.], see Collection de poesies, romans, 
chroniques, &"., livr. 9, 1888-58. 
Bijvanck (W. G. C.) *tJn po^te inconnu de la soci6t6 de Fran- 
cois Villon : Le grant garde derri^re (po6me du 15= s.). Publ., 
avec intr., etc., suivi d'une ballade in^d. de F. Villon a sa 
dame, par W. G. C. B. [P1024]. s8». 1891 

Billerbeck (A.) Der Festungsbau im alten Orient, 1900, see 

Alte Geient (Dek), Jhrg. 1, 1900. 

Billiard (A.) Politique et organisation coloniales (principes 

g^nfiraux). 8°. 1899 

Billings (Anna Hunt), Ph.D. Guide to the Middle Eng. 

metrical romances, dealing w. Eng. & Germanic legends, & w. 

the cycles of Charlemagne & of Arthur. [Yale studies in Eng. ; 

ed. A. S. Cook, 9]. 8°. N.Y. 1901 

Bindewald (Georg), 0. G. Giersberg, & G. Seibt. Die 

Schiffahrt d. deutsch. Strome: TJntersuchungen, see Sohif- 

PAHBT (Die) d. deutsch. Strome, Bl, 1903. 

Bindloss (Harold). The concession-hunters. sS". 1902 

Binyon (Laurence) [tBnrroN (Eobeet Latikekce)]. The praise 

of life. [P1022]. s8». 1896 

see Behish Museum : Pkints, deawings, & paintings. British 

artists and artists of foreign origin working in Gt. Brit., in 

Dept, of Prints & Drawings in B. M. ; by B., v3, 1902. 

Biographie nationale ; publ. par I'Acad. Eoy. des sciences, des 

lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique. tl6, 17, [Nuoenus- 

Pomreux. in prog.]. Ia8'>. Bruxelles. 1901-3 

Biography, see Diotionaet of national b., index & epitome, ed. 

S. Lee, 1903. 
Bion, of Smyrna, the poet. The Idylliums of B. & Moschus, tr. 

F. Fawkes, see Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, v20, 1810. 
Birch (John Grant). Travels in North and Central China. 

8". 1902 
Birch ("Walter De Gray). Hist, of Neath Abbey ; w. some ace. 
of castle & town of Neath, etc. laS". Neath. 1902 

see Hyde, abbey of. Liber vitse : register & martyrology of 
New Minster & Hyde Abbey, Winchester, ed. W. De G. B., 
Birche CWilliam), see Haeleian Miscell. 
Birkenhead {Sir John), see Haeleian Miscell. 
Birmans. Contes birmans d'apr^s le Thoudamma Sari Dam- 

mazat, 1901, see Vossion (L.) 
Birmingham Free Libraries. Occasional lists, no. 1, 3. [1, 
P1021 ; 3, P1040]. 8°. Birmingham. 1901-2 

1, Books, pamphlets, parliamentary reports, & magazine 

articles, on China, in the reference & lending lib*. 
3, Books and pamphlets on trades, machinery, etc., in the 
reference lib. pi. 
see Langfoed (J. A.) Hist, of the B. F. L., etc., 1871. 
„ Shaw (A. C.) B. F. L., n.d. 

„ Teommsdoeff (P.) The B. F. L. ; tr. A. S. Laupreeht, 1900. 
Birrell (Augustine). William Hazlitt. [Eng. men of letters]. 

s8». 1902 

Birt (F. B. Bradley-), see Beadlet-Biet (F. B.) 

"Bishops. Coll. of letters f. the bishops to the Privy Council, 

1564, etc. ; ed. M. Bateson (1893), [1895], see Baieson (M.) ed. 

Bisiker (W.), F.R.0.8. Across Iceland. App. by A. W. Hill on 

the plants coll. S". 1902 

see Klein-Hattingen (0.) B. 

u. s. Welt, Bl, 1902. 
„ Lenz (M.) Gesch. B., 1902. 
„ LoBENz (O.) Gegen B.'b 

Verkleinerer, 1908; 
„ Whitman (S.) Personal 

reminiscences of B., 1902. 

Bismarck (Otto, FUrst v.) 

Briefe an s. Gattin ans dem 

Kriege 1870/1. 8». St. 1903 

Lettres de B. t sa femme peud. 

la guerre de 1870. Tr. J. 

Sohroeder et P. Bruck-Gilbert. 

s8<>. [1903] 

see Keudell (E. v.) B. et sa 

f amille ; tr. E. B.Lang, 1902. 

Bittard des Fortes (Bene). 1793-6 : Charette et la guerre de 
Vendue. 8». 1902 

Bj0m, Hitdcelakappi. Sagan af B. H., besorget og oversat af H. 
Fridriksson. [2p, pagin. sep. Nordiske Literatur-Samfund : 
Nord. Oldskrifter, 4]. b8». Kjobenhavn. 1847 

Bjornbo (Axel Anthon). For an essay see Abhandlungen zur 
Gesch. d. Mathematik. 

Bj«rnson (Bj0mstjerne). Digte ogsange. Eettet og 0get udg. 

88°. 1880 
tJber unsere Kraft. [Tr.]. sS". Miinchen. 1901 

see Mjoen (C. G.) B. ; iibers. v. Collin, Bl, 1903. 

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2, „ ,, : the inner ring. 
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4, Inner South London. 

5, S.-E. & S.-W. London. 

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5, Une idylle tragique — La duchesse bleue. 
L'eau profonde— Les pas dans les pas. sS". [1903] 

L'6tape. s8°. [1902] 

Monique — Les gestes — Eeconnaissance — Trois r6oits de guerre. 

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enti^re comme planisphtee : m6m. lu a la Soo. de G^og. de 
Gendve, 1888 ; extrait du Globe, t27. — — L'heure univer- 
selle exprimant les longitudes dans les sciences, les chemins 
de fer, et les t^i^graphes : m^m. communique en partie au 
Congr^s Suisse de .G^og., 1888. 4°. Genlye. 1888 
" L'tiewe universelle etc." has sep. tp. 
Bontillier de Saint-Andre (Marin Jacques). M^moires d'un 
pSre a ses enfants ; une famille vend^enne pendant la grande 
gurarre (1793-5). Avec intr., notes, etcparE.Bossard. 8". 1896 
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amSricain. .~ 88°. 1902 
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bibliog., w. descr. notes, author, title, & subject, index, &a. 

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an aoo. of thje work of the Portland Hospital etc. ; by the pro- 
fessional staff (A. A. B. etc.), 1901. 
Bowyers' Company. Grant of arms to the Company of B., 
1488. Eegrant by Charles II of the orig. charter granted to 
tlie, Company of B. by James I. Also, an extr. f . the will of 
^, Wood. And also, acts, orders, & ordinances, of the com- 
. ipany, dated 1" Nov. 1670. Together with, an agreement 
betw. the Bowyers' Si Broiderers' companies for use of the 
hall of thft latter company. Ia8». 1901 

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' 'Henry VIII, & at Gloucester, temp. Mary ; ed. J. G. Nichols ; 
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(Louis XI et ses ascendants). [tl]. laSo. 1903 

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, etsse.VB)-. 

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*A strange world. ster. ed. 88". n.d. 

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[P1025]. 88".. 0. 1901 
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■ America. 2""' ed., rev. s8". 1902 
Highways and byways in the Lake district. sS". 1901 
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w. brief sketch of Welsh hist. s8». NiY. 1902 

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Gont. as: - 
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see CoGiTosus. Vita S. B". 

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The province of. 

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Gen. arr., prog., and arch, notes for the ann. spring meeting 
at Yatton, Wrington, and Banwell, May 26'\ 1902. 8». n.p. 1902] 
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Tewkesbury, July 8", 9"', & 10", 1902. 8". n.p. [1902] 

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ALMANAC & FAMILY CYCL0P.iEDIA]. 1903. SS". [1902] 

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the Xtn. East, in the Dept. of 
British & Mediaeval Antiqs. & 
Ethnography, B.M. ByO.M. 
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Subject index of mod. works 
added to the Lib. of B. M. 

in 1881-1900. Ed. by G. K. 
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British Museum Icontinued]. 

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B. M. (Natural hist.), S. Ken- 

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Index Library. 

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Printed books. Special foreign 


Arabic books in B. M. ; by A. G. 

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by M. de Zilva Wickrema- 

singhe. 4<>. 1901 

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British artists & artists of foreign 

origin working in Gt. Brit., in 

Dept. of Prints & Drawings in 

B. M. ; by L. Binyon. 

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preserved in Public Record Office, vl, A.-K., 1649-1714. 
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to 1801, all now preserved in the Probate Eegistry at 
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deaconry Court of Lewes, together w. those in the abp. of 
Canterbury's peculiar jurisdiction of South Mailing & the 
peculiar of the deanery of Battle ; comprising together the 
whole of the Eastern division of the county of Sussex & the 
parish of Bdburton in West Sussex, f. the earliest extant 
instruments in the r. of Henry VIII to the Commonwealth. 
Compiled by W. H. Hall. [24.] 

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Information for intending settlers in Southern Ehodesia. 

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„ „ Appendix. 4". n.d. 

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4, Hist". po6tiques, 3-7 — Cycle Po^tique nouv. 

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einer Sammlung v. Werken aus dem Gebiete d. Geseh. Vor- 

rithig auf d. Lager v. B, 8<>. L. 1866 




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Angoumois— Limousin— Guyeime — Gasoogne — B^arn]. 

B, La France du sud-est : [EousBJlIon — Comt6 de Foix — Lan- 
guedoc — Auvergne — Marche — Savoie — Dauphine — Cbm- 
tat Venaissin — Provence — Comtfi de Nice — lie de Corse]. 

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Notes & letters on the nat. hist, of Norfolk, more especially on 

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CoU. in the lib. of the British Museum & in the Bodleian Lib. 

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.5"' imp. s8". 1902 
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Kulturstudien. 8''. L. 1902 
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german. Sprachen. AufGrund des f iinf bandigen " Grundrisses " 
V. K. B. & B. Delbriick." IB in 3L. 8". Str. 1904 
Besides the gen. tp., each L. has a tp. of its own. 
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2»A. 8". 1891 
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see Hdgo (V.) V. H. : lepons faites a I'Bcole Normale Sup&ieure 

par les 61^ves de 2° anu^e (lettres), 1900-1, sous la direction 

de F. B., 1902. 

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etc. ; aus den Quellen dargestellt v. H. B., 1882. 
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Bed Book of Hergest ; ed. E. & E., 1890. 
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lations rurales du Rousillon au moyen ^ge. Ia8i>. 1891 
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Fortegnelse over den danske Lit., 1482-1830, ef ter Samlingerne 
i d. store K. Bibl. i. Kjabeuhavn, etc. Udg. ved B. B4. 4». 1902 
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see Hahleian Misoell. 
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of h. life, etc., 1903. 
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3B in 6. 8". 1871-85 
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1, ii. Die drei Naturreiche nach Homer. 

2, i, Das offentliche Leben d. Griechen. 
2, ii. Das Privatleben d. Griechen 

8, i, Die homerische Giitterlehre. 

S, ii. Die homerische Psychologie u. Ethik. 

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mems. of G. V., [a. not known], 1819, see Smeeton (G.) Hist. 
& biograph. tracts, vl, 1820. 
see Haeleian Miscell. 
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(W. H. C. G., baroness) G. V., 2'">-d. of B., 1903. 
Buckingham (John ShefBeld, duke of), see Buckinghamshiee 
(J. S., dukei of). 

c 3 




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2»* duke of). Mems. of the court & cabinets of George III 
[to IS-IO]. v3. 8". 1855 

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corr. of B., ambassador to Eussia, 1762-5. Intr. & notes by 

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2, Egypt under the Great Pyramid builders. 
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i, Egypt & her Asiatic empire. 

5, Egypt under Eameses the Great. 

6, Egypt under the prieat-Mngs, Tanites, & Nubians. 

7, Egypt under the Saites, Persians, & Ptolemies. 

8, Egypt under the Ptolemies & Cleopatra Vil. 

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1, Ital.-tedeseo. 2, Tedesco-ital. 
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bethan age. Ed. B. S8". 1888 
More lyrics f. song-books of the Eliz". age. Ed. B. s8». 1888 
Bullen (Frank T.) A whaleman's wife. 2'^ ed. s8<>. 1902 
BuUer (Sir Eedvers H.) 
see *BnEDEN (The) of proof : aspects of B.'s S. African cam- 
paign, 1902. 
„ Knox (E. B.) B.'s campaign : w. the Natal Field Force 
of 1900, 1902. 
Bullock (Shan F.) The squireen. s8o. 1903 
Bulteau (I'ahbi M. T.) Descr. de la cath^drale de Chartres, 
suivie d'une courte notice sur les 6glises de Saint-Pierre, de 
Saint-Andr^, & de Saint-Aignan, de la mSme viUe. 

8". Chartres. 1850 
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morland, wife of ■)■!"' earl. Corr. of B. w. the duke of Wel- 
lington. Ed. Lady E. WeigaU. s8». 1903 

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(G. P. O. de C, cte. n'). La d. de B. & I'alliance savoyarde sous 
Louis XIV, t3, 1908. 

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centenary ed. s8°. D. [1879]' 

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hist. ace. of each order. 138". 1858- 

Genealogical & heraldic diet, of the peerage & baronetage etc 

64" ed. Ia8». 1902 

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Corr. up to 1" July 1901. vl, Services of gazetted officers. 

8°. Eangoon. 190L 
Hist, of services of gazetted & o. officers in Burma. 

vl, to 1" July 1902. 8". Eangoon. 1902 

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Brigade in Natal, 1899-1900. S". 1902 

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Jobson, n. ed., 1903. 

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my own time. Derived f., h. orig. mems., h. autobiography, 
h. letters to Admiral Herbert, & h. private meditations ; all 
hitherto unpubl. Ed. H. C. Foxcroft. 8". 0. 1902. 

see Davis (H. W. C.) G. B., [Collins (W.E.) Typ.Eng. Church- 
men, 1902]. 
„ Hakleian Misoell. 

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chioness. sS". 1901 

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hament. Ed., w. mem., by W. Burrowes. 8°. D. 1850. 

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Haji 'Asntj al-Yazdi]. The Kasidah (couplets) of HS,ji Abdti 
al-Yazdi : a lay of the Higher Law ; tr., & annot., by h.friend 
& pupil, F. B. [i.e. Sir B. F. Burton}. By Sir E. F. Burton. 
[Ed. Isabel Burton.] [n. ed.}. 4'>. 1900 

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see Aeabian Nights. A. N., tr. B., 1885 ; Suppl. Nights, 1886-8.. 

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lain. 8». [19021 




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[lib. ed.] 2v. 8». 1902 

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foreign subjects. 8". Paisley. 1901 

see Bbeviabium Bothanum sive portiforium secundum usum 

Ecelesia cujusdam in Scotia ; printed f. a MS. of 15"" c. in 

the poss. of J., marq. of B., 1900. 

Butler (Alfred J.) The Arab conquest of Egypt and the last 

thirty years of the Boman dominion. 8°. 0. 1902 

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Letters f. the Holy Land. Ia8». 1903 

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princesses, [Margaret, d. of Jas. I of Scotland, by H. E. B.; 

etc.], 1902. 

Butler (Joseph), bp. of {<) Bristol (2) Bnrham. Worlcs. n. 

ed., w. intr. & notes, by J. H. Bernard. vl. 8". 1900 

There is a S'"* tp. : Sermons, charges, fragments, & corr. 
The analogy of religion, natural & revealed, to the constitution 
& course of nature. With intr. essay by A. Barnes. 

20" ed. s8». N.Y. 1857 
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Butler (Samuel), of kll. John's Coll., Cambridge. Evewhon ; 
or, Over the range. n, ed. sB". 1901 

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cd., S, Butler, 1903]. sS". C, f.p.c. 1904 

The way of all flesh. sS". 1903 

see Stbeatfeild (K. A.) ed., S. B. : records and memorials, 1903. 
Butler (Samuel), the poet. Poems ; Iw. Life by Johnson], see 
Chalmeiis (A.) Eng. poets, v8, 1810. 
see Hableian Mibceix. 
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Zeit d. kylon. Verschworung bis z. Ausgange d. Dreissig. 

8". L. 1840 

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game preservation in Africa. Ia8'. 1902 

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Handbook to polit. questions of the day. 11'" ed. 8'. 1903 

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declaration of the gentlemen, etc., of Boston (1689), 1689, see 

FoBCE (P.) Tracts etc., v4, 1846. 

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[w. Life by Chalmers], see Ghalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vl5, 1810. 

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illust". : 

Poetry, v6, ed. E. PI. Coleridge. sB". 1903 

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C. (EO 




C. (C. H. P.) *Mr. Balfour & conceivable cures for imagined 

ills, 1903, see Balfour {Rt. Hem. A. J.) 
C. (E.), see Statute mongery, the results, the remedy, 1901. 
C. (G-. B.) *Complete baronetage, ed. by G. E. C, v2, 3, in 

prog., 1902-3, see Cokayne (G. E.) 
C. (WO *A petition of W. C. exhibited to the High Covrt of 
Parliament, for the propagating of the Gospel in America, 
etc., 1641, see Castell (W.) 
C. (W.) ♦A plaine descr. of the Barmvdas, w. the manner of 
their discouerie 1609, etc. ; [Epistle signed W. C], 1613, see 
Caballero del Sol, see Ortunez de Calahorra (D.) *Hist. 

admirable du chevalier du Soleil ; tr. L. Dovet, 1626. 

Caballero (Fernan) ps. [i.e. Cecima F. J. Bohl von Paeeb]. 

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Eelaoiones. s8°. n.d. 

Cabrera (Juan Tomas Enrlqnez de), dugue de Medina de 

Eioseco, see Eneiquez de Cabrera (J. T.) 
Cabrol (Fernand Michael), see Mohumenta Ecelesiie liturgica ; 

ed. & cura. F. M. C. & H. Leolercq, vl, 1900-2. 
Csedmon, see Gurteen (S. H. V.) The epic of the fall of man : 

a comparative study of C, etc., 1896. 
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to Hirtius ; incl. the Alexandrian, African, & Spanish wars. 
Lit. tr., w. notes, &o., [by W. A. WDevitte d W. S. Bohn'}. 

s8°. Bohn. 1858 

„ „ sS". Bohn. 1893 

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vitasque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ. Hist., Script, rer. Merov., 

t3], 1896. 

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Divina Commedia di Dante Ahghieri dichiarata in vi tavole. 

n. ed., a cura di G. L. Passerini. s8''. Pirenze. [1902] 

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pour la Soc. de I'Hist. de Prance, par H. Moranvill^. 8". 1902 

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Begister, 1699-1730 ; ed. C, 1901. 

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Begiment. [P1044]. 8°. 1903 

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" An absent-minded war " \i.e. Capt. W. E. O.]. s8». 1901 

The coming Waterloo. 2»'> imp. s8°. 1901 

*A common-sense army. By a. of "An absent-minded war" 

\i.e. Capt. W. E. C] [4"' ed.] s8". [1901] 

Cajori (Florian), For an essay see Abhandlcngen zur Gesch. 

d. Mathematik. 
Calahorra (Diego Ortunez de), see Obiukez de Calahoeea (D.) 
Calcutta, see New Calcutta dieectort, 1861-1863, 1861-3. 
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Calcutta, Royal Botanic Garden. Annals of the R. B. G., C. 

v9, i. 4". 1901 
see King (Sir G.), J. P. Duthie, & D. Peain. A second century 
of new & rare Indian plants, 1901. 
Calendar, see also Calendar of State Papees. 
Calendar of Letter-books among Archives of the city of 
London, v5, 1903, see London ; Anon, woeks. 
Calendar of State Papers, etc. 
see Charter Bolls. Calendar of C. E'., vl (Henry III, 1226- 

57), 1903. 
„ Close Bolls. Calendar of the C. E*., in prog., 1901-2. 
Henry III, [1], 1227-31. Edward HI, 6, 1341-43.' 

Edward I, [2], 1279-88. 
„ Ireland : Anon, works. Calendar of State Papers rel. to I. : 
Adventurers for land, 1642-59, ed. E. P. Mahaffy, 1903. 

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Eliz., v9, [1600], 1903. 

„ Calendar of State Papers rel. to I., r. of Ch. I, 

v2 (1638-47), 1901. 

Calendar of State Papers, etc. [continued'], 
see Patent Rolls. Calendar of the P. E'., in prog. 

Henry HI, [v2], 1225-82. 
Edward II, [v8], 1317-21. 
Edward HI, [v6, 7], 1343-48. 
Richard II, v4, 1388-92. 

Henry IV, vl, 1399-1401. 

Edward IV, Edward V, 

Richard III, 1476-85. 

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E. 0., v4, 1902. 
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domestic, of r. of Hen. VIII, vl9, i, [1544], 1903. 

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„ Foreign Series, of r. of Elizabeth, vl8 (1578-9), 1903. 

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Shaw, v5 (1742-5), 1903. 
California, Univ. of. 
see Tebtunis papyri (The) ; ed. B. P. Grenfell etc., pi, 1902. 
This is a joint publ. of the Egypt Expl. Fund & the 
U. of G. 
Calisch (I. M.) Diet, of Eng. & Dutch. 

2p, [D.-E., & E.-D.] 80. Tiel. 1871-5 

Callegari (Ettore). [Italia durante le] preponderanze straniere. 

[P. Villari, Storia polit. d' ItaUa]. Ia8". Milano. [1895] 

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& C. descriptiones, rec. C. Sehenkl et A. Eeisoh, 1902. 
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4'" imp. s8=. E. 1902 

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Lisle et ses amis. s8">. [1902] 

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infid. du duo de C.i, V. s8''. 1902 

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s8°. L., Teubner. 1903 

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of Lady Hamilton. s8». 1852 

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Cunitz, E. Reuss. v57. [Corpus Reformatorum, v85. in 
progress]. 4". Brunswigse. 1897 

Opera exegetica et homiletica. v35. 

see Doumeegue (E.) J. C, tl, 2, 1899-1902. 
Cambouliu (Francois Remain). Essai sur la fatality dans le 
theatre grec. [P1036]. 8". 1855 

Cambrian Archeeological Association, see ARCH.£OLoaiA Cam- 
bbensis : [record of antiq'. of Wales &its Marches, &] journal 
of the C. A. A., 6" ser., vl, 2, 1901-2. 
Cambridge [University, Town etc.] The book of matriculations 
& degrees : a cat. of those who have been matriculated or 
admitted to any degree in the Univ. of C. f. 1851 to 1900. 
[Ed. J. P. E. Paning]. 8». C. 1902 

♦Conversations at C, 1836, see Le Geice (C. V.) 
Early English printed books in the Univ. Lib., C, (1475-1640). 
v2, [2, B. Mattes to B. Marriot, & Eng. provincial presses]. 

8". C. 1902 
see Haeleian Misoell. 

Cambridge modern history (The). Planned by Lord Acton ; 
ed. by A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, S. Leathes. 

vl, 7. Ia8». C. 1902-3 

vl. The Renaissance. 7, The United States. 

Cambridge (Ada), aft. Mrs. George F. Cross, of Melbourne. The 

devastators. sS". 1901 

Cambridge (Richard Owen). Poems ; [w. Life by Chalmers], 

see Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl8, 1810. 




Camden Miscellany (The). vl-lO. [Camden Soc, 39, 53, 61, i 
73, 87, 104, New Ser., 14, 81, 53 ; E. Histor. Soe., lU, 4]. ! 

s4". 1847-1902 
Each V. contams several works, each of wh. has a sep. tp. & a 
Sep. pagin. I 

Aberconway, Register & clironicle of the Abbey of ; eel. Sir H. j 

Ellis. [1.] 
Bateson (M.) Coll. of letters f. the bishops to the Privy Council, ! 

1564, etc. ; ed. B. [9.] 
Bodmin. Eeceipts & expenses in the building of B. church, 1469- 

72 ; ed. J. J. Wilkinson. [7.] 
Boy Bishop. Two sermons by the Boy Bishop, at St. Paul's, temp. ; 

Henry VIII, & at Gloucester, temp. Mary ; ed. J. G. Nichols ; w. i 

ace. of the festival of the Boy Bishop in Bug., by B. P. Eim- 1 

bault. [7.] 
Bristol (J. Digby, i"' e. of). B.'s defence of h. negotiations in 

Spain ; ed. S. E. Gardiner. [C] 
Charles I, k. of Gt. Brit. etc. Secret negociation w. C. I, 1643-4 ; 

ed., f. Tanner MSS. in Bodleian Lib., by B. M. Gardiner. [8.J 
Charles II, Tc. of Gt.Brit. etc. Five letters of C. II ; communicated 

by the Marq. of Bristol. [5.] 
Cholmeley ("Wm.) Request & suite of a true-hearted Englishman; 

ed. W. J. Thoms. [2.] 
Coke (Sir B.) Letter of the Council to Sir T. Lake, rel. to 

proceedings of C. at Oatlands ; &, Doc». rel. to Sir W. Ealeigh's 

last voyage ; communicated by S. R. Gardiner. [5.] 
Collier (J. P.) ed. Anc. biograph. poems on the Duke of Norfolk, 

Viscount Hereford, the Earls of Essex, & Queen Elizabeth : ed. 

C. [3.] 
Conmgsby [Sir T.) Journal of the siege of Eouen, 1591 ; ed. J. G. 

Nichols. [1.] 
Crewe (N. Crewe, haron), bp. of (1) Oxford & (2) Durham. Mem'. 

of C; ed. A. Clark. [9.] 
Croke (Sir G.) Notes of the judgment delivt*. by C. in the case of 

Ship-money ; ed. S. E. Gardiner. [7.] 
Davers (M. M.) Inquiry into the genuineness of a letter dated 

Feb. 8, 1613, & signed " M. M. D." [5.] 
Elizabeth, j. of Bng. Household expenses of the Princess B., at 

Hatfield, 1551-2 ; ed. Visct. Strangford. [2,] 
Ferrier (E.) Journal of F., while travelling in France in 1687 ; w. 

mem. of h. life, compiled by E. F. B. Ferrier & J. A. H. Ferrier. 

Fleetwood (G.) Letter giving ace. of battle of Lutzen & death of 

Gnstavus Adolphus; ed. Sir P. de M. G. Egerton. [1.] 
Haddock, The family of. Corr. of the family of H., 1657-1719 ; 

ed. E. M. Thompson. [8.] 
Hamilton Papers : Addenda ; ed. S. E. Gardiner. [9.] 
Harleian Lib. Cat. of early Eng. miscellanies, form, in H. L. ; ed. 

W. C. HazUtt. [5.] 
Heath (Sir E.) Speech of H. in the case of Alex. Leighton, 1680 ; 

ed., w. pret. by J. Bruce, by S. E. Gardiner. [7.] 
Hoby (Sir T.) The travels & life of H., written by himself, 1547- 

64; ed. E.Powell. [10.] 
Innocent VIII, pope. Bull on marriage of Henry VII w. Elizabeth 

of York ; communicated by J. P. Collier. [1.] 
Jesuits. Discovery of the Jesuits' college at Cierkenwell in March 

1627-8, etc. ; [btj Sir B. Heath, or by Sir J. Coke] ; ed. J. G. 

Nichols. [2.] 
„ „ Supplementary note ; by J. G. Nichols. [4.] 

John II, d. of Brabant. Ace. of expenses of J. of B. & Thomas & 

Henry of Lancaster, 1292-8 ; ed. J. Burtt. [2.] 
Kent. Papers rel. to proceedings in K., 1642-6 ; ed. R. Almack. [3.] 
Tieke (E.), archd. of Exeter. Diary, 1677-8 ; ed. G. P. Elliott. [1.] 
Lake (Sir E.), bart. L.'s aco. of h. interviews w. Chas. I. on being 

created a bart., etc. ; ed. T. P. Langmead. [4.] 
Lauderdale (J. Maitland, i"' e.of). Letters addressed toL.; ed. 

O. Aury. [8.] 
Leng (E.) Sir P. Drake's service agst. the Spaniards in 1587 : 

[being The true discripcion of the last voiage of that worthy 

captayne etc.] ; ed., w. app., by C. Hopper. [5.] 
Lincolnshire. Chronicle of the rebellion in L., 1470 ; ed. J. G. 

Nichols. [1.] 
London chronicle dur. reigns of Henry VII & Henry VIII ; ed., f. 

orig. MS. in Cottonjan Lib. of Brit. Mus., by G. Hopper. [4.] 
Lydgate (J.) The childe of Bristow : a poem ; ed. C. Hopper. [4.] 
Manchester (E. Montagu, 2"'' e. of). Letter f. M. to House of 

Lords, on Cromwell; ed. S. E. Gardiner. [8.] 
Mary {Tudor'], queen consort of Louis XII, king of France. 

" The spousells " of the Princess Mary to Charles, Prince of 

Castile, 1508, \i.e. " The solempnities & triumphes etc." Lat. (0 

Bng.] ; ed. J. Gairdner. [9.] 
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Lib.; ed. Sir G. Duokett. [8.] 
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Relation of abuses wh. are committed agst. the Common-wealth, 
composed especiallie for the benefit of Durhame, 1629 ; ed. Sir 
F. Madden. [3.] 
Richmond (H. Fitzroy, d. of). Inventories of the wardrobes, etc., 
of R., and of the wardrobe stufE at Baynard's Castle of Katharine, 
princess dowager; ed., w. mem., & letters, of E., by J. G. 
Nichols. [3.] 
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1629-30; ed. S. R. Gardiner. [7.] 
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diner. [10.] 
Scriveners' Play (The). The Skryveners' Play (The incredulity of 

St. Thomas) ; ed. J. P. Collier. [4.] 
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Cathedral, 1249-52; ed. S. [9.] 
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Firth. [9.] 
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etc.], f. the coll. of T. [5.] 
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ed. W. D. Cooper. [2.] 
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W., by W. D. Cooper. [4.] 
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ed. M. A. B. Green. [6.] 
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anoth. hand, 1642-9 ; ed. H. S. Scott. [10.] 
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L. Clark [&] W. Brooks. 2°* ed., corr. to May 1893. 

[P1026]. Ia8». [1893] 
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Covenant, C. etc. : ed. D. H. Fleming, 1901. 
Camilton (John), see Hableian Miscell. 
Camoens (Luis de). Os Lusiadas; nova edipao segundo a do 
Visconde de Juromenha etc. e com li93es varias e notas. 

sS". L. 1873 
The Lusiad, tr., [w. intr., life of C, etc.], by W. J. Mickle, see 

Chalmeks (A.) Eng. poets, v21, 1810.. 
Campagnac (E. T.) The Cambridge Platonists : sel'. f. the 
writings of B. Whichcote, J. Smith, & N. Culverwel, w. intr., 
by E. T. C. sS". 0. 190X 

Campan (Mmc. Jeanne L. H.) Madame Campan. [Mems.sur 
la vie privie de Marie Antoinette, etc. ; avec biog. par Mme. 
Curette. One of a ser. called Choix de m^ms. des femmes]. 

9» 6d. s8». 1902 
Campanini (Nahorre), see Dante Alighieri. Lectura D''. : II c. 

10 del Purgatorio letto daN. C, 1901. 
Campbell (Archibald), 9"' earl of Argyll, see Akqyll (A. C, 9"" 

earl of). 
Campbell (Archibald), ■!'' marg. of Argyll, see Abotll (A. C, 

1" marq. of). 
Campbell (Archibald James). Nests and eggs of Australian 
birds. 2p, [pagin. cont.]. Ia8°. Sheffield. 1901 

Campbell (John), 1^' earl of Loudoun, see Loudoun ^J. C, 

■I'' earl of). 
Campbell (John Geo. E. H, D. S.), marq. of Lome, aft. 9"' duhe 

of Argyll, see Loene. 

Campbell(John Gordon Drummond).Siam in the 20"" c. 8". 1902 

Campbell (John Gregorson). Witchcraft & second sight in 

the highlands & islands of Scotland. sS". Glasgow. 1902 

Campbell (Lewis). Plato's Eepublio. s8». 1902 

Campbell (Thomas), LL.D., chancellor of St. Macartin's. *A 

philosophical survey ol the South of Ireland, in a ser. of 

letters to J. Watkinson. 8<>. D. 1778 

Campbell (Thomas), the poet, see Hadden (J. C.) C, 1899. 

Campbell-Baunerman {Bt. Hem. Sir Henry), see MacCaethi 

(J.) British polit. leader?, 1908. 
see Spencer (J. P. S., 5" e.) & H. C.-B. The Brussels con- 
vention etc., 1903. 


Campbell-Praed (Mrs.), see Phaed (Mrs. C.) 
Campbell Smith (J.), see Smith (J. C.) 

Govt. Publ'. Geological Survey of C. 
Catalogue of Canadian birds, pi, Water birds &c., by J. 
Maeoun. go. Ottawa. 1900 

Gen. index to the Eeports of Progress, 1863-1884. Compiled 
by D. B. Dowling. 8". Ottawa. 1900 

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„ _^ s8°. Firenze. 1876 

tannan (Edwin). Hist, of theories of production & distribu- 
tion, 1776-1848. 2°^ ed., w. 2 add. sections. 8°. 1903 
Canning {Bt. Hem. George), see Marbiott (J. A. E.) G. C. & h. 

times, 1903. 
Cannizzaro (M. E.) II cranio di Plinio. sS". p.p. [1901] 

Canrobert (le marechal), see Bapst (G.) C, 1899-1902. 
Cantacnzino, The family of, see Ioega (N.) Despre Canta- 

cuzini &c., 1902. 
Cantemirn (Demetriu), prince of Moldavia. [Operele D. C. 
Typarite de Soe. Academ. Eomana. t8]. laSo. Buouresoi. 1901 
8, Hronionl vechimei a Eomano-Moldo-Vhahilor. 
Index of wills proved in Prerog. Court of C, 1584-1604 ; com- 
piled by S. A. Smith, ed. B. A. Fry, see British Eecobd Soo. : 
Index Lib., v25, 1901. 
Inventories of Christehuroh, C. ; w. hist. & topograph, intr". 
etc. Transcribed, & ed., by J. W. Legg & W. H. St. J. Hope. 

8". 1902 
Eegisters of the Wallon or Strangers' church in C. Ed. E. 
Hovenden. [Huguenot Soc, 5, i, ii-iii]. 

3p in 2v. 4". Lymington. 1891-8 
Cantor (Moritz). Far an essay see Abhandlungen zur Gesch. 

d. Mathematik. 
Cape Colony, & Cape of Good Hope. 

Eecords of the Cape Colony [/. Feb. -tygs onwards}. Copied f. 
MS. doc. in the P. Eecord Office, London, by G. M. Theal. 

v5, 10-15. Iwi prog.]. 8". 1899-1903 
5, Feb., 1803-July, 1806, [d- mdem to vl-S]. 

10, Apr., 1814-Dec., 1815, [<£• indea; to ve-lO]. 

11, Nov., 1815-May, 1818. 

12, May, 1818-Jan., 1820. 

13, Jan., 1820-June, 1821. 

14, Jime, 1821-Aug., 1822. 

15, Aug., 1822-May, 1823, [S index to vU-lS]. 

The rebellion of 1815, gen. known as Slachters Nek : coll. of 
papers, etc. Ed. H. C. V. Leibbrandt. Ia8°. Cape Town. 1902 
Geodetic Survey. 
Geodetic Survey of S. Africa. v2, Eeport on a rediscussion 
of Bailey's & Fouroade's Surveys & their reduction to the sys- 
tem of Geodetic Survey, by Sir D. Gill. fol. Cape Town. 1901 
Precis or the Archives. 
Journal, 1671-4 & 1676. By H. C. V. Leibbrandt. 

8". Cape Town. 1902 

Capes (Bernard). A castle in Spain. 88''. 1903 

Capes ("William Wolfe). Scenes of rural life in Hampshire 

among the manors of Bramshott. 8°. 1901 

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legium insulae sanctorum, 1624. 
Capron (F. Hugh). The conflict of truth. 8°. 1902 

Capnana (Luigi). DeUtto ideale. sS". IVIilano. 1902 

Capus (Alfred). Les maris de L^ontine. s8''. 1903 

Qui perd gagne. 10" 6d. sS". 1900 

La veine. sS". [1902] 

Caractacus, ps. [i.e. F. J. Snell], see Snell (F. J.) 
Caranza (Bartholomaus), abp. of Toledo, see Caeranza. 
Cardiff. Cardiff Eecords : materials for a hist, of the county 
borough. Ed. J. H. Matthews. 

v4. [in prog.]. laS". Cardiff. 1903 

*Cardiphonia : or, the utterance of the heart ; in the course of a 

real corr., 1781, see Newton (J.), rector of St. Mary Woolmoth. 

Carducci (Giosue). Poesie, 1850-1900. 2' ed. s8». Bologna. 1902 

Primavera e fiore della liriea italiana. 2t. s8°. Firenze. [1903] 

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Chai/Mebs (A. ] Eng. poets, v5, 1810. 

Carey (Bosa Nonchette). Herb of grace. s8<>. 1901 

The highway of fate. b8». 1902 

Not like other girls. [pop. ed.] s8<>. 1901 

Wee wifie. [re-issue, rev.] 88". 1902 


Carey (Walter), see Gary (W.) 

Carey (William). Travel and adv. in Tibet ; inol. the diary of 

Miss A. E. Taylor's journey f. Tau-Chau to Ta-Chien-Lu, 

through the heart of the Forbidden Land. 8°. 1902 

Cargill (Donald), see Walker (P.) Six saints of the Covenant, 

C. etc. : ed. D. H. Fleming, 1901. 
Carilefus, St. Vita, see Kkusoh (B.) jPassiones vitaque 

sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., t3], 1896. 
Carisch (Otto). Grammat. Formenlehre d. deutscb. u. rhato- 

roman. Spraehe etc. nebst einer Beilage ii. d. rhatoroman. 

Grammatik. S". Cbur. 1852 

Carleton (James G.) The part of Eheims in the making of 

the Eng. Bible. 8". 0. 1902 

Carleton (William), American poet. City ballads. 

2«i ed. s8». 1890 

Farm ballads. s8o. 1891 

Carlos (Don), 17S8-lSS3 [fCHABLEs Maria Isidore, mfante of 

Spain, calling himself " Charles V, h. of Spain "]. 
see HoNAN (M. B.) Court & camp of Don C, 1836. 
Carlton Club. Cat. of the lib. of C. C, by H. T. Cox : 1st suppl. 

Ia8<'. 1902 
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Nemesis of Froude, 1903. 
Carlyle (Jane Welsh). New letters & memorials. Annot. by 

T. Carlyle, & ed. by A. Carlyle ; w. intr. by Sir J. Crichton- 

Browne. 2v. 8o. 1903 

Carlyle (Thomas). 

Sartor resartua. Ed., w. intr., &c., 
by J. A. S. Barrett. s8». 1901 
„ „ ... Tr. par E. Barthfe- 
lemy. s8<>. [1899] 

*T. C. : a brief ace. of h. life & 
writings. With portraits, 
illust»., etc. [P1049]. 8<>. 1902 
see Crichton-Browne (Sir J.) 
Froude & C. : the imputa- 
tion considered medically, 

„ & A. Carlyle. The 

Nemesis of Froude; a re- 
joinder to F.'s " My rel^. w. 
Carlyle," 1903. 
„ Froude (J. A.) My rela- 
tions w. C. ; w. letter f. Sir 
J. Stephen, 1903. 

The battles of Frederick the Gt. 

Abstracted f. C.'a biog. of F. 

the Gt. Ed. C. Ransome. 

8". [1892] 
The French Revol. 3v, u. ed., w. 

intr., notes, &c., by C. E. L. 

Fletcher. S8". 1902 

„ „ ... With intr., noles,&o., 
by J. H. Rose. 3v. 8». 1902 

Hist, sketches of persons & 
events in r'. of Ja. I & Ch. I. 
Ed. A. Carlyle. 8». 1902 

On heroes, hero-worship, & the 
heroic in hist. Ed. A. Mac- 

s8». Boston, U.S.A. 1901 

Carman (Bliss). Ballads & lyrics. 8o. 1902 

Carmarthen, see Arbois de Jubainville (M. H. d'). Cours de 

litt. celtique : til, Intr. au Livre Noir de C. etc. : la mdtrique 

gaUoise, t2, ii, 1902. 

Carmichael (Montgomery) ed., Life of J.W. Walshe. s8°. 1902 

The major-general. 88". 1901 

see *Lady (The) Poverty : a XIII. c. allegory ; tr., &a., M.C., 1901. 

Carnarvon (Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4'" earl of). 

Speeches on Canadian affairs. Ed. Sir B. Herbert. 88°. 1902 

Carnegie (Andrew). The empire of business. 8°. 1902 

Caro (Elme M.) Etudes morales sur le temps present. 

5= 6d. s8o. 1887 
Caroline, qiieen consort of George II. [f Caroline Wilhelmina, 

2. consort etc.], see Wilkins (W. H.) C. the Illustrious, 1901. 

Carpenter (Edward), social reformer; fellow of Trim. Sail, 

Camb. From Adam's Peak to Elephauta. 8". 1892 

*Who shall command the heart : being Part 4 of Towards 

Democracy. s8". 1902 

see Humane science leci'., by [C, etc.] 1897. 

Carpenter (Frederic Ives). Metaphor & simile in the minor 

Elizabethan drama. 8°. Chicago. 1895 

Carpenter (Joseph Estlin). The Bible in the 19th c. : eight 

leef. 8<>. 1903 

The composition of the Hexateuch : an intr., w. lists of words 

& phrases, by C. ; & an app., on laws & institutions, by G. 

Harford. 8». 1902 

The first three G«spels, their orig. & relations. 2»^ ed. s8". 1890 

Carpenter (William Boyd), bp. of Bipcm. The wisdom of 

James the Just. s8<>. 1903 

Carpi (Leone). L'ltalia vivente. s8». Milano. 1878 

Carra de Vaux (le baron). Gazali. 8°. 1902 

Carranza (Bartholome), abp. of Toledo, [Caranza], see Mansi 

(G. D.) Sacr. concil. collectio, mj tO, Introductio, 1903. 
Carrel (Frederic). Houses of ignorance. s8». 1902 

Paul le Maistre. s8o. [1901] 




Carrere (Jean). La guerre du Transvaal. 

[t2], Le pays de I'or rouge. s8». [1903] 

Carr-Gomm (Francis Culling). Hdbk. of the administrations 

of Gt. Brit., 1801-1900. Eev., etc., ed. s8<>. 1901 

Carrier (Jean Baptiste), see Lalli^ (A.) J.-B. C, 1756-94, 1901. 

Cartanlt (Anguste). La trifere athenienne. 8°. 1881 

Carter (A. T.) A hist, of English legal institutions. S" 1902 

Cartwright (Julia) [Mrs. H. Adt]. Beatrice d'Este, Duchess 

of MUan, 1475-97. 8°. 1903 

Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua, 1474-1539. 2v. 8°. 1903 

Cartwright CWilliam), M.A. Poems [w. Life by Chalmers], 

see Chalmeks (A.) Eng. poets, v6, 1810. 
Cary (Henry), -/*' visct. Falkland, see Falkland. 
Cary ("Walter) [Cabey], see Hableian Miscell. 
Casas (Bartolome de las), see Las Casas (B. de). 
*Case (The) of toleration recogniz'd. [P1028]. s4o. 1702 

Casini (Tommaso), see Dante Alighieri. Lectura D". : II c. 14 

del Purgatorio letto da T. C, 1902. 
Casnati (Giovanni). Del governo del regno. s8». Milano. 1877 
Caspari (Otto). Die Grundprobleme d. Erkenutnissthatigkeit 
beleuchtet v. psycholog. u. krit. Gesichtspunkte. Bl. 1876 
Cassanea de Mondonville (Jean Joseph). *Daphnis et Aloi- 
madure, pastorale languedooienne. [P1025]. 8°. 1755 

Cassell, pubUsher. C.'s oyolopsedia of meehanios. Ed. P. N. 
Hasluck. sl-3. Ia8». 1901-8 

see ViCTOEiA, g- dc. Life & times of V., Cassell, 1901. 
Casse^p ("Walter R.) *Supernatural religion : an inquiry into 
the reahty of divine revelation. 80. Baticmalist Press. 1902 
Casson ("William Augustus) & G. C. "Whiteley. The Educa- 
tion Act, 1902, fully explained; w. hist. intr. &c. 8». 1903 
Castanhoso (Miguel de). The Portuguese expedition to Abys- 
sinia, [com-manded by Christovao da Gama\, in 1541-43, as 
narrated by C. ; v?. some contemp. letters, the short aec. of 
Bermudez, & certain extr'. f. Correa. Tr. & ed. by E. S. 
Whiteway. [Hakluyt Soc, Ser. 11, 10]. 8». 1902 
Castell (William). *A petition of W. C. exhibited to the High 
Coyrt of Parliament, for the propagating of the Gospel in 
America, etc., 1641, see Foeoe (P.) Tracts etc., vl, 1836. 
Castellani (Charles), peintre. Marchand I'africain. 8°. n.d. 
Castle (Mrs. Agnes) & E. Castle. The secret orchard. s8°. 1901 
The star dreamer. sS". 1903 
Castle (Edward James). Shakespeare, Bacon, Jonson, & 
• Greene. 8°. 1897 
Castle (Egerton). 
see Castle {Mrs. A.) & E. C, The secret orchard, 1901. 

„ & The star dreamer, 1903. 

Castle {Mrs. Egerton), see Castle {Mrs. Agnes). 
Castro (Giovanni de). Storia d' Italia dal 1799 al 1814. [P. 
Villari, Storia polit. d' Italia]. Ia8<'. Milano. [1881] 

Catalogo gen. deUa libreria italiana dall' anno 1847 a tutto il 
1899. Comp. dal A. Pagliaini. [vl], A-D. laS". MUano. 1901 
Catalogue, [see also Catalogo]. C. of a sel. of valuable books 
& MSS., f. the lib. of Sir A. Fountaine, wh. will be sold by 
Messrs. Sotheby on ll"" June 1902 etc., 1902, see Fountaine 
{Sir A.) 
C. of a small coU. of valuable bks. & MSS. wh. will be sold by 
Messrs. Sotheby on 20"- June 1902. [P1047]. Ia8°. [1902] 

C. of a small coll. of valuable illuminated MSS. & printed bks., 
the property of a well-known amateur, wh. will be sold by 
Messrs. Sotheby 30" Mar. 1903. [P1057]. ^8°. [1903] 

C. of an extraord. series of leather abacus, horn-books, & lec- 
terns, of the 17"" c, wh. will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby 
29" July 1901. [P1040]. 8°. [1901] 

C. of books, returned f. the sales of the Ashburnham library 
[as] imperfect, sold by Messrs. Sotheby, etc., 1898, see Ash- 
BUBNHAM (B. A., 4"' e. of). 
C. of books, to be sold at the sign of the Jackanapes, 1690, see 
Haklelan Miscell. 

C. of coB. of books, etc., rel. to Africa & African islands, offered, 
at the prices affixed, by F. Edwards, 1902, see Edwards (F.), 
C. of first ed'. of 19th c. authors, & others, w. bks. of the 15, 16, 
& 17 c:, for sale by Dodd, Mead & Co. s8». N.Y. 1894 

C. of rare books, etc., etc., formed by G. I. EUis, wh. will be sold 
by Messrs. Sotheby on 28" Oct. 1902, 1902, see Ellis (G. I.) 
C. of the coll. of printed books, the property of the Earl of Ash- 
burnham, sold by Messrs. Sotheby, etc., 1897-8, see Ashbuen- 
HAM (B. A., 4"^ e. of). 
C. of the lib. of A. van Branteghem wh. will be sold by Messrs. 
Sotheby on 22"'' July 1901, 1901, see Branteghem (A. van). 

Catalogue [continued]. 

C. of the lib. of Henry White, sold 21st Apr., 1902 etc., 1902, 

see White (Heney), F.S.A. 
C. of the lib. of Sir W. A. Eraser, wh. will be sold by Messrs. 

Sotheby on 22"" Apr. 1901, 1901, see Feasek {Sir W. A.) 
C. of the portion of the coll. of MSS., the property of the Earl 

of Ashburnham, known as the Barrois Coll., sold by Messrs. 

Sotheby, etc., 1901, see Ashburnham (B. A., 4"' e. of). 
C. of the remaining portion of the coll. of Americana formed 

by M. C. Lefferts, wh. will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby on 

9th June 1902 etc., 1902, see Leffebts (M. C.) 
C. of the valuable lib. of the late Duke of Cleveland, forming a 

portion of the heirlooms at Battle Abbey, Sussex, wh. will be 

sold by Messrs. Sotheby on 16" June 1902 etc., 1902, see 

Cleveland (H. G. iP., 4"* d. of). 
C. of valuable bks. & MSS., early Eng. dramatic & poet, lit., 

publ". of Kelmscott & other mod. presses, old herbals, etc., 

wh. will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby 18 May, 1902, etc. 

[P1057]. Ia8». [1902] 
C. of valuable bks. & MSS., inel. sel'. f. the lib'., of W. Radford, 

of Sir C. Locock, a portion of the lib. of A. Howell, &b., wh. 

will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby on 25th Feb. 1901 etc. 

8". [1901] 
C. of valuable bks. & MSS. the property of J. Ward, etc., wh. 

will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby 28th July 1902 etc., 1902, see 

Waed (J.) 

Catalonia, see Cortes de los antiguos reinos de Arag6n etc., y 
prinoipado de C, t5-7 (Cortes de C, t5-7), in prog., 1901-3. • 

Cathedrals. *Our national cathedrals : their hist. & architec- 
ture f. their foundation to mod. times ; w. ace. of mod. re- 
storations. 3v. laS". Ward, Lock, & C. n.d. 

Catherine, of Aragon, queen consort of Henry VIII, king of 
England etc. Inventories of the wardrobes; &a., of Duke of 
Eichinond, and of the wardrobe stuff at Baynard's Castle of 
Katharine ; ed., etc., J. G. Nichols, 1855, see Eiohmond (H. F., 
duke of). 

Catherine [de' Medici], queen consort of Henry II, of France. 
Lettres. t7, 8, (7, 1579-1581. 8, 1582-1585). Publ., par le 
cte. Baguenault de Puchesse. [Doc. in^d.] 4°. 1899-1901 
see ChiSeuel (P. A.) Marie Stuart & C, 1858. 

Catherine [Parr], queen cotisort of Henry VIII, king of Eng- 
land, see Haeleian Miscell. 

Catholic tractates of the 16" c, 1573-1600 : selections, ed., etc., 
T. G. Law, 1901, see Law (T. G.) 

Catoira (Gomez H.), see MendaiJa de Neyea (A.) Disc, of the 
Solomon Is. by A. de M. in 1568 ; tr. f. orig. MSS. [of C. etc.], 

Catullus (Caius Valerius). Carmina. Now first completely 
englished into verse and prose, the metrical part by Sir E. F. 
Burton and the prose portion by L. C. Smithers. 8°. 1894 

Cauderlier (G.) Les lois de la population en France. Avec nne 
pr6f. par E. Levasseur. Ia8'>. 1902 

„ „ Atlas de demographic statique et dynamique. 

sfol. 1902 

Canlaincourt (Armand A. L. de), duke of Ficenxa, see Vicenza. 

Caulfeild (A. St. G.) The temple of the Kings at Abydos. 
(Sety I). With eh. by W. M. F. Petrie. [Egypt". Res. Ace] 

40. 1902 

Caulfeild (S. F. A.) House mottoes & inscriptions, old & new. 

s8<'. 1902 

Causse (Charles) [ps. P. Maisl], see MajJl (P.) ps. 

Cavalca (Domenico). Vite di santi padri : tratte dal Volgariz- 
zamento di D. C. Con note del C. GargioUi. sS". Torino. 1887 

Cavalcanti (Guido). Le rime di C. Testo eritico pubbl. dal N. 
Arnone. 8". Firenze. 1881 

Cavalcaselle (Giov. Batt.), see Ceowe (J. A.) & G. B. C, A 
hist, of painting in Italy, 2"'' ed., ed. by L. Douglas, assist. 
by S. A. Strong, vl, 2, iriprog., 1903. 

Cavendish, ps. [i.e. H. Jones], see Jones (Heney), of London, 

Cavendish (George), see Harlelan Miscell. 

Cavendish (Spencer Compton), S'"" duke of Devonshire, see 
Devonshiee (S. C. C, «"'• d. o/}. 

Cavour, see Blanchi (N.) La politique de C, 1852-1861, 1885. 
see Keaus (F. X.) Die Erhebung Italieus im 19. Jahr. : C, 1902. 
„ Maeeiott (J. A. E.) The makers of modern Italy : Mazzini, 
C, etc., 1901. 

Cawadias (P.), see Ehomaides (C.) Les mus6es d'AtMnes, en 
r^prod. phototyp. : fouilles de I'Acropole ; texte descr. de C, 




Cawein (Madison Julius). Kentucky poems. With intr. by E. 
Gosse. sS". 1902 

A voice on the wind, & o. poems. 8". Louisville. 1902 

Cawthorn (James). Poems ; [w. Life by Chalmers], see Chal- 
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Choiseul (L. H., duohesse de). 
see Maugeas (G.) La disgrace du duo et de la duohesse de C, 

„ Le due et la duohesse de C, 1902. 

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captive et s. trois pontes : Miokiewicz, Krasiriski, Slowacki. 

sS". L. 1864 
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Englishman ; ed, W. J. Thorns, 1853, see Camden Miscel- 
lany (The), v2. 
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valuable lib. of H. W. C, wh. will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby 
26"' Nov., 1902, etc. [P1057]. laS". [1903] 

Cholmondeley (Miss Mary). Moth & rust ; together w. 
Geoffrey's wife, & The pitfall. 2°'' imp. s8». 1902 

C. H. P. C. *Mr. Balfour & conceivable cures for imagined 

ills, 1903, see Balpodr (Bt. Hon. A. J.) 
Christian IV, king of Denmark & Norway, see Haeleian 


Christie (Richard Copley). Selected essays & papers. Ed., 

w. mem., by W. A. Shaw. 8". 1902 

Chronique (La) des arts & de la curiosite : suppl. k la Gazette 

des beaux arts. ann^e 1901, 1902. Ia8°. [1901-2] 

Chubinsky (P. P.) Tpy^ii axBorpa*. - CTaiHCT. SKcne^HMia ei 

aanaArio-PyocKiii KpaH, Tl-7, see Impebatoeskoe Eusskoe Geo- 


Chuquet (Arthur). Etudes de litt. allemande. si, 2. s8'>. 1900-2 
Les guerres de la E6vol. [t]2-ll. [t7 4= ki., 8 3" M., 10 2» 6d.]. 

sS". n.d. 

2, Valmy. 

3, La retraite de Brunswick. 

4, Jemappes et la conqu^te de 

la Belgique (1792-3). 

5, La trahison de Duraouriez. 

6, L'exp^dition de Custine. 

7, Mayence (1792-3). 

8, Wissembourg (1793). 

9, Hoehe et la lutte pour 

I'Alsace (1798-4). 

10, Valenciennes (1793). 

11, Hondschoote. 

Stendhal-Beyle. 8». 1902 

Church [(& Chuboh op England ; English Chubch]. Official 
year-book of the Church of Eng. 1899. 8°. 1899 

see Haeleian Miscell. 

„ HiEEUBsiA Anglioana. H. a. : doc'., & extr'., illust. of the 
ceremonial of the Anglican Church after the Eeformation ; 
ed. by members of the Ecelesiolog. Soc, pi, 2, n. ed., 
„ Kalendae op the Eng. Chubch, & ecoles. almanack, (1865- 
70, 1880, 1882), 1864-81. 
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Church of Rome, see Eome : Chuech op Eome. 
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8». 1900-3 
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peers of France. 88°. 1902 

Church (Percy W.) Chinese Turkestan : w. caravan & rifle. 

%■■>. 1901 
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see Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl4, 1810. 
Churchill (John), ■/'" duke of Marlborough, see Maklboeough 

(J. C, I"' duke of). 
Churchill (Sarah), duchess of Marlborough, see Mablbobough 

(S. C, duchess of). 
Churchyard (Thomas), see Hableian Miscell. 
Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Scripta qu» manserunt omnia. 
[Sec. C. F. W. Miiller, G. Friedrich, A. S. Wesenberg, E. Klotz]. 
pl-4 in lOv [pi, i, ii, (1893), p2, i, ii, iii, (1880-96), p3, i, ii, 
(1885-96), p4, i, ii, iii, (1869-79)]. s8». L., Teubner. 1869-96 
Complete in 5p ; pff (Indices) wanting. 




Cicero (Marcus TuUius) [continued^. 
Collations f. the Codex Cluniacensis s. Holkhamicus : a 9'^-c. 
MS. of C. With certain hitherto unpubl. scholia, 3 facsimiles, 
& a hist, of the Codex. By W. Peterson. [Anecdota Oxon., 
I, 9]. s4''. 0. 1901 

Corr. Arranged, w. rev. of text, oomm., etc., by E. Y. Tyrrell & 
L. C. Purser, [vi, 2, by Tyrrell alone]. 

v6, 7 (Index). 8". D. 1899-1901 
v7 has Ed. E. Y. Tyrrell & L. C. Purser, instead of Ar- 
ranged, etc., on its tp. 
Cipolla (Carlo). Storia deUe signorie italiane dal 1313 al 1530. 
[P. Villari, Storia polit. d'ltalia]. 

2p, [pagim. cont.]. Ia8°. Milano. 1881 
Cisterne de Courtiras (G. A.),i;fase. de Saint-Mars; [ps., la 

comtesse Dash], see Dash {la cisse.) ps. 

Civilian (A) war hospital : being an aoo. of the work of the 

Portland Hospital, & of experience of wounds & sickness in 

South Africa, 1900 ; w. a desor. of the equipment, cost, & 

management of a civilian base hospital in time of war. By 

the professional staff (A. A. Bowlby etc.) 8°. 1901 

Clarendon (Edward Hyde, •/»' earl of). Hist, of the rebellion & 

civil wars in England. Ee-ed. f. orig. MS., w. marginal 

dates, & notes, by W. D. Macray. 6v. sS". O. 1888 

see Hableian Miscell. 

Claretie (Jules). Les amours d'un interne. n.^d. s8». 1902 

Camille Desmoulins, Lucile Desmoulins : ^tude sur les Dan- 

tonistes. 8". 1875 

Profils de theatre. s8». [1902J 

La vie a Paris. 1899. sS". 1900 

La vie si, Paris. 1900. s8°. 1901 

Clark (John Bates). The control of trusts. s8''. N.Y. 1901 

Clark (Samuel). England's remembrancer : cont. a true & 

full narr. of the Spanish invasion in 1588, 1657, see Smeeton 

(G.) Hist. & biograph. tracts, vl, 1820. 

The fatal vespers : judgement of God upon the Papists by the 

fall of the house in Black Friers, 5"' Nov. 1623, 1657, see 

Smeeton (G.) Hist. & biograph. tracts, vl, 1820. 

Clarke (Sir Ernest). The bones of St. Edmund. Eepr. f. the 

" Bury Post " [o/] Sep. 3■■^ 1901. [No tp.] [P1022]. s8°. n.p. n.d. 

see Bbakelond (J., of). The chronicle of B., ed. Sir B. C, 1903. 

Clarke (G. H.), M.A., & C. J. Murray. A primer of old French. 

s8». 1902 
Clarke ("William James) [ps. G. F. Monkshood], see Monks- 
hood (G. F.) ps. 
Clarkson (Thomas), the philanthropist, 
see Elmes (J.) T. C, 1854. 
„ Taylok (T.) Biog. sketch of C, 1839. 
Classical review (The). vl5, 16. laS". 1901-2 

Claude (Georges). L'^ectricit^ a la port^e de tout le moude. 

8». 1902 
Claudel (Paul). Connaissanee de I'Est. s8''. 1900 

Claudius Hermeros. Mulomedicina Chironis. Ed. E. Oder. 

s8". L., Teitbner. 1901 
Clay (Felix). Mod. school buildings, elementary & secondary. 

laSo. 1902 
Clayton (John), rector of Crofton, Yorkshire. Letter[s] f. C. to 
the Boyal Soc, 1688, giving an ace. of several observables in 
Virginia, & in h. voyage thither, n.d., see Fokce (P.) Tracts 
etc., v3, 1844. 
Clear (Claudius) ps. [i.e. W. E. Nicoll], see Niooll (W. E.) 
Cleeve (L\Lcas)ps. \i.e. Ifrs.H. KiNGscoTE],see Kingscote (Mj-s.H.) 
Cleges (Sir) — Sir Libeaus Desconus : two Old Eng. metr. 
romances rendered into prose by J. L. Weston, 1902, see 
Weston (J. L.) 
Clemenceau (Georges). Aux embuscades de la vie : Dans la 
foi — Dans I'ordre etabli — Dans I'amour, sS". 1903 

Clemens, Alexandrinus. Miscellanies Bk. vii. The Greek 
text ; w. intr., tr., etc., by F. J. A. Hort & J. B. Mayor. 8o. 1902 
Clemens, Bomanus. 
see Apockypha Sinaitica (2, Eecognitions of C. ; 3, Martyrdom of 
C. ; etc.) ; ed. & tr. M. D.Gibson, [Stndia Sinaitica, 5], 1896. 
„ HoBT (F. J. A.) Notes introductory to study of Clementine 
Eecognitions, 1901. 
Clemens (Samuel Langhorne) [ps. Mark Twain], see Twain 

(Mabk) ps. 
Clench (Andrew) [Clinch]. 

see Harbison (H.), gent. The arraignment, etc., of H. H. for 
the murther of A. C, 1692. 

„ Last words : murder of Dr. C, 1692. 

Clergy List (The). 1903. 8'. [1903] 

Clerke {Miss Agnea Mary). Problems in astrophysics. 8". 1903 

Clerkenwell. *DisGOvery of the Jesuits' college at C. in March 
1627-8, etc. ; [by Sir B. Heath, or by Sir J. Coke} ; ed. J. G. 
Nichols, 1853, see Jesuits. 

Cleron (Othenin), c^. d'Haussonville, b.<S43, s«eHAussoNViLLB 
(G. P. O.DE Ccte.v'). 

Clery (J. B. A. Hanet), see Elizabeth [of France], Madame, 
sister of Louis XVI. Life etc. of Mme. E. de France, followed 
by the Journal of the Temple, by C, etc. ; tr. K. P. Wormeley, 

Cleveland (Catharine L. W., duchess of), wife of 4"' duke. 
Life & letters of Lady Hester Stanhope. S4". 1897 

Cleveland (Harry George Powlett, 4"' duke of ). Cat. of the 
valuable lib. of the late duke of C., forming a portion of the 
heirlooms at Battle Abbey, Sussex, wh. will be sold by Messrs. 
Sotheby on 16'" June 1902 etc. S". [1902] 

Clifford (Frederick). Hist, of Private BUI legislation. 

2v. 8°. 1885-7 

Clifford (Hugh), C.M.G. A free lance of to-day. s8». 1903 

Clifford (Martin), see Clifeobd (Matthew). 

Clifford (Matthew) [Martin CLirroRE]. 
see Hableian Misoell. 

Clifford {Mrs. W. K.) A long duel. s8^ 1902 

Woodside Farm. s8°. 1902 

This story was called Margaret Vincent in serial form. 

Climacus (Johannes) ps. [i.e. S. A. Kieekegaaed], see Kierke- 
gaard (S. A.) 

Climates (The) & baths of Gt. Brit. : being the rep. of a com- 
mittee of the Eoyal Medical & Chirurgioal Soc. of London. 

2v. 8». 1895-1902 

Climenson (Emily J.) The hist, of Shiplake, Oxon. 4". 1894 

Clinch (Andrew), see Clench (A.) 

Clinton (De Witt), governor of New York, see Hosack (D.) 
Mem. of C, 1829. 

Clinton (Elizabeth), countess of Lincoln, see Lincoln (E. C, 
countess of). 

Clodd (Edward). T. H. Huxley. s8». E. 1902 

Clogie (Alexander) [Clogt], see Clogy (A.) 

Clogy (Alexander) [Clogie], see Bedell (W.) bp. Two biog". of 
B., [one by A. C], 1902. 

Clopinel (Jean), see Meung (Jean de), called Clopinel. 

Close Eolls, Calendar of the Close Bolls. [Calendar of State 
Papers, inprog.'} laS". 1901-2 

Henry III; [cont. of Eotuli 
Litterarum Clausarum etc., 
1833-44, (q.v.)\ [1], 1227-31. 

Edward I, [2], 1279-88. 
Edward III, 6, 1341-43. 

Clotte (Mme. Koy de) [ps. Jean Bebiheboy], see Beetheroy 

Cloud (A) of witnesses for the royal prerogatives of Jesus 
Christ : being the last speeches & testimonies of those who 
have suffered for the truth in Scotland, since 1680. Eepr. 
f. orig. ed'., w. explanatory, & hist., notes, by J. H. Thomson. 

8°. E. [1871] 
Clouston (J. Storer). Adventures of M. d'Harioot. Tr. f. the 
French, by J. S.C. s8°. E. 1902 

An orig. work by C. ? 
Clowes (Sir William Laird). Four model naval campaigns. 

s8». 1902 
The Eoyal Navy : a hist. By C, assisted by [sev. writers']. 

v7. Ia8'>. 1903 
Cobb (Thomas). Severance. s8'>. 1901 

Cobban (J. Maclaren). Pd crowns resign. s8". 1900 

Cobbett (William), M.P. Two-penny trash, or polities for the 
poor, vl (July, 1830-JuQe, 1831). sS". 1831 

Cobden Club. 

How to increase the public re- 
venue : memo, by the commit- 
tee of the C.C. [P1034]. 8°. 1902 
Eep. and list of members. 1900, 
1901, 1902. [1900, P1022 ; 1901, 
P1033; 1902, P1062]. 

s8°. 1901-S 
see*CENTUEy (A) of British ex- 
ports, 1901. 
„ Cox (H.) American pro- 
gress & British commerce, 
„ Parrbe (T. H. F., i" baron). 
Does trade follow the flag ?, 

see Pakbeb(T. H. P.,2»'6(M-o»). 
Free trade v. Pair trade, 

„ Hicks-Beach {Bt. Hon. Sir 
M. E.) Free Trade & pro- 
sperity; extr. f. speech of 
Sir M. H.-B. ; rev. ed., 1901. 

„ Lubbock {Mt. Hon. Sir J.) 
Free Trade etc., 1902. 

„ *PEOTECTION&phthisis,1901. 

„ Spehceb (J. P. S., S"" e.) & 
Sir H. Campbell-Banneb- 
MAN. The Brussels con- 
vention etc., 1903. 

„ Symon (Sir J. H.) Why I 
am a Free Trader, 1901. 




Cobden (Richard). Speeches on questions of public policy. Ed. 

J. Bright & J. E. T. Bogers. s8°. 1880 

Cobden- Sanderson (T. J.) Booe mundus : industrial ideals, & 

the book beautiful. So. 1902 

Cobham (Claude Delaval). An attempt at a bibliog. of Cyprus. 

[P1031]. 4'" ed. 8°. Nicosia. 1900 

see Gkaziani (A. M.) The sieges of Nicosia & Famagusta, etc., 

ed. C.,1899. 
„ *'lLMn Hal : a manual of doctrine &o. of Islam, tr. C, 2"^ 
ed., 1902. 
Cobham (John Oldcastle, barcm), d. -1411, see Oldcastle 

{Sir John), styled, Lord Cobham. 
Codagnello (Johannes). Chron. Placentina, see Parma. Mon. 

hist., 1855-66. 
Codex Cluniaoensis s. Holkhamicus, see Oiceko (M. T.) 

Collations f. the C. C. s. H. : a 9"'-o. MS. of C. ; etc. ; by W. 

Peterson, 1901. 
Codman (John Thomas). Brook Farm : hist. & personal mems. 

s8». Boston, Mass. 1894 
Codrington (Robert), see Hakleian Miscell. 
Cody (Helen), aft. Wetinore, see Wetmoee [Mrs. H. C.) 
Cody CWilliam Frederick) [" Bcfealo Bill "], see Weimobe 

(H. C.) The last of the great scouts, C, 1901. 
Coffee, see Hakleian Miscell. 
Coghlan (T. A.) Picturesque New South Wales. 

Ia8». Sydney. 1901 
see New South Wales. Wealth & progress of N.S.W., IS"" 

issue, by C, 1902. 
Cogitosus. Vita S. Brigidse, see Messinoham (T.) Florilegium 

insulae sanctorum, 1624. 
Cohn (Frau Clara), nie Yiehig, [Cohn-Viebig], see Viebiq 

(C.) ps. 
Coigny (ctsse. Aimee de), o/i. wife of A.H.M.L.deB.deB., due 

de Flewry. M6m". Intr. etc. par E. Lamy. 8". [1902] 

Coins. *English copper, tin, & bronze coins, f. Chas. II to 

Victoria. \JBy W. H. Eegani'] [P1022]. s8». [1901] 

Coissin ( — ), see Paris : Anon, works. *Tableau des prisons de 

P., sous le r. de Eobespierre, [by G. ?], 1795. 
Cokayne (George Edward). *Complete baronetage, ed. by 

G. E. C. v2, 3. [2, 1625-49 ; 3, 1649-64. in prog.'] 

8°. Exeter. 1902-3 
Coke (— ), sec. of the Eng. ambass. at Constantinople, see 

Harleian Miscell. 
Coke (Sir Edward), Lord Chief Justice. Letter of the Coun- 
cil to Sir T. Lake, rel. to proceedings of C. at Oatlands ; &, 

Doc', rel. to Sir W. Raleigh's last voyage ; communicated to 

the Camden Miscellany by S. E. Gardiner, 1864, see Camden 

Miscellany (The), v5. 
Coke (Sir John), Secretary of State. 'Discovery of the 

Jesuits' college at Clerkenwell in March 1627-8, etc. ; [by Sir 

B. Heath or by Sir J. C] ; ed. J. G. Nichols, 1853, see 

Colajanui (Napoleone). Gli avvenimenti di Sicilia e le loro 

cause. Con pref. di M. Rapisardi. sS". Palermo. 1894 

Colardeau (Th.) Etude sur Epict^te. laS". 1903 

Cole (John), labourer, see Harbison (H.) The arraignment, 

etc., of H. H. ; to wh. is added, the Tryal of J. C. for the 

murther of Dr. Clenche, 1692. 
Cole CWilliam), see Hablbian Miscell. 
Coleccion de saynetes, t2, 1806, see Satnetes. 
Coleridge (Hon. Mrs. Annie Marion), wife of Hon. G. J. D. 

Coleridge, see Coleridge (Hon. G. J. D.) & Hon. Mrs. A. M. 

C, Jan van Elselo, 1902. 

Coleridge (Miss Christabel Rose). C. M. Yonge, h. life & 

letters. S"- 1903 

The winds of Cathrigg. sS". 1901 

Coleridge (Hon. Gilbert James Duke), youngest son of 7" 
barm Coleridge, & Hon. Mrs. A. M. Coleridge. Jan van 
Elselo: being an ace. of h. adv. dur. the r. of Philip II., 
k. of Spain. b8o. 1902 

Coleridge (M. E.) The fiery dawn. sS". 1901 

Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). Complete works. s8°. 1901 

see Shepherd (B. H.) Bibhog. of C, rev., etc., by W. F. 
Prideaux, 1900. 

Coletus (Nicolaus). Sacrorum oonciliorum n. et ampl. collectio, 
in qua, prseter ea quae P. Labbeus et G. Cossartius et 0. ed., 
ea omnia exhibentur qusB J. D. Mansi evulgavit, [1159-9$ ; 
reprod. in facsimile'], 1901-6, see Mansi (G. D.) 

Coifs (Jean Francois). Les ^ooles gothiques : I'^cole flam- 
boyante, religieuse, & civile. laS". Brux. 1892 

„ „ r^oole goth. allemande. laS". Brux. 1892 

„ „ I'^cole goth. francjaise. laS". Brux. 1892 

Colin (J.) L'^duoation militaire de NapoUon. 8°. 1901 

Collectanea juridica : consisting of tracts rel. to the law & con- 
stitution of Eng. vl, 2. 8". 1791-2 
Collection. Collection de doc", in^dits sur I'Hist. de France, see 
France : Documents iniSdits etc. 

Collection de poesies, remans, ohroniques, &»., publ. d'ap. 

d'anciens manuscrits et d'ap. des ed'. des 15" et 16" s". 

[Printed in Gothic type, d w. wood engravings], [livr. -1-23, 

in Sv (i-T, S-H, 12--I4, 15-'IS, 19-23)]. s8». 1838-58 

This coll. is ed. by A. V. (i.e. A. 'Veinant), G. D. (i.e. P. 

A. Oratet Duplessis), S. (i.e. L. C. Silvestre), Francisgue 

Michel, Doublet de BoisthibauU, P. Chabaille, etc. It 

is complete in 24 livr., but livr. 24 is wanting. 

1. lies sept Marchans de naples. 

2. Maistre aliborum qde tout se mesle. [By Pierre Gringore .'] 

3. Sensuyuet plusieurs belles chansons coposees nouuellemt, etc. 

[From, an ed, printed at Geneva about 1530]. 

4. Sesnyt le Komant de Bichart filz d'Eobert le diable q fut 

due d' Normendie. [From a 4P. ed. printed about 1500]. 
6. Moralite tresexcellente, a Ihonneur de la glorieuse assump- 
tion nostra Dame, etc. Compoaee par Jan Parmentier. 

6. Les prouerbes communs. [By Jean de La Yeprie]. 

7. Natiuite de nostre seigneur Jhesucbrist p. personnages. Aveo 

la digne acopuchee. 

8. Miracle de nostre dame d' Berthe feme du roy Pepin q ly fn 

changee et puis la retrouna. Et est a. xxxii. psonaiges. 

9. Bigorne qui mange tous les hommes qui fot le comademet 

de leurs femmes. 

10. Mirouer des femmes vertueuses. Ensemble la patience 

Griselidis. Lhistoire admirable de Jehanne Pncelle. 

11. Miracle de nostre dame de la marqse de la Gaudine. 

12. Le mystere de la vie et hystoire de monseigneur sainct 


13. Le Bonge de la thoisou dor : fait et copose p. michault Tail- 

\i. Lhystoire plaisate faisat mention des pronesses et vaillaces 
du noble Syperis de Vineuaulx. Et de aes dixsept filz. 

15. La Guerre et le debat entre la lague les membres et le vetre. 

[By Jean d' Abundance !]. 

16. Le cheualier delibereooprenantla mort duduode Bourgogne 

q trespassa deuat Nancy en Lorraine. Fait et compose 
par messire Oliuier de la marche. 

17. Lea grans regretz et coplainte de madamoyselle du pallais. 

[By Jehan Chaperon]. 

18. Listoyre de Pierre de Proueoe ; et de la belle Maguelonne. 

19. Le temple donnour : p. Froissart. 

20. Les grandeaCronicques : dugeantGargantua. [By Frangois 

Babelais] . 

21. Senauyt le testament de Lucifer : par P. Gringore. 

22. Sensuyt le Eoman de edipua filz du roy Layus. 
28. M. Hambrelin. 

24. La grant danae macabre. ['Wanting]. 

College year-book & athletic record. 1896/7. Comp., & ed., 

by E. Emerson. sS". N.Y. 1897 

Collet ((jlara E.) Educated working women. sS". 1902 

Collie (J. Norman). Climbing on the Himalaya & 0. mountain 

ranges. 8°. E. 1902 

Collier, Uaffaire du. see Funck-Bbentano (F.) L'affaire du 

C, 1901. 

see The Diamond Necklace ; tr. H. S. Edwards, 1901. 

Collier (John Payne). Anc. biograph. poems on the Duke of 

Norfolk, Vise. Hereford, the Earls of Essex & Qu. Elizabeth ; 

ed. C, 1855, see Camden Miscellany (The), v8. 
The Skryveners' Play (The incredulity of St. Thomas) ; ed. C, 

1859, see SoRrvENERs' Play (The). 
Collins ("William), poei. Poems ; [w. Life by Dr. Johnson], see 

Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl3, 1810. 
Collins ("William Edward). Typical Eng. Churchmen f. Parker 

to Maurice. Lect'., ed. C. [Church Hist. Soc, 65]. 8». 1902 

M. Parker, by H. Gee. 

B. Hooker, by A. J. Maaon. 

W. Chillingworth, by H. Easb- 

J. Usher, by E. W. Wataon. 
J. Bramhall, by W. E. Collins, 
J. Taylor, by H. H. Henson. 

CoUinson (Maj.-gen. Thos. Buruard), see Webber (Maj.-gen. 
C. E.) Gen. Sir H. D. Harness ; menioir, arr. by C. & ed. by 
W., 1903, 


G. Burnet, by H. W. C. Davis. 
J. Butler, by H. Waoe. 
"W. Warburton, by J. N. Figgis. 
C. Simeon, by C. H. Simpkinson. 
H. Pbillpotts, by B. C. S. Gibson. 
F. D. Maurice, by W. B. Collins. 




♦Colloquies (The) of Edward Osborne, citizen & clotliworker of 

London, 1900, see Manning (Miss A.) 

Colombi (La marchesa) ps. [i.e. Maeia Tokelli-Viollier], 

Tempesta e bonaccia. Eomanzo. 2" ed. sS". Ceaeua. 1883 

Colonial OfBce list for 1902. 8». [1902] 

Colonies (Les) franpaises : petite enoyclop^die coloniale publ. 

sous la dir. de M. Petit, aveo la collab. de J. Alix etc. 

2t. 80. [1902] 
Colonna (Guido de), see Hamilton (G. L.) Tiie indebtedness 

of Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde to C.'s Hist. Trojana, 1903. 
Colquhoun (Archibald Ross). The mastery of the Paoifie. 

Ia8». 1902 
Columba, Saint, called Columkille, see Adamnan, Saint. Vita 

S. C«>. 
Columban, Saint. Carmen monostiohon, see Messinqham (T.) 
FlorUegium insulse sanctorum, 1624. 
Eegula S. C, see Messinqham (T.) Florilegium insulffi nancto- 
rum, 1624. 

see .loNAS Elmm., Vita S. C'. 
Columbia [incl. " Bkitish Columbia "]. The year book of B. C, 

see Year book (The) op B. C. 
Columbus (C.), see Thacheb (J. B.) C, h. life, work, remains, 

vl, 2, 1903. 
Coluthus. The rape of Helen, tr. F. Fawkes, see Chalmers (A.) 

Eng. poets, v20, 1810. 
Combanaire (Adolphe). Au pays des ooupeurs de tStes; Borneo. 

s8°. [1902] 
Combe (William). Letters of the late Lord Littelton. [By C, 
not by L.]. S"" American ed. sS". Philadelphia. 1821 

Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, in prog., see Aristotle. 
Commission royals d'histoire de Belgique. [4". P^^U'.'], 1899- 
1903 ; [S°. PubP.'], 1899-1902. 
see Belgique. Inventaire des oartulaires beiges conserves h, 
r^tranger, 1899. 

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s8». 1902 

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v2 has Eived. c annot. dal A. Butti e da L. Ferrario on 

its tp. 
v3 has no revisers' names on its tp. 
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Ed. consilio 


Corpus [continued]. 
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see Hableian Miscell. 

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s8». 1901 
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Councils, see Mansi (G. D.) 

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County folk-lore. 

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8°. 1867 
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5« 6d. b8». 1902 
D 2 




Conrteline (Georges) p$. [continued]. 

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Un client s^rieux. 5' 6i. bS". 1902 

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v3, 4. [inprog.'] S". 1903 

3, The intellectual conflict of the 17th c, Decadent influ- 
ence of the feudal monarchy, Growth of the nat. genius. 

4, Development & decline of the poetic drama, Influence 
of the court & the people. i 

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comtesse Dash], see Dash {la ctsse.) ps. 

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political thinking & acting. [Young Scots' publications, 
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& E. E. Williams, Free Trade v. Protection: a fiscal 

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This is a longer " List " than the " List " publ. in iS97. 
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D. (H. A.) 




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see Dallas (H. A.) 
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Dante Alighieri [continued]. 
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II c. i del Purgatorio letto da G. Piccibla. 
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II c. 7 del Purgatorio letto da A. d'Ancona. 
II c. 10 del Purgatorio letto da N. Campanini. 
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II c. 15 del Purgatorio letto da A. Bonaventura. 
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Dante Alighieri [continued], 
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[n. s6r.]. sS". 1864 

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intr, sulla famiglia e sulla vita dell' antore per c. di E. Eenier. 

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Zeige mir den Platz wo du gesaet hast]. Aus dem Holland. 

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This contams an index to itself <& to the a.'s Dante ne' 

tempi di Dante. 

Dante ne' tempi di Dante : ritratti e studi. 88". Bologna. 1888 

For an index to this see the a.'s Dal seeolo e dal poema 

di Dante, above. 

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La figurazione storica del medio evo italiano nel poema di 

Dante. 8». Firenze. 1891 

Pagine letterarie e ricordi: II Parini— Diporto Dantesoo— 

Bitratti Fiorentini — Divagazioni grammaticali — Sapavamcelo 

— Cesare Guasti — Ubaldiuo Peruzzi — Altri ricordi— Iscrizioni 

— Eicordanze nazionali. 38". Firenze. 1893 

see Dante Aliohiebi. Lectura D''. : II c. 10 dell' Inferno letto 

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cutione, ed. lafter the Paris MS., w. intr., trans., facsimile, by 
W. E. Eoberts. [For discussion as to author see Preface]. 

8". C. 1902 
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s8». [1902] 

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sociale"]. [P1040]. 8°. n.d. 

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sS". n.d. 
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hath prescribed for the govt, of his Church, 1588 ; ed. E. Arber, 
1895, see Udall (J.) 
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tion in Eng. education. 38°. C. 1902 
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books. With intr. by H. Guppy. [Eepr. f. The Library 
Association Eecord, June, 1902]. [P1047]. S". 1902 
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Knowledge, Mathematics, 1]. [P1031]. 8". 1836 
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2p. Ia8». 1903 

1, Le triomphe de I'^glise — Le centralisme. 

2, La renaissance tchSque vers le f^d6ralisme. 

Denis (Samuel). Hist, contemp. : La chute de I'empire — Le 

gouvernement de la defense nat. — L'Assemblte nat. 

4t, 8». 1897-1903 
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years at East Brent : letters of A. D., 1845-96. Ed. L. E. 

Denison. 8°. 1902 

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statist, suppl. to " Xtn. missions & social prog." sfol. E. 1902 
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system of hygiene ; also the natural food of man. 8". [1892] 
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Der Goltz (Fritz, Frhr. v.), see Goltz (F., Frhr. v. d.) 
De Roo (P.) Hist, of America before Columbus. 

2v. 8». Philadelphia. 1900 
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Nouv. Chants du Soldat et des Marches et Sonneries. s8<>. 1882 
Descamps (Edouard E. F. J.) L'Afrique nouv. : essai sur 

I'^tat civilisateur dans les pays neufa et sur I'Etat Ind^pendant 

du Congo. 8°. 1903 

Descamps (Edouard E. P. J.) [continued]. 

New Africa : an essay on govt, civilization in new countries & 

on the foundation, etc., of the Congo Free State. Tr. 8». 1903 
Descartes (Rene). For 2 essays see Abhanclungen zur Gesoh. 

d. Mathematik. 

(Euvres. Publ. par 0. Adam & P. Tannery. [t3-6]. 4". 1899-1903 
3-5, Corr., (3, Jan. 1640-juin 1643. 4, juil. 1643-avril 

1647. 5, mai 1647-f6v. 1650). 
6, Discours de la M^thode, & essais. 

Meditationes de prima philqsophia. Nach der Pariser Original- 

ausgabe u. d. 1™ franzos. tjbers., mit Anmerkungen, neu hrsg. 

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ses debuts diplomat., le marq. de Sales etc., 1789-97. 

8". Tours. 1895 
Description. '•'Description of Georgia, by a gentleman who has 

resided there etc., 1741, see Geoegiia, America, The pro- 
vince of. 
""Description of the kingdome of Sweden, n.d., see Sweden. 
'^Description of the province of New Albion, etc., 1648, see 

Plantagenet (B.) 
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siones vitseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. 

Merov., t4], 1902. 
Desiderius, episc. Vienn. Vita, see Krcsoh (B.) Passiones 

vitseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. Merov., t3], 

„ For anoth. ed. see Migne (J. P.) Pat. latina, t80. 
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Desmoulins, see Claketie (J.) C. Desmoulins, Lucile D., 1875. 
Desmoulins (I. S. Camille B.), see Claketie (J.) Camille D., 

Lucile D., 1875. 
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publ. sous les auspices de la Sooi^t6 Florimontane par A. C. 

[&] J. D., 1902. 
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D'Este (Beatrice), duchess of Milan, see Este (B. d'). 
D'Este (Isabella), marchioness of Mantua, see Este (I. n'). 
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d'Espagne ; fragments de corr. 

tl-3. 4». Nantes, [t3 Paris]. 1902-3 
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Brit. Guiana, St. Lucia, Trinidad, etc. 2v. 8». 1903 

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in Thrace ; & o. p. sS". 1901 

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see EcKHAET (Meister). [Works], Abthlg. 1, 1857. 
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u. Kolonialwirtschaft. Hrsg. v. d. D. K. 

Jhrg. 1-4. Ia8°. 1899-1903 

Deutsche Revue [ii. d. gesamte nationale Leben d. Gegenwart]. 

Jahrg. 27, 28, (1902, 1903). [4B to each " Jahrg."] 

Ia8». St. 1902-3 
Deutsche Rundschau. B108-117, in 5v. Ia8'>. [1901-3] 

Deutsche Shakespeare- Gesellschaf t. 

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ganzen Folge, Jhrg. 7, 8) : 

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Vierteljahreshefte. [Jhrg. 1, 2]. 8". Freiburg i. B. 1897-8 

In ■tS97 d: 1898 Monatsblatter <& Vierteljahreshefte were issued. 

In '1898 the periodical ceased to exist under this title, but was 

cont. as Historische Vierteljahrschrift (3. v.). Both the 

Monatsblatter d the Vierteljahreshefte are numbered Der 

ganzen Folge, Jhrg. 7, 8. 
Deutscher Litteratur Kalender. Hrsg. v. J. Kiirschner. 

1902, 1903. 38°. L. [1902-3] 
The 1903 vol. has t. : Kiirschners deut. L.-K. ; hrsg. v. H. 
De Vere (Aubrey Thomas), S'''' son of 2'"' bart. The search 

after Proserpine,'Eecoll'. of Greece, & 0. p. s8<>. 0. 1843 

De Vere (Max. Scheie). Americanisms ; the English of the 

New World. 8°. 1872 

Devereux (Robert), S'"* earl of Essex, see Essex. 
Deyereux (Robert), 3'* earl of Essex, see Essex. 




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Waudru de Mons, rec, & publ., par D., tl, 2, 1899-1903. 
DevonsMre Assoc, for the advancement of science, literature, 
& art, see Committee on Devonshire verbal provincialisms, 
14'" rep. ; ed. P. T. Elworthy ; repr. f. the Transactions of 
the D. A. for the a. of s., 1., & a., 27, n.d. 
Devonshire Verbal Provincialisms, Committee on, see Com- 
mittee ETC. 
Devonshire (Spencer Compton Cavendish, 6?"^ duTce of). 
Speeches deliv"'. during the election period of 1886, in favour 
of the Unionist cause. Eepr. f. the " Times." 

[P1031]. 8°. Dublin. 1887 

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D'Ewes (Sir Symonds), hart, see Harleian Miscell. 

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the Intelligence officer [i.e. Lionel James], 4"' imp., 1902, see 

James (L.) 

Three years war (Oct. 1899-June 1902). 8». 1902 

see Steyn (M. T.) *Steijn, de Wet u. d. Oranje-Freistaater, 1902. 

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libraries etc. 4"" ed., rev., & enl. laS". Boston. 1891 

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0. articles'], 1896, see Sunday Soc. 
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(W. H.) 

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de Normandie. Lettres indd. Publ. par G. Guiflrey. 8°. 1866 

Dibdin (Thomas Frognall), see Ames (J.) *Index to D.'s ed. 

of the Typographical Antiquities first compiled by J. A., etc., 


Dicey (Albert Venn). Digest of the law of England w. ref. to 

the conflict of laws. With notes of American cases by J. B. 

Moore. 8". 1896 

Intr. to the study of the Law of the Constitution, e* ed. 8o. 1902 

New Jacobinism & old morality. [P438 ; a.c.mPlOS?]. %<>. n.d. 

Dicey (Edward). The story of the Khedivate. 8°. 1902 

Dickens Exhibition. The D. E., held at the Memorial Hall, 

London, Mar., 1903 : cat. of exhibits. Comp., & ed., by F. G. 

Kitton. s4». 1903 

Dickens (Charles). *C. D. : some notes on his life & writings, 

with portraits, illust'., etc. [P1049]. 8°. n.d. 

Collected papers. 80. 1903 

The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club. A repr. of 1" 

ed. ; w. intr., biograph., & bibliograph., by C. Dickens the 

younger. s8». 1901 

Eepr. pieces — The lamplighter — To be read at dusk — Sunday 

under three heads. With essay on works of D., by A. Lang. 

8°. 1899 
Tale of two cities. Intr., & notes, by A. Lang. 88". 1899 

see Dickens Exhibition. The D. E., 1908: cat. of exhibits; 

comp., & ed., P. G. Kitton, 1903. 
„ FoBSTER (J.) Life of D., abridged, & rev., by G. Gissing, 
Dickes (William Frederick). Holbein's celebrated picture 
" The ambassadors " shown to be a memorial of the Treaty 
of Nuremberg, 1532, & to portray Otto Henry (the magnani- 
mous) & Philipp (defender of Vienna). 4". 1903 
Dickinson (Goldsworthy Lowes) [ps. John Chinaman]. Letters 
f. John Chinaman. 2"" imp. 38°. 1902 

„ „ 5'" imp. s8°. 1903 

Dickson (William Kirk). Life of Major-Gen. Sir B. M. Smith. 

8°. E. 1901 
Dickstein (S.) For an essay see Abhandlungen zur Gesoh. d. 

Dictionary. Contributions towards a diet, of Eng. book-col- 
lectors, as also of some foreign collectors whose libraries 
were incorporated in Eng. collections or whose books are 
chiefly met with in Eng. pl-13, in Iv. [no more likely to he 
publ.]. 8». Quaritch. 1892-9 

D. of national biography. Index & epitome. Ed. Sidney Lee. 

Ia8». 1903 
D. (A) of the Bible. Ed. J. Hastings. \i. [in prog.]. 

^8". E., Clark. 1902 
Dictionnaire. D. des antiqult^s grecques & rom., t3i, [in prog., 

3' 6d.], 1900, see Daeemeeko (C. V.) & E. Saglio, edd. 
D. militaire : encyclop^die des sciences milit. ; r6d. par un 
comit(5 d'oflSciers de toutes armes. tl (A-H). Ia8''. 1898 

Dictionnaire [continued]. 

Nouv. diet. hongroiB-fran9ais et fr.-hong. 3' 6d., rev., et augm. 
t2 (partie hong.-fr. ; par C. Babos). sS". Pest. 1865 

With S'"* tp. : Uj magyar-franczia 6s fr.-mag. sz6t&r, etc. 

Didier (Jean Paul), see Ducoin (A.) Paul D. : hist, de la con- 
spiration de 1816, 1844. 

Didon (Henri N.) Lettres k Mdlle. Th. V. s8». 1902 

Lettres ^ un ami. s8°. 1902 

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Litt. d. Ostens in Einzeldarstellungen, 4]. 8". L. 1902 

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V. D. : ein Beitrag zur Gesch. d. Vulkanologie, [Miinohener 
geograph. Studien, 7], 1899. 

Digby Mysteries. D. plays ; The conversion of St. Paul, [repr. 
f. " Digby Mysteries ; ed. PurnivaU, 1882 "], see Manly (J. M.) 
Specimens of Pre-Shaksperean drama, vl, 1903. 

Digby (George), S'"' earl of Bristol, see Bristol (G. D., 2"'' 
earl of). 

Digby (John), ^'' earl of Bristol, see Bristol (J. D., 1'' e. of). 

Digenes (Basileios) , A Icrites, see Bibliotheque geecque vdlgaire ; 
publ. par E. Legrand, t6, Les exploits de Basile Dig^nis Aoritas, 
2' M., 1902. 

Dijkstra (Waling). Friesoh woordenboek (Lexicon Frisicum), 
bewerkt door W. D., etc., benevens lijst van Friesohe eigen- 
namen, bewerkt door J. Winkler. 

[dl, 2, (A-P) ; d, Friesohe naamlijst {-/v)]. 
80. Leeuwarden. [1898-1903] 

Dilke (Emilia P. S.), Lady Dilke, wife of S"" hart. French 
engravers & draughtsmen of the 18th c. Ia8<'. 1902 

Dillon (Gen. Arthur), d. 1T92. Hist, notes on the services 
of Irish officers in the French army, addressed to the Nat. 
Assembly by D., 1792. Tr. J. P. Leonard. b8». n.d. 

Dillon (Emile Joseph). M. Gorky : his life & writings. b8». 1902 

Dillon (Wentworth), earl of Boscammon, see Eosoommon. 

Dinneen (P. S.) Cormac O'Connell. [Gaelic League]. 

s8». D. 1902 

Dinsmore (Charles Allen). Teachings of Dante. s8». 1902 

Dion, Chrysostom. Dionis Prusaensis quem vocant Chrysostomum 
qnse exstant omnia. Ed. J. de Arnim. 2v. 8". Berolini. 1893-6 

Diplock (Bramah Joseph). New system of heavy goods trans- 
port on common roads. 8". 1902 

Diplomatarium Islandicum : islenzkt fornbrMasafn. [Isl. 
B5 (1330-1476). \in prog.]. 8". Kaupmannahofn. 1899/1902 
*Disbrowe (C. A. A.), eldest daughter of Sir E. G. Disbrowe. 
Old days in diplomacy. With pref. by M. Montgomery- 
Campbell. [Partly an ace. of t?ie diplomatic career of Sir 
E. G. Disbrowe]. sS". 1903 

Disbrowe (Sir Edward Cromwell), see Disbrowe (C. A. A.) 

*01d days in diplomacy : [partly an ace. of the diplomatic 

career of Sir E. G. D.], 1903. 

*Discorso (II) di un policeman nel cinquantennio dello statuto 

italiano. Pref. e tr. di Umano. 8°. Milano. 1898 

*Discourse (A) of the contests & dissensions betw. the nobles 

& the commons in Athens & Eome, w. the consequences they 

had upon both those states. [P1028]. s4". 1701 

*Discovery of the Jesuits' college at ClerkenweU in March 

1627-8, etc. ; [by Sir B. Heath or by Sir J. Coke] ; ed. J. G. 

Nichols, 1853, see Jesuits. 

Ditchfleld (Peter Hampson), Cathedrals of Great Britain: 

their hist. & architecture. 88°. 1902 

Memorials of old Buckinghamshire. 8". 1901 

Dix (Beulah Marie) & C. A. Harper. The beau's comedy. 

s8». 1902 

Dix (E. E. M'C.) Books, tracts, &c., pr. in Dublin in 17"' c. 
Comp. by D., w. notes by C. W. Dugan. p2 (1626-50). 4°. D. 1899 
The earliest Dublin printing. With list of books, proclama- 
tions, etc., pr. in Dublin prior to 1601. [P1033]. sS". D. 1901 

Dixie (Sir Wolstane), see Harleian Miscell. 

Dixon (William Macneile). Trinity College, Dublin. s8». 1902 

Dixwell (George Basil). The premises of Free Trade exa- 
mined. 8". C. 1881 
*Dizionario di opere anon, e pseudonime di scrittori italiani, 
1848-59, see Melzi {il conte G.) 

Dobell (Bertram). Sidelights on Charles Lamb. sS". 1903 

Ddberl (Michael). Bayern u. Frankreich, vornehmlich unter 
Kurfiirst Ferdinand Maria. 8°. Miinchen. 1900 

Dobrizhoflfer (Martin). M. D. Auskunft ii. d. abipon. Sprache 
in unverandertem Neudruck. Hrsg. v. Platzmann. s8». L. 1902 

Dobschiitz (Ernst v.) Die urchristl. Gemeinden. 8°. L. 1902 




Dobson (H.Austin). Fanny Burney (Mme.D'Arblay). sS". 1903 
Hdbk. of Eng. lit. n. ed., rev., w. new oh'., & extended to 
present time, by W. H. Griffin. sS". 1897 

S. Eichardson. [Eng. men of letters]. sS". 1902 

Side-walk studies. sS". 1902 

W. Hogarth. W. intr. on H.'s workmanship by Sir W. Arm- 
strong, fol. 1902 
see MuERAY (F. E.) A bibliog. of D., 1900. 
Documents in^dits sur I'hist. de France, see Fbanoe : Docs. etc. 
Dodge (Theodore Ayrault). A bird's-eye view of our civil war. 

n., & rev., ed. sS". [1896] 
Dodsley (Robert). Poems; [w. Life by Chalmers], see 

Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl5, 1810. 
Doesborgh (Jan van), see Pboctor (R.) J. v. D., 1894. 
Dognee (Eugene M. 0.) Un offioier de I'arm^e de Varus. 

. 80. Brux. [1902] 

DoUinger (Job. Joseph Ignaz v.) Die Universitaten. 

2= A. [P1032]. 8». Miinohen. 1867 
Dombre (Roger) jps. [i.e. Mile. Ligekot]. A obt& du E^ve. 88°. 1902 
Dominic [de Guzman], Saint, see GuiRAno (J.) Saint D., tr. 

E. de Mattos, 1901. 

Donatello, see Meyer (A. G.) D., [Knaokfuss, 65], 1903. 

Donatus (.ailius). Mli Donati quod fertur Commentum 

Terenti. Ac. Eugraphi Commentum & Scholia Bembina. Eec. 

P. Wessuer. vl. sS". L., Teubner. 1902 

Donatus (Hieronymus),see Mausi (G. D.) Saor.concil. coUectio, 

in to, Xntroduotio, 1903. 
Doni (Antonio Francesco). Drei Geschichten v. D., see Ernst 

(P.) Altital. Novellen, B2, 1902. 
Donnay (Maurice). L'autre danger. sS". 1903 

Donne (John). Poems ; [w. Life by Chalmers], see Chalmers 

(A.) Eng. poets, v5, 1810. 
Dooley (Mr.) ps. *Mr. Dooley's opinions, 1902, see Dunne (F. P.) 
Dorez (Leon), see Fournier (M.) La Faculty de dteret de I'Univ. 
de Paris au 15= s., tl, ii, 2, [t2 by M. F. & L. D.], in prog., 
Dorman (Marcus R. P.) A hist, of the Brit, empire in the 
19th c. vl. 8". 1902 

1, From commencement of war with France to death of 
Pitt (1793-1805). 
Dorothea Sophie Augusta, princess of Wirtemherg ; aft. con- 
sort of Paul I., emp. of Btissia, see Mary Feodorovna, 
consort etc. 
Dbrpfeld (Wilhelm). Troja und Ilion: Ergebnisae der 
Ausgrabungen in den vorhist. und hist. Schichten von Ilion 
1870-94. [6. in 2v\. Ia8». Athen. 1902 

Dorset (Charles Sackville, 6'" earl of). Poems; [«;. Life by 

Dr. Johnson], see Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, v8, 1810. 
Dorset (Thomas Sackville, 1^* earl of), 1336-160$, see Sack- 
ville (T.), -/"'e. of Dorset. 
Dost (Sadyk), see Sadyk Dost. 

Dostoevsky (Theodor M.) Un adolescent. Tr. par J. W. 
Bienstock & F. F^n^on. 88°. [1902] 

see Merejkowski (D.) Tolstoi as man and artist, w. au essay 
on D., tr., 1902. 

„ Tolstoi et D., tr., 1903. 

„ Saitschik (E.) Die Weltanschauung D.'s u. Tolstois, n.d. 
Dottin (Georges). Contes irlandais, tr. du Ga^ique par G. D., 

1901, see Hyde (D.) 
Doubts about Darwinism; by a Semi-Darwinian, 1903, see 


Doughty (Marion) [ps. Helton Mervyn]. Afoot through the 

Kashmir valleys. 8°. 1902 

Douglas (Charles Maokinnon) & H. Jones. Scottish education 

reform. Pref. by E. B. Haldane. s8°. Glasgow. 1903 

Douglas (David), of Georgia. A true & histor. narrative of the 

colony of Georgia, f , the first settlement thereof to this present 

• period; by P. TaOfer, H. Anderson, D.D., etc., 1741, see 

Georgia, America, The province of. 
Douglas (George) ps. [i.e. George Douolas Brown], see Brown 

(G. D.) 

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a country gentleman. 8". 1902 

Douglas (Langton). Hist, of Siena. Ia8t>. 1902 

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1, Jeunesse de C. 2, Premiers essais. 
Doumic (Rene). Essais sur le theatre contemp, sS". 1897 

Hommes et id^es du 19' s. sS". 1903 

*Doute (Le) plus fort que I'amour, 1899, see Leoomte bu Nouy 
(Mme. H.) 

Dover charters, & o. doc", in poss. of corporation of D. Tran- 
scribed, & tr., by S. P. H. Statham. 8°. 1902 
Dow (Gerhard) [Dou], see Martin (W.) Gerard Dou, tr., 1902. 
Dowson (Michael Pairless) [ps. Michael Fairless], see Fair- 
less (M.) 
Doyle (Sir A. Conan). The Boer war. complete ed. 8°. 1902 
The war in South Africa : its cause & conduct. 8». 1902 

,, „ n. ed. [P1037]. 8". 1902 

The hound of the Baskervilles. s8". 1902 

Drachmann (Anders Bjorn). Scholia Vetera in Pindari 
carmina. Eec. D. vl (Scholia in Olympionicas). 

sS". L., Teubner. 1903 
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80. [1901-3] 




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Sand], see Sand (G.) ps. 
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ki.] s8».[tl «.(?., t2 1899] 

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G. Sand], see Sand (G.) ps. 
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80. 1902 
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Common- wealth, composed especiallie for the benefit of D., 

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The ref'. made applicable to any ed. of S., the explanations 

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Lending Library. 
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Cat. of books added to L. L. : f. 1890-3 ; f. 1895-7 ; f. 1898- 
1900. [3v]. 8°. E. 1893-1900 

Beference Library. 
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Suppl. (1891-1894). 8°. E. 1894 
Nelson Hall & "West Branch. 

Lending Dept. Cat. of books. 8°. E. 1897 

BTorth. Branch. 

Juveniles' Dept. Cat. of books in J. D. 8'>. E. 1900 

Lending Dept. Cat. of books in L. D. 8". E. 1900 

Lending Lib. (mci. Juveniles' Dept.). Cat. of books added to 

L. L. f. Oct. 1900-Nov. 1901. 8°. E. 1901 

Edinburgh review (The), or critical journal. 

V193-197 (Jan., 1901-Apr., 1903). 8°. 1901-3 
Each vol. consists of two guarterly parts ; these parts are 
numbered 39S-404. 
Edmond (Charles) ps. [i.e. E. Chojeoki], see Chojecki (E.) 
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tary medical aidiu war, in Austria, France, and Germany, 1901. 
Ed. in Intell. Div. of War Office by Major J. E. E. 

[P1023]. 80. [1901] 
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the Zetland Is., incl. their civil, polit., & nat. hist., etc. 

2v in 1. 8". E. 1809 
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The bones of St. B., n.d. 
Congr^s Internat. de I'Education Sociale, 26-30 Sep., 1900, 
see Exhibitions : Paris, [1900]. 
Education & labour : rep. of Irish Industrial Soc, 1890, see 

Irish Industrial Soo. 
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Edward I, king of England, see Jenks (B.) Edward Plan- 

tagenet, 1902. 
Edward II, king of England, see Harleian Misoell. 
Edward III, king of England, see Year Books of the r. of E. Ill : 

[Years 17 & 18], 1903. 
Edward IV, king of England, see Harleian Miscell. 
Edward VI, king of England, see Harleian Misoell. 
Edward VII, king of England. *The private life of the King. 
By one of His Majesty's servants. s8°. 1901 

see BoDLEY (J. E. C.) The coronation of E., 1903. 
„ WoLLASTON (G. W.) Coronation of E. : Court of Claims, 




Edwardes (Edward J.) Concise hist, of small-pox & vaccina- 
tion in Europe. s8°. 1902 
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Geeenwood (T.) E. E., the chief pioneer of municipal public 
lib'., 1902. 
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to Africa & African islands, offered, at the prices affixed, by 
F. E. [Compiled by E. A. Petherick]. 8°. 1902 
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8°. 1902 
Edwards (Jonathan) the elder, president of the College of New 

Jersey, see Allen (A. V. G.) J. B., 1889. 
Edwards (Miss Matilda B. Betham-), see Betham-Edwabds 

{Miss M. B.) 
Eeden (Frederik van). The deeps of deliverance. Tr. M. 
Bobinson. Intr. by W. H. Dircks. 88°. 1902 

E. E. Gr. *The makers of Hellas ; by E. E. G., 1903, see Hellas. 
Egerton (Hugh Edward). The orig. & growth of the Eng. 
colonies & of their system of govt. : an intr. to C. P. Lucas's 
Hist. Geography of the Brit. Colonies. s8". 0. 1903 

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P. L. Griffith. 4". [1902] 

Eeport of meeting etc. 1896-7, 1900-1, 1901-2. 

[Bv]. 8°. [1897-1902] 
see Davies (N. i>E G.) The rook tombs of Deir el Gebr^wi, 

pi, 2, 1902. 
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„ *OxTEHTNCHns papybi, ed., w. tr. & notes, by B. P. Grenfell 

& A. S. Hunt, p3, 1903. 
„ Peteie (W. M. F.) Abydos, pi, 1902. 

„ . The royal tombs of the earliest dynasties, p2, 1901. 

„ Tebtunis papyei (The) ; ed. B. P. Grenfell etc., [pi], 1902. 
This is a joint publ. of the E.E.F. & the Univ. of Cali- 
fornia ; the other parts are to be publ''. by the TJ. of C. 
Egyptian Kesearch Account. 
see Cauleeild (A. St. G.) The Temple of the Kings at Abydos ; 

w. ch. by W. M. F. Petrie, 1902. 
„ Gabstang (J.) Mahasna & Bgt Khallaf ; w. a ch. by K. 

Sethe, 1903. 
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ihre Bedeutung : d. Fugger — Eothsohild — Krupp. 8°. Jena. 1902 
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Lichte der kirch. Entwioklung der Neuzeit. 

9.-12. vermehrte u. verbesserte A. sS". St. 1902 
Eichherg (Anna), aft. Ki/ng, aft. Lane, see Lane (Mrs. J.) 
Eilleaux (la comtesse d') [ps. Cbaelotte de Soe]. Souv=. du 
due de Vicence. Beo. & publ. par C. de Sor. 4t. 8o. 1837-43 
t3, 4, have title Napoleon en Belgique et en Hollande, 
1811, etc. 
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s8°. N.Y. 1902 

Eisenbahntarife u. Wasserfraohten : Studien z. Frage d. 

Gebiihrenerhebung auf Binnenwasserstrasseu, v. M. Eoss- 

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LUNGBH zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
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Englisch. S". L. 1902 

Commercial diet. : Eng.-German part of the author's " Worter- 
buch der Handelssprache." 2»i ed. S". L. 1902 
Elderton CWilliam), see Haeleian Misoell. 
""Electors (The) right asserted: w. the advices & charges of 
several counties, cities & boroughs in England, to their 
respective members of parliament. [P1028]. 34°. 1701 
Elers (Capt. George), mi^lSJ^. Memoirs of E. ; to wh. are 
added corr., & o. papers, etc. Ed. Lord Monson & G. L. 
Gower. 8». 1903 
Eliot (George) ps. [i.e. Maeian Evans, aft. Lewes, aft. Cross], 
see Stephen [Sir L.) G. E., 1902. 
„ Thomson (C.) G. E., 1901. 
Eliot (John). Hdbk. of cyclonic storms in the bay of Bengal, 
for the use of sailors. 2v. 2°'' ed. 8». Calcutta. 1900-1 

Eliot (Whately), M.Inst.C.E., see Williams {Sir E. L.) The 

Manchester ship-canal, etc., 1898. 
*Elizabeth & her German garden. [repr."]. s8<>. 1899 

Elizabeth, q. of Bohemia jfELizABEiH \pf England'], g. consort 

of Frederick I, k. of Bohemia, etc.], see Eait (E. S.) ed., Five 

Stuart princesses, 1902. 
Elizabeth, ([veen of England. Household expenses of the 

princess E., at Hatfield, 1551-2 ; ed. Vise. Strangford, 1853, see 

Camden Miscellany (The), v2. 
see Haeleian Miscell. 

,, Makoks (E.) Konigin E. v. Eng. u. ihre Zeit, 1897. 
Elizabeth [of France], Madame, sister of Louis XVI. Life & 

letters of Mme. E. de France, followed by the Journal of the 

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Encyclopaedia [continued]. 
[Enoyolopffidia Britannioa (The)]. The new vols, of the E. B., 
constituting, in combination w. the existing vols, of the g"" ed., 
the lO"- ed. of that work, etc. 

llv. (v25-35 of the complete work), i". E. 1902-3 
viO is a V. of maps, vii has t. An index to the complete 
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England's. *England's joy, 1602, see Haeleun Misoell. 
♦England's worthies : under whom all ' the civUl etc. warres, 
" since 1642 to 1647, are related, [by J. Vicars'], 1647, see 

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8°. 189S 
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des oeuvres d'E. [p3], Apophthegmata. [in prog.]. 

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comni., by F. M. Nichols. 8". 1901 

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Chron., see Paema. Mon. hist., 1855-66, 
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August zu B.-L.] 
Briefe d. Herzogs E. A. zu Braunschweig-Liineburg an J. F. D. 

V. Wendt, 1703-1726. Hrsg. v. E. Graf Kielmansegg. 

8». Hannover. 1902 
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compositeurs o^l^bres (Beethoven-Eossini-Meyerbeer-Men- 

delssohn-Sohumann). sS". 1888 

Ernst August, Hemog zu Braunsahweig-LUneburg, see Ernest 

Augustus [of Brunswick etc.]. 
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"Neuen (Jedichte " 2°, d. "Gedichte" 3°, gesichtete u. 

revidierte A. s8». L. 1902 

Die grosste Sunde. s8". L. 1902 

Kartiiusergeschichten. s8°. L. 1902 

Vom geruhigen Leben : humorist. Plaudereien iiber gross u. 

kleine Kinder. sS". L. 1903 

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V. P. E. 2B. sS". L. 1902 

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The Erskines, 1900. 
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por individuos de la E. Acad, de la Hist., in prog., see 

HisTOEiA etc. 
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Essex (Eobert Devereux, 3''^ earl of), see Haeleian Miscell. 
Essling (Andre, prince d'), see Massena (le marichal A.), 

prince d'Essling. 
Este (Beatrice d'), duchess of Milan, see Caetwkiqht (J.) 

B. d'E. (1475-97), 1903. 
Este (Isabella d'), marchioness of Mantua, see Caetweight (J.), 

I. d'E. (1474-1539), 1903. 
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16k: Gr6f EszterhAzy Daniel tdbornok jegyzokonyve, 1708. 

A. M. Tud. Akad. torttoelmi bizottsAg^nak megbizAsab61 

kozli : Thaly Kalman. 8°. 1901 

Eszterhazy (Daniel, grOf), see Bsztekhazy (A., gr6f). Tdbori 

konyve 1706-1709, 1901. 
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hfe at Eton," 1901, see Bankes (G. N.) 
Eucherius, St., hp. of Lyons. Passio Acaunensium martyrum, 

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Eudoxus, of Cnidos, the mathematician. For an essay see 

Abhandlungen zur Gesch. de Mathematik. 
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vitseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., 

t3], 1896. 
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Alexandria], see Lewis {Mrs. A. S.) ed.. Select narratives 

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Sinaitica, 9, 10], 1900. 




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quod fertur Commentum Terenti, etc., 1902. 
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of holy women [Euphemia, etc.], Syriac text, [£], Translation, 
[Studia Sinaitiea, 9, 10], 1900. 
Euphrosyna, Sakit, of Alexandria, d. of Paphnutius. 
[BnpHBASiA ; EnPHEOSTME, the venerable'], see Lewis (Mrs. 
A. S.), ed.. Select narratives of holy women [Euphrosyne, etc.], 
Syriac text, [£], Translation, [Studia Sinaitiea, 9, 10], 1900. 
Euripides. Euripides, \_" Hippolytm" & " Bacchce" ; & 
Aristophanes, "Frogs"]. Tr. into Eng. verse by G. Murray. 
[Athenian drama, 3]. sS". 1902 

Europaisclier Geschichtskalender, hrsg. v. H. Schulthess, 

Jhrg. 1-34, 36, 37, 89-41, 1861-1901, see Schulthess (H.) 
Enrope, see Hableun Miscell. 

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Werke. [Die griech. christl. SchriftsteUer d. ersten 3 Jhdte.]. 

Bl, hrsg. V. I. A. Heikel. linprog.]. laS". L. 1902 

1, Uber das Leben Constantins — Constantins Eede an die 

heilige Versammlung — Trioennatsrede an Constantin. 

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a hist, of the congregations on the roll of the Midland 
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see Ehys (J.) & J. G. E., The text of theBruts f. the Bed Book 
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„ & The text of the Mabinogion & o. Welsh 

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This, w. new tp., is part of vH of " The Beauties of 
England & Wales." 
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stage, or elementary course). [no more publ.] 8<>. 1897 

Evelin (Robert), see Evelyn (E.) 

Evelyn (Robert) [Evelin], see Plantagenet (B.) *A desor. of 
the province of New Albion ; together w. a letter f. E. E. 
shewing the particularities, & excellency thereof, 1648. 
*Ever Heavenward ; or, A mother's influence ; by a. of " Step- 
ping Heavenward," etc., n.d., see Pkentiss (Mrs. E.) 
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1887-1901 : aco. of the chase of the wild red deer on Exmoor. 

4°. 1902 

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s8'>. Boston. 1902 
The science of thought. rev. ed. sS". [1890] 

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Odeyne's marriage. s8". n.d. 

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■^Everyman : a morality play. With intr., & notes, [by F. Sidg- 
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2"'' ed., w. addition of The discovery of silkworms, etc., 1650, 
see Williams (E.), gent. 
Exchequer [incl^. Court or the Bxchequek]. 
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„ The Red Book of the Exchequer : a reply to J. H. 

Round, 1898. 
„ Bound (J. H.) The Red Book of the E. : [a criticism of 
" The B. B. of th^ E.,ed. H. Hall, iS96"], n.d. 

„ '"The Bed Book of the E. : [a pamphlet relating to a 

controversy betw. S. Hall S J. H. B.], n.d. 
Exeter. Eegister of Thomas de Brantyngham, bp. of E. 
(1870-94). By F. C. Hingeston-Eandolph. [Episcopal 
registers of E.]. Tpl. [in prog.) 8°. 1901 

Glasgow, [igoi]. 

Russia : its industries & trade. Issued by order of State 

Secretary. • 8°. Glasgow. 1901 

Paris, [-1900]. 

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g^olog., roches, etc., expos^e k I'Expos. Univ. Internat. de 

1900 dans le pavilion finlandais, suivi d'un apergu de la 

geologic de la Finlande etc. [P1024]. s8». Helsingfors. 1900 

Congr^s Internat. de I'Education Sociale, 26-30 Sep., 1900. 

laS". 1901 
see GosTKOwsKi (G.) Expos. Univ. Internat. de 1900 : au 

Mexique, n.d. 
„ Italy : Ministeeo di Agricoltuea, etc Notizie suUa agri- 
coltura in Italia : illust. delle mostre agrarie inviate dal 
Ministero di Agriooltura alia Esposizione Univ. di Parigi, 
Expositor (The). Ser. VI, v4-6. 8°. 1901-2 

♦Extract f. a manuscript coll. of annals rel. to Virginia, 1838, see 

F. (A. M.) 




F. (A. M.), see Falls {Mrs. A. M.) [A. M. F.] 

Faber (C. F. J. Bbhl von) Ips. F. Caballebo], see Caballeko 


Fabian Society. Fabianism & tlie empire : a manifesto by tbe 
F. S. Ed. B. Sbaw. s8». 1900 

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covery lately made on the coast of Florida, etc., 1664. 

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Insect life : souvenirs of a naturalist. Tr. by a. of " Mile. Mori," 

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8". 1902 

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t3. 80. 1901 

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in to, Introduotio, 1903. 

Faccio degli TJberti, see Deoli Uberti (F.) 

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Fagniet (Emile). 

Audre Ch^nier. s8». 1902 

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Le libfiraliame. s8". 1902 

La politique comparSe de Mont- 
esquieu, EouBSeau, & Vol- 
taire. b8". 1902 
Politiques et moralistes du 19° s. 
sl-S. [1 7', 2 5=, ed.]. 
aS". 1900-8 
1, J.deMaiatre — DeBonald 
— Mme. de Stael — B. 
Constant — Eoyer - Col- 
lard — Guizot. 

2, Saint-Simon — Fourier — 

Lamennaia — EaUanche 

— E. Quinet — V. Couain 

— A. Comte. 

8, Stendhal — Tooqueville — 

Proudhon — Sainte - 

Beuve— H. Taine — E. 


Propoa de theatre : La morale 

au thg&tre — Ariatophane — 

Sophocle — Theatre indien^ 

Shakapeare — Corneille — Mo- 

lijre — Eacine — Eacine et 

Sarcey. aS". 1903 

Voltaire. 8». 1895 

Fahie (J. J.) Galileo : h. life & work. 8». 1903 

Failure (The) of Lord Curzon: an open letter to the Earl of 

Eosebery by "Twenty-eight years in India," 1903, see 

CuRzoN (G. N. C, -l^ baron). 
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religion. 2°" ed. 8". 1902 

Fairless (Michael) ps. [i.e. Michael Faikless Dowson]. The 

gathering of Brother Hilarlus. sS". 1901 

The roadmender. s8». 1902 

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law in Univ. of Michigan. Municipal admin. 8". N.Y. 1901 
Falckenberg (Kichard). Hermann Lotze. Tl. 8". St. 1901 
Falconer (William), ^joei. Poems; [w. Life by Chalmers], see 

Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl4, 1810. 
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fuldensis u. Bibliotheca laureshamensis. [Cent. f. Bibl., 

Beiheft 26]. 8°. L. 1902 

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early hist., etc. [Bepr. f. "Proceedings" of Boyal Irish 

Acad., sB, v6]. [P1023]. 8°. D. 1901 

Studies in Irish hist. & biog., mainly of the 18th c. 8°. 1902 
Falkland (Henry Gary, i^' visct), see Haeleian Miscbll. 
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principes de la colonisation. Pr^f. de B. Millet, [tl]. s8''. [1901] 
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*Poreign courts & foreign homes. s8°. 1898 

2"«ed. s8o. 1899 

*0n the banks of the Seine. sS". 1900 

*Tales of my father. 880. 1902 

*Famille (Une) royaliste [i.e. Walsh'], irlandaise et fran<;aise, 

(1689-1789). 4". Nantes. 1901 

Fane (Priscilla Anne), countess of Westmorland, wife of H"^ 

earl, [Lady Burghersfi], see Bubghersh (P. A. F., Lady). 
Fannant (Thomas), see Hableian Miscell. 
Fanshawe (Herbert Charles). Delhi, past & present. 8". 1902 
Fardella (Vincenzo), marchese di Torre Arsa, see Torre 

Farjeon (Benjamin Leopold). Great Porter Square. 

10'" ed. s8''. [1898] 
The mesmerists. s8". 1900 

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the flag? Eepr. f. the "Contemporary review" for Dec, 

1898. [Cobden Club]. [P1033]. s8». 1902 

Free trade v. Fair trade. [Cobden Club]. s8». 1882 

The State in its rel. to trade. With suppl. oh. by Sir E. Giffen. 

88". 1902 

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body. Tr., & ed., C. C. Blake. 10'" ed. 8o. n.d. 

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T.Blanford. [in prog.} 8". 1902-3 

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Hymenoptera. v2, Ants and ouokoo-vvaaps ; by C. T. Bingham, 

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etc., specimens of verses in the orig., & intr., by G. J. Adler. 

8°. N.Y. 1860 
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Gesoh. d. Mathematik. 
Favre (Leopold), see Bobel (P.) Diet, des termes du vieux 
fran^ois, n. 4d., suivie des patois dela France (rec. de chants, 
etc., pr^c^dfi d'une 6tude sur I'orig. des patois, etc., par L. F.), 
Fawcett (Edgar). New York : a novel. s8». 1901 

Fawcett (Mrs. Henry), see Fawcett (Mrs. M. G.) 
Fawcett (Bt. Hon. Henry). Free Trade & Protection. 

2°" ed. 8°. 1879 
Fawcett (Mrs. Millicent Garrett) [Mrs. Henry Fawcett]. Ad- 
dress by Mrs. H. F., in the Antient Concert Boom, Dublin, 
May, 1889. [Women's Liberal Unionist Assoc.]. 

[P1037]. 8». n.d. 

Life of Sir W. Molesworth. 8". 1901 

Fawkes (Francis). Poems; [w. Life by Chalmers], see 

Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vl6, 1810. 
see Anaoreon. Works, tr. F. 

ApoLLONins, Bhodius. Argonautics, tr. F. 

BioN, of Smyrna, thepoet. The Idylliums of B. & Moschus, 

tr. F. 
Coluthos. The rape of Helen, tr. F. 
„ Mns^ns, the grammarian. The loves of Hero & Leander, 
tr. F. 
Sappho. Works, tr. F. 
Theocritus. Idylliums, tr. F. 
Fazio degli Uberti, see Deoli Uberti (F.) 

Fea (Allan). King Monmouth : hist, of the career of James 

Scott, " The Protestant Duke," 1649-85. 8». 1902 

Picturesque old houses. 8". [1902] 

Featherman (Americus). Social hist, of the races of mankind. 

[v3, ii, 4]. 8". 1890-1 

3, ii, Chiapo- & Guarano-Maranonians. 

4, Dravido-Turanians, Turco-Tatar-Turanians, Ugrio- 


Fechtner (Eduard). John Locke, ein Bild aus den geistigen 

Kampfen Englauds im 17. Jhdt. 8'>. St. 1898 

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Dante & h. time. Intr. by A. J. Butler. s8». 1902 

Feet of Fines, see Fines. 

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rev., & in part re-written, by W. G. Etheridge. s8°. 0. 1899 
Felix (Marcus Minucius), see MiNuoiirs Felix (M.) 
Pelkin (Mrs. Alfred Laurence), see Fowler (E. T.), aft. Mrs. A. 

L. Felkin. 
Fell (Mrs. Margaret), aft. wife of G. Eox the founder of the 

Soc. of Friends, se« Hableian Miscell. 
Fels (Theodor Gsell-), see Gsell-Fels (T.) 
Fenelon (Frangois de Salignac dela Mothe), abp. of Cambray. 
Expense infedite k Bossufet [sur la question du Quietisme']. 

s8°. 1901 
see Sanders (E. K.) F., his friends & enemies, (1651-1715), 





Fenn (George Manville). The cankerworm. s8<>. 1901 

Fenton (Elijah.). Poems ; [w. Lite by Dr. Johnson], see 

Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vlO, 1810. 
Penwick {Sir John), bart., see Habt.kian Miscbll. 
Ferh. The courtship of F. : an old Irish romance ; tr. A. H. 

Leahy, 1902, see Courtship. 
Ferguson (John), assistant ed. of the " Ceylon Observer," see 

Cetlon handbook etc. ; compiled, & ed., by J. F., 1901. 
Ferguson (Robert), see iaAELEiAN Miscell. 
Fermat (Pierre de). For an essay see Abhandlunqen zur 

Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
Fernandez de Bethencourt (Francisco). Hist, de la monarquia 

espaSola, casa real y grandes de Espana. t4. [in prog.']. i°. 1902 
Fernandez Buro (Cesareo). Armada espafiola desde la uni6n 

de Castilla y Le6n. t8, 9. Ia8''. 1902-3 

This is the title of tl. The title of t2-9 is Armada espaiiola 
desde la uni6n de Castilla y Arag6n. 
El illtimo Almirante de Castilla : Don Juan Tomds Enriquez 

de Cabrera. Ia8». 1902 

Ferrari (Celso). La nazionalit^ e la vita sociale. 

sS". Palermo. 1896 
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del Purgatorio letto da S. F., 1901. 
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vl, La conquista dell' Impero. s8». Milano. 1902 
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in 1687 ; w. mem. of h. life, compiled by E. F. E. Ferrier 

& J. A. H. Ferrier (1894), [1895], see Camden Miscellany 

(The), v9. 
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A. Goodrich-Freer. With orit. not', by Walter, Earl of 

Iddesleigh. 2v. b8°. 1902 

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France. Tr. K. P. Wormeley. 8". 1902 

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temps. 8°. 1902 

Ferval (Claude). Le plus fort. b8>'. [1902] 

Feuillet (Octave). Discours de F. & sa rfeeption d I'Aoad. Fr., 

1863 — [Diseours de M. L. Vitet en r^ponse au discours pro- 

nonc6 par F.]-. [The Discours de M. L. Vitet has sejo. tp.]. 

[P1020]. 8». 1863 
Le roman d'un jeune homme pauvre. s8°. [1902] 

Le sphinx. n. ^d. s8». 1879 

Feuillet {Mme. Octave). Petite Engine. s8". [1908] 

Le vcEu de Beatrice. 88°. [1902] 

Feversham (George Sondes, earl of), sceHARLBiAN Miscell. 
Feydeau de Marville (C. H.), cte. de Gien, see Maeville. 
Fiacre, Saint, see Fiakee, Saint. 
Fiaker, Saint. [Fiacee]. Vita S. F'., ex Capgravio, see Mes- 

siNGHAM (T.) Florilegium insulse sanctorum, 1624. 
Fibonacci (Leonardo), Pisano,see Pisano (L.) 
Fichte (Immanuel Hermann), see Leon (X.) La philosophie 

de F., 1902. 
Fidelity. *The tryal, sentence & condemnation of F., etc., 

1702, see Trial. 
Fidolus, abbas Tree. Vita, see Keusoh (B.) Passiones vitseque 

sanctorum. [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., t3], 1896. 
Field Columbian Museum. Publications :" Zoological ser. vl, 2. 

laSo.' Chicago. 1895-1901 
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The soul of a people. [4"" ed.] 8°. 1902 

[repr.] 8". 1908 

Figgis (John Neville). W. Warburton, see Collins (W. E.) 

Typical Eng. Churchmen, ed. C, 1902. 
Filippi (Filippo de). The ascent of Mt. St. Elias (Alaska) by 

the Duke of the Abruzzi. Tr. L. Villari. laS". 1900 

Fillis (James). Breaking & riding, w. military commentaries. 
Tr. M. H. Hayes. S". 1902 

Filmer {Sir Robert), bart, see Haeleian Miscell. 
Filon (Augustin). La caricature en Angleterre. sS". 1902 

Finch (Pearl). Hist, of Burley-on-the-Hill, Eutland, w. ace. of 

the owners & extracts f. their eo'rr. & cat. of contents of the 

house. 2v. [v2. Catalogue]. 4°. 1901 

Finch of Fordwich (John Finch, baron), see Haeleian 


Findlater (Jane Helen). The story of a mother. s8°. 1902 
Fines. Pedes Finium, commonly called Feet of Fines, for 

Somerset ; ed. E. Green, v3 (1347-99), 1902, see Somerset. 
Finke (Heinrich). Aus den Tagen Bonifaz VIII. Funde u. 

Forschungen. 8». Miinster. 1902 

Finland, [Finlandb], see Exhibitions: Paeis, 11900}. Com- 
mission g^olog. de F. : Cat. d'une coll. de cartes g^olog., 
roehes, etc., expos^e k I'Expos. Univ. Internat. de 1900 dans 
la pavilion finlandais, suivi d'un aperiju de la g^ologie de la F. 
etc., 1900. 

Finnish, Eeply of the Finnish estates, adopted at the Extra- 
ordinary Diet of 1899, to the proposals of Nicholas II. for a 
new military service law in Finland. Tr. f . the Swedish. 

8°. 1900 

Finot (Jean). Fran^ais & anglais. s8°. [1902] 

Fionn. The youthful exploits of F. The anc. text, mod. Irish 
version, tr., vocab., etc., by D. Comyn. [Gaelic League ser.] 

s8». D. 1902 

Fioretti (Giulio). Pane, governo e tasse in Italia. 

8". Napoli. 1898 

Firth (Charles Harding), Cromwell's army ; hist, of the Brit, 
soldier during Civil Wars, Commonwealth, and Protectorate. 

s8». 1902 

Firth (John B.) Augustus Csesar & the organisation of the 
empire of Eome. s8». N.Y. 1908 

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Ia8?. Bielefeld. 1903 

Fischer (Carl T.) Der naturwissenschaft. Unterricht in 
England. Insbesondere in Physik & Chemie. 8». L. 1901 

Fischer (Knno), Goethe- Sohrif ten. Eeihe 2 [i.e. nos. 4-6 in 
Iv, pagin. cont] 8". Heidelberg._ [1902] 

Besides the gen. tp., as above, each "no." has a tp. of its own. 

4, Goethes Sonettenkrauz, 

5, Goethe u. Heidelberg. 

6, Goethes Faust, Bl, 4" A. 

Kleine Schriften. Eeihe 2 [i.e. nos. 5-8 in Iv, pagin. cont.] 

8«. Heidelberg. 1898 
Besides tlie gen. tp., as above, each " bo." has a tp. of its own. 

5, Shakespeares Hamlet. 

6, Das Verlialtniss zwischen Willen u. Verstand ira Menschen. 

2<= A. 

7, Der Philogoph d. Pessimismas. 

8, Grosslierzogin Sophie v. Sachsen. 

tjber d. menschliche Freiheit. [no. 1 of h. Kleine Schriften]. 

3" A. sS". Heidelberg. [1903] 

Fischer (Thomas A.) The Scots in Germany ; a contribution 

towards the hist, of the Scot abroad. 8". E. 1902 

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E. Arber. 8». 1895 

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descr. of its fabric & a hist, of the see. [2"* ed., rev.]. s8<>. 1901 

Fisher (Herbert A. L.) Studies in Napoleonic statesmanship : 

Germany, ' 8°. O. 1903 

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chapels of Lanes., 1552 : p3, Amounderness <fc Lonsdale 

Hundreds ; ed. H. F., see Chetham miscellanies, New ser., 

vl, 1902. 

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lit. 2v. 8". N.Y. 1902 

Life everlasting. 38°. 1901 

The Mississippi valley in the Civil War, sS". Boston. [1900] 

New France & New England. s8". 1902 

see Green (S. S.) Eeminiscences of J. F., 1902. 

Fiske (Willard). '^The lost MS. of the Eev. Lewis Ecu's 

" Critical remarks upon the letter to the Craftsman on the 

game of chess " written in 1734. [P1034]. 8". Florence. 1902 

Fitch {Sir Joshua Girling). Lectures on teaching, Cambridge, 

1880. s8o. C. 1902 

Fitchett (William Henry) [" Vedette "]. Nelson & h. captains : 

sketches of famous seamen. s8<'. 1902 

The tale of the great mutiny. 2°'' imp. sS". 1902 

Fitger (Emil). Die wirtschaft. u. techn. Entwicklung d. 

Seeschiffahrt v. d. Mitte d. 19. Jhdts. bis auf d. Gegenwart, 

1902, see Abeeiter. Die Lage der in der Seeschiffahrt 

besohaftigten Arbeiter, Bl, 2, i, 1902-3. 

Fitzalan (Henry), -/S"' earl of Arundel, see Arundel (H. P., 

-/2"" earl of). 

Fitzgerald (Edward). More letters of E. F. s8". 1901 

see Omar Khatyam. Eubaiyat, [tr.'] F. ; [w, life of E. F.], 1901. 

„ pRiDEAux (W. F.) Notes for a bibliog. of F., 1901. 

Fitzgerald (G. Beresford). The minor canon. sS". 1900 

FitzGerald (George Francis). The scientific writings of F. 

Coll., & ed., w. hist, intr., by J. Larmor. 8», D. 1902 




Fitzgibbon (Manrice). Arts under arms, an University man 
in khaki. sS". 1901 

Fitzmaurice-Kelly (James). Hist, de la lit. espaiiola desde 
los origenes hasta el afio 1900. Tr., y anotada, por A. Bonilla 
y San Martin ; con un estudio preliminar por M. Men6ndez y 
Pelayo. 8». n.d. 

Lope de Vega & the Spanish drama. Taylorian lecture (1902). 

[P1034]. S". Glasgow. 1902 
Fitz-Neale (Bichard), bp. of London. De neoessariis obser- 
vantiis Soaooarii dialogus, commonly called Dialogus de 
Soaceario. Ed. A. Hughes, C. G. Crump, & C. Johnson. 

80. 0. 1902 
Fitzpatrick (Thomas), LL.D. The Bloody Bridge, & o. papers 
rel. to the insurrection of 1641 (Sir P. O'Neill's rebellion). 

80. D. 1903 

Fitzroy (Henry), duke of Bichmond, see Richmond (H. P., d. of). 

Flach (Jacciues). Etude sur les origines et les vicissitudes 

histor. de I'habitation en Prance. [No tp.] [P1045]. 8°. [1899 ?] 

Flammarion (Camille). Les Eruptions volcan. et les tremble- 

ments de terre : Krakatoa — La Martinique — Espagne et Italic. 

s8o. [1902] 

Stella. s8°. 1897 

Flandin (Etienne), Institutions polit. de I'Europe oontemp. 

[tl, 2]. s8o. 1901-2 

1, Angleterre — Belgique. 2, AUemagne. 

Flaubert (Crustave). Mme. Bovary. Tr., w. crit. intr., by 

H. James. 8". 1902 

Trois contes: Tin cceur simple — La l^gende de Saint-Julien 

I'Hospitalier— H^rodias. n. 6i. s8«. 1900 

see Gaultier (J. de). Le Bovarysme, 2= 6d., 1902. 

Fleay (Frederick 6ard). Q. Elizabeth, Croydon, & the drama : 

a paper. [P1049]. 8°. [1898] 

Fleet. *The seaman's opinion of a standing army in Engl., 

in oppos. to a f., etc., S"" ed., 1699, see Seaman's. 

Fleetwood (George), baron. Letter giving ace. of battle of 

Lutzen and death of Gustavus Adolphus ; ed. Sir P. de M. G. 

Egerton, 1847, see Camden Miscellany (The), vl. 

Fleming (David Hay). Mary, Q. of Scots : biogJ"., w. notes, 

itinerary, etc. s8°. 1897 

Fleming (George) ps. [i.e. Julia Constance Fleichek]. Little 

stories about women. sS". 1897 

Fleming (John Ambrose). Waves & ripples in water, air, & 

jEther. s8o. 1902 

Fleming (Owen). Municipal housing. Eepr. f. " The Builder." 

[P1043]. s8°. [1902] 

Fletcher (Andrew), Lord Milton, Lord Justice Clerk, see 

Albemable (W. A. K., S"'' e. of). The Albemarle Papers, w. 

app. of letters f. A. P. to the Duke of Newcastle, ed. etc. C. S. 

Terry, 1902. 

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4'" ed., rev., & enl. 8o. 1901 
Fletcher (Banister F.) Andrea Palladio : h. life & works. 

la8o. 1902 

see Fletcher (B.) & B. P. P., Hist, of architecture, 4"' ed., 1901. 

Fletcher (Giles) tKe younger, & Phineas Fletcher. Poems ; 

[w. Lives by Chalmers], see Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, v6, 


Fletcher (J. S.) [ps. A son or the soil]. Hist, of the St. 

Leger Stakes, 1776-1901. 8". 1902 

Fletcher (John), dramatist. 

For a ref. to a work upon Beaumont <& F. conjointly, 
see Beaumont (F.) 
Fletcher (Julia Constance) ips. QEOBdii! Fleming], see 

Fleming (G.) ps. 
Fletcher (Phineas), see Pletcheb (G.) the younger, & P. P., 

Poems; \_w. Lives by Chalmers]. 
Fletcher (William Younger), F.S.A. Eng. book collectors. 

8°. 1902 

Fleury (Aimee de Coigny, dtichesse de), see Coigny {etsse. A. de). 

Fleury (Maurice, comte), 6. iSdO. La France et la Eussie en 

1870. Cap. les papiers du g6n. cte. Pleury. 8". 1902 

Flick (Alexander Clarence). Loyalism in New York during 

Amer. Eevolution. [Studies in hist., economics, & public law, 

ed.'by Faculty of Polit. Science of Columbia Univ., vl4, i], 

Flint (Eobert). Agnosticism. [Croall lect., 1887-8]. 8°. E. .1903 
Flood {Bt. Hon. Henry), seeLECKS (Bt. Hon. W. E. H.) Leaders 

of public opinion in Ireland,, vl, P. etc., n.ed., 1903. 
Floran (Mary) ps. [i.e. Mme. Marie Lkci-ebcq]. Mademoiselle 

Millions, s8o. [1902] 

Florianus, mart. Passio, see Kbusoh (B.) Passiones vitseque 

sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., tS], 1896. 
Florida. Virginia richly valued, by the desor. of the main land 
of F., out of the trauell etc. of Soto, tr., 1609, see Soio (P. de). 
Flour de Saint-Genis (E.) La propridt^ rurale en France. 

s8o. 1902 

Plowerdew (Herbert). Eetaliation. 2"" ed. s8o. 1901 

Fogarasi (Janes). Worterbuch der ungarisohen u. deutschen 

Spraohe. 2'"'., oder ungar.-deut., T. 4» A. 8°. Pest. 1860 

Fogazzaro (Antonio). II Dolore nelP arte. s8''. Milano. 1901 

Piccolo mondo antico, romanzo. 15" ed. s8o. Milano. 1896 

Scene : El garofolo rosso — U ritratto mascherato — Nadejde. 

2" ed. s8o. Milano. 1903 
Fogo (J. Eow-), see Eow-Fogo (J.) 

Foi (La) nouvelle : reo. de po^mes, pr^o6d^ d'un manifeste. 

[Les pontes de I'^cole fran9.]. sS". 1902 

Folk-lore. County folk-lore, v3, 1903, see County. 

Folk-lore : quarterly review of myth, tradition, institution, & 

custom, being the transactions of the Folk Lore Soc, & ineorps. 

The Archfeologioal Eeview & The Folk-lore Journal. 

vl2, 13, (1901-2). 80. 1901-2 
Folk-Lore Society. [PubUcatims}. v49. 8°. 1903 

see County folk-lore, v3, 1908. 
Fontenay (Eugene), see Jannettaz (B.), E. P., etc., Diamant et 

pierres prficieuses, 2° M., 1881. 
Foote (G. W.), see Salt (H. S.) The new charter, a discussion : 

[essays by G. W. P. d: others ; ed. H. S. S.], 1896. 
For the colony in Virginea Britannia : lawes diuine, morall & 

martiall, etc., 1612, see Virginia. 
Forbes (Lady Helen E.), see Craven {Lady H. E.), 3"'' d. of 

3"' earl of Craven ; aft. Lady H. E. F. 
Forbes (James David). Travels through the Alps. n. ed., rev., 
& annot., by W. A. B. Coolidge. 8o. 1900 

This is a n. ed. of 4 ofF.'s Alpine works previously publ. apart. 
The titles of these 4 works are — 1) Travels through the 
Alps of Savoy etc.; 2) Alps of Dauphin^, Berne, & 
Savoy ; 3) Pedestrianism in Switzerland ; 4) Chain of 
Mont Blanc. 
Forbes (Hon. Mrs. Walter E. D.), wife of Hon. W. B. D. 
Forbes, son of IS"' baron Fm-bes. Dumb. s8o. 1901 

Unofficial : a two days' drama. s8o. 1902 

Forbes (William), bp. of Edinburgh. Considerationes contro- 
versiarum de justificatione, purgatorio, iuvoo. sanctorum, 
Christo mediatore, eucharistia. 

2t. ed. 4°, una cum vers. Anglica. 8o. 0. 1850-56 

Forbes-Eobertson (Frances), aft. Mrs. Harrod. The hidden 

model. s8o. 1901 

Force (Peter). 

Tracts etc. rel. to origin, settlement & progress of the colonies 

in N. America, from the discovery to 1776. CoU. by P. vl-4, 

[no more app.'\. 8°. Wash. 1836-46 

All the " tracts etc" hoAie sep. paging d, except one, sep. tff. 

Andros {Sir E.) Commission of King James II to A. [appointing 

him Gov. of New Eng.]. [4.] 
Bacon (N.) The beginning etc. of B.'s rebellion m Virgmia, m 

1675 & 1676. [1.] 
Baltimore (G. Calvert, 2"'' baron). Virginia & Maryland ; or, the 
Lord Baltamore's printed case, uncased & answered, shewing 
the illegality of h. patent etc.; w. the injustice & tyranny 
practised in the govt., etc. ; also a short rel. of the Papists late 
rebellion agst. the govt, of the Lord Protector, etc. ; to which 
ia added, a brief aoc. of the commissioners proceedings in the 
reducing of Maryland, etc. [2.] 
Berkeley (Sir W.) A list of those that have been executed for 

the late rebellion in Virginia. [1.] 
Bermudas. A plaine desor. of the Barmvdas, w. the manner of 
their discouerie 1609, etc., [by S. Jourdan], w. an addition, or 
more ample rel. of diuers o. remarkeable matters cone, those 
ilands sin ce then experienced, etc. [3.] 
Byfield (N."> Aco. of the late revolution in New-Bng., w. de- 
claration of the gentlemen, etc., of Boston (1689). [i.] 
Castell (W.) A petition of W. C. to the High Covrt of Parbament, 

for the propagating of the Gospel in America etc. [1.] 
Child {Major J.) New-Englands Jonas oast up at London, etc., 
also a breif answer to some passages in a late book (entituled 
Hypocrisie Unmasked) set out by Mr. Wmslowe. [4.] 
Clayton (J.) Letter[s] f. C. to the Eoyal Soc, 1688, giving aoc. 

of observables in Virginia, and in h. voyage thither. [3.] 
Cotton {Mrs. A.) An aoc. of our late troubles in Virginia. [1.] 
Dudley (T.) Letter to the CouBtess of Lincoln, 1631, w. notes by 
J. Parmer. [2.] . n t 

Georgia. An ace, shewing the progress of the colony ot U., t. 

it's first establishment. [1.] 

E 2 




Force (Peter) {continued}. 

Tracts etc. {continued]. 

Georgia. Brief ace. of the establishment of the colony of G. under 

Gen. J. Oglethorpe (1738). [1.] 
Descr. of G., by a gentleman who has resided there etc. [2.] 

A state of the province of G., attested upon oath, in the 

Court of Savannah, (1740). [1.] 

A true & histor. narrative of the colony of G., f. the first 

settlement thereof to this present period; by P. Tailfer, H. 
Anderson, D. Douglas, & others. [1.] 

Gorton (S.) Letter to N. Morton, "Warwick, June 30, 1669. [4.] 

Simplicities defence agst. seven-headed policy, etc. [4.] 

Hammond (J.) Leah & Bachel, or, the two fruitfuU sisters 

Virginia & Mary-Land, etc. [8.] 

Hilton (W.), A. Long, & P. Fabian. Eel. of a discovery lately 
made on the coast of Florida, etc. [4.] 

Montgomery (Sir E.), hart. Discourse cone, the design'd esta- 
blishment of a new colony South of Carolina. [1.] 

Morton (T.) New Eng. Canaan ; or. New Canaan, cont. an 
abstract of New England. [2.] 

Narrative of a new etc. imprisonment of two Presbyterian 
ministers, {F. MaJceniiej t& J. Hainj>ton']j & prosecution of F. 
Makemie, one of them, etc. [4.] 

New England. An abstract of the lawes of N. E., as they are 
now estabhshed, {1641]. [8.] 

Brief rel. of the state of N. E., f . the beginning of that plan- 
tation to 1689. [4.] 

New-Englands plantation ; or, a short & trve descr. of the 

commodities & discommodities of that countrey. [1.] 

Norwood (Col.) Voyage to Virginia. [3.] 

Plantagenet (B.) A descr. of the province of New Albion ; & a direc- 
tion for adventurers w. small stock to get two for one, etc. ; & a 
former descr. re-printed of the healthiest, etc., plantation of New 
Albion ; together w. a letter f . E. Evehn shewing the particu- 
larities, & excellency thereof ; etc. [2.] 

Planters (The) plea ; or the grovnds of plantations examined, & 
vsuall objections answered ; together w. a manifestation of the 
causes mooving such as have lately vudertakeu a plantation in 
New-England, etc. [2.] 

Purry (J. P.) Descr. of the province of South Carolina, drawn up 
at Charles Town, in Sep., 1731, tr. [2.] 

Ealeigh [Sir W.) Newes of S". W. E. ; w. the true descr. of 
Gviana ; as also a rel. of the excellent gouernment, etc. [3.] 

Eawson (B.) & S. Sewall. The revolution in New-Bng. justified, 
& the people there vindicated f . the aspersions cast upon them 
by J. Palmer ; to wh. is added, a narr. of the proceedings of 
Sir B. Androsse & h. accomplices. [4.] 

Eeck ( — von). Extract of the journals of Mr. von E., who con- 
ducted the first transport of Saltzburgers to Georgia, & of Mr. 
Bolzins, one of their ministers. [4.] 

Shrigley (N.) A true rel. of Vu-ginia & Mary-Land, etc. [3.] 

Silkworm. The reformed Virginian silk-worm, or, a rare & new 
discovery of a speedy way, etc., for the feeding of silk-worms 
in the woods in Virginia, etc. [3.] 

Smith (J.) A descr. of New England: or the observations, & 
discoueries of S. in the North of America, in 1614, etc. [2.] 

New Englands trials : declaring the successe of 80 ships em- 
ployed thither within these eight yeares ; & the benefit of that 
countrey by sea & land ; with the present estate of that happie 
plantation, etc. ; & how to build a fleete etc. [2.] 

Soto (F. de). Virginia richly valued, by the descr. of the main 

land of Florida, out of the foure yeeres trauell etc. of S. ; by a 

gentleman of Bluas, tr. E. Hacklvyt. [4.] 
Virginia. Declaration of the state of the colonic & affaires in 

v., w. the names of the aduenturors, etc.; by His Maiesties 

Counseil for V. (1620). [3.] 

Extract f. a manuscript coll. of annals rel. to V. [2.] 

For the colony in Virginea Britannia : lawes diuine, morall & 

martiall, etc. [3.] 

Narrative of the Indian & civil wars in V., in 1675 & 1676. [1.] 

Nova Britannia : offering most excellent fruites by planting 

in v., etc. [1.] 

„ „ The new life of V. ; being the second part of Nona 

Britannia. [1.] 

Orders & constitvtions, partly coll. out of His Maiesties Letters 

Patents, & partly ordained, by the Treasvror, Covnseil & Com- 
panie of V., for the better goueming of the actions & affaires of 
the said Companie etc., 1619 & 1620. [3.] 

A perfect descr. of V., etc. ; also, a narration of the countrey, 

within a few dayes journey of V., etc. ; w. the manner how the 
Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir W. Berckley, etc. [2.] 

A trve declaration of the estate of the colonie in V., etc., publ. 

by oduise & dir. of the Councell of V. [3.] 

Virginia's cure: or an advisive narr. cone. Virginia, discovering 

the true ground of that Churches unhappiness, etc. [8.] 
Ward (N.) The simple cobler of Aggawam in America, etc, [3.] 

Force (Peter) {continued]. 
Tracts etc. {continued]. 

White (A.) A rel. of the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore, 
in Maryland, near Virginia ; a narr. of the voyage to Maryland, 
by W. ; etc. ; tr. N. C. Brooks. [4,] 
Williams (E.) Virginia : more especially the South part thereof, 
etc., 2°* ed., w. addition of The discovery of silkworms, etc. [8.] 
Yonge (F.) Narr. of the proceedings of the people of South- 
Carolina in 1719, etc. [2.] 
Ford (James Thomas), M.Inst.C.E. The present condition & 
prospects of the Panama Canal works. With ah abstract of 
the discussion upon the paper. Ed. J. H. T. Tudsbery. 
Excerpt Minutes of Proceedings of Inst, of Civil Engineers, 
vl44. [P1037]. 8». 1901 

Forde {Sir Edward), see Hableian Misoell. 
*Foreign courts & foreign homes, by A. M. F., 1898 ; 2°'' ed., 
1899, see Palls (Mrs. A. M.) 
Foreign Office List. 1902. 8». [1902] 

Forester (George). The faith of an Agnostic. s8". 1902 

Forman (Samuel Eagle). The polit. activities of Philip Fre- 
neau. A dissertation for the degree of Dr. of Philosophy. 

8". Baltimoie. 1902 

Formont (Maxime). L'^nerv^e.. 680.1903 

La faute amoureuse. s8». 1902 

Fornaciari (Kaffaello), Grammaticaitahanadell' usomoderno. 

2» ed. sS". Firenze. 1882 
Sintassi italiana dell' uso moderno. 2" ed. s8'?. Firenze. 1897 
Forrer (L.) Biograph. diet, of medallists, coin, gem, & seal- 
engravers, B.O. 500-A.i>. 1900. vl, [A-D]. 8». 1902 
Forrest (George William). Cities of India. 8". 1903 
Selections f. the letters, despatches & o. state papers in the 
Milit. Dept. of the Govt, of India, 1857-8. Ed. G. W. F. 

v2, 3. laS". Calcutta. 1902 
Sepoy generals : Wellington to Boberts. s8". E. 1901 

Forrest CWilliam), see Hakleian Misoell. 
Fbrster (C. A.) Lebensweise u. Brziehung unter d. Eomern zu 
d. Horaz Zeit. [P1045]. s8<>. Eiga. 1832 

Forster (John), barrister, of the Inner Temple. Life of Dickens. 
Abridged, & rev., by G. Gissing. 8". 1903 

Forster (Robert Henry). The last foray. s8<>. 1903 

Fbrster (Wendelin). Beitriige zur roman. u. engl. Philologie. 
Festgabe fiir W. P. zum 26. Okt. 1901. 8". Halle a. S. 1902 
Forster (Wilhelm Meyer-), jee Meyeb-Forster. 
Forsyth (Jean), see MacIlwbaith (J. N.) [J. P.]. 
Fort (Paul). 
Ballades franQaises. [sl]-7. [s3-5 2" ^d.]. S8". 1897-1903 

1, [La mer — Les cloches etc.] 

2, Montague — For^t — Plaine — Mer etc. 

3, Le roman de Louis XI. 

4, Les idylles antiques et les hymnes, suivis de " Inter- 
mezzo " et des " Jeux de I'hiver et du printemps." 

5, L'amour marin. 

6, Paris sentimental, ou le roman de nos vingt ans. 

7, Les hymnes de feu, pr^c. de Lucienne. 

Fortescue (George Knottesford), see British Museum: BnaLro- 
GRAPHY. Subject index of mod. works added to the Lib. of 
B.M. in 1881-1900, ed. by P., 1902-3. 
Fortescue (Hon. John 'William), 5'* son of S'"* earl Fortescue. 
Hist, of the Brit. army. p2, v3 [i.e. v3 of the whole work]. 

{in prog.] 8°. 1902 
2, Prom close of Seven Years' War to Second Peace of Paris. 
v8, 1763-93. 

Fortini (Pietro) {Tale], see Ernst (P.) Altital. Novellen, B2 

Fortnightly Review (The). v76-79 {i.e. New Ser. 70-73]. 

Ia8». 1901-3 
Fortolfus, [Frotolf]. For an essay see Abhandlungen zur 

Gesoh. d. Mathematik. 
Forum (The). v32-34 (Sept., 1901-June, 1903). Ia8''. N.Y. [1901-3] 
Possey (C.) La magie assyrienne: 6tude suivie de textes 

magiques transcrits, tr., et comm., par F. 8'>. 1902 

Foster (John Watson). A century of American diplomacy, 

1776-1876. 8». Boston. 1900 

Fouillee (Alfred). L'avenir de la m^taphysique fondle sur I'ex- 

p6rience. 8». 1889 

Esquisse psycholog. des peuples europ^ens. 8". 1903 

L'^volutionnisme des id^es-forces. 8". 1890 

Foulface (Philip) ps., see HABLELiN Miscell. 

Foulon de Vanlx (Andre). Jamais plus— Henriette Ferrier— 

Devant la mort. s8". 1902 




Fonntadn (Paul). The great deserts and forests of N. America. 

With pref. by W. H. Hudson. 8". 1901 

The great mountains and forests of S. America. 8". 1902 

Fountaine [Sir Andrew). Cat. of a sel. of valuable books & 

MSS., f. the lib. of Sir A. F., wh. will be sold by Messrs. 

Sotheby on 11'" June 1902 etc. laS". [1902] 

Foureau (F.) Mission Saharienne Foureau-Lamy. D' Alger au 

Congo par le Tchad. 8». 1902 

Fournier (Marcel). La Faculty de D^cret de I'Univ. de Paris 

au 15« s. tl, ii, 2. [t2 by M. F. & L6on Dorez. Hist. g6n. de 

Paris, in prog.}. 4». 1895-1902 

Fourrey (E.), Enervations arithmVt. 8". 1899 

Fourvieres (Xavier de). Lou pichot tresor diet. proven9al- 

frangais & fr.-prov. Par F. avec le E. P. Eupert. 

s8°. Avignon. 1902 
Fowler (Edith Henrietta). The world & Winstow. 88°. 1901 
Fowler (Ellen Thorney croft), aft. Mrs. A. L. Felkin. 
Cupid's garden. 38". 1897 

Fuel of fire. sS". 1902 

Love's argument, & o.p. si". 1900 

Sirius, <fe o. stories. 880.1901 

Fowler (J. B.) A local geology for amateurs and beginners : 
a pop. arrangement of notes coll. in the neighbourhood of Lip- 
hook, etc. [P1023]. 8». 1895 
Fowler ("William Warde). More tales of the birds. s8». 1902 
Fox (Creorge), founder of the Soc. of Friends. 
see Hableian MiscEiiii. 
„ Hodgkin (T.) G. Fox, 2»'' ed., 1897. 
Fox (Mrs. Margaret), mfe of Q. Fox the founder of the Soc. of 

Friends ; form. Fell, see Fell (Mrs. M.) 
Frampton (Robert), bp. of Gloucester. Life. [MS. With Notes 
taken dur. lecf. on music by W. Crotch, 1812.] 4». [1812] 


Anon, works etc. 

Sources (Les) de I'histoire de France,' jusqu'en 1815; par 
Molinier, etc. [Mannels de bibliog. hiat., III. in prog.}. 

pi, i-iii. sS". 1901-3 
see MoLTNiEK (A.) Les sources de I'hist. de France, aux 
gnerres d'ltalie (1494), fase. tl-3, in prog., 1901-3. 
[pi, i-iii]. 
see Haeleian Miscell. 

Documents inSdits sur I'Histoire de France. 
see Catherine [de' Medici]. Lettres, t7, 8, 1899-1901. 
„ France : Contention Nationale. Eeeueil des Actes du 

Comity de Salut Public, tl2, 1899. 
„ Mazerolle (P.) Les mVdailleurs frangais du XV s. au milieu 

du XVII, 1902. 
„ Omont (H.) Missions archVolog. frang. en Orient aux 17° 

et 18« s'., 1902. 
„ Eoland (Mme.) Lettres, t2, 1902. 
State Departments and Publications. 
Comite[s] de Saldt Public, see Convention Nationale, below. 
Convention Nationale [1792-5]. 
EecueU des Actes du Comit6 de Salut Public, avec corr. offic. 
des reprfisentants en mission etc. Publ. par F. A. Aulard.* 
tl2, [16 mars-22 avril, 1794. in prog. Doc". inVd.] laS". 1899 
France, lie de, see Maukitius. 

France (Anatole)^s. [i.e. A. Thibaut]. Hist, eomique. sS". [1903] 

Opinions sociales. 2[t], [pagin. cont.]. s8°. 1902 

Franchetti (Augusto). Storia d' Italia dopo il 1789. [P. Villari. 

Storia polit. d' Italia]. Ia8". Milano. n.d. 

Franchi (Luigi), see Italy : Govt, fuel".. Codes. Codioi e leggi, 

coord, dal L. F., 2v(l, I codioi ; 2, Leggi usuali), 1897-9. 

see Codici e leggi, coord, dal L. F. : Leggi e convenzioni 

sui diritti d' autore, 2» ed., 1902. 
Francia. [fEAiBOLiNi (Francesco), called II Franeiaj, see 

Williamson (G. C.) F. E., 1901. 
Francis, St., of Assisi. 

I fioretti del glorioso messere 
S. P. e de' suci frati; a cura 
di G. L. Passerini. 

68". Pirenze. [1903] 
Ploretum S. P.: liber aureus 
qui italioe dioitur I fioretti di 
S. P. Ed. P. Sabatier. 

b8». [1902] 

see *Lady (The) Poverty ; a 

xiii. 0. allegory [relating to 

St. F.]; tr., & ed., M. 

Carmiohael, 1901. 

Sabatier (P.) Actus beati 
Pranci8ci et sociorum 
ejus, ed. P. S., 1902. 

De I'anthenticite de la 

legende de St. P., 1901. 

Life of P., tr. L. S. 

Houghton, 1901 ; 1902. 

TiLBMANN (H.) Speculum 
Perfeotionis & Legenda 
Trium Sociorum, 1902. 

Francis (M. E.) ps. [i.e. Mrs. Feanois Blundell, form. M. E. 
Sweetinan]. The manor farm. s8°. 1902 

Francis (Philip), D.D., see Horace. Works, tr. F. 
Franco, of Liige, Dominican. [Franco, von Lilttich]. For an 

essay see Abhandlunoen zur Gesoh. d. Mathematik. 
La Guerre de 1870-71. [E6dig4e k la Section hist, de I'Etat- 
Major de I'Armfie]. 

[Les premieres operations en Alsace et en Lorraine]. 
[t]7-9, in 4v [9i, ii]. 8o. 1902-3 
Les operations autour de Metz du 13-18 aolit. 

[t]}, in 2v. [m^og.]. 8°. 1903 
Campagne de I'armte du nord. [t]l-3. [tl has 2 pagim,'.]. 

8». 1903 
see Stddien z. Kriegsgeschichte u. Taktik ; Kriegsgesohicht- 
liche Abthlg. I, Bl, Heeresbewegungen im Kriege 1870-1, 
Frank (Friedrich). Der Eitualmord vor d. Gerichtshofen d. 
Wahrheit u. d. Gerechtigkeit. 2' A. 8°. Eegensburg. 1901 
Frankau {Mrs. Julia), wife of Arthur Frankau; [ps. Feank 
Daney]. An 18th c. artist & engraver : J. E. Smith. [Port- 
folio of plates wanting], laS"." 1902 
Pigs in clover. sS". 1903 
Franklin (Alfred). La vie privSe d'autrefois, 12«-18" s. 

[t24, 25]. sS". 1899-1901 
[24], Les animaux. t2. 1899. [25], VariVtVs parisiennes. 
Franklin (Miles). My brilliant career. Pref. by H. Lawson. 

s8o. E. 1901 
Frapan {Frl. Use), aft. Frau Use Frapcm-Ahvmmi. 
Arbeit. 88°. 1903 

Eraser {Miss Agnes) [ps. F. MacNab], see MacNab (F.) ps. 
Fraser (J.), see Haeleian MisoELL. 

Eraser (John Foster). The real Siberia ; together w. an ace. 

of a dash through Manchuria. sS". 1902 

Fraser (Malcolm A. C.) Western Australian year-book for 

1900-1 ; by M. A. C. F., 1902, see Western Austealla. 
Fraser (Sir William Augustus), bart. Cat. of the lib. of Sir 
W. A. F. wh. will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby on 22'"' Apr. 
1901. 8». [1901] 

Fraunceys (David), see Saint David's. An extent of all the 
lands etc. of Bp. of St. D.'s, made by D. P., 1326 : usually called 
Black Book of St. D.'s ; ed. J. W. Willis-Bund, 1902. 
Frazer (Kobert Watson). Silent gods & sun-steeped lands. 

88°. 1895 

Frederic (Harold) [ps. George Forth]. The return of the 

O'Mahony. sS". 1893 

Frederick II, king of Prussia, " the Great." Politische Corr. 

F.'s d. Gr. B28, 29. [in prog.]. 8». 1903 

Der siebenjahrige Krieg, 1756-63. Hrsg. v. grossen General- 

stabe. B4, 5. [m prog.]. Ia8<>. 1902-3 

see Dubois (L. P.) P., d'ap. sa corr. polit., 1903. 

„ KosER (E.) F. d. G., B2, ii, 1903. 

Frederick Augustus I, Icimg of Saxony, b. ITSO, d. i82J, see 

Bonnefons (A.) Un alliV de Napoleon : F.-A., 1902. 
Frederick Charles, prince, see Honig (P. A.) Prinz Friedrich 

Karl V. Preussen, 1885. 
Frederick William, elector of Brandenburg, called " the Great 
Elector," see Philippson (Martin). Der grosse Kurfiirst F. W. 
von Brandenburg, 1897-1903. 
Freeman (Mrs. C. M.), see Wilkins Mary Eleanor), aft. Mrs. 

Freeman (Edward Augustus). Sicily: Phoenician, Greek, 
Eoman. [Story of the Nations]. 2'"' ed. s8». 1894 

Freeman (L. J.) Italian sculpture of the Eenaissance. 

8". N.Y. 1901 
Freeman (Mrs. M. E. Wilkins), see Wilkins (M. E.), aft. Mrs. 

Freer (A. Goodrich-), see Goodeich-Fkeee (A.) 
Fremantle (Francis Edward). Impressions of a doctor in 
khaki. sS". 1901 

Fremantle (Ho^i. Thomas Francis), eldest son of 2'"' baron 
Oottesloe. The book of the rifle. 8». 1901 

French Kevolution, see Centenaey of the F. E. : celebration by 

Positivists, Paris (1889), 1890. 
French (Sir John Denton Pinkstone), see Goldmann (C. S.) 

With F. & the cavalry in S. Africa, 1902. 
Freneau (Philip), see Foeman (S. E.) The polit. activities of 
P. F., 1902. 





Frenssen (Gustav). Die drei Getreuen. b8». 1902 

Das Heimatsfest. Sohauspiel. s8°. 1903 

JornUhl. sS". 1902 

Die Sandgrafin. sS". 1902 

see KiNZEL (C.) F., 1903. 

Freytag (Gustav). Gesammelte Aufsatze. 2B (1, Polit. 

Aufsatze. 2, Aufsatze zur Gesch., Lit. &Kunst). sS". L. 1888 

Fricker (Dr. Carl). The Antarctic regions. [Tr. A. Sonnen- 

schein]. 8». 1900 

Fridolinus, conf. Seeking. Vita, see Kkusoh (B.) Passiones 

yitcEque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. Merov., 

t3], 1896. 

Friedmann (Paul). Lady Anne Boleyn. Tr. par LugniS- 

PhUipon & Dauphin Meunier. [2t]. sS". 1903 

Friedmann (Sigismondo). Das deutsche Drama des ig"" 

Jhdts. in E. Hauptvertretem. Ubers. v. L. Weber. 2B. [B2 

omits tJbers. v. L. Weber]. 8<>. L. 1900-3 

Friedrich (Gustav). Hamlet u. s. Gemiithskrankheit. 

8». Heidelberg. 1899 

Friesch woordenboek (Lexicon Frisioum), bewerkt door W. 

Dijkstra.benevenslijst vanFriesche eigennamen, bewerkt door 

J. Winkler, [dl, 2, & Friesche naamlijst {-Iv)'], 1898-1903, see 


Friese (Victor) & E, liesegang. Magdeburger Schoffen- 

spriiche. Im Auftrage u. mit Unterstiitzung d. Savigny- 

Stiftung; hrsg. u. bearbeitet v. V. F. a. E. L. Bl. 8». 1901 

1, Die M. S. fur Gross-Salze, Zerbst u. Anhalt, Naumburg, 

u. aus d. Codex Harzgerodanus ; hrsg. u. bearb. v. V. F. 

u. B. L. 

Friththjofs Saga. Fri«>j6fs Saga ins Frcekna. Hrsg. v. L. 

Larsson. [AJtnord. Saga-B., 9]. 8". Halle a. S. 1901 

Frbbel (Friedrich "W. A.), see Bowen (H. C.) F., & edue°. by 

self-activity, 5"" imp., 1903. 
see WiGOiN (K. D.) & Miss N. A. Smith. The republic of 
childhood : vl, F.'s gifts ; v2, F.'s occupations, 1896-1900. 
Frocard {Lt.-col.) & capt. Painvin. La guerre au Transvaal. 

2v. s8°. 1900-1 

Froissart (Jean). The chronicle of F. Tr. Lord Berners, 1523-5. 

[Tudor translations.] v5, 6. 8". 1902-8 

Le temple donnour, \ed. P. Chabaille], see Collection de poesies, 

romans, chroniques, &*, Uvr. 19, 1838-58. 
Frost (John), LL.D. Hist, of the United States. 

n. ed. 68". Philadelphia. 1852 

Frothingham (Bichard). Hist, of the siege of Boston, & of the 

battles of Lexington, Concord, & Bunker Hill ; also, an ace. 

of the Bunker Hill monument. 6th ed. 8°. Boston. 1896 

Life & times of J. Warren. 8". Boston. 1865 

Froude (James Anthony). My relv with Carlyle. With letter 
f. Sir J. Stephen, Dec. 9, 1886. 8». 1903 

„ see Crichton-Browne {Sir J.) 
F. & Carlyle : the imputation considered medically, 1903 

„ & A. Carlyle. The Nemesis of F. : a rejoinder to F.'s 

" My rel'. w. Carlyle," 1903. 

Fugger, The family of ; barons of Eirchberg ^ Weissenhom. 

see Ehbenbebg (B.) Grosse Vennogen, ihre Bntstehung u. 

ihre Bedeutung : d. Fugger — Eothsohfld— Krupp, 1902. 

Fulda (Ludwig). Kaltwasser. 2' A. s8». St. 1903 

Fulham. Confession and absolution : rep. of conference held 

at F. Palace on Deo. 30"' & 31", 1901, & Jan. I", 1902. Ed. 

H. Wace. 8". 1902 

Fuller (Thomas), D.D., prebendary of SaUsbwry. The holy <fe 

profane states. With ace. of [F.] sS". Boston. 1863 

Fuller-Maitland (John Alexander). Eng. music in the 19'" o. 

88°. 1902 
see Oxford hist, of music : v4. The age of Bach & Handel, by 

J. A. P.-M., 1902. 
Fulwell (Ulpian), see Harleian Misoell. 
Fnmagalli (Giuseppe). Cataloghi di biblioteche e indioi biblio- 
grafiei. Memoria di G. F. 8». Firenze. 1887 

Delia collocazione dei libri nelle pubbliche biblioteche. Memoria 
di G. F. Del " Trattato gen. di biblioteconomia " p. 4. 

80. Firenze. 1890 
Funck-Brentano (Frantz). L'affaire du Collier ; d'ap. de nouv. 
doc. 38". 1901 

The Diamond Necklace : being the true story of Marie Antoi- 
nette & the Cardinal de Rohan. Tr. H. S.Edwards. sS". 1901 
La mort de la reine (Les suites de " L'affaire du Collier "). 

2« ^d. 38». 1902 
Funke (Alfred). Aus Deutsch-Brasilien. Ia8». L. 1902 

Furness (William Henry), S"^. The home-life of Borneo head- 
hunters : its festivals & folk-lore. 8». Philadelphia. 1902 
Furniss (Harry). Confessions of a caricaturist. 2v. 8°. 1901 
Furse (George Armand). 1800: Marengo & Hohenlinden. 8°. 1903 
Fursey, Saint. Vita, see Kbcscb (B.) Passiones vitseque sanc- 
torum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. Merov., t4], 1902. 
Vita S. Fursei, ex Capgravio, see Messingham (T.) Florilegium 

insulffi sanctorum, 1624. 
Fussel (John), see Harleian Miscell. 

Fustel de Coulanges (Numa Denis). Hist, des institutions 
polit. de I'anc. France : La Gaule romaine. Compl. par C. 
Jullian. 8°. 1901 

Fyfe (Herbert C.) Submarine warfare. With intr. by Sir E. E. 
Fremantle, & ch. on " The probable future of submarine boat 
construction " by Sir E. J. Eeed. 80. 1902 

G. (E. E.) 




G. (E. B.) *The makers of HeUas ; by E. E. G., 1903, see Hkllas. 
G. (R.) *Virginia's cure : or an advisive narr. cone. Virginia, 

discovering the true ground of that Churches unhappiness, 

etc. ; now publish'd by E. G., 1662, see Viroinu's. 
G. E. C. *Complete baronetage, ed. by G. E. C, v2, 3, in prog., 

1902-3, see Cokayne (G. E.) 
G, M., see Melzi {il conte G.) 
Gabillard (P.), see Bebbngeb (H.) Les proWtaires intellectuels 

en France, j^ar H. B., P. G., etc., 5° 6d., n.d. 
Gaboriau (Emile). Les esclaves de Paris. 

2t. [t2 10" ^d.]. s8o. [1888-1901] 
Gaches (Louis). Guide to Public Health Acts, 1875 & 1890, & 

Local Govt. Acts, 1888 & 1894, etc. s8». n.d. 

Gachot (Edouard). Hist, milit. de Massena. La 1" oampagne 

d'ltalie (1795-98). S". 1901 

Gaelic League. 
see DiNNEEN (P. S.) ,Cormao O'Connell, 1902. 

„ PiONN. The youthful exploits of E., 1902. 
GalUard (Louis), S.J., see Vaeieies sinoloqiques, 28, Nankin 

d'alors et d'aujourd'hui : aperQU hist, et g6ogr. ; par G., 1903. 
Gainsford (Thomas), see Hableian Misoell. 
Gairdner (James), of the Record Office. The Eng. Church in 

the 16th cent., f. aeo. of Henry VIII to death of Mary. s8». 1902 
Gains, the Jurist. Institutionum eommentarii IV., separatim 

ex Jurisprudentise antejustinianffi reliquiarum a Ph. E. 

Huschke oompositarum ed. sexta ed. E. Seokel et B. Kuebler. 

s8<>. L., Teubner, 1903 
Institutes of G. & Eules of Ulpian. The former f . Studemund's 

Apograph of the Verona Codex. With tr., notes, &o., by J. 

Muirhead. 8". E. 1895 

Galdos (Benito Perez), see P^eez Galdos (B.) 
Gale (Norman Rowland). Orchard songs. s8». 1893 

Galileo. For essay see Abhandlungen z. Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
see Fahie (J. J.) G., 1903. 
Gall, St., abbot. Sermo S. G'. diotus Constantise in conseora- 

tione loannis episcopi Constantiensis, de hoc W. Strabus supra 

lib. 1. vitffi S. G'. cap. 24. mentionpm facit, see Messingham (T.) 

Flprilegium insulse sanctorum, 1624. 

„ another ed., see Migne (J. P.) Pat. lat., t87. , - 
Vitse G'. vetustissimee fragmentum, see Kbxjsch (B.) Passiones vi- 

tseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script. rer.Merov.,t4], 1902. 
see SiKABO (W.) Vita S. G'. 

„ Wettinus. Vita G'. 
Galland (Antoine). Journal d'A. G. pend. s. s^jour ^ Constan- 
tinople (1672-3)., Publ., et annot^, parO. Schefer. 2t. Ia8<>. 1881 
Gallego (Hernando), see Mendana de Netka (A.) Discovery of 

the Solomon Is. by A. de M. ; tr. f . MSS. [o/ G., etc.], 1901. 

Gallon (Tom). The charity ghost. 88". 1902 

Bickerby's folly. s8°. 1901 

The second Dandy Chater. • s8°. 1901 

Galloway (Joseph). *Letters to a nobleman on the conduct of 

the war in the middle colonies. 3"' ed. 8°. 1780 

„ ,, see Howe (W. H., visct.) Narrative, etc. : 

added, obs. upon [/. G.'s] Letters etc., 2°* ed., 1780. 
Galton (Arthur Howard). Our attitude towards Eng. Eoman 

Catholics, & the Papal pourt. 88". 1902 

Gama (C. da), see Da Gama (C.) 

Gamble (George), see Saltus (E. E.) Wit & wisdom f. E. S., 
, [_w. i/iitr. of 63pp.2, by G. F. Monkshood & G. G., 1903. 
*Gammer Gurtons nedle ; by Mr. S., Master of Arts, [pr. f. ed. of 

Colwell, London, «75], see Manly (J. M.) Specimens of Pre- 

Shaksperean drama, v2, 1900. 
G-anem (Halil). Les sultans ottomans. 2t. 8". 1901-1902 

Ganghofer (Ludwig A.) Die Martinsklause. 

2B. [Bl 10", B2 8«, A.]. s8°. St. 1900 
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3B. 8". Graz. 1872-7 




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Ireland." By an Irish archivist. 8". 1865 

*Eecord revelations : letter to H.M. Treasury on the Public 

Eecords of Ireland & on the " Calendars of Patent & Close 

Eolls of Chancery in Ireland." By an Irish archivist. 8". 1863 

*Eec. revel', resumed : letter to W. Monsell etc. on the Public 

Eeeords of Ireland & on the "Calendars of Patent & Close 

Eolls of Chancery in Ireland." By an Irish archivist. 8°. 1864 

*0n the hist., position, & treatment, of the Public Eecords of 

Ireland. By an Irish archivist. ' 2°'' ed. laS". 1864 

This is a 2"* ed., with slight differences, of the above two 

pamphlets " Record reveP." & '^Eecord reveP. resumed." 

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& 18th Battalions of Imperial Yeomanry in S. Africa. 

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Nennii]. 4». [1894] 

This is fasc. 1 of Mommsen (T.) Chronica minora, v3, 

(Mon. Germ. Hist.), & is a duplicate copy hound 

separately. For the complete volume see the 1903 

Catalogue under Mommsen. 

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*A girl of the multitude, 1902, see Teowbeidge (W. E. H.) 
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prentunar Vald. Asmundarson. s8<>. 1899 

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8". Halle a. d. S. 1903 
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2°'* imp. s8». 1903 
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vl-3. 8°. 1900-3 
Glasgow. [Town, Univ. etc.] 
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University of Glasgow. 
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Gobind Singh [Govind Singh], one of the Gurus of the Sikhs, 

see Govind Singh. 

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donien : trag^die. 2" 6d. 8°. Strassburg. 1902 

There is a 2"^ tp. : Nachgelasseue Schriften des Grafen 

Gobineau, hrsg. v. L. Schemann : Dichterische Werke, 

I, A. le M. 

Hist. d'Ottar Jarl, pirate norv^gien. sS". 1879 

Goblot (Bdmond). Justice et liberty. sS". 1902 




(roddard (Jonathan), see Hableian Miscell. 
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tlO (Complement : Inaccoutum^Zoophyte). 4". 1902 
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Godfrey (Elizabeth) ps. [i.e. Miss Jessie Bebfoed]. Poor 
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goetheschen Faust etc., 

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A Prospect of Society, by G. : being the earliest form of h. 

poem The Traveller. Eepr. f . the original ; w. reprint of 1" 

ed. of The Traveller. Ed. B. DobeU. s8<>. 1902 

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copyright action brought by E. A. P. agst. A. Moring & I. G. 

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8". 1903 
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zigsten Geburtstage, am 29. Marz 1902, v. Schiilern Freundeu 

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B2. [inprog.}. 8". L. 1902 
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doB Tamoyos : poema. 4". Eio de Janeiro. 1856 

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*A choice narr. of G.'s trans", dur. h. embassy in Eng. ; by Sir 

E. Cotton, [or rather, by T. Scott}, 1659, see Scott (Th.) 
see Hableian Miscell. 

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[P1023]. 8». 1902 
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(I. M. G., countess of). 
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them. s8°. [1901] 

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s8". f.p.c. 1901 
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nouv. recits de la vie des vagabonds. Tr. S. M. Persky. 

b8°. 1902 
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Three men. Tr. C. Home. , s8°. 1902 

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S. Kikma & P. G. La Chesnais. 2" ^d. sS". 1902 

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Morton, Warwick, June 30, (1669), 1846, see Foecb (P.) Tracts 

etc., v4, 1846. 
*Simplioities defence agst. seven-headed policy, etc., 1646, see 

FoBCE (P.) Tracts etc., v4, 1846. 
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times of Georg Joachim Goschen, publisher & printer of 

Leipzig, 1752-1828. 2v. 8". 1903 

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Gospel. *A petition of W. C. exhibited to the High Covrt of 

Parliament, for the propagating of the G. in America, etc., 

1641, see Casiell (W.) 
Gosse (Edmund). Hist, of 18'" cent, lit., 1660^1780. 

[repr.]. s8°. 1902 




Grosse (Edmund) [contimied']. 

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Mexique : etudes, notes, &o. [P1024]. sS". n.d. 

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„ ^. . Jhrg. 4, 5, (1903, 1904). s8». Gotha. [1902-3] 

Gotiaisches genealogisclies Taschenbuch d. freiherrl. Hauser. 

Jhrg. 53, 54, (1903, 1904). sS". Gotha. [1902-3] 

Gothaisches genealogisclies Taschenbuch d. graft. Hauser. 

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Gottfried, von Strassburg, see Bossbrt (A.) La Ugende 

chevaleresque de Tristan et Iseult, 1902. 
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chronicles, 1902. s4o. 1903 

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Govlnd Singh [Gobind Singh], one of the Ouriis of the Sikhs. 
The Eayhit Nama of Pralad Eai, or the excellent conversation 
of the Duswan Padsha; & Naud Lai's Eayhit Nama, or rules 
for the guidance of the Sikhs in religious matters. [The 
injunctions of O. S. haiided down by his diSciples. Tr. 
Att&r Singh]. . 8". Lahore. 1876 

see Sakni Namah. Travels of Guru Tegh Bahadar & Guru G. S., 
Gower (John), the poet. Complete works. Intr'., notes, glos- 
saries, by G. C. Maoaulay. [v4]. The Latin works. 8». 0. 1902 
Confessio Amantis ; [w. Life by Chalmers], see Chalmbes (A.) 
Eng. poets, v2, 1810. 
Gower {Lord Eonald Sutherland), 4"^ son of 2"" duke of 
Sutherland. Old diaries, 1881-1901. 8". 1902 

The Tower of London. 2v. 8°. 1901-2 

Gowing {Mrs. Aylmer). As Csesar's wife. sS". [1902] 

By Thames & Tiber. s8°. 1903 

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Graefenhain (Eudolf ). De more libros dedicandi apud scrip- 
tores Greecos et Eomanos obvio. 

[P1025]. 8". Marpurgi Cattorum. 1892 
Graf (Arturo), see Dante Amghieei. Lectura D'". : II c. 28 del 

Purgatorio letto da A. G., 1902. 
Graf (Joh. Heinrich). For an essay see Abhandlunoen zur 

Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
Graham (Alex.), F.S.A. Boman Africa: outline of hist, of 
Eoman occupation of N. Africa. 8". 1902 

Graham (James), ^*' marq. of Montrose, see Monteose (J. G., 

i^' marq. of). 

Graham (Bobert Bontine Cunninghams). Success. s8<>. 1902 

A vanished Arcadia : aco. of the Jesuits in Paraguay, 1607- 

1767. 8". 1901 

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Sulpioia, tr. by G., see Chalmbes (A.) Eng. poets, v20, 1810. 
Poems; [jtf. Life by Chalmers], see Chalmeks (A.) Eng. poets, 
vl4, 1810. 
Gramont (le cte. Philibert de), see Hamilton (Count A.) M^m'. 

du chevalier de G., etc., 1878. 
Grand, see also Gbant. 

Grande (La) encyclopedie, par une soci^t^ de savants et de 

gens de lettres. t31. .[m^"""?.]- 4°. n.d. 

*Grant (Le) garde derri^re (po^me du 15' s.), see Bijvanok 

(W. G. C.) *Un pofete inconnu de la soci6t6 de Frangois 

Villon : Le g. g. d. ; publ., etc., par W. G. C. B., 1891. 

Grant (Copt. Maurice Harold), see Linesman, ps. [? Capt. 

M. H. G.]. 
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by Dr. Johnson], see Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, vll, 1810. 
Grassmann (Gustav Strakosch-), see Steakosch-Geassmann. 
Grattan (Bt. Hon. Henry), see Lecky (Rt. Hon. W. E. H.) 
Leaders of public opinion in Ireland, vl, G. etc., n. ed., 1903. 
Graves (Arnold F.) Clyttemnestra : a tragedy. With pref. by 
E. Y. TyrreU. sS". 1903 

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s8<'. 1902 
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s8». 1903 
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see Chalmers'(A,) Eng. poets, vl4, 1810. 
Gray (William), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, see Harlbian Miscell. 

Graziani (Antonio Maria), bp. of St. Amelia. The sieges of 
Nicosia & Famagusta ; w. a sketch of the earlier hist, of 
Cyprus. Ed., f. Midgley's tr. of G.'s Hist, of the War of 
Cyprus, by C. D. Cobham. [P1031]. 8". 1899 

• Grazzini (Antonio Francesco), called " II Lasca." Ein alter 
Mann nimmt ein junges Weib, see Ernst (P.) Altital. No- 
vellen, B2, 1902. 
Le rime burlesohe edite e inedite di G. Per c. di C. Verzone. 

8». Firenze. 1882 
Greece, see also Hellas. 

Green {Mrs. Anna Katharine), aft. Mrs. Charles Bohlfs. 
Behind closed doors. author's copyright ed. sS". n.d. 

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pamphlets, etc., conn. w. the county of Somerset. 

3v. Ia8». Taunton. 1902 
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Green (John Eichard). The making of England. 

2v, [4'" ed., repr.]. s8». 1900 
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Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vl5, 1810. 
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the Proc. of meeting of the Amer. Antiq. Soe. Oct. 30 1901. 

[P1040]. 8°. Worcester, Mass. 1902 
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of T. H. G., etc., 1902. 
Greene (Francis Vinton). General Greene. s8». N.Y. 1893 
Greene (S"athanael), maj.-gen. in U.S. army, see Geeene 

(F. V.) Gen. G., 1893. 
Greene (Bobert), the poet. James the Fourth, [repr. f. Creede's 
ed., in Brit. Mus.], see Manly (J. M.) Specimens of Pre- 
Shaksperean drama, v2, 1900. 
see Hableian Miscell. 

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and their ways in Eng. speech. s8''. 1902 

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Greenwood (Thomas), F.B.G.S. E. Edwards, the chief pioneer 

of municipal public lib". s8i>. 1902 

Greg (Walter Wilson). List of masques, pageants, &c., 

supplementary to A list of Eng. plays. [Bibliograph. Soc.]. 

8". 1902 
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anum, s. Sacramentorum ordo, see Mueatobi (L. A.) Liturgia 
Eomana vetus, 1760. 
Gregorie, The family of, see Geegoey, Thef. of. [Gbegoeie]. 
Gregorovius (Ferdinand). Hist, of the city of Eome in the 
Middle Ages. Tr. A. Hamilton. v8, in 2p. 88°. 1902 

Latian summers, & an excursion in Umbria. Tr. D. Eoberts. 

b8<>. 1902 

Lucr^ce Borgia d'ap. les doc", originaux et les eorr'. contemp. 

Tr. de I'allemand sur la 3« &d., corr., & augm., par P. 

Eegnaud. 2t. 8». 1876 

Gregory, of Nyssa. The catechetical oration of G. Ed. J. H. 

Srawley. s8». C. 1903 

Gregory I, pope, see Geegoeian Saceamentaey (The). 

Gregory VII, pope, [Hildebeand], see Stephens (W. E. W.) 

H. and h. times, n. imp., 1898. 
Gregory XV, pope, see Hableian Miscell. 
Gregory, The family of, [Geegoeie], see Stewabt (A. G.) 

The academic Gregories, 1901. 
Gregory (Augusta, Lady), wife of Bt. Hon. Sir W. H. 
Gregory, see Cughullin. Cucbulain of Muirthemne : story of 
the men of the Bed Branch of Ulster ; arr. & put into Eng 
by Lady G. ; pref. by W. B. Yeats, 1902. 
Grele (Eugene). J. Barbey d'Aurevilly: sa vie & son oeuvre, 
d'ap. sa corr. iu6d. & antres doc", nouv. Avec une pr§f. de 
J. Levallois. [tl], La vie. 8''.' Caen. 1902 

Grellan, Saint, see O'Hanlon (J.) Life of St. G., 1881. 
Grenfell (Bernard Pyne), see Tebtunis papyei (The) ; ed. G. 

etc., pi, 1902. 
Grenville {Sir Eichard), captain of the "Bevenge." The last 
fight of "The Eevenge," under Sir E. G., 1591, descr. by Sir 
W. Ealeigh, Gervase Markham, & Linschoten. Ed. E. Arber. 

s8». 1901 

Grettis Saga. Grettis Saga ved G. Magniissou og G. Thor- 

darson. Oversat af G. T. [Nordiske Literatur-Samfund : 

N. Oldskrifter, 16, 25]. 2H. b8". KJ0benhaVn. 1859 

Greville (Fulke), baron Brooke, ps., sie Beooke (F. G., baron). 

Greville (Henry), ^s. [i.e. Mme. Alice Dueand]. LademoiseUe 

de Puygarrou. s8». [1902] 

La mamselka. sS". [1902] 




Grey {Sir George), bart., see Ceeighton (M.) Mem. of Sir 

G. G., 1901. 
Grey (Lady Jane), see Hakleian Miscell. 
Gribble (Francis H.) A romance of the Tuileries. sS". 1902 
Griboyedoff (Alexandr Sergyeevicli). Tope on yjia. KOMeAia. 

s8». Berlin. 1880 

Grieb (Christopli Friedrich). Diet, of the Eng. & German 

languages. lO"" ed., re-arr., rev., & enl., etc., by A. Sehroer. 

2v (vl, Eng. & Ger. ; v2, Ger. & Eng.). laSo. [1901] 

Each V. has a 2'"' tp. : Engl.-Deutsohes u. Deutsch-Engl. 

Worterbuoh, etc. 

Griecbischen. Griechischen (Die) ohristlichen Schriftsteller d. 

ersten drei Jhdte. Hrsg. v. d. Kirchenvater-Comm. d. K. 

Preuss. Akad. d. Wiss. [in prog.']. laS". 1902-3 

see EusEBiDS. E. Werke, Bl, hrsg. v. I. A. Heikel, in pivg., 


„ Origen. Origenes Werke, B4, hrsg. v. E. Preuschen, 

„ SiBYLUNE Oeacles. Die Oracula Sibyllina, bearbeitet 
V. J. Geffoken, 1902. 
Grier (Bichard). An epitome of the gen. councils of the Church, 
f. the Council of Nice, a.d. 325, to the Eoman Council of 
Trent in 1563 ; w. notices of o. councils &c. S". D. 1828 

Grierson (Francis). The Celtic temperament, & o. essays. 

88". 1901 

Griffith (Sir Bichard John), hart. Geolog. & mining rep. on 

the Leinster coal district. [Bep. presented to the DubUn 

Soc.]. [b.w.h. Geolog. & mining survey of the Connaught 

coal district etc., 1818.] 8". D. 1814 

Geolog. & mining survey of the Connaught coal district in 

Ireland. [Eep. presented to the Dublin Soc.]. 8». D. 1818 

Geolog. & mining surveys of the coal districts of Tyrone & 

Antrim in Ireland. [Bep. presented to the Eoyal Dublin Soc.]. 

[b.w.h. Geolog. & mining survey of the Connaught coal district 

etc., 1818]. 8". D. 1829 

Griffiths (Majcn- Arthur G. F.) A duchess in difficulties. 

s8». 1902 

In tight places. sS". n.d. 

Life of Napoleon. s8». 1902 

Grillparzer (Franz). Brief e u. Tagebiicher. Gesammelt u. 

mit Anmerkungen hrsg. v. C. Glossy u. A. Sauer. 2B 

(1, Brief e ; 2, Tagebiicher). s8°. St. n.d. 

Grimm (Jacob L. C.) Sendsohreiben an K. Lachmann: iiber 

Eeinhart Fuchs. 8°. L. 1840 

Grimshawi (Thomas Wrigley), Registrar-general for Ireland. 

Facts & figures about Ireland. 2p in Iv (1, Statistics of 

Ireland 1841-90 ; 2, Comp. statistics of Irish co'. etc. 1841-91). 

8°. D. 1893 

Gringore (Pierre). * Maistre aliborum q de tout se mesle, \by 

P. G. 1, ed. A-V.], see Collection de poesies, romans, chroniques, 

&»., livr. 2, 1838-58. 

Le testament de Lucifer, \ed. A. V. (i.e. A. Veinant)], see 

' Collection de poesies, romans, chroniques, &'., livr. 21, 

Grisel [Gkiselda], *Mirouerdesfemmesvertueuses: Ensemble 
la patience Griselidis, [ed. G. D.], see Collection de poesies, 
romans, chroniques, &*., livr. 10, 1838-58. 
Griswold (William Maccrillis). Directory of writers for the 
literary press, particularly in the United States. 

[P1018]. 3'" ed. sS". Bangor, Maine. 1890 
Groome (Francis Hindes). Ordnance gazetteer of Scotland. 
Ed. F. H. G. n. ed. 8°. 1901 

Groot (J. J. M. de), see De Geoot (J. J. M.) 
Groser (Horace George). Lord Kitchener. s8". 1901 

Gross (Samnel Eberly). The merchant prince of Cornville : 
a comedy. sS". Chicago. [1896] 

Grotius (Hugo), see Neumann (L.) H. G., 1583-1645, 1884. 
Grove (Agnes (Jeraldine, Lady), wife of 2"^ bart. Seventy- 
one days' camping in Morocco. 8". 1902 
Grove (Sir George). Beethoven & his nine symphonies. 

[2«« ed. repr.]. s8<'. [1903] 

GrowoU (Adolf). Three centuries of Eng. booktrade bibliog. : 

an essay on beginnings of booktrade bibliog. since intr. of 

printing & in Eng. since 1595. Also, a list of the cat'., etc., publ. 

for the Eng. booktrade f. 1595-1902, by W. Eames. [Dibdin 

eiubl. 8». N.Y. 1903 

Grube tWilhelm). Gesch. d. chinesischen Litt. 8°. L. 1902 

With S"^ tp. : Die Litt. d. Ostens in Einzeldarstellungen, B8. 

Griinwedel (Albert). Buddhist art in India. Tr. A. C. 

Gibson. Eev., & enl., J. Burgess. 8». 1901 

Grunzel (Joseph L.) System d. Handelspolitik. 8°. L. 1901 

tJber Kartelle. 8». L. 1902 

Griitzner (Eduard), see Ostini (F., bwron v.) G., [Knackfuss, 

58], 1902. 
Gsell (Stephane). Les monuments antiq. de I'AlgSrie. 2v. 8°. 1901 
Gsell-Fels (Theodor). Unteritalien u. SizUien. [Meyers Beise- 
biicher]. 4» A. S80. L. 1902 

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pagin. cmt.]. fol. [1902] 

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C. G., etc., 1893. 
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[Germ. Hdbibl., 2]. 2° Verbesserte A. 8». HaUe a. S. 1902 

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I'Etat-Major de I'Arm^e, inprog., 1902-3, see Franco-German. 
*La guerre et le debat entre la lague les membres et le vetre, [by 
Jean d'Ahtmdance ?, ed. S.], see Collection de poesies, romans, 
chroniques, &»., livr. 15, 1838-58. 
Guest (Lady Charlotte E.), only d. of 9"" earl of Limdsey, & 
wife of Sir J. J. Quest, aft. of 0. Schreiber, see Schkeibeb 
{Lady C. E.) 
*Guide to Dublin charities, 1884, see Dublin. 
Guido, deColtmna, [G. de Columpnis], see Colonna (Guido de). 
Gnidott (Thomas), see Hableian Miscell. 
Guignebert (Charles). Tertullian : etudes sur s. sentiments k 
I'^gard de I'empire et de la soc. civile. laS". 1901 

Guilbert (Tvette). Les demi-vieilles. s8». [1902] 

La vedette, s8». 1902 

Guillaume (J. B. C. Eugene), see Ballu (R.) L'ceuvre de 

Barye ; pr^c6d6 d'une intr. de G., 1890. 

Guillon (Edouard), ridacteur dii,"Riveil du DoMphini," etc. 

Les guerres d'Espagne sous Napoleon. 88". 1902 

Guinaudeau (Benjamin). Le chanoine Moise. s8". 1902 

Guiraud (Jean). Saint Dominic. Tr. K. de Mattos. 5%°. 1901 

Guizot (Frangois P. G.) Les ann^es de retraite de G. : lettres 

a M. et Mme. C. Lenormant. sS". 1902 

Gul-Badan Begam, d. 1603 [Primcess Rose-Body]. The hist, of 

Humaylin (Humayun-Nama). Tr., w. intr., etc., & reproduced 

in Persian f. MS. in Brit. Museum, by A. S. Beveridge. 

[O.T.F., New ser., 1]. S". 1902 
Gull (C. Ranger-), see Eanger-Gdll (C.) 

GuUand ("W. G.) Chinese porcelain. With notes by T. J. 
Larkin. 2v, [pagm. eont. vl 2°'' ed.]. 8". 1902 

Gummere (Francis Barton), The beginnings of poetry. 

8°. N.Y. 1901 

Hdbk. of poetics for students of Eng. verse. s8». Boston. 1902 

Old Eng. ballads. Selected, & ed., by G. s8». Boston. 1908 

Gundisalvi (Dominicus). De divisione philosophite. Hrsg., 

etc., nebst einer Gesch. d. philosoph. Einleitung bis z. Ende 

d. Scholastik, v. L. Baur. [Beitr. z.. Gesch. d. Philos. d. 

Mittelalters, 4ii, iii]. 8°. Milnster.i 1903 

Gunpowder Treason. *Hist. of the G. T., coll. f. approved a'., 

as well Popish as Protestant, 1679, see Williams (J.), hp. of 


see Hakleian Miscell. 

Giinther (Siegmund). For S essays see Aehandlungen zur 

Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
see MiJNCHENEK geograph. Studien ; hrsg. S. G., 1896-1903. 
Guppy (Henry Brougham). Obs. of a naturalist in the Pacific 
betw. 1896 & 1899. vl. 8". 1903 

Gurney (Mrs. Dorothy Frances), form. Blomfield. [Mrs. 
Gerald Gurnet]. The childhood of Q. Victoria. 8". 1901 
Gurney (Mrs. Emelia Russell). Letters. Ed. E. M. Gurney. 

8°. 1902 
Gurney (Mrs. Gerald), see Gurney (Mrs. D. F.) 
Gurteen (Stephen Humphreys V.) The epic of the fall of 
man : a comparative study of Csedmon, Dante, & Milton. 

s8». N.y. 1896 
Gurton, Gammer, see *Gammek Gurtons nedle. 
Gnstavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, see Fleetwood (G.), baron. 
■ Letter giving aoc. of battle of Lutzen & death of G. A. ; ed. 
Sir P. de M. G. Egerton, 1847. 
see Harleian Miscell. 
„ Roe (Sir T.), Letters rel. to mission of Sir T. Eoe to G. A., 

1629-30 ; ed. S. R. Gardiner, 1875. 
„*SwBDiSH intelligencer (The), pi, 2, [pi " now the 3"* time 
revised "], 1632. 
Guthrie (Thomas Anstey) [ps. F. Anstey], see Anstey (F.) ps. 




Qutzu (Victor S.) Bafinarea petroleulul orud, 1898, see 
AoADEMiA BouAna. PubUoatianile fondului V. Adamaohi, tl, 

Gwatkin (Henry Melvill). The Avian controversy. 

i'l- imp. s8». 1898 

Sel". f. early writers illust. of Church hist, to time of Con- 

stantine. [repr., w. add. & corrections]. S8". 1902 

Gwynn (Stephen). A lay of Ossian & Patrick, w. o. Irish 

verses. [P1043]. s8". D. [1903] 

The old knowledge. 88". 1901 

(Jwynn (Stephen) [contimoed}. 

To-day & to-morrow in Ireland : essays on Irish subjects. 

58°. D. 1903 
Grwynne (Paul). Marta. s8°. 1902 

The pagan at the shrine. s8». 1903 

Gyp, ps. [i.e., la ctesse. S. G. M. A. de Maktel de Janvillb]. 

La fSe. s8». nJ. 

XJn manage dernier ori. s8'>. n.d. 

Les petits amis. s8°. n.d, 

Soeurette. 7" M. s8°. [1902] 

Gysis (Nikolaus), see Montandon (M.) Q., [Knackfuss, 59], 1902. 



f atfilc/jjai t!U<v, 1 


■1.1 [ - 

. .(lli?!"K ;i. '1 H^Jswi) 

-il-o'j 'i-y 

ii!(i ■• 


H..A. D. 




H. A. D. *The victory that overoometh, by H. A. D., 1901, see 

DAiJiAs (H. A.) 
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manns Werke. Gesamm., u. hrsg., v. H. [P1019]. s8». L. 1898 
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Das Thierleben der Erde. 3B. Ia8». [1900-1] 

1, Das T. Europas. 2, Das T. Asiens, Amerikasu. Auatraliens. 
3, Das T. Afrikas u. d. Meeres— Das Leben d. Haustbiere u. d. 
Scbmarotzer—Systematiscbelnbaltsiibersicbt— Register. 

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Perception meohan. Eeize. 8". L. 1901 

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lated w. the ones of 1634, 1635. Ed. E. Arber. 58". 1895 
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v6, 1810. 
Hachette & C''». Paris-Hachette : ann. complet oommerc, 

administr. et mondain. 6° ann^e (1902). s4<>. [1902] 

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science. Tr. J. Gilchrist. b8». 1908 

H. A. D. *The yictory that overcometh, by H. A. D., 1901, see 

Daulas (H. a.) 
Hadamard (Jacc[aes), see Lavisse (E.) L'^duc. de la dtoooratie ; 

par E. L., J. H:, &a., 1903. 
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ed. E. M. Thompson (1881), [1883], see Camden Miscellany 

(The), v8. 
Haddon (Alfred Cort). Head-hunters : black, white, & brown. 

8». 1901 
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Poems of Eng. country life ; sel., etc., by G. & H., 1902. 
Haeckel (Ernst), see Hackel (E.) 
Hafniensis (Virgllius) ps. [i.e. S. A. Kieekegaabd], see Kieeke- 

GAABD (S. a.) 
Haga (Cornells), see Haeleian Mihcell. 
Haggard (H. Eider). Pearl-maiden. b8». 1903 

Sural Eng. : being an ace. of agricultural & social researches 

in 1901 & 1902. 2v. 8°. 1902 

A winter pilgrimage : Palestine, Italy, Cyprus, 1900. 8". 1901 

Hahn (Heinrich), of Berlin. Jahrbiicher des frankischen 

Reichs 741-752. S«. 1863 

Haig (Alexander). Diet and food considered in rel. to strength 

<fe power of endurance, training, and athletics. 3"! ed. 88°. 1901 
Haimhrammns, [Hemmeeammus], episc. Batisbon. Vita, see 

Kbusoh (B.) Passiones vitteque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., 

Script, rer. Merov., t4], 1902. 
Hain (Indwig), see Copingee (W. A.) Suppl. to Hain, p2, v2, 

Hair (Jolin). Eegent Square : eighty years of a London con- 
gregation, rev. ed. sS". 1899 
Haji 'Abdii al-Yasdl, ps. [i.e. Sir E. F. Buetok], see Burton 

{Sir E. F.) 
Hake (Edward), see Haeleian Miscell. 
Haklujrt Society. [Publications']. Second series, [v]6-10. 

8". 1901-2 

see Battel (A.) Strange adv. of A. B. in Angola etc., 1901. [6.] 
„ Castanhoso (M. de). The Portuguese expedition to Abyssinia ; 

tr. & ed. E. S. Whiteway, 1902. [10.] 
„ Mendana de Neyea (A.) Disc, of the Solomon Is. by A. de M. 

in 1568 ; tr. ; ed. Lord Amherst & B. Thomson, 1901. [7, 8.] 
„ Teixeiea (P.) Travels of P. T., 1902. [9.] 

Haldane (Daniel E.), see Chalmeks (T.), student of arts, & 

D. E. H., Two essays on radiant heat, 1842. 
Haldane (Eichard Burden). Education & empire. sS". 1902 
The. pathway to reaUty : being the Gifford lectures, 1902/3. 

8°. 1903 
Hale (Edward Everett), Memories of a hundred years. 

2v. s8o. N.Y. 1902 

Hales (A. Gr.) Angel Jim. sS". 1903 

Jair the apostate. sS". 1902 

Hales (Sir 3 a,mes), jtidge, see Haeleian Miscell. 
Halevy (Daniel), Essais sur le mouvement ouvrier en France. 

a8o. 1901 
Halevy (Ludovic), see Meilhao (H.) & L. H., Froufrou, n. ^d., 

Halifax (Charles Lindley Wood, 2'"' visct.) Catholic unity & 
the relation of national Churches to the Church universal. 

[P1034]. 8». [1902] 
The Eng. Church Union : its future viewed in the light of the 
past. Address deliv". on 42"'' anniv., June, 1901. 

[P102B]. S". n.d. 
Halifax (Charles Montagu, earl of)[ps., — Bays]. * The mouse 
grown a rat : or story of the city & country mouse newly 
transpos'd; in a discourse betwixt Bays, Johnson & Smith. 

[P1028]. s8o. 1702 
Poems ; [w. life by Dr. Johnson], see Chalmers (A.) Eng. 
poets, v9, 1810. 
Hall (Douglas B.) & iorcZ A. E. Gr. Osborne. Sunshine & 
surf : a year's wanderings in the South Seas. 8". 1901 

Hall (H. Fielding) [ps. H. Fieldinh]_, see Fielding (R.) ps. 
Hall (Henry Sinclair) & S. E. Knight. Higher algebra : a 
sequel to " Elementary algebra for schools." 4"" ed. s8<'. 1901 
Hall (Hubert). The English Historical Eeview & The Bed 
Book of the Exchequer. [A letter to the editor of The E. S. 
B.]. [No tp.-] [P1026]. 8». [c. 1899] 

The Eed Book of the Exchequer : a reply to J. H. Bound. 

[P1026]. 40. f.p.c. 1898 
see EouND (J. H.) The Red Book of the Exchequer : [as 
criticism of " The B. B. of the E., ed. B.., 1S96 "], n.d. 

„ *The Eed Book of the Exchequer ; [as pamphlet relating 

to a controversy between H, S. c& J. H. iJ.], n.d. 
Hall (Joseph), bp. of (1) Exeter (S) Norwich. Poems; [w. 
Life, by Chalmers ; & analysis of the satires, by Warton], see 
Chalmers (A.) Eng. poets, v5, 1810. 
Hall (E. N.) & W. G. Neal. The anc. ruins of Rhodesia 
(MonomotapcB Imperium). 8o. 1902 

Halle (Ernst v.), Professor an d. Universitat Berlin. 
Volks- u. Seewirthschaft. 2B. 8''. 1902 

Bl has 2"'' tp. : Die deutsche Volkswirthschaft an d. 

B2 has 2"'' tp. : Weltwirthschaft. Aufgaben u. weltpolit. Ziele. 
Hallett (T, G. Palmer). Home Rule : what does it mean ? 

[P1038]. 8". n.d. 

Some notes on the Irish Land Bill. [P1038]. 8°. 1881 

The tenant-right question, Ireland. The three F's, w. an 

alternative scheme of life occupancy, etc. [P1038]. 8". 1881 

Hallowes (Frances S.) The wedge of war : story of siege of 

Ladysmith. 88". 1900 

Hallstrom (Per), En gammal historia. 2" uppl. sS". [1896] 

Thanatos. 2» uppl. s8°. [1901] 

Hals (Frans), see Davies (G. S.) F. H., 1902. 

Halsham (John). Kitty Fairhall. s8°. 1901 

Halstead (Murat). The life of T. Roosevelt, 25th President of 

the U.S. 8". 1903 

Hambrelin (Maistre). *M. H. seruiteur de maistre Aliborum : 

[chanson nouvelle, aiiltre chanson], [ed. A. V. (i.e. A. VeinantJ], 

see Collection de poesies, romans, chroniques, &'., livr. 23, 


Hamilton Papers. H. P. : Addenda ; ed. S. R. Gardiner (1893), 

[1895], see Camden Miscellany (The), v9. 
Hamilton (Alexander), gen. in the service of the U.S. A few of 
H.'s letters, incl. h. descr. of the great W. Indian hurricane of 
1772. Ed. G. Atherton. b8». N.Y. 1903 

see Lodge (H. C.) A. H., [1898]. 

Hamilton (ia(^2/ Anne), eldest d. of 9"' d. of H. Secret hist, of 
the Court, f . access, of Geo, III to death of Geo. lY. 

80. i'lS32, »-e»r.]. n.d. 




Hamilton [Count Anthony), M&m'. du chevalier de Grani- 
mont ; pr6c^d6s d'une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages 
d'Hamilton, par M. Auger, suivis de la table des noms 
propres des M^n". de G. et d'un ohoix de ses 6pJtres en vers et 
de la corr. [With], Voyage de Chapelle et de Bachaumont, 
pr6o4d6 d'une notice, etc. s8°. 1878 

Hamilton (Augustus). The art workmanship of the Maori 
race in New Zealand. [New Zealand Institute]. 

4<>. Dunedin. 1896 

Hamilton (Emma, Lady), see Calton (E.B.) Annals & legends 
of Calais ; w. mem. of Lady H., 1852. 

Hamilton (Lord Ernest W.), 6"' son of '1^' duke of Abercoj-n. 

Mary Hamilton, her life and hist. 3"* ed. sS". 1902 

Hamilton (George L.), prof, of romance in Trin. Coll., N. 
Carolina. The indebtedness of Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde 
to Guide deUe Colonne's Historia Trojana. sS". N.Y. 1903 

Hamilton (Henry), teacher of English at Paris, see Smith (L.) 
& H. H., Internat. Eng. & Fr. diet., n. ed., 1875. 

& E. Legros. Diet, internat. fr.-angl. laS". 1872 

Hamilton (Henry Blackburne). Hist, record of the 14th 
(King's) Hussars, 1715-1900. 8". 1901 

Hamilton (Mrs. Lee-), see Holdswokth (Miss A. E.) [Mrs. Lee- 

Hamilton OH.) ps. [i.e. Mrs. — Ldck]. Poor Elisabeth. s8». 1901 

Hamilton (Sidney Graves), librarian of Hertford Coll., Oxford. 
Hertford Coll. s8». 1903 

Hamilton CWilliam), 0/ Baiig'ow. Poems; [w. Life by Chal- 
mers], see Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vl5, 1810. 

Hammerton (J. A.). J. M. Barrie & h. books. s8<>. 1902 

Hammond (James). Poems; [w. Life by Dr. Johnson], see 
Chaimees (A.) Eng. poets, vll, 1810. 

Hammond (John). Leah & Eachel, or, the two fruitfull sisters 
Virginia & Mary-Land, etc., 1656, see Foeoe (P.) Tracts etc., 
v3, 1844. 

^ammurabi, king of Babylon. Die Gesetze H. ; iibers. v. H. 
Winckler, 2" A., 1903, see Alte Okient (Dee), Jhrg. 4, 1902. 
The oldest code of laws in the world : the code of laws promul- 
gated by H. B.C. 2285-42. Tr. C. H. W. Johns. s8°. 1903 
see Jeeemias (J^ Moses u. IJ., 1903. 

Hampden {Col. Jolm), of Hampden, the statesman, see Haeleian 


Hampe (Theodor). Die fahrenden Leute in d. deutschen 
Vergangenheit. [Monographien z. deutschen Kulturgesch., 
10]. Ia8». L. 1902 

Hampshire. H. Parish Eegisters : Marriages. [" Marriages, 
etc.," mi tp. of v4]. Ed. W. P. W. Phillimore etc. 

v3-5. [in prog.]. S". 1902-3 

Hampshire Record Society, see Hyde, abbey of. Liber vitse : 
register & martyrology of New Minster & Hyde Abbey, Win- 
chester, ed. W. De G. Birch, 1892. 

Hampstead annual (The). 1901, 1902. Ed. G. E. Matheson & 
S. C. Mayle. laS". [1901-2] 

Hampton (John), see *Naeeative of a new etc. imprisonment 
of two Presbyterian ministers, [F. Makemie, & J. H.], etc., 

Hamsun (Knut). Era det moderne Amerikas aandsliv. sS". 1889 
Bedaktar Lynge. s8». 1893 

Hanacek (Wladimir). Lehrbuch der bohmischen Sprache. 

2T. [Tl 2« A.]. 8°. Wien. 1900-1 

Hancock (Albert Elmer). Henry Bourland: the passing of 
the cavalier. s8o. N.Y. 1901 

Handbook of photography in colours, Marion & Co., 1900, see 
BoLAS (T.), A. A. K. Tallent, & E. Senioe. 

Handcock (William Domville). The hist. & antiq. of Tallaght, 
in the co. of Dublin. 2°" ed., rev., & enl. s8''. D. 1899 

Handelspolitik. Beitrage z. neuesten H. Deutschlands. [Verein 

f. SocialpoUtik, 90-92.] ,_ ' 3B. 8". L. 1900-1 

Beitrage z. neuesten H. Osterreichs. [Verein f. SocialpoUtik, 

93.] 8». L. 1901 

Handsworth Public library. Cat. of musical works in Lending 
Dept. 8". Birmingham. 1899 

Hann (Julius), prof, in Univ. of Vienna. Handbook of clima- 
tology, pi, Gen. climatology, tr. f. the 2"" ed., w. add. ref'., 
& notes, by B. De C. Ward. 8°. N.Y. 1903 

Hanna ((jharles A.) The Scotch-Irish, or, the Scot in N. 
Britain, N. Ireland, & N. America. 2v. 8". N.Y. 1902 

Hannah (John), B.C.L., warden of Trin. Coll., Qlenalmond, 
ed., see Wotion (Sir H.) Poems by W., Sir W. Ealeigh, & 
others, 1845. 

Hannibal, see Azan (P.) Annibal dans les Alpes, 1902. 

Hanotaux (Gabriel). Contemp. France. 

Tr. J. C. Tarver. 

vl (1870-3). 8». 1903 
sS". [1902] 
sS". [1902] 

Du choix d'une oarri^re. 

L'^nergie franpaise. 

Hist, de la France contemp. (1871-1900). 

[t]l (Le gouvernement de M. Thiers). Ia8». [1903] 

Hist, de Eichelieu. t2, ii, (1617-24). [in prog:]. Ia8». [1903] 

La paix latine. 88". 1903 

Hanquet (Carl). Nouv. chartes in^d. de I'abbaye d'Orval ; par 

A. Delescluse & K. H., 1900, see Oeval, The abbey of. 
Hapgood (Korman). Literary statesmen, & others. 

[2°<iimp.]. 88°. Chicago. 1898 
Harcourt (Robert), see Harleian Miscbll. 
Harcourt {Rt. Hon. Sir William), see MaoCaeihv (J.) British 

polit. leaders, 1903. 
Hardinge (Emma), aft. Britten, see Beitten (E. H.) 
Hardung (Victor Eugenio). Eomanceiro portuguez ; coordi- 
nado, annotado e acomp. d'uma intr. e d'um gloss, por H. 

2t in 1. s8o. L. 1877 
Hardy (Charles Frederic). Benenden letters, 1753-1821. 
[Letters by W. Ward of Benenden d by others]. Ed. H. 

8". 1901 
Hardy (Edmund). Konig Asoka. [Weltgesch. in Karakter- 
bildern]. Ia8». Mainz. 1902 

Hardy (Francis H.) To the healing of the sea. 88". 1900 

Hardy {Miss Iza Duffus). The lesser evil. s8». 1901 

Hardy (Thomas), novelist. Desperate remedies. 88". 1898 

Poems of the past & the present. 8°. [1902] 

Hare (Augustus John Cuthbert). Walks in London. 

2v. 7th ed., rev. s8". 1901 
Hare (John), see Haeleian Misoell. 

Harford (George) [/orm. G. Haefoed-Batteesbv], see Caepenter 

(J. E.) The composition of the Hexateuoh : an intr., etc., by 

C. ; & an app., on laws & institutions, by H., 1902. 

Harland (Henry) [ps. Sidney Luska, or Lusca]. 

Grey roses. s8°. 1901 

The lady paramount. s8». 1902 

Mademoiselle Miss ; & o. stories. [n. ed.] s8». 1903 

Harland (Robert Henry), see Lock (C. G. W.), E. H. H., etc., 

Sugar growing & refining, 1882. 
Harleian Library. Cat. of early Eng. misceDanies form, in 
H. L. ; ed. W. C. Hazlitt (1862), [1864], see Camden Miscel- 
lany (The), v5. 
see Haeleian Misoell. 

Harleian Miscellany (The) ; scarce pamphlets etc. in MS. [d] 

print, sel. f. library of E. Harley, 2°'' Earl of Oxford. With 

annots. by W. Oldys, & addit. notes by T. Park. lOv. 4». 1808-13 

v9, '10, are " suppl. v'., of misc. pieces, not m the former 

ed., sel. by T. Park." 
N.B. Here follow the contents of the 10 volumes of tracts 
in alphabetical crder. Anon, pamphlets are arrwnged 
according to the subject or catch word of the pamphlet. 
The vol. & pagination are given in square brackets. 
Abbeys. Information of abuses in the suppression of abbeys. 

[15—]. [10, p. 279.] 
Absalom's conspiracy : or, the tragedy of treason. [Charles II 

d: Duke of Monmouth]. 1680. [7, p. 530.] 
Accapitation, see D'Ewes (Sir S.) 

Adamus (Johannes), Transylvanus. Londinum heroico carmine 
perlustratum : the renowned city of London, tr. by W. F. 
167[5 ?] [10, p. 139.] 
Admirals, see PhUipot (T.) 

Admiralty-jurisdiction. Reasons for settling Admiralty-juris- 
diction, and giving encouragement to merchants, masters of 
ships, material-men, and mariners. 1690. [8, p. 371.] 
Aix de la Chaise (P. d') ps. Project for the extirpation of here- 
ticks. In a letter to Father P[ete]rs, 1688. [A satire]. [7, p. 173.] 
Algiers, see Charles V. 

America. Proposals for carrying on an effectual war in America, 
agst. the French and Spaniards. 1702. [1, p. 389.] 

see New England. 

Anabaptists. Mock-majesty : or, the siege of Munster ; being 
a true story of those fine things, wherewith King John Becock, 
at first a botcher of Leyden, and his companions the Ana- 
baptists, pleased themselves. 1644. [8, p. 258.] 

A warning for England, esp. for London ; in the hist, of 

the Anabaptists, in Germany. 1642. [7, p. 382.] 
Anne, queen. King William's ghost. [On politics of Q.A's 
reign]. 1711. [1, p. 408.] 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Anthoine (Nicolas). An hist. aco. of the life and tryal ot N. A., 

hurnt for Judaism at Geneva, in 1632. [3, p. 213.] 
Apprentices. An humble declaration of the apprentices and 

young men of London, who were petitioners for peace. 1642. 

[8, p. 593]. 

see Strafford (T. W., e. of). 

Argyll (Archibald Campbell, 9"' earl of). A perfect aco. of the 

earl of A.'s landing in the North of Scotland. 1685. [7, p. 168.] 
Speech made in the Parliament of Scotland, by the e. of 

Argyle, 30th Sept., 1641 ; touching the prevention of national 

dissension, by the frequent holding of Parliaments. 1041. 

[5, p. 41.] 
Argyll (Archibald Campbell, -t^' marq. of). The marquis of 

Argyle's will and testament with his character. [A satire]. 

[1661]. [8, p. 28.] 
The speech of the marq. of A. upon the scaffold. May 27, 

1661. 1661. [9, p. no.] 
Armada. Certain advertisements out of Ireland, cone, the 

Spanish navy. 1588. [1, p. 132.] 
— — A packe of Spanish lyes, pr. in Spanish, & tr. [Contains 

the artifices used by Spanish court to encourage people after 

Armada loas beaten]. 1588. [3, p. 385.] 

see Leigli (B.) ; Perez de Guzman (A.), duque; Ubaldini (P.) 

Army, see Soldier. 

Art (The) of good husbandry, or the improvement of time. 

By B. T. 1675. [1, p. 386.] 
Arundel (Henry Fitzalan, 12"' earl of). A moorning diti upon 

the deeeas of the Prins Henry Earl of Arundel, 1579. [10, 

p. 275.] 
Ascham (Anthony), Eng. ambass. at Madrid. The process and 

pleadings in the Court of Spain, upon the death of A. A., and 

of John Baptista Eiva, who were killed by John Guillim, [A- 

others] ; [tr. by James Howell]. 1651. [4, p. 280.] 
Assembly-man, see Birkenhead {Sir J.) 
Athanasian Creed (The). Brief notes on the creed of St. Athana- 

sius. n.d. [5, p. 380.] 
Atheistical (The) politician etc., see Charles I. 
Authority. Enquiry (An) into the measures of submission to 

the supreme authority. 1688. [1, p. 442.] 

see Fraser (J.) 

Bachelors. [Batchelors]. An humble remonstrance of the 

batehelors, in answer to a late paper, intitled, " A Petition of 

the ladies for husbands." [1698]. [4, p. 504.] 
A new Bill, drawn up by a Committee of Grievances, in 

reply to the ladies and batchelors petition and remonstrances, 

etc. [1693.] [4, p. 437.] 
Bacon (Francis), visct. St. Albans, baron Verulavi. Cases of 

treason. 1641. [5, p. 317.] 

Considerations touching a war with Spain. 1629. [5, p. 81.] 

Memoriffi Franoisci, vice-comitis Sanoti Albani, sacrum. 

1626. [10, p. 287.] 
Bale (John), bp. of Ossory. A brefe chronycle cone, the ex- 

aminacion and death of Sir Johan Oldcastell the Lord Cob- 
ham. 1544. [2, p. 249.] 
A brefe comedy or enterlude of lohan Baptystes 

preachynge in the wyldernesse ; openynge the craftye 

assaultes of the hypocrytes, [Popish priests], w. the gloryouse 

baptyme of the Lorde Jesus Christ. 1538. [1, p. 101]. 
The vocacyou of Johan Bale to the bishopri^sk of Ossorie 

inlrelande. 1553. [6, p. 437.] 
Ballad. [Ballade]. A newe ballade, declaryng the daungerous 

shootyng of the gunne at the courte, [by W. E.]. [1578.] 

[10, p. 272.] 
Bantam. A short account of the siege of B. 1683. [5, p. 291.] 
Barrow (Henry), Puritan, [Barrowe]. The examinations of 

Henry Barrowe, John Grenewood.A John Penrie. Penned by 

the prisoners, before their deathes. 1586. [4, p. 340.] 
Bath, see Guidott (T.) ; Venner (T.) 
Bath, Order of the. The manner of creating the Knights of 

the Order of the Bath. 1661. [1, p. 558.] 
Becher (Johann Joachim). Magnalia naturae : or, the philo- 
sophers-stone ; being a true ace. of the manner how Wences- 

lans Seilerus, projection-maker, at Vienna, came by, and made 

away with a quantity of powder of projection. [Tr.]. 1680. 

[7, p. 480.] 
Belvoir castle. Belvoir : a Pindarick ode upon Belvoir-Castle. 

1679. [4, p. 556.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [cmtinued]. 
Berkeley (George), bp. of Cloyne. A letter, [on the reverence 

due to religion], to the Bishop of Cloyne, [George Berkeley]. 

By a gentleman in the army, in 1739. [3, p. 177.] 
Berkeley {Sir John) [Berkley]. Memoirs of Sir J. B. : cont«. 

an aco. of his negotiation with Cromwell, Ireton, etc. for 

restoring Charles I. 1699. . [9, p. 466.] 
Bible, sf« D'Ewes (SirS.) Greek postscripts to Timothy & Titus, 
Bibliotheea fanatica. A cat. of such books as have been lately 

made, and presented to the college of Bedlam. [Sarcasms 

aimed at Commonwealth-men]. 1660. [8, p. 71.] 
Bibliotheea militum : or, the soldiers' publick library. 1659. 

[7, p. 334.] 
Birche (William). A songe betw. the Quene's Majestic [Q, 

Elizabeth] & Bnglande. [1558.] [10, p. 260.] 
Birkenhead {Sir John). The Assembly-man. [Assembly of 

divines, jiToperly the parliament-convocation]. 1647 ; 1662-3. 

[5, p. 96.] 
News from Pembroke & Montgomery : or Oxford man- 

chestered, [Visitation of Oxford], by Michael Oldsworth & his 

Lord, who swore he was Chancellor of Oxford, 1648. [A 

satire on Earl of Pembroke]. [5, p. 112.] 
Two centuries of Paul's church yard : una cum indice 

expurgatorio in Bibliotheea Parliamenti, sive, librorum, qui 

prostant venales in vioo vulgo vooato Little-Brittain. [A 

satire on those in power. 1647.] [9, p. 408.] 
Bishops, see Wake (W.), bp. etc. 
Blount (Charles), translatw of Philostratus, [ps. Philopatris]. 

A just vindication of learning : or, an address to Parliament, 

in behalf of the liberty of the press. By Philopatris [i.e. C. B.] 

1679. [6, p. 77.] 
Blower (Aminadab). Some reasons. Shewing the causes, 

wherefore they do, etc., refuse, the Liturgy. [7, p. 189.] 
Bodley {Sir Thomas). The life of Sir T. B. Wr. by himself. 

1647. [4, p. 314.] 
Boetius (A. M. T. S.) A voice from the dead. An oration. 

1681. [7, p. 614.] 
Bolron (Robert). The Papists' bloody oath of secrecy, & litany 

of intercession, for the carrying on of this present plot. [The 

Popish plot, iOSO]. With information, rel. to the plot, & the 

murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey. 1680, [7, p. 285.] 
Bonner (Edmund), bp. of London, see Knell (T.) 
Boreman (Eobert). TIatSeia-8paifi$os, the triumph of learning, 

& of truth : an answer to four queries : Need of universities ?, 

Who is an heretick ?, Lawful to use conventicles ?, Whether 

a layman may preach ? 1653. [1, p. 505.] 
Bovey (James) [Boevey]. The vindication of that hero of 

political learning, Nicholas Machiavel. [1693.] [7, p. 449.] 
Brett (Samuel). A narrative of the proc. of a great ootmcil of 

Jews, in the plain of Ageda in Hungary, 12 Oct. 165ft. Also 

a relation of observations in his travels beyond the seas. 

1655. [1, p. 379.] 
Brewers' (The) plea : or, a vindication of strong-beer & ale. 

1647. [7, p. 329.] 

Bridgwater (Benjamin). The secret history of the Calves- 
Head Club. [By B.] [With] Anthemg for 1693-97; 1703. 
[6, p. 596.] 

Bristol (George Digby, 2'"' earl of). Speech [I640], cone, 
grievances. 1641. [5, p. 441.] 

Speech in the House of Commons, to the bill for triennial 

Parliaments. Jan. 19, 1640. [6, p. 118.] 

Britaine (William de), see De Britaine (W.) 

British (The) ambassadress's speech to the French king. [A 
poem on condition of the Church & nation at end of Anne's 
reign]. [3, p. 325.] 

British (The) bellman. [Agst. Cromwell d the rebelli&nj. 

1648. [7, p. 624.] 

Brooke (Fulke Greville, baron) ^js., see Greville (F.) 

Browne (George), abp. of Dublin. Hist. coll*, of the Church 

of Ireland, during the reigns of Henry YIII, Edward VI, and 

Mary. Set forth in the life of G. B. 1681. [5, p. 595.] 
Browne (H.) The old Pharisee, with the new phylacteries of 

presbytery. [8, p. 74.] 
Bruce (Robert), king. A letter from the nobiUty, barons, and 

commons of Scotland, in 1320, to Pope John : wherein they 

declare their firm resolutions to adhere to their king, Robert 

the Bruce. Tr. from the Latin. [4, p. 511.] 
Bjichanan (George), historian. Ane admonitioun direct to the 

trew Lordis, mantenaris of the Kingis Graces authoritie. 

M.G.B. [On the troubles in Scotland]. 1571. [3, p. 413.} 





Harleian Miscellany (The) [continiuid]. 
Buchanan (George), historian [contimied]. 
The copie of a letter cone, the credit of the late published 

Detection of the doynges of the Ladie Marie of Scotland. 

[1568]. [3, p. 561.] 
Buckingham (George Villiers, /'* duke of), see Eglisham (G.) ; 

Wotton (Sir H.) 
Buckinghamshire (John SheiBeld, duke of) [earl Mulgrave]. A 

letter, fi-om the E. of Mulgrave to Dr. Tillotsou. 1689. [5, p. 

Bvtrges (Francis). Art and mystery of printing. By P. Surges. 

1701. [3, p. 134.] 
Burghley (William Cecil, baron). B.'s advice to Elizabeth, in 

matters of rehgion & state. [1583.] [7, p. 58.] 
Bumet (Gilbert), bp. of Salisbii/ry. Expedition of the Prince of 

Orange for England. Giving an aec. of the most remarkable 

passages thereof, from the day of his setting sail from Holland. 

[Signed N._N., i.e. bp. B.]. 1688. [1, p. 449.] 

Eeasons for crowning the Prince & Princess of Orange 

King & Queen jointly. [By B. ?]. 1689. [6, p. 606.]' 
. A Anthony Horneok. The confession, etc., of Lt. John Stern, 

before his execution : with the confession of George Borosky. 

They had murdered Thomas Thynn, Esq. 1682. [8, p. 191.] 
Butler (Samuel), poet. The acts and monuments of our late 

Parliament. 1659. [5, p. 422.] 
Calves Head Club, see Bridgwa"ter (B.) 
Cambridge [University, Town etc.} Die Lunse, 22 Jan. 1643. 

An ordinance for regulating the tJniv. of C, and for removing 

of scandalous ministers in the seven associated counties. 

[With Commission granted by the Earl of Manchester.] 

[3, p. 246]. 
The petition of the gentlemen and students of the Univ. of 

C, 5''' January, 1642 ; upon the bishops late imprisonment. 

With their appeal to his Majesty. 1642. [6, p. 196.] 
■ True copies of the Latine orations, made at Cambridge, on 

the 25"' & 27'" of Feb., 1622, by the Vice-Chancellor and 

others of that Umv. 1623. [10, p. 151.] 
Camilton (John). C.'s discovery of the devilish designs, of the 

Soc. of Jesuits. Tr. out of the Latin. Dedicated to Parliament, 

by W. F. X. B. 1641. [8, p. 172.] 
Cary (Walter) [Carey]. The .present state of England, expressed 

in this paradox : 

Our fathers were very rich with little. 
And we poor with much. 1627. [3, p. 204.] 
Catalogue (A) of books; to be sold by auction, at the Whigs 

coffee-house, at the sign of the Jackanapes, in Prating-Alley, 

near the deanery of St. Paul's. [A polit. shit, c. ^690], [5, p. 

Catherine [Parr], g. consort of Henry VIII. The lamentation, 

made by the most vertuous & right gratious ladie, Queene 

Catherine ; bewailing the ignorance of bir blind life. n.d. 

[5, p. 293.] 
Cavendish (George). The negotiations of Thomas Wolsey, 

cardinal; cont. his life & death. 1641. [5, p. 123.] 
Cecil (Sir Eobert), aft. ^" earl of Salislmry. The state & 

dignity of a Secretary of State's place. With his excellent 

instructions to the late Earl of Bedford, for the government 

of Barwick. 1642. [2, p. 281.] 
Cellier (Elizabeth). A scheme for the foundation of a Eoyal 

hospital, the maintenance of a corporation of 1 skilful mid- 
wives, etc., proposed to James II. by Mrs. E. C, 1687. [4, p. 

Charles V, emp, of Germany. A lamentable treatise : wherin 

is contayned, the high entreprise of C. V made to Argier in 

AliriqUe, agaynst the Turckes, etc. Tr. into Englishe. 1542. 

[4, p. 532.] 
Charles I, king. An acb. of the burial of Charles I, and of 

Oliver Cromwell. 1660. [2, p. 285.] 
Atheistical (The) politician : or a disc. cone. Kicholas 

Machiavell, [Agst. govt, of Charles /.] [3, p. 243.] 
Behold! two letters: the one by the Pope, [Qregory 

XV], to the (then) Prince of Wales, now fing of England ; the 

other, an answer, [on change of religion]. 1642. [6, p. 131.] 

; A conference betw. the monarchs of France & Spain, 

„ cone, proceedings in England. 1641. [8, p. 218.] 
A disc, shewing in what state the three kingdoms are in 

at this present. 1641. [5, p. 79.] 
, The dissentiog-ministers, vindication, from the murder of 

Charles I. With t;heir names subscribed, aboilt 20"' Jan, 

1648. [2, p. 534.J 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Charles i., king [continued^. 

The King's cabinet opened ; Or secret letters and papers. 

Wr. with the King's own hand, & taken at Nasby field, June 
14, 1645. 1645. [7, p. 544.] 

News from Hell, Rome, and the Inns of Court ; wherein is set 

forth a letter from the Devil to the Pope. The petition de- 
livered to the King, [Charles I.], at York, etc. By J. M. 1641. 
[7, p. 212.] . 

• Ovatio Carolina ; the triumph of Charles : or the manner 

of receivingh.M. into London, 25 Nov., 1641. 1641. [7, p. 495.] 

The power of the laws of a kingdom over the wiU of a 

misled king. 1643. [4, p. 553.] 

The rebels' catechism : to let them see the heinousness of 

their offence. 1643. [7, p. 461.] 

The trial & condemnation of Col. Adrian Scroope, John 

Carew, Thomas Scott, Gregory Clement, and Col. John Jones, 
judges upon our late King Charles, 12"' Oct. 1660. 1660. 
[6, p. 74.] 

A view of the reign of Charles I. [2, p. 484.] 

: Vox borealis ; or the Northerne discoverie : dialogue, 

betw. Jamie & Willie. Amidst the Babylonians, printed by 
Margery Mar-Prelat. [Agst. Charles I. S prelacy.] 1641. 
[3, p. 228.] 

Vox popuH ; or the people's humble disc, of their own 

loyalty, & his Majesty's, [C. I's], ungrounded jealousy, 1642. 
[7, p. 453.] 

see Berkley (Sir J.) ; Cornwallis (Sir C.) ; Essex (R. D., 

e. of) ; Irish (The) cabinet ; Louis XIV ; Peters (Fatlier H.) ; 

Budyard (Sir B.) 
Charles II, king. An ace. of the reasons which induced 

Charles II to declare war agst. the United Provinces in 1672. 

[Tr.] 1689. [2, p. 406.] 

Awake, England : or the people's invitation to King 

Charles. 1660. [1, p. 275.] 

Copies of two papers wr. by Charles II. [1685]. [5,42.] 

A declaration of James, marq. of Mqntrose, cone, resolu- 
tion to settle Charles II in all his domihions, July 9, 1649. 
1649. [3, p. 559.] 

England's joy : or a relation of the most remarkable 

passages, from his M.'s arrival at Dover, to his entrance at 
Whitehall. 1660. [3, p. 373.] 

The grand concern of England explained. 1. For pay- 
ment of publick debts. 2. For advancement of trade. 3. For 
raising the rents of lands. By a lover of his country. 1678. 
[8, p. 547.] 

A letter, cone, the King's disavowing the having been 

married to the duke of Monmouth's mottier. [1681. By 
Bobert Ferguson]. [4, p. 165."] 

The mischiefs and unreasonableness of endeavouring to 

deprive his Majesty of the affections of his subjects. [To 
deter people f. fomenting discontent agst. kingly govt.], 
1681. [1, p. 38.] 

A narrative of his Majesty's escape' from Worcester, 

3"i Sept., 1651. 1660. [4, p. 441.] 

A new looking-glass for the Jdngdo'm : >vherei"n those 

that admire the late Govt'., [Cha/rles Irs <& Jaines II's], may 
have a true prospect of liberty & slavery. 1690. [1, p. 607.] 

. see Absalom's conspiracy ; Committee of Safety. 

Chaplain's (The) petition for redress of grievances. By 'one of 
the camp-chaplains. 1693. [4, p. 210.] 

Charnwood Forest. A relation of a wonderful accident, a 
dissolution of the earth, in the forest of Charnwood, Leicester- 
shire ; lately done, and discovered. 1679. [2, p. 194.] 

Cheesman (Christopher). An epistle to Charles II, 1661. 
[7, p. 457.] 

Chess. A letter oonc. chess. 1680. [1, p. 484.] 

Chettle (Henry). A doleful ditty, or sorowf uU sonet, of the Lord 
Darly. [1567]. [10, p. 264.] 

England's mourning gaarmeat ; in memory of Elizabeth ; 

Queen of virtue. Added the manner of her funeral : after 
wh. follows the, Shepherd's spring-song. , 160,3. [3, p. 524.] 

Chidley (Samuel). A cry agst. a crying sin : or; a complaint 
agst. them who have broken.the statute of God, byi killing 
of men merely for theft. 1652. [8, p. 477.]; 

Chocolate. The nat. hist, of coffee, oh'oeolatB, etc. 1682. 
[1, p. 528.] 

Chorographia, see Gray (W.), of Newcastle-upon-Ttfne. 

Christian IV, king of Denmark £ Norway, see Eobe'r,ts (H.j 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [contiimed]. ' 

Church of England, see British (The) ambassadi'ess's speech. 

see Henry VIII, king ; Images. 

Church of Ireland, see Browne (G.), abp. of Dublin. 

Churches, see Images. 

Churchyard (Thomas). A sparke of friendship, that shews the 

■effect of true affection, and unfolds the fineness of this world. 

1588. [3, p. 260.] 
Clarendon (Edward Hyde, /»' earl of). The humble petition 

& address of E., earl of Clarendon. [Presented '/667]. [5, 

p. 185.] 

Two letters by C. : one to the Duke of York ; the other 

to the Duichess ; occasioned by her embracing the Eonian- 
Catholic religion. [3, p. 555.] 

Clergy. A general bill of the mortality of the clergy of 
London : or, a martyrology of the ministers of London, in 
the late rebellion. 1661. [2, p. 391.] 

sec Ministers ; Peters {Father H.) 

Clergyman. Advice to a young clergyman, how to conduct 

himself in the common offices of life ; in a letter from a late 

prelate. [1730.] [3, p. 366.] 
Clifford (Matthew) [Martin C] A treatise of human reason. 

1675. [9, p. 875.] 
Cobham (John Oldcastle, baron), see Oldcastle (Sir J.) 
Cock-fighting, see Elys (E.) 
Codi-ington (Robert). The life and death of Eobert, Earl of 

Essex, &c. 1646. [1, p. 216.] 
Coffee. The nat. hist, of coffee, thee, chocolate, and tobacco : 

and, also, the way of making mum. 1682. [1, p. 528.] 
Coffee-house. The character of a coffee-house, with the 

symptoms of a town-wit. 1673. [6, p. 465.] 
Coffee-houses vindicated. In answer to the character of 

a coffee-house. 1675. [6, p. 470.] 
Coinage. An essay towards carrying on the present war agst. 

France, and coining of all our monies. [1696.] [8, p. 315.] 

see Monies. 

Coke ( — ), sec. of the Eng. ambass. at Constantinople. A 

true narrative of the great solemnity of the circumcision of 

Mustapha, son of Mahomet, emp. of -the Turks. 1676. 

[5, p. 365.] 
Cole (William). A rod for the lawyers : hereby declared to be 

robbers of the nation. 1659. [4, p. 319.J 
Committee of Safety. An ace. of the receipts, etc., expended 

by the C. of. S., upon the emergent occasions of the nation. 

1660. [7, p. 197.] 
Commons, see Winstanley (G.) 
Compendious (A) exam, of certayne ordinary Complaints, of 

divers of our country men. [Bepr. in IISI & then attrib. 

to William Shakespea/re <& to William Stafford"]. 1581. 

[9, p. 139.] 
Conscience. Cases of conscience, & queries; n.d. [circa 1690?] 

[5, p. 289.] 
Constable (Henry), poet. Sonnets ; circa 1590. [9, p. 489.] 
. Constantinople, see Haga (C.) 
Convention Parliament. A speech of a felloW-oommoner of 

Bnglajid, to his fellow-commoners of the Convention, 1689. 

[5, p. 373.] 
Cooke (Alexander). Pope Joan : A dialogue betw. a Protes- 
tant & a Papist; proving, that a woman, called Joan, was 

Pope of Eome. 1625. [4, p. 63.] 
Corbet (Miles). A speech, spoken in the House of Commons, 

by M. C. 31" July, 1647 ; taken in short-hand by J. Nocky & 

Tom Dunn, and rev. by John Taylor. [A fictitious speech to 
' expose the rebellious speakers & the real misfortunes of the 

nation]. 1679. [1, p. 270.] 
■ Cornu-Copia : a miscellaneum of lucriferous & most fructi- 
ferous experiments, obs=., & discoveries, [in Agrictilture, etc.]. 

[1647]. [6, p. 27.] 
Cornwallis (Sir Charles). A disc, of Henry Prince of Wales. 

Wr., 1626, by Sir C. 0. 1641. [4, p. 333.] 
. The rel. Of the carriage of the marriages that should 

have been made betw. the Prince of England, & the Infanta 

major, & also after with the younger Infanta of Spain. 

[1622]. [8, p. 1.] 
Cotton (Sir Eobert Bruce), bart. The antiquity & dignity of 

Parliaments. 1679. [2, p. 128.] 
Court-favourite. The character of an ill court-favourite. Tr. 
' [c. 1684]. [2, p. 56.] 
Courtier. The character of a disbanded courtier. 1681. 

£1, p. 366.] 

giving ace. 
added, two 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Coventry (Sir William). A letter to Dr. Burnet, 

of Card. Pool's secret powers. To which are, 

breves, & o. letters. 1685. [7, p. 272.] 
Cowley (Abraham). A vision, cone, his late pretended High- 
ness, Cromwell the wicked. 1661. [5, p. 524.] 
Cowper (Spencej;). Some obs". on the trial of Spencer Cowper, 

J. Marson, E. Stevens, & W. Eogers, tried, about the mur.der 

of Sarah Stout. [8, p. 429.] 
Crab (Roger). The English hennite. Relation of the life of 

Roger Crab. 1655. [4, p. 478.] 
Cromwell (Ohver), Lord Protector. An ace. of the burial of 

Charles I & 0. C. 1660. [2, p. 285.] 

A character of England : as it was presented in a letter 

to a nobleman of France. 1659. [10, p. 189.] 

C.'s complaint of injustice : or his dispute with Pope 

Alexander VI, for precedency in Hell. [1681]. [7, p. 375.] 

C.'s speech, 4"' July, 1653, to the persons then as- 
sembled and intrusted with the supreme authority of the 
nation. 1654. [6, p. 55.] 

A devout exercise, or sermon, held forth, 1649, by O; C. ; 

as it was taken in characters by Aaron Guerdon. 1680, 
[i, p. 176.] 

The hist, of 0. C. By J. H. Gent. 1663. [1, p. 279.] 

Let me speak too ; or, eleven queries, cone, the late 

alteration of government. 1659. [8, p. 583.] 

The Protector's declaration agst. the Stuarts, & the true 

worship of the Church of England. 1655. [5, p. 268.] 
ShuiHing, cutting, & dealing, in a game at piequet : 

being acted f. 1653-1658, by 0. P. & others. [A satire by 

Henrij NevilU]. 1659. [5, p. 314.] 
A true ace. of the conspiracy agst. the Lord Protector, 

& this commonwealth. 1654. [10, p. 210.] 

Twenty-five queries : propounded, to the pepple of Eng- 
land ; & to the army in this juncture of affairs. 1659. [9, p. 44.] 
The world's mistake in 0. C. ; or, a, disc, shew- 
ing, that C.'s mal-administration laid the foundation of our 
present condition, in the decay of trade. 1668. [1, p. 287.] 

see Bibliotheca fanatioa ; British (The) bellman ; Co*ley 

(A.) ; Joyce (G.) ; Mercurius Melanchalicus ; Nedham (M.) ; 
Parliament; Sexby (E.) 

Cromwell (Richard), Lord Protector. An expedient for the 
preventing any difference betw. his Highness, [Bichard Croni- 
ioelV], and the Parliament, By a lover of his country, 1659, 
[5, p. 338.] ; 

Letter to the Parliament of England; shewing his willing- 
ness to submit to this present government, 25th May, 1659. 
[1, p. 22.] 

The speech, made to Parliament, 27th Jan. 1658. [1, p. 20.] 

Crown. A short histor. coU.. touching the succession of the 

crown. [1690 ?] [4, p. 588.] 

Curates' (The) conference : or a disc. betw. two scholars ; 
relating their hard condition, and consulting which way to 
mend it. 1641. [1, p. 495.] 

Darnley (Henry, earl of), see Chettle (H.) 

Deacon (John). The grand Impostor examined': or, the life, 
trial, and exam, of James Nayler, the Quaker. 1656. [6, p. 425.] 

De Britaine (William). The Dutch usurpation, or a view of 
the behaviour of the United Prov., tow. the Kings of Great- 
Britain. 1672. [3, p. 1.] 

Democritus, ps. Democritus turned statesman : or, twenty 
queries betw. jest and earnest, proposed to all true-hearted 
Englishmen. 1659. [6, p. 192.] 

D'Ewes (Sir Symonds), bart. "The Greek postscripts of the 
epistles to Timothy and Titus cleared in Parliament. And 
speech touching the bill of acapitation, or poll-money. 1641. 
[9, p. 257.] 

Dissenters. The dissenting-ministers. Vindication f. the 
murder of Charles I. With their names. 20'" Jan., 1648. 
[2, p. 534.] 

Divine right of kings, see Fraser (J.) x- 

Dixie. (Sis' Wolstane). The device of the pageant borne before 
Woolstone Dixi, Lord Maior of the citie of London, 1585. 
[10, p. 851.] 

Dover, see Ealeigh (Sir W.) 

Drunkenness, see Foulface (P.) 

Drury (Eobert), Benedictine. [Drewrie]. Arraignment, and 
condemnation, of D. Also the tryall and death of Hum- 
phrey Lloyd, for murdering one of the Guard. And the 
execution of D. 1607, [3, p- 38.] 





Harleian Miscellany (The) [cmitinued]. 
Dugdale (Eiohard). A narr. of the plots by Seignior Gonda- 
more, for advancing the Popish religion. 1679. [3, p. 327.] 

A narr. of popish cruelties : or a new ace. of the Spanish 

Inquisition. 1680. [7, p. 105.] 

Dunkirk. A descr. of Dunkirk. 1712. [2, p. 329.] 

Dury (John). A case of conscience ; whether it be lawful to 
admit Jews into a Christian-commonwealth ? 1656. [7,p.251.] 

Dutch. Eel. of the hardships of a Dutch sailor, on the Isle of 
Ascension. Account of his converse with apparitions, and 
evil spirits. And a diary f . 5''' May-14"' Oct. ; on which day he 
perished. 1725-6. [8, p. 295.] 

A victory obtained by the Enghsh agst. the Dutch ; and 

the pursuing of the Dutch fleets, by General Blake and Sir 
George Ayscue. Out of the papers sent f. Capt. Stoaks. 
1652. [4, p. 330.] 

Duval (Claude) [Du Vail], The memoirs of Mons. Du Vail. 
A reflexion on the fondness of English ladies towards French 
footmen. 1670. [3, p. 308.] 

East Indies. A rel. of strange accidents, which lately hap- 
pened in the kingdom of the Mogul, monarch of the East 
Indies. Written by persons of good import, who were eye- 
witnesses. 1622. [1, p. 258.] 

Ecclesiastical courts, see Spiritual courts; Sprat (T.), bp. 

Edward, the Black Prince. The French King conquered : the 
King of France and his son brought prisoners into England 
by Edward the Black Prince. [Life d- death of E. the Black 
Prince]. Written by a person of quality. 1678. [3, p. 142.] 

Edward II, king, see Falkland (H. C, ■/" visct.) 

Edward IV, king, see Louis XI. 

Edward VI, king. An epitaph upon the deth of Kyng 
Edward. [1553]. [10, p. 252.] 

see Fulwell (U.) 

Eglisham (George). The forerunner of revenge. Wherein are 

expressed divers actions of the earle of Buckingham. 1642. 

[2, p. 69.] 
Elderton (William). A balad intituled the Dekaye of the Duke. 

[Apparently Thomas, duke of Norfolk, beheaded iS^^]. 

[10, p. .270.] 
A new ballad declaring the great treason agst. the King 

of Scots, [Jaines VI], and how one Andrew Browne prevented 

the same. [1586]. [10, p. 266.] 

Newes from Northumberland. [1586]. [10, p. 267.] 

Elizabeth, giieen. The Act of Parliament of 27"' Q. E. to pre- 
serve the Queen's person, the Protestant religion, and govt. 
By a sincere Protestant, etc. 1679. [1; p. 454.] 

A copy of the instrument of association, that the Pro- 
testants of England entered into, agst. a Popish conspiracy ; 
with an Act, for the security of the Queen's, [Elisabeth's], 
person. 1695. [7, p. 132.] 

A declaration of the dealing of her Majestie's Com- 
missioners, appted. for the exam, of traitours, and of tortures 
unjustly reported to be done upon them for matters of religion. 
1583. [3, p. 565.] 

A declaration of E. Cont. the causes which have con- 

strayned her to arme for defence both of her owne estate, and 
of Charles IX. 1562. [3, p. 185.] 

The execution of justice in England, for maintenaunce, 

of peace, agst. certeine stirrers of sedition, without any perse- 
cution of them for questions of religion. [Ow the Pope's 
attempt to ensnare Elizabeth]. 1583. [2, p. 187.] 

The golden speech of E., to her last Parliament, Nov.. 30, 

1601. [1, p! 376.] 

A newe ballade. [By B. M. Tlie first line reads dere 

Lady Elysabeth. 1558?] [10, p. 262.] 

A speech by E., in Parliament, 1593 ; cone, the Spanish 

invasion. [1, p. 436.] 

see Birche (W.) ; Burghley (W. C, barmi) ; Chettle (H.) ; 

Hake (E.); Heywood (T.) ; Naunton (Sir B.) ; Parliament; 
Petowe (H.) ; Primrose {Lady D.) ; Thacker (R.) ; Throck- 
morton (F.) 

Elsynge. (Henry) [Elsing]. The method of passing bills in 

Parhament. 1685. [5, p. 226.] 
Elwes (Sir Jervis) [Ellwis]. The Lieutenant of the Tower's 

speech and repentance, executed 20th Nov. 1615 ; for the 

murder of Sir Thomas Overbury. [5, p. 546.] 
Elys (Edmund) [Ellis]. The opinion of Mr. Perkins and Mr 

Bolton, and others, cone, the sport of cock-fighting. 1660. 

[6, p. 122.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
England. Ancient customs of E. 1641. [1, p. 239.] 

The history of E, The first book : declaring the state of 

the Isle of Britain under the Roman empire. 1602. [7, p. 1.] 

The pacquet-boat advice ; or, a disc. cone, the war w. 

France. 1678. [2, p. 398.] 

The wars, & causes of them, betw. E. & France, f. 

William I to William HI ; with a treatise of the Salique law. 
By D. J. & rev. by R. C. 1697. [1, p. 297.] 

see Carey (W.) ; Charles I, king ; Charles II, king ; 

Cromwell (0.), Lord Protector ; Invasion of England ; Parable 
(The) of the three jackdaws ; Press. 

England's Joy. The plot of the play, called " England's Joy." 

To be playd at the Swan this 6 of Nov. 1602. [10, p. 198]. 
English gentlemen, see Travels of three English gentlemen. 
Enghsh language. Vindex Anglious : or, tbe perfections of the 

English language defended & asserted. 1644. [2, p. 37.] 
Ernulphus, bp. of Rochester. The Pope's dreadful curse. 

Being a form of excommunication of the Church of Rome. 

Writ by Ernulfus bp. 1681. [6, p. 533.] 
Essex (Robert Devereux, S'"* earl of). Robert, earl of Essex's 

ghost; sent f. Elysium. [Agst. marriage betw. Charles Id the 

Infanta]. 1624. [5, p. 234.] 
Essex (Robert Devereux, 3''' earl of), see Codrington (R.) 
Europe. Discourses upon the modern affairs of Europe, 

tending to prove that the French Monarchy may be reduced 

to terms. 1680. [1, p. 423.] 
Europe a slave, when the empire is in chains : shewing 

the deplorable state of Germany. [On the peace loith France 

d the danger to England, d the balance of power in Europe]. 

1713. [1, p. 357.] 
Everett (George). Encouragement for seamen and mariners : 

2p. Being a method for the furnishing Their Majesties' Royal 

Navy with able seamen and mariners : and for saving sums of 

money, yearly expended in attending the sea-press. 1695. 

[4, p. 392.] 
Exchange ware at the second hand : viz. Band, Ruffe, & CuBe : 

or, a dialogue, acted in the Univ. of Cambridge. [The first ed., 

1615, had title A merry dialogue betw. Band, Cuffe, & Ruffe 

etc.] 2'"i ed. 1615. [10, p. 204.] 
Exchequer. A letter ; touching the embezzlements of the 

kingdom's treasure. Added, a parallel ace. of the national 

expences, from 1640-1659, & 1688-1700. 1710. [Letter 

signed W. L.] [6, p. 304.] 
Excommunication, see Ernulphus, bp. 
Execution of justice in England, see Elizabeth, queen. 
Falkland (Henry Cary, /»' visct.) The hist, of Edward II ; with 

obs'. on Gaveston & Spencer. 1680. [1, p. 67.] 
Family of Love, a sect. A descr. of the sect called the 

" Family of Love." Being discovered by one Mrs. Susanna 

Snow. 1641. [3, p. 568.] 
Fanatics. The character of a fanatick. By a person of quality. 

1675. [7, p. 635.] 

Semper iidem : or, a parallel betw. anc. & mod. fanaticks. 

1661. [7, p: 398.] 

Fannant (Thomas). An hist, narration of the manner & 
form of that parliament which wrought wonders. Begun at. 
Westminster, 1386. 1641. [7, p. 256.] 

Favourites, see Court-favourite. 

Fell (Mrs. Margaret), aft. Fox, & George Fox. The exam. &r 
trial of Margaret Fell & George Fox, for their obedience to 
Christ's command, who saith, " Swear not at all." Also some- 
thing in answer to bp. Lancelot Andrew's sermon cone, swear- 
ing. 1664. [6, p. 282.] 

Fenwick (Sir John), bart. Contemplations upon life & death. 
1697. [1, p. 542.] 

Ferguson (Robert). A letter cone, the king's disavowing the 
having been married to the duke of Monmouth's mother. 
[1680.] [4, p. 165.] 

Feversham (George Sondes, earl of). G. S. his narrative upon 
the death of his two sonnes. 1655. [10, p. 42.] 

Filmer (Sir Robert), bart. Quasstio quodlibetica ; or a disc, 
whether it may be lawfuU to take use for money. 1653, 
[10, p. 105.] 

Finch of Fordwich (John Finch, baron). Accusation & im- 
peachment of Finch, Lord-Keeper of the Great-Seal. 1640> 
[5, p. 566.] 

Fire, see Gosling (W.) 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Fishing. The royal-fishing revived. From what causes the 
Dutch have ingrossed the fishing-trade : as also from what 
causes the Eng. have lost the fishing-trade. 1670. [3, p. 409]. 

sec Gentleman (T.) 

Floods, see Wales. 

Forde (Sir Edward). Experimented proposals how the King 
may have money to pay & maintain his iieets. 1666. [4, 
- p. 195.] 

Forrest (William). A new ballade of the marigolde. [1553.] 
[10, p. 253.] 

Foulfaee (Philip) ps. Bacchus' bountie. [To expose drunhen- 
imss']. 1593. [2, p. 800.] 

Fox (George), founder of the Sac. of Friends. The last will of 
F. [1688]. [7, p. 638.] 

see Fell (M.) & G. F. 

France. The designs of France agst. England & Holland dis- 
covered. 1686. [2, p. 512.] 

An essay towards carrying on the present war agst. 

France, & coining of all our monies. To wh. is added an 
app. [1696]. [8, p. 315.] 

The paequet-boat advice : or, a disc. cone, the war w. 

France. 1678. [2, p. 398.] 

The present state of Christendom, and the interest of 

England, w. a regard to France. [On French designs']. 1677. 
[1, p. 248.] 

see Europe, Discourses upon the mod. affairs of E. etc. 

see Invasion of England. 

see Varamund (E.) 

Francisco. A dialogue betw. Francisco & Aurelia, two unfor- 
tunate orphans of the city of London. 1690. [4, p. 584.] 

Fraser (J.) The doctrine of passive obedience, & jure divino, 
disproved ; cSs obedience to the present govt, proved. By a 
lay-man of the Church of England. 1689. [7, p. 295.] 

French. An answer to the French declaration of war, in 
alliance with the Dutch & Danes, in 1665. 1665-6. [2, p. 478.] 

Fulwell (Ulpian). The flower of fame. Cont. the raigne of 
Henry VIIl. Annexed a treatise of iii Queenes, [Anne Boleyn, 
Jane, K; Parr] ; and a disc, of the service that was done at 
Hadington in Scotlande, the seconde yere of the raigne of 
Edward VI. 1575. [9, p. 337.] 

Fussel (John). The unhappy marksman : or a discovery of 
that murder by George Strangeways, on J. F. 1659. [4, p. 1.] 

Gainsford (Thomas). The true history of Perkin Warbeok, 
proclaiming himself Bichard IV. 1618. [6, p. 534.] 

■Gamesters. The royal gamesters : or, the old cards new 
shuffled, for a conquering game. [On the polit. ambitions of 

. Fraiice £ Spain. 1706]. [1, p. 177.] 

The State gamesters ; or the old cards new packed and 

shuffled. [168-]. [4, p. 404.] 

Gaming. The nicker nicked : or the cheats of gaming dis- 
covered. 3'-« ed. 1669. [2, p. 108.] 

Gardiner (Stephen), hp. of Winchester. A supposed lament; 
[with] A retort upon, or replication to the same. [1554 ?] 
[10, p. 256.] 

<Jarroway (Sir H.), alderman, see Garway (Sir H.) 

Garway (Sir Henry) [Garroway]. A speech by G. upon occa- 
sion of a speech, deliv^. by Mr. Pym, at the reading of his 
Majesty's answer to the late petition. 1642. [5, p. 179.] 

■Gentleman (Tobias). England's way to win wealth : or a de- 
scr. what great profit it will bring unto England, by the 
■erecting etc. of busses to sea a-fishing. With a relation of the 
wealth yearly taken out of his M.'s seas by the Hollanders. 
1614. [3, p. 395.] 

Gentleman, see Higford (W.) 

"Germany, see Europe a slave. 

Gibbon (John), Blue Mantle. Day-fatality : obs. of days lucky 
& unlucky ; w. remarks upon 14"' Oct., the birth-day of James 
duke of York. 1679. [8, p. 307.] 

Goddard (Jonathan). A disc, setting forth the condition of 
the practice of physick in London. 1670. [8, p. 462.] 

Godfrey (Sir Edmond Berry), see Popish plot. 

•Goffe (William). How to advance the trade of the nation, & 
employ the poor. [1711.] [4, p. 385.] 

Gondomar (Diego Sarmiento de Aouna, conde de). [Gondamor]. 
Sir Walter Baleigh's ghost. Discovering a secret consultation, 
newly holden in the court of Spain. Together with his tor- 
menting of count de Gondomar. [On O.'s transactions in 
England]. 1626. [5, p. 66.] 

. see Dugdale (B.) 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 

Gosling (William), engineer. Advice for preventing the mis- 
chief of fire. [First hint wh. led to invention of Fire En- 
gines]. 1643. [6, p. 399.] 

Gout, see Misaurus (P.) 

Gowrie (John Euthven, 3"' earl of). Gowrie's conspiracie agst. 
the King's person, 5"' Aug., 1600. 1600. [3, p. 78.] 

see Hart (Sir W.) 

Gray (William), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Chorographia : or, a 
survey of Newcastle upon Tine. [Preface signed W. G.]. 
1649. [3, p. 267.] 

Great Britain, see England. 

Greene (Eobert), the poet. A quip for an upstart courtier : or, 
a quaint dispute between Velvet-Breeches & Cloth-Breeches. 
Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all estates & 
trades. 1592. [5, p. 393.] 

Theeves falling out, true-men come by their goods. 1637. 

[8, p. 382.] 

Gregory XV, pope, see Charles I. 

Greville (Fulke), haron Brooke, jjs. The five years of King 
James, or, the condition of England. By Sir Fulk Grevill, 
late Lord Brook. 1643. [This pamphlet is not by Lord Brooke] . 
[7, p. 407.] 

Grey (Lady Jane). An epistle of the Lady Jane. Whereunto 
is added, the communication that she had with Feckenham, 
upon her faith, also, another epistle to her sister, etc. 1554. 
[3, p. 112.] 

The instrument by which Queen Jane was proclaimed 

Queen of England, &c. ; her right to the crown. 1553. [1, p. 

Guiana, see Harcourt (E.) 

Guidott (Thomas). A letter cone, some obs". lately made at 
Bath. 1674. [2, p. 322.] 

Gunpowder treason. The arraignment and execution of the 
late traitors, [Digby, 2 Winters, Grant, Bockwood, Keyes, 
Bates, Fawkes]. 1616. [3, p. 131.] 

His Majesty's speech cone, the Gunpowder-plot ; disc, of 

the manner of the discovery. 1605. [4, p. 245.] 

see Williams (J.), bp. 

Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden. The battle of Lutzen, 
fought betw. the King of Sweden and Walstein. Tr. out of 
the French. 1633. [4, p. 197.] 

Haga (Cornells). A true declaration of the arrival of Cornelius 
Haga, ambassador for the United Netherlands at Constan- 
tinople ; & privileges granted unto the United Provinces. Tr. 
out of Dutch. 1613. [8, p. 403.] 

Hake (Edward). Commemoration of the raigne of Elizabeth, 
Queene, &e. 1575. [9, p. 123.] 

Hales (Sir James), jiidge. The communication betw. my Lord 
Chauncelor and judge Hales, 1553. [3, p. 174.] 

Hampden (Col. John), of Hampden, the statesman, see Judges' 
(The) judgment. 

Harcourt (Eobert). A relation of a voyage to Guiana. 1613. 
[6, p. 487.] 

Hare (John). England's proper and only way to an establish- 
ment in honour, freedom, peace, and happiness ; or, the Norman 
yoke once more uncased. By the author of " Anti-Normanism," 
etc. 1648. [6, p. 36.] 

Plain English to our wilful bearers with Normanism ; or, 

some queries cone, the neglectors of England's grand griev- 
ance and complaint, publ. under the title of " Anti-Nor- 
manism " [on Liberty etc.]. 1647. [9, p. 90.] 

St. Edward's ghost, or, Anti-Normanism. ,1647. [8, 

p. 94.] 
Harleian Library. A catalogue of pamphlets in the H. L. 
Arranged by William Oldys. [10, p. 357.] 
Harrison (William), steward. A true ace. of the exam., con- 
fession, & execution of Joan Perry, & John & Eiohard Perry ; 
for the supposed murder of W. H., in a letter (by Sir T. 0. of 
Burton). Likewise H.'s own ace. how he was conveyed into 
Turkey, etc. 1676. [3, p. 547.] 
Hart (Sir William). The examinations & conviction of George 
Sprot, notary, in Ayemouth, together w. h. death, Aug. 12, 1608. 
The treasonable device betw. John Earl of Gowry & Eobert 
Logane of Eestalrig (Lesterig) for the murthering of our sove- 
reign. Preface by G. Abbot, dean of Winchester. [Oowrie's 
cmispiracy.] 1609. [9, p. 560.] 

Hartlib (Samuel). A further disc, of the office of publiok 
address for accommodations. 1648. [6, p. 14.] 




Sir E. H., Colonel. 
King's preparation. 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued], 
Harwood (Sir Edward). The ad\-ice of 
Written upon occasion of the French 
Also his life. 1642. [4, p. 268.] 
Haversham (John Thompson, •/" baron). An ace. of the Scotch 
invasion; as it was opened by my Lord Haversham in the 
House of Lords, 25'" Feb., 1708-9. 1709. [7, p. 577.] 
Hay (Honor), wr/f of James Say, earl of Carlisle, see Niccols (E.) 
Hayward [Sir John). The hves of the three Normans, kings 
cf England : William I, William II, & Heni7 I. Wr. by J. H. 
[By Sir J. H. ?]. 1613. [2, p. 438 ; 9, p. 264.] 
Henry I, king of England, see Hayward (Sir J.) 
Henry II, kiiig_ of England. The life of H. II. 1642. [5, p. 502.] 
Hejiry VIII, king of England. An epistle of H. VIII ; writen 
to the Emperonrs Majestie etc. Hereunto annexed the pro- 
testation touchinge the councille at Mantua. IFirst public 
declaration agst. the pope]. 1538. [3, p. 170.] 

Love-letters f . H. VIII, to Anne Boleyn : and two letters 

fi'om A. B., to Wolsey. [3, p. 47.] 
— ^ A supplication to Henry VIII. [Cone, the Church of 
England]. 1544. [9, p. 451.] 

- see FuhveU [V.) 

Henry III, king of France. The Catholick cause : or the horrid 
practice of murdering kings, justified by the Pope, [Sixtus V], 
upon assassination of Henry III, stabbed by Jaques Clement. 
In Latin, and also rendered into Eng. 1678. [7, p. 122.] 

- — The disc, of the enterprises & conspiracies, agst. King 
of Fraunce : his death, by the Jacobin frier [Jaques Clement], 
1589 ; Englished out of the French, printed at Caen in 
Normandie. 1589. [4, p. 240.] 

Henry IV, king of France, see Eavaillac (F.) 

Henry, prince of Wales, [Frederick Henry], see Cornwallis 
(Sir C.) ■ 

Heywood (John), dramatist. A balade specifienge partly the 
maner, partly the matter, in the mariage betw. the Kynges & 
Queenes highnes. [1554.] [10, p. 255.] 

A breefe balet, touching the takynge of Scarborow Gastell. 

[1557.] [10, p. 257.] 

Heywood (Thomas), dramatist. England's Elisabeth ; her life 
& troubles. 1641. [10, p. 302.] 

EigfOrd (William). The institution of a gentleman. 3p. 1660. 
19, p. 580.] ' • ' 

Hilary's (St.) tears : shed upon all professions, i^oia the judge 
to the pettifogger : from the spruce dames of the Exchange, to 
the ditty walking fishmongers etc, Wr. by one of l^is secre- 
taries. 1642. [2, p. 215.] 

Hind (John) [Hynd]. The mirrour of worldly fame. Com- 
posed by I. H. m,. 1603. [8, p. 33.] 

Holland. The character of Holland. 1665. [5, p. 613.] 

A true aco. of a conspiracy to beti-ay Holland to the 

Fr£nch. And of the trial, & execution of- Jacob Martinet, 
sheriff of Sluys ; & Cornelius Eeolands, May 1690. Tr. 1690. 
[2, p. 502.] 

A voyage to Holland, transactions at the Hague ; also re- 
marks on the manners & customs of the people. Wr. by an 
English gentleman. 1691. [2, p. 590.] 

see Netherlands. 

Honour's invitation ; or a call to the camp. Written by a 
young gentleman of quality now in the service. 1673. [1, p. 

Hospital, see Cellier (E.) 

HoweB (James), historiographer royal to Charles II. England's 
tears, for the present wars. 1644. [8, p. 249.] 

Mr. H.'s vindication of himself, from the charge of being 

no friend to parliaments. 1677. [6, p. 127.] 

The preeminence & pedigree of Parliament. 1677. [1, 

p. 35.] 

Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, see Middleton (C.) 

Hungary, see Leopold I, emperor. 

Huntly (George Gordon, 2'"' mm-g. of). H.'s reply to noble- 
men, Diinisters, Covenanters of Scotland ; 20"' Ap. 1639. 
[5, p. 545.] 

Husbands. The petition of the ladies of London and West- 
minster, to the House, for husbands. 1693. [4, p. 326.] 

IJutchinson {Col. John). A narrative of the imprisonment of 
J. H. 1664. [3, p. 33.] 

Images, Two ordinances of Parliament, for the speedy demo- 
lishing of all organs, images, and superstitious monuments in 
all cathedral or parish churches etc. throughout England and 
Wales. 1644. [8, p. 107.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
India, see East Indies. 
Indies. Strange news fi-om Plymouth : or a wonderful and 

tragical relation of a voyage from the Indies. With the 

miraculous preservation of George Carpinger. 1684. [2, p. 29.] 
Invasion of England. Certain orders meet to be observed upon 

any foreign invasion. With a dhection tp the Justices of the 

Peace. 1642. [7, p. 63.] 
. The danger of an invasion, in a letter to a minister of 

state. By a Kentish gentlenian. 1701. [1, p. 97,] 

A descent from France : or, the French invasion of 

England, considered. 1692. [1, p. 596.] 

The pretences of the French invasion examined. 1692. 

[8, p. 422.] 

see Jacobite's (The) hopes frustrated. 

see James II. 

Ireland. Aphorisms rel. to Ireland; submitted to the Lords 

and Commons. 1689. [5, p. 104.] 
Irish (The) cabinet : or, H.M. secret papers, for establishing 

the papal clergy in Ireland. 1645. [4, p. 494.] 
Irish plot, see Worcester (E. S., 2'"' marq. of). 
Italy. A true descr. and direction of what is worthy to be seen 

in Italy ; principally in Venice, Home, Naples, Sicily, Malta, 

Genoa, and Milan, n.d. [17—]. [5, p. 1.] 
Jacobite's (The) hopes frustrated; or, the hist, of the cala- 
mities attending the French conquest. 1690. [Wr. mt rimiour 

of Fr. invasion to show the miserable exchange it loould be.] 

[5, p. 49.] 
James I, king. King J.'s speech to his first Parliament, 19"' 

Mai-eh, 1603. [8, p. 27.] 
The king's deolaration to his subjects, cone, lawful sports 

to be used. 1633. [5, p. 75.] 
— - Strange apparition ; or the ghost of King James : w. a 

conference cone, the death and poisoning of James etc. 1642. 

[4, p. 528.] 
Tom Tell-Troath : or, a free disc, touching the manners 

of the tinae. 1622. [2, p. 419.] 

Treason pretended ftgst. the King of ScotSj [Jarms VI 

(uT. I of Eng.)], by oertaine lordes and gentlemen. VVith a 
declai'ation of the Kinge's intention to his last Acts of Parlia- 
ment. Out of Skottish into English. 1585. [7, p. 50.] 

Vox Begis. [Speeches 1603 & '1609, on dijierence betm: a 

king ruli/ng by law <& a tyrant, <& en. tlie excellency of Eng. 
laws. 1688]. [1, p, la] 

see Brooke (F. G., baron) ; Elderton (W.) ; Petowe (H.) 

James II, king. Dialogue (A) betw. Sam, the ferry-man of 
Dochet, Will a water-man of London, and Tom, a harge-man 
of Oxford. Upon the King's, [Charles, it's], caUing a Parlia- 
ment to meet at Oxford. [Written by ajriend of the Duke of 
York loho defended his right to the arovm]. 1681, [2, p. 111.] 

An essay upon the original and design of magistr^py- : or, 

a modest vindication of the late proo. in England, [fo prove 
James II a tyrant d to justify the rebellion]. [1, p. 3.] 

A letter, cone, a French invasion, to restore King James 

to his throne. 1692. [7, p. 309.] 

— — A new looking-glass for the kingdom. 1690. [1, p. 607.1 

The true and genuine explanatjftn of one K. James's 

declaration. [Verse]. 1693. [2, p. 228.]" 

A word without-doors, cone, the bill for succession. [Ctmc. 

exclusion of duke of Toj-k. Signed J. D.]. 1685. [1, p. 42.] 

see Jacobite's (The) hopes frustrated. 

see Leopold I, emp. ; Marlborough (J. C, ■/•'' dttke of) •„ 

Saint Germain. 

James Edward [Stuart], prince, the [old] Pretendfef, see Louis 

XIV, king of France. 
Jeffreys (George Jeffreys, ^'' baron). Lord High Clianeelk/f. 

The Chancellor's examination & preparation for a trial- [4 

lampoon]. 1689. [8, p. 627.] 

The Lord-Chancellor's discovery & confession ; made 

in the time of his sickness in the Towei\ 1689. ._ [4, p. 592.] 

Jesuits. Declaration of great, troubles, by a number of priests 

& Jesuits, sent to vforke great treaspps. 1591. [3, p. 95.], 
, The plots of Jesuits, (viz. of Adam Contzen j Thpnias 

Campanella ; and Epbei't Pajspns) how to bring England to 

the Bopian religion. 1653. [1, p. 23,] 

see Camilton (J.) ; La Chaise (F, d'A. de). 

Jews. A narrative of the proceedings at White-hall, cone, thei 

Jews : who had desired by Eabbi Manasses, that, they might 

return into England. 1656. [7, p. 617.] 
see Brett (S.) ; Dury (J.) 




Harleian Hiscellany (The) [contimied]: 

Joan, pope, see Cooke (A.) 

Johnson (Eiohard), romance lurihr. The nine woi-thies of 
London. 1592. [8, p. 437.]- 

Joyce (George). A true nan-ative of the occasions & causes of 
Cromwell's anger agst. Lt.-Col. G. J. [1656]: [8, p. 304.] 

Judfees' (The) judgment. Speech, penned in the beginning of 
the Parliament, against the judges [who were hated on acct. 
of judgmeiit agst. Hampden.] 1641. [5, p. 493.] 

Jury. A true list of the jury imganneled at Huntingdon 
assizes, before judge Doddei-idge ; 1619. [3, p. 499.] 

King, William's ghost. 1711. [1, p. 408.] 

Kings. Examples tor kings ; or rules for princes to govern by. 
1642. [2, p. 224.] 

Kirkby (Col. Richard). An a'cc. pf the trials of Col. Eichard 
Kirkby, Capt. John Constable, Capt. Cooper Wade, Capt. 
Samuel Vincent, & Capt. Christopher Fogg, at a court-martial, 
in Jamaica, Oct. 1702, for cowardice, etc., in a fight at sea, 
betw. John Benbow * admiral Du Casse. 1703. [1, p. 396.] 

Knell (Thofllas). An epitaph upon the life and death of Dr. 
Bonner, bp. of London. 1569. [1, p. 612.] 

Labour in vain: or, what signifies little or nothing? viz. 
I. The poor man's petitioning at court. II. Expectation of 
benefit, from a covetous man in his life-time. III. The 
marriage of an old man to a young woman. IV. Endeavours 
to regulate men's manners by preaching or -vvriting. V. 
Being a Jacobite. VI. Confining an insolvent debtor. VII. 
Promise of secrecy in a conspiracy. VlII'. An inquiry after a 
place. 1700. [6, p. 375.] 

La Chaise (P.), see Aix de la Chaise (F. d'). 

Lacy (John), pi-ophet. The mighty miracle. Being the invi- 
tation of J. L., Esq., to all, to come on the 25"" May ; where 
they may behold Dr. Emms arise out of his grave etc. 1708. 
[7, p. 19'4.] ■' 

Seasons why Dr. Emms was not raised from the dfead. 

1708. [7, p. 195.] 

Land-taxi A proposal for an equal land-tax ; humbly sub- 
mitted to consideration. 1691. [2, p. 506.] 

Laud (William), abp. of Cantm-bury. The bishop's potion : or, 
a dialogue betw. the bp. of Canterbury & his physician. 
[Agst. W. L'.-] 1641. [6, p. 278.] 

The co^y of a letter, sent from W., ahp. of Canterbury, 

to the Univ.' of Oxford, when he resigned his office of 
Chancellor, publ. by occasion of a libel : & the answer of the 
Univ. 1-641. [5, p;570.] 

The impeachment of W. L., abp. of Canterbury. 1641. 

[4, p. 574.] 
Eome for Canterbury : or, the life of William Laud, abp. 

of Cant^tbury. ' 1641. [4, p. 377.] 

A speech delivered in the Starr-chamber li" of June, 

1637; at the censure of John Bastwick, Henry Burton, & 
William Prinn; cone, innovations in the Church. 1637. 
[9, p. 201.]- ■ . • 

Speech : or, his funeral-sermon, preached by himself on 

the scaffold on Tower-Hill, lO"" Jan. 1644, also the prayers 
wh. he used. All wr. by John Hinde. 1644. [8, p. 599.] 

A true descr. or rather a parallel betw. Card. Wolsey & 

W. L. 1641. [4, p. 507.] 

Law. The law's discovery : 
errors in our English laws, 
1653. [2, p. 575.] 

A letter i,o a member of Parliament ; with two disc'. : 

1. Why a law should pass to punish adultery with death. 

2. Why the writ, de Hasretieo comburendo, should be 
abolished.: 1675. [3, p. 91.] 

— — The proposals of the Committee for regulating the law, 
both in sense, form, & practice. IBiirlesgtie proposals. 1648.] 
[6, p. 528;] ' 

Eeasons for passing a bill for preventing delays & expences, 

in suits in law & equity. 1707. [8, p. 414.] 

Laws, see Warr (J.) 

Lawyers, see Cole (W.) 

Leicester (Eobert Dudley, earl of). Leicester's commonwealth 
fully epitomised. [:Firsf prvnted with title " A Dialogue 
betw. a s0h)lar, a gentleman & a lawyer "]. 1()41. [4, p. 576.] 

Leigh (Edward), M.A., of Magdalen Hall, Oxfoi-d. Three 
diatribes. 1", travel. 2"^, money. 3'■^ measuring of the 
distance betw. place & place. [Hepr., IdSO, as " Gentleman's 
guide, in three discourses "]. 1671. ' [10, p. 81.] 

or, a brief detection of notorious 
By a well-wisher to his country. 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [contimied]. 

Leigh (Richard), seminary priest. Letter declaring the state of 
England, [on invasion of England' <S maintenance of Popery] ; 
found in the chamber of R. L., executed for high treason, 
committed in the time that the Spanish armada was on the 
seas : with an app. 1588. [1, p. 142.] 

Leopold I, emp. of Oermamj. The Emperor's; [Leopold Fs], 
concessions to his Protestant subjects of Hungary ; tr. 1681. 
[2, p. 482]. ^ ■ 

A letter wr. by the Emperor to King James, setting forth 

the true occasion of his fall. 1689. [1, p. 18.] 

Leslie (John), bp. of Boss. The case of the bp. of Boss, com- 
mitted to the Tower by Queen Elizabeth, for traiterous prac- 
tices. [2, p. 480.] 

L'Estrange (Sir Rogei-). The loyal observator : or, hist. 
memoirs of the Ufe of Roger the Fidler [i.e. L'E.] ; alias', the 
Ohi&cyatoT, [apaper setupby Sir R. L'E.]. 1683. [6, p. 65.] 
The subject of this libellous pampHlei is Sir B. L'E. 

A plea for limited monarchy ; in an address to Gen. 

Monk, by a zealot for the good old laws of his country. 1660. 

Levellers. The Leveller : or, the principles & maxims cone, 
government & religion, which are asserted by Levellers. 1659. 
[4, p. 543.] 

The Levellers : a dialogue betw. two young ladies, cone. 

matrimony. 1703. [5, p. 444.] 

Limerick. A diary of the siege of Limerick. 1692. [7, p. 508.] 

Lincoln (Elizabeth Cllntion, countess of), wife of 3"' earl. 
The couutesse of Lincoln's nurserie. 1622. [4, p. 27.] 

Linen. Proposals for building, in every county, a working- 
alms-house or hospital, as the best expedient to perfect the 
trade & manufactory of linen cloth. 1677. [4, p. 489.] 

Liturgy, see Blower (Aminadab). 

Locet (John), see Popery. 

London. A booke conteyning the, manner & order of a watcte 
to be used in the cittie of London, upon the even at, night of 
St. John Baptist & St. Peeter, as'intyme past hath bene 
accustomed. [1585]. f9, p. 889.] 

A dialogue betw. London & Paris, in rel. to the present 

posture of affairs ; rendered into verse. Written by a person 
who has no money to pay taxes, in case of a war. 1701. 

— - Obs. upon the burning of London ; Sept. 1666. 1667. 
[3, p. 295.] 

see AdamuS (J.), Transylvanus; Lupton (D.) ; Man- 
chester (E. M., S"" earl of) ; Peacham (H.),; Whiston (J.) 

Loudoun (John Campbell, ^" eaW of ) [Louden]. A speech to 
a grand Committee of Parliament, IS* Sept. 1645. 1645. 
[7, p. 176;] 

Louis XI, king of France. The old French way of managing 
treaties. [Treaty betio. Edtv. IV d Lotiis XT, ^464}. 
[1, p. 329.] 

Louis XIV, king of France. The declaration of th« King of 
France agst. the proceedings of parliament-men & soldiers, -in 
England, agst. their king, [Charles I], A country. Tr. by 
P. B. 1649. [3, p. 422.] 

An epitaph on Bona fide, King Lewis XIV. [8, p. 176.] 

The great bastard, [Louis XIT], protector of the little 

one [James, prince of Wales]. Done out of the French. 1089. 

• [4, p. 232.] 

The parable of bear-baiting. [French bear, Louis XIV; d 

Christian lion, William III]. 1691. [5, p. 188.] 

Lupton (Donald). London & the countrey earbona,doed & 
quartred into seYerall ehai-acters. 1632. [9, p. 810.] 

Luxemburg. A diary of the siege of Luxembourg, by the 
French forces, under Marshal De Orequi. 1684. [8, p. 110.] 

Macaria. A descr. of the famous kingdom of Macaria. [A 
neio model of government. Written to reconcile King £ Par- 
liament]. 1641. [l,p.580.] 

MacDonnell (Sir William) [Maodowal]. An answer to the 
propositions made by the Eng. ambassadors, ig"" March ; in the 
great assembly of the States-General of the United Prov. As 
also, to their memorials of 16'" April, & 9"" May, 1651, etc. 
As it was delivered .by Sir W. Macdowal. [On proposed 
union with United Prov.] 1651. [5, p. 251.] 

Macdowal (Sir W.), see MacDonnell (Sir W.) : 

HacGregory.(John) [Mack Gregory]. The geography & hist, of 
Mons. 1709. [2, p. 196.] 

The geography & hist, of Tournay . 1709. [2, ' p. 230.] - 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [cotitimied']. 
Machiavelli (Niocolo). Vindication of himself and his writings. 

Extr. from his letter to Zenobius. 1537. [1, p. 57.] 

see Bovey (J.) 

Mack Gregory (John), see MacGregory (J.) 
Madagascar. A paradox: proving the inhabitants of Mada- 
gascar, or St. Lawrence to be the happiest people in the 

world. [1, p. 263.] 
Madan (Patrick). A philosophical and medicinal essay of the 

waters of Tunbridge. 1687. [1, p. 585.] 
Madrid, see Salgado (J.) 
Manchester (Edward Montagu, 2'"' earl of). Two speeches, by 

the E. of Manchester, and John Pym, as a reply to his 

Majesty's answer to the city of London's petition. 1642. 

(5, p. 119.] 
Manley (Thomas). The state of Europe examined, occasioned 

by the greatness of the French monarchy. 1689. [1, p. 194.] 
Marlborough (John Churchill, i'' duke of). Letter to the 

King. [0» withdrawal f. James II']. 1688. [4, p. 59.] 
Marlborough (Sarah Churchill, dztchess of), wife of I'' duke, 

see Pope (A.) 
Marriage. The ease of clandestine marriages stated. 1691. 

P, p. 371.] 

■ The she-wedding ; or, a mad marriage. 1684. [6, p. 402.] 

see Levellers (The) : a dialogue cone, matrimony. 

■ see Niccholes (A.) 

Marten (Anthony). An exhortation to subjects, to defend 

their countrey. 1588. [1, p. 161.] 
Mary I, queen. The epitaphe upon the death of Quene Marie. 

£1558.] [10, p. 259.] 

Memoirs of Queen M.'s days ; wherein the Church of 

England may see the effects wh. follow a Popish successor. 
[1681]. [1, p. 212.] 

see Potter (G.) 

Mary II, queen, see Park (H.) 

Mazarin {le card.), see Naud6 (G.) 

Medicine, see Goddard (J.) A disc, of physick, 1670. 

Medina {duke of), see Perez de Guzman (A.), dupie de Medina- 

Member of Parliament, see Parliament-man. 

Mercurius, MelanchoUcus, ps. The cuckow's nest at West- 
minster.; or, the Parliament betw. the two Lady-birds, Queen 
Fairfax and Lady Cromwell, cone, negoeiations of state, by 
MercnriHs MelanchoUcus [i.e. J. H.]. 1648. [5, p. 586.] 

Merry (A) dialogue betw. Band, Cufte & Bnffe etc., 1615, see 
Exchange ware at the second hand etc. 

Middleton (Christopher), writer of romance. The legend of 
Humphrey, duke of Glocester. 1600. [10, p. 164.] 

Militia. Certain select obs. on the militia of England ; with the 
power of the Parliament to raise the same. Collected & found 
amongthepapersof the late Mr. John Pymm. 1641. [6, p. 300.] 

see Parliament. 

Milton (John). The censure of the Eota upon M.'s Book, 
" The ready and easy way to establish a free commonwealth," 
&a. 1660. [4, p. 188.] 

M.'s character of the Long-Parliament and Assembly of 

divines, in 1641. 1681. [5, p. 576.] 

Ministers. A case of conscience resolved : eonc. ministers 
meddling with state matters in their sermons. By J. D. 1649. 
£2, p. 545.] 

A disputation : that it is not convenient to grant unto 

ministers secular jurisdiction ; and to make them lords & 
statesmen in Parliament. 1679. [8, p. 527.] 

Misaurus (Philander) ps. The honour of the gout : or, a disc. 

demonstrating that gout is one of the greatest blessings. 1699. 

[2, p. 42.] 
Monarchy. A treatise of monarchy, containing 2p. Done by 

an earnest desirer of his country's peace. 1689. [6, p. 323.] 
Monasteries. A list of monasteries, etc., belonging to the Eng. 

Papists in countries beyond sea. 1700. [1, p. 437.] 

see Abbeys. 

Money, see Filmer {Sir B.), bart. 

Monies. The summarie of reasons, wh. have moved Q. 

Elizabeth to procede in reformations of her base monies. 

[1560]. [8, p. 68.] 
Monk (George), i^ duke of Albemarle. The cloud opened : or, 

the Eng. hero, [M.]. By a loyal and impartial pen. 1670. 

[4, p. 149.] 

A letter of advice to M. 1660. [8, p. 625.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Monmouth (James, duke of). An ace. of the manner of 
taking the late duke of M. 1685. [6, p. 321.] 

see Absalom's conspiracy. 

Mons, see MacGregory (J.) 

Montrose (James Graham, /*' marq. of). Execution of J. G., 
marq. of Montross, 21" May. Also a letter, cone, the taking 
of Clonmell. 1650. [5, p. 336.] 

A rel. of the funerals of M. ; with that of Sir William 

Hay of Delgity. 1661. [7, p. 298.] 

Morgan (Jane). Wonderful news from Wales ; or, a narrative 

of an old woman living near Lanselin in Denbighshire, whose 

memory serves her truly to relate what she hath seen & done 

130 years ago. 1677. [6, p. 71.] 
Morgan {Sir Thomas). A relation of Sir T. M.'s progress in 

France & Flanders, in 1657 & 1658, at the taking of Dunkirk. 

1699. [3, p. 341.] 
Morton (Charles), M.D., F.E.S. An enquiry into the physical & 

literalsenseof that Scripture, Jeremiah viii, 7. n.d. r2,p.578.] 
Mosely (Sir Edward), bart. The arraignment & acquittal of 

Sir E. M. ; indited for a rape. 1647. [3, p. 499.] 
Muggleton (Lodowick). A modest aec. of the life of that grand 

impostor, L. M. 1676. [1, p. 610.] 
Mulberry trees. Instructions for the increasing & planting of 

mulberrie trees, & the breeding of silke-worines. Whereunto 

is annexed his Majestie's, [James Fs], letters. 1609. [2, p. 218.] 
Mum. The nat. hist, of coffee etc. ; <fe also the way of making 

mum. 1682. [1, p. 528.] 
Munday (Anthony). A banquet of daintie conceits. Wr. by 

A. M. 1588. [9, p. 219.] 
The Eng. Eomayne life : lives of the Englishmen at 

Bome ; the orders of the English seminarie ; the banishing of 

the Englishmen out of Bome. There unto is added, the cruell 

tiranny used on an Englishman at Bome, 1581. Wr. by A. M. 

1590. [7, p. 136.] 
Mnsiaia,, prince of Turkey, see Coke.( — ). 
Nash (Thomas), satirist. Nashe's lenten stuffe ; cont., the 

descr. of Great Yarmouth : with a new play, of the praise of 

the red herring. 1599. [6, p. 143.] 
Naud6 (Gabriel). News from France : or, a descr. of the 

library of cardinal Mazarine. 1652. [3, p. 496.] 
Naunton {Sir Eobert). Fragmenta regalia : or, obs. on Eliza- 
beth, her times & favourites. 1641. [2, p. 81.] 
Navigation, see Philipot (T.) 
Navy. An inquiry into the causes of our naval miscarriages : 

and of manning the fleet. 1707. [1, p. 562.] 
A letter wr. by unknown hand, whereof many copies 

were dispersed among the commanders of the English fleet. 

[The duties of a commander d the dangers of a cowardly one], 

1673. [1, p. 353.] 

- - see Everett (G.) ; Forde {Sir E.) 
Nay lor (James), see Deacon (J.) 

Nedham (Marchamont). A short hist, of the Eng. rebellion. 

Completed in verse. 1661. [2, p. 521.] 
Nennius a worthy Briton, encountering with Julius Cffisar. [A 

poem in imitation of popular nationcd legends]. n.d. [8, p. 87.] 
Netherlands, see De Britaine (W.) ; Haga (C.) ; Holland ; Mac- 

Donnell {Sir W.) ; Overbury (Sir T.) the elder ; Stubbe (H.) 
Neville (Henry), -1630-94. Shuffling, cutting & dealing, in a 

game at picquet : being acted f. 1653-1658 by 0. P. & others. 

[A satire on Cromwell]. 1659. [5, p. 314.] 
New England. A farther brief & true narration of the late 

wars risen in New-England. 1675. [5, p. 426.] 
Niccholes (Alexander). A disc, of marriage & wiving. 1615. 

[2, p. 156.] 
Niccols (Bichard). Monodia : or, Waltham's complaint, upon 

the death of the Lady Honor Hay ; wife to James Lord Hay> 

1615. [10, p. 11.] 
Sir Thomas Overbury's vision. By B. N. Oxon. 1616. 

[7, p. 178.] 

Vertue's encomium: or, the image of honour. 1614. 

[10, p. 1.] 

Nicker (The) nicked, see Gaming. 

Nimeguen, see Eonquillo (P.) 

Norfolk. The dreadful thunder <fe lightning in the co. of Nor- 
folk, & the city of Norwich, July 20. 1656. [2, p. 288.] 

Norfolk (Thomas Howard, 4"" duke of). The arraignment of 
T. H. d. of Norfolk. Also a brief derivation of the family of 
the Howards. 1685. [6, p. 413.] 

see Elderton (W.) 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [confMued]. 
Norton (Thomas), barrister. A disclosing of the great bull 

[granted by tJiepope to Dr. Harding] and certain ealues that 

he hath gotten ; & specially the monster bull, that roared at 

my Lord Byshop's gate. [Agst. Popery. 1567]. [7, p. 535.] 
Nuntlus a mortuis : that is, a colloquy, betw. the ghosts of 

Henry VIII. & Charles I. [Agst. Protestantism]. 1657. [6, 

p. 474.] 
Oaths. A good expedient for innocence & peace. Being an 

essay cone, publiok oaths. 1704. [8, p. 10.] 
■Office of public address, see Hartlib (S.). 
Oldcastle (Sir John), styled Lord Cobham, see Bale (J.) 
Orford (Edward Eussell, earl of). Admiral Russel's letter: 

cont. an exact rel. of the victory agst. the French fleet. 1692. 

[4, p. 550.] 
Overbury (Sir Thomas) the elder. Sir T. O.'s observations, 

upon the state of the seventeen provinces, 1609. 1626. 

[8, p. 362.] 

see Elwes (Sir J.) ; Niccols (R.) 

Overbury (Sir Thomas) the younger. A true ace. of the exam. & 
execution of J. Perry & J. & E. Perry for the suppos'd murder 
of William Harrison, in a letter (by Sir T. 0. of Burton) etc. 
1676. [8, p. 547.] 

•Oxford. The character of an Oxford incendiary. 1643. 
[5, p. 497.] 

Sundry things from sev. hands cone, the Univ. of 0. 

I. A Petition from some well-affected therein. II. A model 
for a College-reformation. III. Queries. 1659. [6, p. 86.] 

■ see Birkenhead (Sir J.) News from Pembroke & Mont- 
gomery : [visitation of O.] 

Oxford (Robert Harley, /"' earl of). The reasons which induced 
her Majesty to create R. H. a peer of Great Britain, in 1711. 
[1, p. 1.] 

A satyr on the Earl of Oxford, Lord Bolingbrook, Mr. 

Moor, and Mr. Prior. [17—]. [3, p. 308.] 

Pageants, see Peele (George). 

Pansa (Mutio). An aoc. of the original of writing and 
paper, out of a bk., intitled. La Libraria Vatioana, wr. by 
Mutio Pansa. [3, p. 350.] 

Papists. All the several ordinances and orders, cone, sequestring 
the estates of delinquents, Papists, spyes and intelligencers. 
Together with instructions for such persons as are imployed 
in sequestring. 1648. [9, p. 519.] 

— — The grand designs of the Papists, in the r. of Charles I ; 
and now carried on agst. his present Majesty, and the Pro- 
testant religion. 1678. [8, p. 275.] 

Parable (The) of bear-baiting. 1691. [5, p. 188.] 

Parable (The) of the three jackdaws. [On England, to wliosa 
govt, this tract makes allegorical reference]. 1696. [5, p. 114.] 

Park (Henry). Lachrymce sacerdotis. A Pindarick poem, 
occasioned by the death of our sovereign Lady, Mary II. 
1695. [9, p. 260.] , 

Parliament. The Bloody Parliament ; in the reign of an un- 
happy Prince, [Richard IT]. 1643. [2, p. 25.] 

A brief disc. cone, the power of "the Peers and Commons 

of Parliament, in point of judicature. Wr. by a learned 

antiquary. 1640. [8, p. 629.] 
A catalogue of petitions, ordered to be drawn up and 

presented to the House. [1657.] [4, p. 382.] 
. — - The danger of mercenary jparliaments. 1690. [1, 

p. 599.] 

A disc. cone, the success of Parliaments. 1642. [6, 

p. 409.] 

The honour and courage of our Eng. Parliaments, in 

the r. of Q. EUzabeth, in defending of her, and the Protestant 
religion. 1681. [8, p. 17.] 

The inconveniences of a long continuance of the same 

Parliament. 1680. [7, p. 526.] 

The Lord Digby's speech in the House of Commons, to 

the Bill for triennial Parliaments, 1640. [6, p. 118.] 

— — A narr. of the late Parliament (so called). With an 
aec. of the places of profit, salaries, etc. wh. they hold under 
the present power ; publ. by a friend to the Commonwealth. 
1657. [3, p. 449.] 

A nest of perfidious vipers: or. The 2"« part of the 

Parliament's calendar of black saints. Condemned ace. to 
their crimes. 1644. [5, p. 590.] 

The orders, proceedings, punishments, and privileges, of 

Parliament in England. 1641. [5, p. 258.] 

The Parliament of byrdes. [1599.] [5. P- 507.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 

Parliament [continued]. 

— — A petition of the gentlewomen, and tradesmen's wives, 
in and about the city of London ; delivered to the House of 
Commons, Feb. 4"', 1641 : w. their reasons, why their sex 
ought thus to petition. [Agst. the right of " bishops <& popish 
lords to vote among the peers "]. 1642. [7, p. 605.] 

The plague at Westminster : or an order for the visita- 
tion of a sick parliament, grievously troubled with a new 
disease, called the " Consumption of their Members." 1647. 
[2, p. 388.] 

A second narrative of the late Parliament (so called). 

Wherein is given an ace. of their second meeting, as, also, 
how the Protector dissolved them. Together with an ace. of 
43 of their names. By a Friend to the good old cause of 
justice, etc. 1658. [3, p. 470.] 

■ Twenty-four queries touching the parliament and army. 

1659. [9, p. 422.] 
- — — The vindication of the Parliament, or, their military 

design proved loyal and legal. [How far the pojver of the 

militia did reside in the King ?]. 1642. [8, p. 47.] 
see Argyle (A. C, 9"' e. of) ; Bristol (G. D., 2"" e. of) ; 

Butler (S.) ; Convention Parliament ; Cotton (Sir R.) ; D'Ewes 

(Sir S.) ; Elsynge (H.) ; Fannant (T.) ; Howell (J.) ; Mercurius 

Melancholicus ; Milton (J.) ; Raleigh (Sir W.) ; Rump Parlia- 
Parliament-man. The character of an honest and worthy 

parliament-man. [1690]. [2, p. 352.] 
Parr (Thomas), of Winnington, see Taylor (J.), tlie water poet. 
Peacham (Henry) the younger. The art of living in London. 

1642. [9, p. 84.] 
Peele (George). Descensus Astrffiie. The device of a pageant, 

borne before William Web, Lord Maior of theeitieof London, 

29 of Oct., 1591. n.d. [10, p. 68.] 
The device of the pageant borne before Woolstone Dixi, 

Lord Maior of the oitie of London, 1585. 1585. [10, p. 351.] 
Pembroke (Philip Herbert, 4"' earl of), see Birkenhead (Sir J.) 
Penniles (The) parliament of threed-bare poets : or, all mirth 

and wittie conceites. [Agst. the follies of the times]. 1608. 

[1, p. 180.] 
Perez de Guzman (Alonso), duque de Medinasidonia. Orders 

set downe by the duke of Medina ; to be observed in the voyage 

toward England. Tr. out of Spanish by T. P. 1588. [l,p. 115.] 
Peters (Father Hugh). 

Father Hugh Peters was living in 1660. 

The last will and testament of Father Peters, n.d. [1660 ?] 

[5, p. 329.] 
Peter's pattern : or, the perfect path to worldly happiness ; 

a funeral sermon, preached at the interment of Hugh Peters. 

By I. C. 1659. [6, p. 181.] 

A satire upon that prostitution of the clerical character so 
prevalent during the Commomoealth. 

A word for the army : and two words to the kingdom. To 

clear the one, and cure the other. 1647. [5, 607.] 

Petowe (Henry). Elizabetha quasi vivens. Eliza's funerall. 
By H. P. 1603. [10, p. 333.] 

England's Ciesar. His Majesties coronation. 1603. [10, 

p. 342.] 

Petty (Sir William), M.D., surveyor-gen. of Ireland to 
Charles II. The advice of W. P. to Mr. Samuel Hartlib, for 
the advancement of some particular parts of learning, 
[tnathematics, mecliardcs, physick, hist, of art cC nat^ire]. 
1648. [6, p. 1.] 

Philip II, king of Spain. A briefe declaration of the death of 
P. II, 13"- Sept. 1598. 1599. [2, p. 395.] 

Philipot (Thomas). An hist. disc, of the invention of naviga- 
tion. Likewise some refiexions upon the office of admiral. 
To which is added a catalogue of those dignified with that 
office. 1661. [2, p. 338.] 

A philosoph. essay, treating of that mystery of nature, the 

flux and reflux of the sea. 1673. [5, p. 376.] 

Philipot (Nicholas). Reasons and proposals for a registry or 

remembrancer of all deeds and incumbrances of real estates. 

1671. [3, p. 316.] 
Philodicaeus, ps., see Taxes. 
Pierrepoint (Hon. William). A treatise cone, registers to be 

made of estates, bonds, bills, &e. With reasons agst. such 

registers. [1711.] [3, p. 320.] 
Pitcairne (Archibald). The method of curing the small-pox : 

written in 1704. 1737. [7, p. 172.] 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Piatt {Sir Hugh). A discoverie of certaine English wants. 

1595. [9, p. 105.] 
Plowwnan. Praier (The) it complaynte of the Ploweman nnto 

Christy ete. : wi-. after 1300. [The author a reformer prior to 

WickUf. Agst. Popery. Printed to3-l.] [6, p. 92.] 
Plunket (Oliver), B.C. abp. of Armagh. The last speech of P., 

titular Primate of Ireland, executed at Tyburn, 1" July, 1681. 

Written by his own hand. 1681. [6, p. 188.] 
Poets' (The) knavery discovered; laying open the names of 

every lying libel that was printed last year, and the authors 

who rnade them. Wr. by J. B. [1641 ?]. [9, p. 199.] 
Pole (Card. Reginald), see Coventry {Sir W.) 
Poll-money, sec D'Ewes {Sir S.) 
Polygamy. A letter of advice, upon the modem argument of the 

lawfulness of half-adultery, and polygamy. 1696. [2, p. 294.] 
Pope (Alexander), the poet. The character of a duchess, 

[duchess of Marlboivugh'], deceased, by a great poet lately 

deceased. [173-.] [8, p. 220.] 
Popery. A letter sent by E. B. an eminent Quaker, to the Pope 

at Eome. With the faculties granted to John Locet, 1678, for 

England, Scotland, etc., Ireland excepted. 1680. [7, p. 169.] 
A letter to Mr. Serjant, a priest, cone, tjie impossibility 

of the establishment of Popery in England. 1672. [1, p. 95.] 

The praier and complaynte of the Ploweman unto Christe : 

wr. after 1300. [The author a refoi-mer prior to WickUf. 
Agst: Popery. Printed /JS-t.'] [6, p. 92.] 

Eeasons for a law to enact the castration of Popish eccle- 

siastioks, as the best way to prevent the growth of Popery in 
Eng. 1700. [4, p. 415.] 

A true relation, from Germany, of a Protestant shepherd's 

killing a counterfeit devil, that would have perverted him to 
Popery. 1676. [4, p. 590.] 

The very beggars petition agst. Popery. 1538. [2, p. 538.] 

see Bale (J.); Norton (T.) ; Parliament; Protestants' 

Popish plot. The Quakers' remonstrance to the Parliament, 
ete. touching the popish plot, & Sir Edmundbury Godfrey's 
murder. 1689. [7, p. 608.] 

see Bolron (B.) 

Portsmouth (L. E. de P. de Keroualle, duchess of). Articles of 

high-treason, and other high-crimes agst. the duchess of P. 

[1680.] [3, p. 507.] 
Potter (Gilbard). The copie of a pistel to G. P. when he was 

in prison, for speakinge on om' most . true Queenes pai't, the 

Lady Mary, before he had his eares cut of. 13"" Julye. 1553. 

[2, p. 615.] 
Powder, see Becher (J. J.) 
Prague. A relation of the bloody execution of some chief 

statesmen, and others, in Prague, ll"" June 1621. Tr. 1621. 

[7, p. 320.] 
Prerogative (Eoyal), see Smith (Sir W.) 
Presbyter (Sir John). The coat of arms of Sir John Presbyter. 

[AslcitonPresbyterianism.] 1658. [7, p. 452.] 
Presbyterians, see Browne (H.) 
Press. Tears (The) of the press ; with reflections on England. 

1681. [4, p. 448.] 

see Blount (C.) ; Printer. 

Pride (Col. Thomas). The last speech of Thomas (Lord, alias 

Colonel) Pride ; being touched in conscience for his murder 

of the bears in the bear-garden. Taken in short-hand, by 

T. S. 1680. [3, p. 136.] 
Primrose {Lady Diana). A chaine of pearle ; or a memoriall 

of Q. Ehzabeth. 1630. [10, p. 72.] 
Printer. The London printer his lamentation ; or, the press 

oppressed. [A short ace. of printing] 1660. [3, p. 289.] 
Printing, sm Surges (F.) ; Pansa (M.) ; Writing. 
Prior (Matthew). Verses spoke to the Lady Henrietta-Caven- 
dish Holies Harley, Nov. 9'\ 1719. [2, p. 618.] 
Protestant. The case of Eng. and the Protestant interest. 

[1690]. [1, p. 32.] 
Protestantism, see Nuntius a mortuis. 
Protestants' doom in Popish times. [1653.] [1, p. 29.] 
Prynne (William). A short prescription to recover our kingdom, 

Church, and nation, from their confusion. 1659. [8, p. 82.] 
Pym (John), see Manchester (E. SI., 2'"' earl of). 
Quack's (The) Academy : or, the dunce's directory. A new art 

to cross the old proverb, & make a man a fool & a physician 

both at a time. [An exposiire of guacke7-y]. 1678. [2, p. 32.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [coiitinued]. 
Quaker. A private letter sent from one Quaker to another. 

[1, p. 376.] 

see Popish plot. 

Ealeigh (Carew). A brief relation of Sh W. Ealeigk's troubles : 

with the taking away the lands & castle of Sherburn in Dorset. 

1669. [4, p. 60.] 
Ealeigh (Sir Walter). A declaration of the demeanour of Sir 

W. E. in his voyage, etc. ; & of the true motives in doing 

justice upon him. 1618. [3, p. 18.] 

A disc, of seaports ; principally of the port of Dover. 1700. 

[4, p. 305.] 

The prerogative of parliaments in Eng. proved. 1640. 

[5, p. 194.] 

see Ealeigh (C.) ; Stucley (Sir L.) 

EavaiUae (li'ranpois). The death of F. E., for the murther of 
Henry IV. 1610. [6, p. 607.] 

Eege Sincera, jps., see London. 

Eegistry, see Office of publick address ; Philipot (N.) ; Pierre- 
point (Son. W.) 

Eeligion. Natural & revealed religion explaining each other. 
In two essays, n.d [6, p. 42.] 

A representation of the present state of religion, with 

regard to the growth of infidelity, etc. : dranvn up by the 
Upper House of Convocation, of the province of Canterbury. 
1711. [2, p. 19.] 

see Berkeley (G.), bp. 

Eenaudot (Th^ophraste). A question of the cook ; & whether 

his crowing affrights the lion '! Being one of these questions 

handled in the weekly conferences of Mons. Eenaudot's Bureau 

d'Addresses, at Paris. Tr., 1640. [1, p. 439.] 
A question, whether there be nothing new? Being one 

of those questions handled in the weekly conferences of Mons. 

Eenaudot's Bureau d'Addresses, at Paris. Tr., 1640. [2, p. 35.] 
Eeynard(John). J. E.'s deliverance from the Turks. [l,p. 187.] 
Eeynolds (John), of King's Norton. A disc, upon prodigious 

abstinence ; occasioned by the twelve months fasting of Martha 

Taylor. 1669. [4, p. 43.] 
Ehine, electms palatine of the. A ohronolog. cat. of the electors 

palatine of the Ehine, of the house of Bavaria. 1631. [3, p. 68.] 
Eiohard II, king. The bloody Parliament ; in the reign of an 

unhappy Prince, [Richard 11]. 1643. [2, p. 25.] 
Eichelieu (le card, due de). Synopsis, of the life of E. Wr. in 

Latin, & now rendered Eng. 1643. [4, p. 389.] 
Eoberts (Henry). England's farewell to Christian IV. 1606. 

[9, p. 440.] 

The entertainement of Christiern IV, king of Denmarke, 

&c., 16th July, 1606, in Tylbury-Hope. With the passage on 
the 31 of July, thorough the Citty of London etc. By H. R. 
1606. [9, p. 431.] 

Eobin Conscience ; or Conscionable Eobin : his progress through 
court, city, & country. 1683. [1, p. 48.] 

Eobin (Poor). Four for a penny : or, poor Eobin's character of 
an unconscionable pawnbroker. 1678. [4, p. 147.] 

Eoe (Sir Thomas). Speech in Parliament. Cause of the decay 
of coin & trade, esp. of merchants trade : and also a way, 
how they may be increased. 1641. [4, p. 433.] 

Eome : Church of Eome. Aphorisms of state : or, secret arti- 
cles for the re-edifying of the Eomish Church. Where unto is 
annexed a censure upon the chief points. By Thomas Scott. 
Tr. into Eng. 1624. [5, p. 511.] 

Eonqnillo (Pedro). The last memorial of the Spanish ambas- 
sador. [Infractions of Peace of Nimeguen]. Tr. 1681. [5, p. 248.} 

Eowzee (Lodowiek). The Queen's wells : a treatise of the 
nature & virtues of Tunbridge-water. 1670. [8, p. 328. ] 

Eoy (William), Franciscan friar, & Jerome- Barlow. . "Eede 
me, & be nott wrothe etc." (A satire upon Wolsey & the 
Eomish clergy). 1546. [9, p. 1.] 

Eudyerd (Sir Benjamin). A speech, by SirB. E.; for accom- 
modation betw. h. M. [Charles I] & his parliament. 1642. 
[5, p. 77.] " 

Eump Parliament. The qualifications of persons, declared 
capable by the Euinp-Parliament, to elect, or be elected, 
members to supply their House. 1660. [5, p. 69.] 

Sadler (John). Loyalty ; attended with great news from 
Drake's & Ealeigh's ghosts. In an heroick poem. 1705. 
[2, p. 557.] 

Sadler (Thomas), thief. Narr of the apprehension, trial, etc. 
of the five persons stealing the mace & the two privy-purces 
from the High-Chancellor of England. 1676-7. [5, p. 505.] 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [contin'mdl- ■ 
Saint Esprit, ?7wp. A rel. of the taking oi the ship, The Saint 

Esprit, by Sir Sackville Treyor, Likewise, the proo. ot the 

Duke of Buckingham's Graoe, in the Isle of Kee. 1627. 

[5, p. lOa,] 
Saint Germsin. A view of the court of St. Germain, 1690 to 

95. With an aco. of the entertainment Protestants meet with 

there. 1696. [6, p. 390.] 
Saint Helena, see Wilkins (J.), bp. eto. 
Saint-John (Olivei-), Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common 

Phas. An airgvimentof law, cone, the" bill of attainder of T. 

earl of Strafford. 1641. [7, p. 84] 
Salgado (James). Deser. of the plaza, or market-place of 

Madrid, & the bull-baiting there; w. the hist, of Placidns. 

1683. [7, p. 237.] 

Salio Law, see England. The wars, & causes of them, 1697. 
Sa (Pantaleao).. A narration of the late accident in the New- 
Exchange, 21" & 22«'' Nov., 1653. 1653. [3, p. 285.] 
San Sebastian. An account of St. Sebastian's fortifications, 

government, eto. 1700. [1, ?• 409.] 
Bark [Serke]. News from the channel ; or, the descr. of the 

Isle of Serke, government, customs, manufactures, etc. 

{Signed F. W. at end.] 1673. [3, p. 503.] - 
Scarborough, see Heywood (J.), dramatist. 
Schools, Proposals for the reformation of schools & universi- 
ties, in. order to the better education of youth. 1704. ri,P- 

Scotland. Articles & ordinances of war, for the present ex- 
pedition of the army of the kingdom of S. By the Com- 
mittee, of Estates, & the Lord-Gem. of the Army. 1643. 

[7, p. 475.] 

. A brief chronicle of the kings of S. 1623. [3, p. 158.] 

A mod. ace. of S. Wr. by an English gentleman. 1670. 

[6, p. 135.] 
S. characterized. By the author of " The trip to North 

Wales." 1701. [7, p. 377.] 
Some particular matters of fact rel. to affairs in S., under 

the duke of Lauderdale. [1689]. [6, p. 405.] 
see Argyle (A. C, 9"' e. of); Biajolianan (G.) ; Haversham 

(J. T., ^»' baron). 
Scottish (The) politick presbyter, slain byanEng. Independent. 

A tragi-comedy; 1647. [7, p. 391.] 
Sebastian, king of Portugal. The hist, of the adv=. of S., 

after his imprisonment in Naples. [4 tale.] 1602. [4, p. 423.] 

„ A cont. of the adv. of S., 1578-1603. [5, p. 461.] 

Selkirk (Alexander), ■1676--/7S-i ; prototype of "Sobinson 

Crusoe." Providence displayed : or a surprising ace. of one 

A. S. (1712). [5, p. 429.] 
Serke, see Siak. 
Serpent. ■ True & wonderful!. A disc. rel. a strange serpent 

discovered ■ in Sussex, in St. Leonards Forrest. 1614. [3, 

p. 109.] 
Sexby (Edward) [ps. William Allen]. Killing no murder. By 

W. A. [To intimidate Cromwell. First pj-inted 1657]. repr. 

1689. [4, p. 289.] 
Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, -!" earl of). A brief 

ace. of memorable passages of the life of S., [died] 1683. n.d. 

[5, p-;368.] 
A letter to S., 9"- July, 1680. From Tom Tell-Troth, [5, 

p. 572.] 
A speech, made by a member of- Parliament in the House 

of ConamouB, cone, the other House ; 1659. [3, p. 490.] 
Sherley (Eobert). [Sir E. Sherley]. Sir E. S., ambassadom- to 

Sigismond III, k. of Poland & Sweoia. His entertainement 

into Cmcovia., 1609. [5, p. 434.] 
Sicily. An ace. of the earthquake in Sicily. From the Italian. 

169a [7, p. 593.] 
Sidney ('Sw Htenry). A letter f. S., to h. son. Sir Philip 

Sidney ; consisting of rules, in his conduct in life. [7, p. 603.] 
A very godly letter made by Sir Henry Sidney, unto 

Phillip Sidney his Sonne. With an epitaph [by William 

Ch-t^mi 1591. [9, p. 447.] 
This only contains a Postscript by Lady Sidney & an 
Mpitwph mi Sir H. 8. The Letter annowvced here is in 
ttfijp. 693^ 
Sigismnnd III, Ung of Poland <& Sweden. The causes and 

manner of deposMig a popish King, of Sweden, [^Sigismundlll], 
, . described. 168,8. [7, p. 532.] 
Silk-worms, see Mulberry trees. 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [contimted]. 

Skelton (John),^oei laureate ; U60 ?--/SS9. BlynovrKvmmin ; 
the famous ale-wife of England. 1624. [1, p. 415.] 

Small-pox, see Pitcairne (A.) 

Smith (Sir William), bart., of the Middle Tenvple. Speech, 
spoken in Parliament, Oct. 28, 1641 ; cone, the King's preroga- 
tive. 1641. [5, p. 269.] 

Sneaker. The character of a Sneaker. 1705. [2, p. 354.] 

Socinus (Faustus) Seneitsia, The life of S. descr. by a Polonian 
knight. 1653. [7, p. 223.] , 

Soldier. Advice to a soldier, in two letters, written to an officer. 
[On discipline d the responsibility of a commission']. 1680. 
[1, p. 477.] 

Sondes (Freeman) [Sends]. A mirrom- of mercy and judge- 
ment : life & death of S. ; for murthering his brother. 1655. 
[10, p. 23.] 

Sondes (Geovge),earlof Feversham,see Feversham(G. S.,e.of). 

Spain, see Bacon (F.) ; Treswell (B.) 

Spanish Armada, see Armada. 

Spanish Inquisition, see Dugdale (B.) 

Spanish Succession. The rights of the House of Austria to 
the S. S. 1701. [1, p. 202.] 

Spencer (Thomas), sec. to Sir T. Thornhill, bart. Proceedings 
agst. the French, in the Carribbee Islands, West-Indies : under 
Christopher Codrington, 1689 and 1690. 1691. [2, p. 564.] 

Spiritual (The) courts epitomised ; in a dialogue betwixt two 
proctors. Busy-body and Scrape-all; and their disc, of the 
want of their former employment. 1641. [2, p. 588.] 

Sprat (Thomas), bp. of Rochester. Letter to the Ecclesiastical 
court. [1687]. [7, p. 433.] 

A relation of the mcked contrivance of Stephen Blackhead 

and Eobert Young, agst. several persons, by forging an asso- 
ciation imdet their hands. 2p. 1692. [6, p. 198.] 

Springham (Thomas). Speech to the earl of Essex cone, the 
present expedition, [Siggg o/ Woj'ccsfer], etc. 1642. [9, p. 335.] 

Stafford (William), gentleman^ see Compendious. 

Star-Chamber. A brief relation of passages and speeches in 
the Star-chamber ; deliv''. June 14"", 1637, at the censure of 
Dr. Bastwicke, Mr. Bm-ton, and Mr. Prynne. 1638. [4, p. 12.] 

Stealing, see Chidley (S.) 

Stoakes (Capt.) The victory by the Eng. agst. the Dutch etc. 
1652. [4, p. 330.] 

Story (John), D.C.L. [Storie]. A letter- lately sent by a gentle- 
man, to a frende, cone. S. [1571]. [8, p. 608.] 

Lyfe and death of J. S., late a Bomish doctor. 1571. 

[3, p. 100.] 

Strafford (Thomas Wentworth, earl of), io9S-f64-l. The bill 
of attainder agst. S. 1641. [4, p. 527.] 

The Earl of S. characterised. 1641. [5, p. 46.] 

Letter to the King, to pass the biU occasioned by the 

tumult of the apprentices. 1680. [8, p. 597.] 

see Saint-John (0.) 

Stubbe (Henry), M.A., of Christ Church, Oxfm-d, -l6S2-y6. A 
justification of the present war against the United Nether- 
lands. In answer to a Dutch treatise, " Considerations upon 
the state of the U.N." By an Englishman. 1672. [8, p. 128.] 

Stuoley (Sir Lewis) [Stukeley]. The petition and information of 
S. ; touching his own behaviour in the charge for the bringing 
up of Sir Waltej Ealeigh. 1618. [3, p. 63.] 

Succession to the crown of England! A hist, of the succession 
of the crown of England, etc. 1688-9. [1, p. 461.] 

Swans, see Witherings (J.) 

Swift (Jonathan), dean of St. Patrick's. A trip to Dunkirk ■, 
or, a hue-and-cry after the pretended Prince of Wales. 1708. 
[1, p. 210.] 

Tangier. A disc, touching Tangier ; added, the interest of 
Tangier. 1680. [5, p. 552.] 

Taxes. A compendious hist, of the taxes of France. 1694. [5, 
p. 271.] 

The order agreed upon in the House of Commons, 

18th June ; wherein every man is rated aoc. to his estate. 
1641. [1, p. 278.] 

The standard of equality, in subsidiary taxes and pay- 
ments, or a just & strong preserver of publiok liberty. Con- 
ducing towards the happy government of kingdoms." [By, 
Philo-DiccBiis]. 1647. [9, p. 113.] 

Taxes no charge : shewing the benefit of taxes in this 

kingdom. 1690. [8, p. 513.] 

see Land-tax. 




Harleian Miscellany (The) [continued]. 
Taylor (John), the water-poet. The old, old, very old man : or, 

life of Thomas Parr, born 1483 ; and departed this life, 1635. 

1635. [7, p. 69.] 
Tea. The nat. bist. of coffee, thee, etc. 1682. [1, p. 528.] 
Tell-Troath (Tom), see James I, kmg. 
Thacker (R.) A godlie dittie for the preservation of the 

Queene's raigne. 1586. [10, p. 278.] 
Theatres. An essay on the theatres : or, the art of acting. In 

imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry. n.d. [17 — ]. [5, p. 580.] 
Thornborongh (John), bp. of Bristol. A disc, proving the 

utilitie of the union of the kingdomes of England & Scotland. 

1604. [9, p. 95.] 
Thorpe (Francis). Serjeant T. his charge; at York assizes, 

1648 ; epitomising the Statutes which concern the several 

estates and conditions of men. 1649. [2, p. 1.] 
Throckmorton (Francis). A discoverie of treasons practised 

agst. the Queene's Majestic and the realme, by F. T., con- 
demned in Guyld-hall. 1584. [8, p. 190.] 
Thynn (Thomas), see Burnet (G.), bp., & A. Homeck. 
Tides, see Philipot (T.) 
Timberlake (Henry), pilgrim. A disc, of the travels of 

two English pilgrims : their journey towards Jerusalem, 

Gaza, Grand Cairo, Alexandria, etc. 1616. [1, p. 337.] 
Tipping (William). The father's counsell ; or usefuU directions, 

for all young persons, esp. elder brothers. 1643. [9, p. 193.] 
Tobacco. The nat. hist, of coffee, tobacco, etc. 1682. [1, 

p. 528.] 
Tournay, see MacGregory (J.) 
Trade. An elegy on the death of trade. By a relation of the 

deceased. 1698. [2, p. 290.] 

A letter to a country-gentleman : setting forth the cause 

of the decay of trade. List of members of the last parliament, 
and now in publick employments. [By O. W.] 1698. [8, 
p. 506.] 

The trade's increase. 1615. [4, p. 212.] 

see Goffe (W.) ; Roe (Sir T.) 

Traitors, see Elizabeth, queen; Gunpowder treason. 

Travels of three English gentlemen in 1734. 6 Sect". [4, p. 365, 

p. 405, p. 451 ; 5, p. 338 ; 8, p. 221.] 
Treason, see Bacon (F.), visct. 
Treasure, see Exchequer. 
Treaties, see Louis XI, Jciiig. 
Treswell (Robert), Somerset herald. Journey of Charles earl 

of Nottingham, ambassador to the King of Spain : sent to 

take the oath, for the maintenance of peace ace. to the 

articles concluded on by the constable of Castile in England 

in August, 1604. 1605. [3, p. 424.] 
Tunbridge Wells, see Madan (P.) ; Rowzee (L.) 
Ubaldini (Petruccio). A disc. cone, the Spanish fleet invading 

England in 1588. Written in Italian. Tr. 1590. [1, p. 119.] 
Union, see Thornborough (J.), hp. 
United Kingdom, see Charles I, king. 
Universities, see Boreman (R.) ; Schools. 
Ussher (James), bp. of Meath, abp. of Armagh; 'l5S-t-i6S6. 

The prophecy of U. To which is added, two letters, one from 

Sir William Boswell (ambassador at the Hague) ; the other 

from the Rev. John Bramhall, bp. of Derry. 1687. [7, p. 540.] 
TJthman II, sultan of Turkey. The strangling & death of the 

•great Turk, [Uthnian], & his two sons; w. the deliverance of 

his uncle Mustapha. 1642. [4, p. 33.] 
Varamund (Ernest). A report of the outrages of Fraunce, & 

the .slaughter of Chastillion the admirall. 1573. [7, p. 336.] 
Tr. into Latin, 15T3, w. tp. " De furoribus Gallicis etc." 
"Vaughan (Sir Hugh) [Yaughan]. A speech, spoken unto our 

Prince Charles : by Sir H. Y., the 2nd of Oct., at Raglaud- 

castle in Monmouthshire in Wales. Also the manner of his 

brave entertainment : with the Prince's speech. 1642. [9, 

p. 331.] 
Venner (Tobias) [Thomas V.] The baths of Bath. Where- 

unto is annexed a censure, cone, the water of St. Vincent's 

rocks, near Bristol. 1628. [2, p. 311.] 
Vincent (William), minister at Bednall. Strange & true news 

from Staffordshire ; or a narr. cone, a young man lying under 

God's vengeance. 1677. [2, p. 327.] 
Vox borealis, see Charles I, king. 
Wake (William), bp. of Lincoln, abp. of Canterbury. A letter 

from a country clergyman, touching some reproaches cast 

upon the bishops. [6, p. 520.] 

Harleian Miscellany (The) [contimied]. 

Wakeman (Sir George), bart., ps. A letter from Paris, to Sir 
W. S. [Scroggs} in London. [W. was tried before S. for popish 
plot. This is a satire on S.] 1681. [6, p. 594.] 

Wales. God's warning to his people of England, by the great 
overflowing of the waters or floudes, lately hapned in South- 
Wales. 1607. [3, p. 379.] 

Walter (Lucy), see C/harles II, king. 

War. Articles & ordinances of war, for the present expedition 
of the army of the kingdom of Scotland. By the Committee 
of Estates, & the Lord-Gen. of the Army. 1643. [7, p. 475.] 

Warbeck (Perkin), see Gainsford (T.) 

Warr (John). The corruption & deficiency of the laws of 
England, soberly discovered. 1649. [3, p. 250.] 

West Indies. A brief journal of the late proceedings of the 
English army in the West-Indies, 1655. By I. S. an eye- 
witness. 1655. [3, p. 310.] 

An hist. ace. of the West-India colonies. 1690. [2, 

p. 357.] 

■ see Spencer (T.) 

Whiston (James). England's calamities discovered. [To urge 

the reform of city of London c& agst. practice of selling offices']. 

1696. [6, p. 360.] 
Whitehall. A full ace. of a fire at Whitehall, & begun in Col. 

Stanley's lodgings. 1698. [6, p. 398.] 
Widows. The petition of the widows, in & about London & 

Westminster, for a redress of their grievances. 1693. [4, 

p. 400.] 
Wilkins (John), bp. of Chester. A view of St. Helena, With 

an ace. of the voyage of Domingo Gonsales, to the world in 

the moon. An ingenious fancy, by a late learned bishop [i.e. 

W.] [1638]. [8, p. 344.] 
WilUam I, king, see Hayward (Sir J.) 
William II, king, see Hayward (Sir J.) 
William III, king. An address [presented to W. IIL], & read 

in the House of Commons, April 19'", 1689. [1, p. 54.] 

A descr. of the arches erected at the Hague, for the 

reception of W. Tr. f. the Dutch. 1691. [5, p. 387.] 

Division our destruction : or, a short hist, of the French 

faction in England. 1702. [8, p. 183.] 

The expedition of the Prince of Orange for England. 

[Signed N. N., i.e. bp. Burnet.] 1688. [1, p. 449.] 

A letter f. the Pope, to the Prince of Orange : cont'. 

proposals betw. the Church of Eng., & the Church of Rome. 
Tr. [Not a genuine letter]. 1689. [1, p. 368.] 

Polit. remarks on the life & reign of W.III, [1650-1702]. 

[3, p. 354.] 

Reasons for crowning the Prince & Princess of Orange 

King & Queen jointly. [By Bp. Burnet ?]. 1689. [6, p. 606.] 

The speech to gentlemen of Somersetshire & Dorsetshire, 

on their coming to join his Highness at Exeter, 15"' Nov., 
1688. 1688. [7, p. 131.] 

see Convention Parliament ; Louis XIV, king. 

William 1, prince of Orange, ["William the Silent"]. The 

death of W., slayne by Balthazar Serack, 1" July, 1584. 

Herein the murtherer's confession, & in what manner he was 

executed. 1584. [3, p. 200.] 
Williams (John), bp. of Chichester. The hist, of the Gun- 
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letters]. a8». 1902 [P1083]. b8». 1891 



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S<'. n.d. 

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The arraignment, tryal, conviction, etc., of H. H. for the 

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'li£i xb'£ 

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*Herr (Def) u. d. Diener, gesohildert njit patriotischer Freyheit, 
1759, see Moser {baron F. C. v.) 

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of Soots, & portion of r. of James VI. [Ed. E, Pitcairn]. 
[Abbotsford CJub]. i". E. 1836 

Herring (Frances E.) Among the people of British Columbia. 

s8°. 1903 

Herring (Geilles) ps. [i.e.' Miss E. (E. Somebville], see Sojsiek- 
viLLE (Miss E. CEi.) 

Herrmann (A.) Clomposiciones joeosas en prosa de los Srs. 
Hartzenbusch, Ayguals de Izeo, Bibot, Villergas, Bonilla, La- 
fuente (Fr. Gerundio), Principe, Lopez Pelegriu (Abeuamar), 
y otros es.oritores, contemp. sea coleccion de lo mas seleeto 
. que, se publico en La Eisa. s8''. L. 1861 

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n. ed. 1893 

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etc. subsisting betw. G'. Brit. & Foreign Powers, so far as 
they rel. to Commerce, Slave Trade, Post Office, Copyright, 
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1, La loi de I'homme — Les tenailles — ^Les paroles restent. 

2, L'6nigme — Point de lendemain — La course du flambeau. 
Th^roigne de M&icourt. sS". 1902 

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1902, see Lecojute du Nojjy (Mme. H.) 

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.14.] 8». 1902 

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\ 8". 1901 
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80. L. 19Q3 

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Bin -Wintertagebuoh (Gardone 1901-2). " s8». St. 1903 




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ii.d.], see Manly (J. M.) Specimens of Pre-Shaksperean drama, 
vl, 1903. 
The proverbs & epigrams of J. H. (1562). [Spenser Soc] 

4°. [Manchester]. 1867 
sec Hakleian Miscell. 

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the fabric & a, brief hist, of the episcopal see. s8<>. 1898 

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J. H., 1849-1902. ■ s8». p.p. [1901] 

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ps., [i.e. Sir B. F. Bdkton], see Bukton (Sir E. F.) 
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Club, Leaflet no. 122]. rev. ed. [P1034]. 8". 1901 

see MacCabthy (J.) Britisli polit. leaders, 1903. 
HieruTgia Anglicana. H. A. : doc, & extr'., illust. of the cere- 
monial of the Anglican Chm'ch after the Reformation. Ed. 
by members of the Eeclesiolog. (late Cambridge Camden) 
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Portuguese life in town & country, by E. E. Street. s8". 1902 
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Winehendon : a family hist. 2v. 8''. 1903 

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see Heilmeyek (A.) A. H., [Knaokfuss, 60], 1902. 
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s8». L., Teubner. 1903 
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Stiadivari, 1902. 

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the Macdonnells of Antrim ; incl. not', of some o. Septs, Wsh 

& Scottish. 4". Belfast. 1873 

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The coinage of Lycia, to the 
time of Alexander the Gt. 
Eepr. f. " Numismatic cliro- 
■nicle." [P1023]. 8". 1895 

Coins of anc. Sicily. 8". 1903 

Oinoanda: a new Greek mint. 
Repr. f. " Numismatic chro- 
nicle." [P1023]. 8". 1897 

Olba, Cennatis, Lalassis. Eepr. 
f. " Numismatic chronicle." 

[P1023]. 8°. 1899 

Roman aurei f . Pudukota, South 
India. Repr. f . " Numismatic 
chronicle." [P1023]. 8". 1898 

Solon's reform of the Attic 
standard. Repr. f. " Numis- 
matic chronicle." 

[P1023]. 8". 1897 

limotheus Eefatns of Mantua, 
& the medallist " T. E." Eepr. 
f. " Numismatic chronicle." 

[P1031]. 8". 1902 

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Hill (Roland). Songs in solitude & photographs in verse. 

sS". 1903 
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vari : his life & work (1644-1737). With intr'. note by Lady 

Huggins. Ia8'>. 1902 

Hilprecht (Herman Volrath). Die Ausgrabungen der TJni- 

versitat v. Pennsylvania im Bel-Tempel zu Nippur. 

8». L. 1903 
Explorations in Bible lands during the 19th c. By H. V. H. 

etc. 8°. E. 1903 

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lately made on the coast of Florida, etc., 1664, see Foeoe (P.) 

Tracts etc., v4, 1846. 
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Merov., t3], 1896. 
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merry life etc. of H., 1674, see Smeeton (G.) Hist. & biograph. 

tracts, v2, 1820. 
♦Second Capt. Hind : or lite of Capt. Simpson, 1817, see 


Hind (John) [Hynd], see Hakleian Miscell. 
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HiNDE (S. L.) & Mrs. H. H., The last of the Masai, 1901. 

Hinde (Sidney Langford), & Mrs. H. Hinde, The last of the 
Masai. laS". 1901 

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de Brantyngham, bp. of E. (1870-94) ; by F. C. H.-E. pi, 
[in jprog.'], 1901. 
Hinkson (H. A.) Fan Fitzgerald. sS". 1902 

Hinkson (,Mrs. K. T.) [f Tynan (Katharine), aft. Hinkson]. 
A girl of Galway. s8°. 1902 

Poems. s8». 1901 

A red, red rose. sS". 1903 

Ihat sweet enemy. sS". 1901 

A union of hearts. s8". [1901] 

Hinrichs' Halbjahrskatalog. Verzeiohnis d. Biioher, Land- 
karten, Zeitsohriften, &c. : H.' H. 1896-1900. sS". L. 1896-1900 
Pulil. half-yearly; each " Halbjahr " has 2T. 
Each Ti has sub-t. : Verzeiohnis d. Titel. 
Each TS has sub-t. : Eegister. 
Hinton (John William). Organ construction. laS". 190O 

Hipparchus, the astronomer. For an essay see Aehandlungen 

zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
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Kuehlewein. s8». L., Teubner. 1894-1902 

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b8°. Heidelberg. 1902 
With 2'"^ tp. : Sammluug iudogerman. Lehrbiicher, unter Mit- 
wirkung v. E. Bemeker, etc., hrsg. v. H. Hirt. Eeihe 1 : Gram- 
matiken, B2, H. d. g. L.- u. F. 

Histoire. *L'hist. admirable dv Chevalier dv Soleil, 1626, see 
Oktunez de Calahokka (D.) 
Hist. gSn&ale de Paris, publ. sous les ausp. du Conseil muni- 
cipal, in prog., see Paeis. 
Historia. Hist, general de Espaiia, eser. por individuosde la E. 
Acad, de la Hist., bajo la dir. del sr. A. Canovas del Castillo. 

[in prog.}. Ia8'' n^. 

Castilla y Leon dur. los r. de Pedro I, Enr. II, Juan I, y Enr. HI ; 
por J. Catalina Garcfa. t2. 

Hist. Eegum Britannia;, see Ehys (J.) & J. O. Evans. The text of 

the Bruts f. the Bed Book of Hergest ; ed. E. & E., 1890. 
Historical. *Hist. & crit. ace. of Hugh Peters, after the manner 

of Mr. Bayle, 1731, see Hakkis (W.) 
*Hist. and law treatise agst. the Jews and Judaism : shewing 
that by the antient establish'd laws of the land, no Jew hath 
any right to live in England, etc. [Dedication signed B. Bi] 

[P1028]. s4o. 1703 
Hist, essays by members of the Owens College, Manchester, 
1902, see Tout (T. F.), & J. Tait, edd. 
Historical & Archseological Association of Ireland, aft. Bayal 
Soc. of Antiq^. of I., see Eoyal Society of Antiquakies of 
Historical Manuscripts Commission. 8». 1898-1903 

The House of Lords MSS., N.S.,vi, 2, were not issued under 
tlie authority of the Hist. MSS. Cotnm., but were issued 
" in cont. of the vol", issued under the authority of tlw 
Hist. MSS. Comm." 

Aberdar MSS.: see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

c. of; see Various 
colls., MSS. in, vl. 

Buccleuch & Queens- 
berry, d. . of, at 
Montagu House : 
vl (1899), 2i (1903), 
2ii (190S;. 

Burtord, c. of: see 
Various colls.,MSS. 
in, vl, 

Buxton, Miss : see 
Various coU^jMSS. 
in, v2. 

Canterbury, dn. & 
chp. of: see Various 
coll'., MSS, in, vl. 

Cardiff, Free Lib. at : 
see Welsh lan- 
guage, MSS. in, 

Chichester, bp, of: 
see Various coll'., 
MSS. in, vl. 

Chichester, dn. & 
chp.of: see Various 
ooU'., MSS. in, vl. 

Davies, D. P. : see 
Welsh language, 
MSS, in, v2i. 

Evans, D. S. : see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

Harford, Mrs. : see 
Various coIl».,MSS. 
in, v2. 

Havod Collection ; 
see Welsh lan- 
guage, MSS. in, 

Home, Col. D. M. ; 

Jesus Coll., Ox. : see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

Kilkenny Castle : 
N.S., vl (1902), v2 

Llanwrin Eeotory : 
see Welsh lan- 
guage, MSS. in, vSi. 

Lords, House of : 

N.S., vl (1900), v2. 

Lostwithiel, c.of: see- 

Various oolls.,MSS. 

in, vl. 
Merthyr Tydvil MS. : 

see Welsh lan- 
guage, MSS. in, 

Montagu House: vl 

(1899), 2i (1903) 2ii 

Mostyn, I, : see Welsh 

language, MSS. in, 

I Norfolk, d. of: see 

Various coll''.,MSS. 

in, v2. 

Ormonde, m. of, at 
Kilkenny Caatle-: 
N.S., vl (1902) v2 

Peniarth : see Weleli 
language^ MSS. in, 




Historical Manuscripts Commission [continited] 

v2 (Sir G. Womb- 
well, a. of Norfolk, 
1. E. Talbot, Miss 
Buxton, Mrs. Har- 
ford, Mrs. Went- 
worth of WooUey) 

Reynolds, L. ; see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

Salisbury, dn. cO clip, 
of : see Various 
coll*., MSS. in, vl. 

Salisbury, m. of: 
Calendar of MSS., 
p9 (1902). 

Stuart papers at 
Windsor Castle : 
vl (1902). 

Talbot, I. B. : see 
Various coll'.,MSS. 
in, v2. 

Various collections, 
MSS. in : vl (Ber- 
wick - upon- Tweed, 
Burford, & Lost- 
withiei, c®. ; coun- 
ties of Wilts & 
Worcester; bp. of 
Chicliester ; dn*. & 
chps. of Chichester, 
Canterbury, & 

Salisbury) (1901), 

Welsh language, 
MSS. in : vl (1. 
Mostyn) (1898), lii 
(W. R. M. Wynne, 
atPeniarth) (1899), 
2i (Jesus Coll., Ox.; 
Free Lib., Cardiff ; 
Havod ; R. P. Wil- 
liams, of Wrex- 
ham ; D. S. Evans, 
of Llanwrin Rec- 
tory ; Merthyr 
Tydvil MS., the 
property of L. 
Reynolds ; Aberdar 
MSS., the property 
of D. P. Davies) 

Wentworth, Mrs., of 
WooUey: see Va- 
rious coll"., MSS. 
in, v2. 

Williams, R. P. : see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

Wilts, cty. of : see 
in, vl. 

Windsor Castle, 

Stuart Papers at : 
vl (1902). 

Wombwell, Sir G. : 
see Various coll*., 
MSS. in, v2. 

Worcester, cty. of: 
see Various colK, 
MSS. in, vl. 

Wrexham MSS.: see 
Welsh language, 
MSS. in, v2i. 

Wynne, W. R. M. : 
see Welsh lan- 
guage, MSS, in, 

Historische VierteljahTSchrift. Neue Folge d. Deutschen 
Zeitschrift fiir GescMchtswissensohaft. Jhrg. 5 (Der ganzen 
Folge, Jhrg. 13). 8". L. 1902 

Historische Zeitschrift. B88-91 (Neue Folge B52-55). 

8°. Miinchen. 1902-3 

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*Hist. of the Gunpowder Treason, coll. f. approved a'., as well 

Popish as Protestant, 1679, see Williams (J.), bp. of Chichester. 

Hoang (Pierre), S.J., see Vaki^t^s sinologiques, 21, Melanges 

sur Tadministration, par H., 1902. 
Hoare {Sir Richard Colt), 2'"' hart Recoil*, abroad, 1790, 1791. 
[50 copies printed}. 8°. Bath. 1818 

EecoU*. abroad, 1790 : Sicily & Malta. [SO copies printed']. 

8°. Bath. 1817 
Hobbes (John Oliver) ps. \i.e. Mrs. P. M.-T. Ceaioie], see 

Ceaiqie (Mrs. P. M.-T.) 
Hobbes (Thomas). Behemoth, or the Long Parliament. Ed. 
f. orig. MS. by F. Tonnies. 8o. 1889 

Elements of law, natural & politic. Ed., w. pref., & erit. notes, 
by F. Tonnies, to wh. are subjoined selected extr'. f. unprinted 
MSS. of T. H. 8". 1889 

see ToNKiES (F.) H., Leben u. Lehre, 1896. 
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[Anthropolog. Inst., Occasional papers, no. 1]. laS". 1902 

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s8°. N.y. 1900 
Imperialism : a study. 8". 1902 

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self, 1547-64; ed. E. Powell, 1902, see Camden Miscellany 
(The), vlO. 
Hocking (Joseph). Greater love. s8^ 1902 

The weapons of mystery. sS". n.d. 

Hocking (Silas K.) The awakening of Anthony Weir. sS". n.d. 
Gripped. S80. 1902 

Hodder (Alfred) [ps. Fbancis Walton]. A fight for the city : 
[being W. T. Jerome's part in the municipal campaign in New 
York, loot-]. s8°. N.Y. 1903 

Hodgetts (Edward Arthur Bray ley). In the track of the 
Eussian famine : the personal narrative of a journey through 
the famine districts of Eussia. s8". 1892 

Hodgkin (John Eliot). *Eariora : being notes of some of the 
printed books, MSS., etc., coll. (1858-1900) by J. E. H. [By 
J. E. H.-] 3v. 4°. [1902] 

Hodgkin (Eobert Howard), see Bait (E. S.) ed., Five Stuart 
princesses, [Eliz. of Bohemia, d. of Jas. I. of Eng.; by 
E. H. H. ; etc.], 1902. 
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foundation to the conquest of Constantinople, 1204. s8». 1901 
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address. [P1049]. 8». f.p.c. 1882 

Philosophy in rel. to its hist. : an address. [P1049]. 8". f.p.c. [1880] 
The practical bearing of speculative philosophy: an address. 

' [P1049]. 8". /.iJ.c. 1881 

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gesehene A. 8", St. 1902 

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of H., 1793-1814. Ed. A. B. Bevan & H. B. Wolryohe- 
Whitmore. 8". 1901 

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der gesammten Litt. der Griechen. 

Tl, 2, (A-D; E-N). 2» A. 8\ L, 1838-9 
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Hogarth ("William), see Dobson (H. A.) W. H. ; w. iqtr. on 

H.'s workmanship by Sir W. Armstrong, 1902. 

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Geographie d. Hoohgebirges, 1901, see MIinohenee geograph. 

Studien, hrsg. S. Gtinther, Stiick 10. 

Hohrod (Greorges). Le roman d'un rallid, s8». 1902 

Holbein (Hans), '1497-1543, see Dickes (W. F.) H.'s celebrated 

picture "The ambassadors," 1903. 
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Holcombe (Chester). The real Chinese question. s8». 1901 
Holdsworth (Miss Annie E.) [Mrs. Lee Hamilton]. The 
valley of the great shadow. s8». 1900 

Hole (Samuel Reynolds), dean of Rochester. Then and now. 

8°. 1901 
Holiday (John), see Simpson (John), alias Holiday; high- 
Holland, see Haeleian Miscell. 

Holland (Bernard) [ps. " Onyx "]. A reported change in re- 
ligion. s8». 1899 
Holland (Clive). Mousm^. sS". 1901 
Holland (Wilhelm Ludwig). Crestien von Troies : eine litera- 
turgesohieht. XJntersuchung. 8°. Tiibiugen. 1854 
Hollander (Felix). Magdalene Dornis : Eoman. i" A. sS". 1896 
HoUoway (William), of Rye. The hist, of Eomney Marsh to 
1837: being an accompaniment to " The hist, of Eye." 80.1849 
Holman (Henry). Eng. national education: a sketch of rise 
of public elementary schools in Eng. s8''. 1898 
Holman-Hunt (William). 
see B.iYLiss [Sir W.) Five great painters of the Victorian era, 

„ Wise (A. G. H.) Notes on the pictures of H. H., exhib. at 
rooms of Fine Art Soc, 1886, 1886. 
Holmes (C. J.) Constable & h. influence on landscape painting. 

fol. 1902 

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[Riverside ed.]. s8". Boston. 1900 

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besteigung (1527-64). 8°. 1908 

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fiihle. Mit einem Vorwort von E. Mach. S". L. 1901 

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Home [incP. Home Eule]. *Ulster & Home Enle, by an Irish 

Presbyterian, 1886, see Ulstee. 
Home (Gordon Cochrane). Epsom: its history & surroundings. 

s4o. 1901 

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vl9, 1810. 

Odyssey. Done into verse by W. Morris. 8". 1897 

Odyssey. Tr. J. W. Mackail. Bks. 1-8. [Iv]. 8°. 1903 

see BfoAEU (V.) Les Pheniciens et I'Odyssee, 1902-3. 
„ Buohholz (E.) Die homerisohen Eealien, 1871-5. 
„ Dbyden (J.) Poems ; [lo. trK t. H. etc.] 
„ Hesiod. Hesiodi carmina; ace. Homeri & Hesiodi certa- 

men ; rec. A. Ezach, 1902. 
„ Kiessling (A.) & U. v. WiLAMOwiTz-MoLLENDOEFr, Philolog. 
Untersuchungen, H7, Homerische Untersuchungen, 1884. 
„ ToYNBEE (P. J.) Index of authors quoted by Benvenuto da 
Imola in h. comm. on the Divina Commedia; [w.] app''., 
B. da Imola & the Iliad & Odyssey, 1901. 
Home Rule, see Home. 

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ment : eine Erwiderung auf Delitzsch's " Babel u. Bibel." 

[P1032]. S". [1902] 
Honan (Michael Burke). The court & camp of Don Carlos. 

s8". 1836 




Honecort ("Wilars de) [Villard be Honnecouet], see Villakd, 

de Honnecourt. 
*Honest labour. p[2], 3. [2, P439 ; 3, P1034]. 8». D. 1891 

The f untitle of 2'^ is Honest labour versus school of scandal: 
IriBh industrial facts addressed to the taxpayers of the Brit. 

T!w full title of p3 is Honest labour, p8 : industrial facts f. the 
hist, of Irish lace. 

Honig (Fritz Aug.) *Die Kavallerie-Division tds Solilachten- 
korper. Vom Verfasser : " tjber d. Bewaffnung, Ausbildung u. 
Verwendung d. Eeiterei." [P1019]. 8". 1884 

Prinz Friedrich Karl y. Preussen, General-Feldmarschall. 

[P1019]. 80. 1885 
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H., earl of). 
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4'" duke of). 
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conduct, during h. late command of the King's troops in 

N. Amer. : added some t)bs. upon painphlet [by J. Galloway], 

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etc., w. intr'., notes etc. for the use of workmen. 

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& humane science, by B. Carpenter, 2, Humane study of 

natural history, by J. A. Thomson, 3, Treatment of prisoners, 

by W. D. Morrison, 4, Suggestion : its place in medicine & 

scientific research, by J. M. Bramwell, 5, Appendix : natural 

selection* mutual aid, by P. Kropotkin]. [Humanitarian 

League]. s8». 1897 

Humanitarian League. 

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of v5], 1895-1902. 
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[<e the first 2 nos. of v5], (Mar. 1895-Feb. 1892), in 4v. 
'■ •' J ■> ^ j^g„_ [-1895-1902] 

Cont. as The Humanitarian (w. wh. is incorp''. " Humanity ' '). 
This continuation is a different periodical from The 
Humanitarian the 1'' vol. of wh. was pjibl. in 1S9S. The 
no. for Feb. -1902 is the last no. puhl. under the title 
Humayun, Moghul emperor of Hindustan, see Gul-ijadan 

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1,2,1802-13). linprog-l- 

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& privy council of Scotland, May 21, 1700-March 7, 1707. 

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Wellington ' "], n.d. 
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d. Mathematik. 
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the fleet. 8". 1902 

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a la ed. de 1554. Publ. a sus expensas H. B. Clarke. 

sS". 0. 1897 
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zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
Hurwitz (Hyman). A grammar of the Hebrew language. 

[2p in Iv, pagin. sep.~\. S'^ ed., rev. & enlarged. 8". 1841 

Besides the gen. tp., as above, each part has a tp. of its oiun, as 
follows ." 
pi, Elements of the Hebrew language. 1837. 
p2. Etymology & syntax (in cont. of The Elements) of the 
Hebrew language. 1841. 
Husain ibn 'Abd Allah (Abu 'All), called Ibn Sina, or 

Avicenna, see Avioenna. 
Huss (John), see Beeger (W.) J. H. u. Konig Sigmund, 1871. 
Hutchins (B. L.) & A. Harrison. A hist, of factory legislation. 

Pref. by S. Webb. 8°. 1903 

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lands. 8». 1897 

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A friend of Nelson. 380. 1902 

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of notable Middle Templars, w. brief biog. notices. 8°. 1902 
Hutchison (Robert). Food & the principles of dietetics. 

5* imp. 8°. 1902 
Hutton, family of, see Hution (A. W.) A supplementary 

chapter etc. to the Ace. of the family of H., of Gate Burtonj 

Lincolnshire, 1903. 
Hutton (Arthur WoUaston). A supplementary chapter & 

index to the Ace. of the family of Hutton, of Gate Burton, 

Lincolnshire, by A. W. H., bringing record down to end of 

1902. 4». If.p.c. 1903] 

Hutton (Edward). Italy & the Italians. s8<>. E. 1902 

Hutton (Frederick WoUaston). The lesson of evolution. 

sS". 1902 
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a great lib. [i.e., the lib. of Trinity Coll., Dublin] : a paper. 

[P1047]. Ia8<>. 1886 
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88°. 1901 
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■ The influence of Xty. upon national character, illus. by the lives 

& legends of Eng. Saints. [Bampton Lecf., 1903]. 8». [1903] 





Huxley (Thomas Henry). Science & Xtn. tradition : essays. 

sS". 1902 
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Suppl. vol. Ia8°. 1903 
see Clodd (E.) H., 1902. 

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Gaedhealaeh. [W. French tr. by 6. Dottin]. Ia8». n.d. 

„ Contes irlandais ; tr. du gallique par G. Dottin. [The 

French tr. of " An Sgiahiidhe Oaedhealach," publ. separately]. 

Ia8». Bennes. 1901 
Hyde (Edward), /'' earl of Clarendon, see Clabendon (E. H., 

/»* earl of). 
Hyderabad. Beport on the H. Assigned Districts. 1901/2. 

fol. Hyderabad. 1903 
Hynd (John), see Hind (J.) 
Hyne (C. J, Cutcliffe W.) Prince Bupert the Buccaneer. 

s8». 1901 



I. (R.) *Nova Britannia : ofEering most excellent fraites by 
planting in Virginia, etc., [Epistle signed E. I.], 1609, see 


*The new life of Virginea: being tbe second part of Noua 
Britannia [Epistle signed B. I.], 1612, see Virginia. 

Ibanez (V. Blasco), see Blasco IbISez (V.) 

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Ibn Abl Ya'Mb Al-Nadim. 

Ibn Sina, see Avicenha. 

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Brand. Et dramatiBk digt. 

1" opl. s8°. 1874 
En folkefiende. Skueapil. 

.s8». 1882 
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sS". 1890 

Kjserlighedens Komedie. Ko- 

medie [b.w.h. Peer Gynt, 

1867]. ^2™udg. sS". 1867 

Nar vi dpde vagner. En drama- 

tiak epilog. 88°. 1899 

Peer Gynt. Et dramatisk digt. 

2'-'' opl. s8<>. 1867 

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en 3 actes et en vers. Tr. le 

vte. de CoUeville et F. de 

Zepelin. 8". 1903 

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w. introd., by "W. Archer. 

s8". [1901] 
Ghosts. Tr. H. P. Lord. 

n. ed., rev. 98". 1891 
Ghosts. Ed., w. introd., by W. 
Archer. S80. [1901] 

Lady Inger — Vikings at Helgo- 
land — Pretenders. Tr. ; ed. 
W. Archer. 

aut. Eng. ed. 88°. n.d. 
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s8». 1897 

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Gosse & W. Archer, n. ed. w. 

introd. by W. Archer. 88°. 1901 

see PoLONSKi (G.) Gewissen, 

Ehre u. Verantwortung, 


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0' Lassendale. s8». 1902 

Ile-de-France, see Maukitids. 
lies (George), see Bowkkk (E. E.) & G. I. edd., The reader's guide 

in economic, social, & polit. science, 1891. 
Ilicini ■(Bernardo), see Lapinf (B.) da Mont' Alcino, called 


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*'Ilmu Hal : a manual of the doctrine & practice of Islam. Tr. 

f. Turkish by C. D. Cobham. 2"" ed. [P1031]. 8<>. Nicosia. 1902 

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sS". Pirenze. 1891 
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Imp. Euss.], see Latuishev (V. A.) Inscriptiones orse septen- 
trion. P. Euxini Grsecae et Lat., v4, 1901. 
Imperatorskoe Russkoe Creograflcheskoe Obshchestvo. 
DBcqonufl Kiiiirii MoCKUBCKaru rocyflapCTBa. 'lacit 1. Iliicitoiiuii 
KHum XVI BiKa, 0T4'Lienie 2 [oT4t.ieHie 1 wanting]. 

laS". CiiHKTneiepdypn.. 1877 
TpydM 9Tnorpa*H'iecKO-CTaTHCTHHecKoii 9Kcne4Hi(iH bt> 3ana4uo 
PyccKiii KpaO, ciiapanteHiioii Hiin. P. Teopr. 06m. lOro-aana^Huii 
0T4-t.n>. Maiepi.n.ibi h iiacjIijoBariin cofipaiiiiun D. 11. 'lyOHHCKiiMi,. 
tl-7 [t2 wanting']. laS". C.-neTep6yprb. 1872-7 
see Przheval'skv (N. M.) Mourojia, 2r., 1875-6. 
„ EiTTER (C), geographer. SPM.iPB-t^liriio AsiH. 1877. 
Imperatorskoe Russkoe Istoricheskoe Obshchestvo. 
tSopiiuKb. tl09-116. [inprog. tll^ in 2 bks.]. 

Ia8». l.-f:e'ep6yp.7. 1900-3 
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record. Ser. Ill, vl2-15. Ia8». Woking. 1901 -3 

Imperial Federation League, see Eawson {Sir E. W.) Sequel 
to synopsis of the tarifis & trade of the Brit, empire, 1889. 
"In a Tuscan garden. sS". 1902 

Index. Index Library, see British Eecobd Society. 
Index to the periodicals of 1901, 1902, see Review of Reviews. 

Qovernment Fublications. 
Census, 1901. 
C. of I., 1901. v9, 9a, 9b, (Bombay, pl-3). fol. Bombay. 1902 
1, Report. 2, Imperial tables. 3, Provincial tables. 

India [continued]. 

Government Publications [continued]. 

Finance & Eevenue. 

Land revenue policy of the Indian govt. 8°. Calcutta. 1902 
Eeview of Forest Administration in Brit. I. 1899/1900, by 
H.C. Hill; 1900/1901, by E.C.Wrough ton. fol. Calcutta. 1902 
Geological Survey oe India. 
Gen. report[s] of work by the G. S. Apr., 1900-Mar., 1902. 

laS". Calcutta. 1901-2 
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Mem', of the G. 8. of I. ; Palsontologia Indica. 

Ia4''. Calcutta. 1901 
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Legislative Dept., Codes etc. 
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8". Calcutta. 1901 
see Madras : Legisl. Dept. Madras Code, S'' ed., 1902. 
Meteorological Dept. 
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vl-12, 14. fol. Calcutta. 1876-1902 
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2»'» ed. 8". Calcutta. 1902 
Military Dept. 
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M. D., (1857-8), v2, 3, 1902, see Forrest (G. W.) ed. 
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[I], Foreign Department. [II], Home Department. [Ill], 
Public Works Department. 
[I], Foreign Dept. 

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Persian Gulf polit. Eesidency & Maskat polit. Agency for 

1901/2. [P. D. 128]. fol. Calcutta. 1902 

Thagi and Dakaiti dept. for 1900. [F. D. 123]. fol. Sunla. 1901 

[III], Public Works Dept. 

Hist, of services of officers drawing not less than Es. 1,000 a 
month Civil Pay exclusive of allowances of the Engineer, 
Accounts, & State Railway Revenue Establ'., & of officers of 
Telegraph Dept. Corr. to 1st July, 1902. 8<>. Calcutta. 1902 
Hist, of services of officers of the Engineer, Accounts, & State 
Railway Revenue Establishments. To 31" Dec. 1901. 

2v. S". Calcutta. 1902 
Surveys [not including the Archceolog., or Oeolog. Survey]. 
Gen. report on operations of the Survey of I. Dept. 1900/1. 

fol. Calcutta. 1902' 

Ann. statement of trade & navigation of Brit. I. w. foreign 

countries & of coasting trade, in year end=. Mar. 31, 1902. 

vl. Foreign trade, fol. Calcutta. 1902 

Financial & commercial statistics of Brit. I. fol. Calcutta. 1902 

Review of the trade of I. 1901/2. fol. Calcutta. 1902 

Indian. *Narrative of the Indian & civil wars in Virginia, in 

1675 & 1676, 1814, see Virginia. 

India list (The) & India Office list. 1902. 8". 1902 

Into Office. List of General Records. 1599-1879. fol. 1902 

List of proceedings, &c. : N.-W. Provinces & o. minor admin'., 

1834-1899, in the Record Dept. of the I. 0. fol. 1902 

Indian meteorological memoirs, see India : Govt. publ'. ; 

Meteorolog. Dept. 
Indians, Letters to eminent Indians, 1885, see Sadyk Dost. 
Indies (East), see East Indies. 
Indies (West), see West Indies. 




Indogermanische Forschungen ; Zeitschrift fiir indogerman. 

Spraoh- u. Altertumskunde. B13, 14. 8". Strassburg. 1902-3 
Ingelow (Jean). *Some recoils, of J. I. & h. early friends. 

8°. 1901 
Ingham (Charles B.) Education in accordance with natural 

law. sSo. [1902] 

Ingman (Herman Santeri). Juho Vesainen. Hist, romaani. 

s8°. Porvoossa [BorgS,]. [1894] 
Ingram (John Kells), Human nature & morals, aec. to A. 

Comte ; w. notes illustrative of the principles of Positivism. 

8". 1901 

The lib. of Trinity Coll., Dublin : an address. [P1047]. laS". 1886 

Ingram (Sir William James), /"' bart. Cat. of early printed 

bks. & MSS., sold by order of Sir W. I., by Messrs. Sotheby 

6'^ Apr., 1903, etc. [P1057]. S". [1903] 

Initius Algebras. Die " Algebra " d. I. A., see Aehandlungen 

zur Gesch. d. Mathematik. 
Innes (Alex. Taylor). John Knox. sS". [1896] 

Innes (Arthur D.) A short hist, of the British in India. s8». 1902 
Innes (Cosmo), see North Berwick. Carte monialium de 

Northbcrvrii, [o.;. C. ±.\, 1S47. 
Innocent VIII, pope. Bull on marriage of Henry VII w. 

Elizabeth of York, communicated by J. P. Collier, 1847, see 

Camden Miscellany (The), vl. 
*Inquisioione (De) Capacitatis Figurarum : anon. Abhdlg. aus 

d. 15. Jhdt. ; hrsg. v. M. Curtze, see Aehandlungen zur Gesch. 

d. Mathematik. 
Inguisitiones. Abstracts of Inquisitiones post mortem rel. to 

■ London, pi, 1485-1561, ed. 6. S.Frv. [London & Mx. Archa;o- 
, log. Soc] " 8". 1896 

Inscriptiones. I", antiquse orse septentrioualis P. Euxini GrsecEe 

et Latinfe, v4, 1901, see Latuishev (V. A.), ed. 
I'. Grasese ad inlustrandas dialeetos selectse, ed. F. Solmsen, 

1903, see Solmsen (F.) 
Institut de France. 
see Academie des Insceiptions etc. tOne of the 5 wh. fmm the 
I. de F.] 

„ AcADi^MiE DES Sciences. [One of the 5 loh. farm the I. de P.] 

„ AoADfciiE des Sciences Moeales et Politiques. [One of 
the 5 wh. form the I. de F.] 
Institut International de Statistique. Bulletin, til, 12, 

[ioimd in 1v ; each t. has 2 livr.J. 

laS". Rome, [St.-Petersbourg, Kristiania]. 1899-1902 
Interest (The) of English nation under happy govt, of King 

Wm. Ill once more asserted, etc., by Philo-Kalo-Basileos, 

1696, see Philo-Kalo-Basileos. 
International journal of ethics. vll,12. 8». Philadelphia. 1901-2 
International Societies. [" International[e], Internazionale," 

etc., are aibbrev. to " J." ; Congress, S Conference to C.]. 

see Alpinisms. C. I. de see Education. C. I. de I'E, 
I'A., 1900. Sociale. 

„ Beneficenza. C. I. di „ Institut I. de Statistique. 
B. di Milano. „ Women, I. C. of, 1899. 

ance. 1. C. A. 1 

Invercauld. Records of I., 1547-1828. Ed. J. G. Michie. 

[New Spalding Club]. s4». Aberdeen. 1901 
lonas, abbas, see .Jonas Elnon. 
lonin (Aleksandi). [i. C. lounm.]. 
Do lOiuiKiii AMepiii!*. 

3t. [tl & 2 in Iv, pagin. sep.l 8°. C.-IIcTepovprx. 1892-3 

lorga (Nicolai). Despre Cantacuzini — Genealogia Cantaeuzini- 

lor — Do<3umente privitoare la familia Cantacuzino. sS". 1902 

, Ireland. 

' J, Govt. Publications. 


Ireland, industrial & agricultural. [An enlarged & rev. ed. of the 

hdbk. dealing to. the Department's exhibit at Glasgow Exhibi- 

,- tion, 1901']. laS". D. 1902 

L . Land. 

■ see Barton (D. P.) & R. R. CinBRBy. The Land Law (Ireland) 

Act, 1896, w. the rule.? & forms, issued thereunder, in the 
Land Commission, Supreme Court, & county courts re- 
spectively ; ed., etc., by B. & C, 1897. 
„ Ghebki (R. R.) The Irish Land Law & Land Purchase 
Acts, 1860-1901, (inch the Congested Districts Board Acts), 
w. the rules & forms; ed.,etc. by C, etc., 3"" edi, 1903. 

The blot upon the brain : 

2»" ed. 9". E. 1893 

I.), ed., Select narratives oi 

[&,] Translation, [Studia 

Ireland [continued]. 
II, Anonymous "Works, etc. 
Calendar of State Papers rel. to I. Adventurers for land. 
1642-59. Ed. R. P. Mahaffy. 

[Calendar of State Papers]. 8". 1903 
Calendar of State Papers rel. to I., Hen. VIII-Eliz. v9. [v9, 
(1600) : ed. E. G. Atkinson. Calendar of State Papers]. 

Ia8». 1903 

Calendar of State Papers rel. to I., r. of Ch. I. Ed. B. P. Mahaffy. 

[v2] (2, 1633-47). [Calendar of State Papers]. laS". 1901 

*Philosophical (A) survey of the South of I., in a ser. of letters 

to J. Watkinson, 1778, see Campbell (T.) 

Sagen aus dem alten Irland : iibers. v. R. Thurneysen, 1901, 

see Thurneysen (R.) 
The social state of the Southern & E. Co.' of I. in the 16'" c. : 
being the presentments of the gentlemen etc. of Carlow, Cork, 
etc., made in the r'. of Hen. VIII & Eliz. : ed. H. Hore & J. 
Graves, 1870, see Soc. of Antiq. or Ireland. 
see Haeleian Miscell. 
„ Irish Record Publications. 
Ireland ("William "Wotherspoon), 

studies in hist. & psychology. 
Irene, Saint, see Lewis (Mrs. A. S 
holy women etc.], Syriac text, 
Sinaitica, 9, 10], 1900. 
Irish education directory for 1882, 1882, see Ellis ("W. E.) ed. 
Irish Industrial Society. Education & labour : rep. of I. I. S. 

[P1031]. 8°. D. 1890 

Irish loyal & Patriotic Union. Ireland [i.e., a series of 

pamphlets thus headed]. Nos. 3, 4, 7, 10, 12. [P439]. 8». D. 1886 

Gweedore & the plan of campaign. [P438]. 8°. D. 1889 

Ireland in 1887. [P438]. 2°" ed. 8'>. D. [1887] 

" Three months of the National League " : June-Aug. 1887. 

[P438]. 8". [D. 1887] 

Irish Penny Magazine, vl. 1883. [nomorepmbl''.]. laS". D. 1838 

Irish Question. *Truth about the I. Q., S"' ed., 1889, see Truth. 

Irish Record Publications, 

see Gilbert {Sir J.. T.) *Eng. commissioners & Irish records ; 

by an Irish archivist, 1865, 
„ — — *0n the hist., position, etc., of the Public Records of 
Ireland ; by an Irish archivist, 1864. 

„ *Reeord revelations, 1863. 

,, *Record revelations resumed, 1864. 

Irish Unionist Alliance. The Irish priest in politics. 

[P438]. 8". [c. 1893] 
Irlandais. Contes irlandais ; tr. du ga^Uque par G. Dottin, 1901, 

see Hyde (D.) 

"*Is it Shakespeare ? : the great question of Elizabethan lit. ; 
answered by a Cambridge graduate [i.e. W. Begley], 1903, see 
Begiey (W.) 
*Is there any resemblance between Shakespeare & Bacon ?, 

1888, see Shakespeare (W.) 
Isabella, of Bavaria; gueen conso7-t of Charles VI, king of 

France, see Thibault (M.) Isabeau de B.; 1903. 
Isabella II, queen of Spain, see Gakeido (P.) Hist, del reinado 

del riltimo Borbon de Espaiia [i.e. Isabella II], 1868-9. 
Isabelle. For queens, p?:incesses etc. see Isabella. 
Isenirahe (C.) For an essay sea Abh.andlungen zur Gesch. d. 

Islam, see *'Ilmu Hal : a manual of the doctrine etc. of I., 1902. 
Islenzka Bokmentafelag, see Diplomatarium Islandicum : 

islenzkt fornbrefasafn, B5, inprogi, 1899/1902. 

Istrati (Constantin I.) Activitatea sciin^ifiea a lui Ion Ghica, 

discurs ; cu respuns de D. A. Sturdza. [Acad. Rom.]. laS". 1902 

Istrie (Jean B. Bessieres, due i'),see Bebsiebes {le mar. J. B.) 

Italia. Storia pojitica d'ltalia, [formerly Storia generale d'L], 

1874-95, see Villaei (P.) 
Italiano. *I1 discorso di un policeman nel cinquantennio dello 

statute italiano, 1898, see Discorso. 

Government Publications. 
Codes, etc. 
Codiei e leggi del regno d'ltalia. Corred. di richiami e coord, 
dal prof. L. Pranchi. 2v in 3, [2, i, ii]. 88°. Milano. 1897-9 
1, I codiei. 2, Leggi usuaji. 
Codiei e leggi del regno d'ltalia. Corred. di richiami e coord, 
dal prof. L. Pranchi. Leggi e convenzicni sui diritti d'autore. 

2" ed. s8<>. Mikno. 1902 




Italy [continued]. 

GoTernment Publications [continued], 


Agro romano : rel. moiiografica della zona soggetta alia legge 
Bulla bonifioazione agraria, 8 luglio 1883. [P1027]. 8". 1892 

Atti del sesto Congressi delle banche popolari italiane, ten. a 
Bologna, 1895. 8°. 1896 

Censimento della popolazione del regno d'ltalia al 10 Feb. 1901. 

vl-3. laSo. 1902-4 

Notizie suUa agriooltura in Italia : illust. delle mostre agrarie 
inviate dal Ministero di Agriooltura alia Esposizione Uni- 
versale di Parigi, 1900. 2p in Iv, [tv. one tp.]. 8°. 1900 

Italy [continued]. 

Government Publications [continued], 

Anonymous "Works. 
Deser. aoc. of the wine industry of I. Tr. G. Eossati. [Soc. 
gen. dei viticoltori ital.]. sS". Eome. [1889] 

Storia politioa d'ltalia [form, Storia generale d'l.], 1874-9.5, 
see ViLLAEi (P.) 
see Haeleian Misoell. 
Iwan-Miiller (Ernest Bruce). 
Lord Milner & S. Africa. 8°. 1902 






Jackman (Marshall), see Macnamaea (T. J.) & M. J., How to 

work the Education Act, 1903. 

Jackson {Lt.-col. Basil). Notes & reminiscences of a staff 

officer. Ed. B. C. Seaton. 8°. 1903 

Jackson (Frank Gr.) Theory & practice of design. 8". 1896 

Jackson (" Stonewall"), see Jackson (Thomas J.) 

Jackson (Thomas), Wesley an minister. Mem", of the life & 

■writings of the Eev. Eichard Watson, late sec. of the Wesleyan 

Missionary Society. ^"^ ed. 88". 1840 

Jackson (Thomas Jonathan) ["Stonewall" Jackson], see 

Hendeeson (G. F. E.) J. & the Civil war, 1902. 
Jacob {Mrs. Arthur), see Jacob (V.), wife of A. J. 
Jacob (Paul L.), bibliophile, ]is., see Laceoix (P.) Ips. P. L. J.] 
Jacob (Violet), wife of Arthtir Jacob. The sheep-stealers. 

s8o. 1902 
Jacobatius (Card. Dominicus), see Mansi (G. D.) Saor. concil. 

collectio, in tO, Introdiictio, 1903. 
Jacobs (William "Wymark). At Sunwich Port. 

2°<' imp. s8°. 1902 
The lady of the barge. sS". 1902 

Light freights. sS". 1901 

„ „ 2»i ed. s8<>. 1901 

Jago (Bichard). Poems ; [to. Life by Chalmers], see Chalmees 

(A.) Eng. poets, vl7, 1810. 
Jahr (Torstein) & A. J. Strohm. Bibliography of cooperative 
cataloguing & the printing of catalogue cards, w. ref'. to 
internat. bibliog. & the universal catalogue (1850-1902). 

8". Washington. 1903 
Jahrbuch d. Kiiniglich Freussischen Kunstsammlungen. 

B28. 40. 1902 
Jahrbuch f. Gesetzgebung, Verwaltung u. Volkswirtschaft 
im deutschen Eeich. Jhrg. 26. 8°. L. 1902 

Jahrbiicher f. Nationalokonomie u. Statistik. 
3" Folge, B23, 24, (Der ganzen Eeihe, B78, 79). 8°. Jena. 1902 
„ „ Eegister, Bl-75. 8°. Jena. 1902 

see VoLKSwiEiscHAFTLicHE Chronik ; Abdruck aus d. J. fur 
N. u. S. (1899, 1902), 1900-3. 
Jahresberichte d. Geschichtswissenschaft. Im Auftrage d. 
historischen Gesellsohaft zu Berlin hrsg. 

Jhrg. 24, 1901. 8°. 1903 
Jalabert (Charles Fran9ois), artist; 'iS'lS-igoi, s«eEEiNAUD (E.) 

J. : I'homme, I'artiste, d'apr^s sa corr., 1903. 
Jaloux (Edmond). L'agonie de I'amour. s8". 1899 

James, Apostle & Saint, son of Alphceiis, see Apockypha 
SiNAiTicA (5, Martyrdom of J., etc.) ; ed. & tr. M. D. Gibson, 
[Studia Sinaitica, 5], 189G. 
James I, king of Orcat Britain <& Ireland. Essayes of a 
Prfentise, in the Divine Art of Poesie, 1585, [ff] A counter- 
Waste to Tobacco, 1604 ; ed. E. Arber. s8». 1895 
The King's Maiesties declaration to h. subjects cono. lawful 
sports to be used, 1618, see Smeeton (G.) Hist. & biograph. 
tracts, vl, 1820. 

Orig. letters rel. to the eccles. affairs of Scotland wr. by, or 
addressed to, J. after h. ace. to Eng. throne. [Ed. D. Laing]. 
[Bannatyne Club]. 2v (1, 1603-14 ; 2, 1614-25). if. E. 1851 
see Hakleian Misoell. 

„ Lano (A.) J. & the Gowrie mystery, 1902. 
„ Weldon (Sir A.) The court & character of J., 1650. 
James II, king of Gt. Brit. £ Ireland, see Haeleian Miscell. 
James VI, king of Scotland, see James I., k. of Qt. Brit. 
James Edward [Stuart], prince, the [old] Pretender, see 

Haeleian Miscell. 
James (George). Francis Bacon & St. Albans, & New light on 
Dr. Caius & the Merry Wives of Windsor. [Bacon-Shake- 
speare pamphlets, 7]. [P1083]. s8". 1901 
James (Henry), novelist. The better sort. s8». 1903 
The wings of the dove. s8». 1902 
James (Lionel). *0n the heels of De Wet. i"- imp. 

s8». E. 1902 

James (William), prof, at Harvard. Principles of psychology- 

2v. 8°. 1901 
Talks to teachers on psychology. n. imp. sS". 1902.' 

The varieties of religious experience. [Gifford Leot'., 1901/2]. 

8". 1902. 

Jameson (Mrs. Anna) [Anna Beownell Jameson, nie Mv/rphy]. 

Legends of the Madonna as repres. in the fine arts. [fS"' ser. 

of "Sacred d leg', art"]. [Ed. B. luce]. s8<>. 1903 

Jane (Fred T.) Ever Mohun. s8". 1901 

Janet (Paul) pere ; d. 'IS99. Les passions et les caraottoes 

dans la litt. du 17' s. 3° 6d. s8". 1898 

& G. Seailles. A hist, of the problems of philosophy. 

Tr. A. Monahan. Ed. H. Jones. 2v. 8". 1902 

Jannettaz (Edouard), E. Vanderheym, E. Fontenay, & 

A. Coutance. Diamant et pierres pr^cieuses. 2' 6d. 8". 1881 

Jannot de Moncey (B. A.), marichal, due de Conigliano, see 


Janssen (Johannes), Hist, of the German people at close of 

middle ages. v5, 6. Tr. by A. M. Christie. 8». 1903- 

Japan, see MnEAKAMi (N.) & K, Mueakawa, edd.. Letters 

written by Eng. residents in J., 1611-1623, etc., 1901. 
Jarl (Ottar), see Obde, Vestfoldingr. 
Jastrow (Ignaz). Sozialpolitik u. Verwaltungswissenschaft. 

Bl. 8». 1902 
1, Arbeitsmarkt u. Arbeitsnachweis. Gewerbegerichte 
u. Einigungsamter. 
Jastrow (Morris). The study of religion. 8". 1901 

Jaures (Jean). De la r^alit^ du monde sensible. 2' 6d. 80. 1902 
Etudes socialistes. sS". 1902. 

Hist, sooialiste 1789-1900 ; sous la direction de J. tl-3. [in- 
prog.]. laS". n.d. 

1, La Constituante (1789-91) ; par J. J. 

2, La Legislative (1791-2) ; par J. J. 

3, La Convention : 1, La E^publique. Les idees pol. et 

Bociales de I'Europe et la E6volution (1792) ; par J. J. 
Jay (Harriett). E. Buchanan : some aco. of h. life, h. life's- 

work, & h. lit. friendships. 8". 1903 

Jay (John), governor of New York, see Jay (W.) Life of J. J., 

w. select", f. h. corr. etc., 1833. 
Jay (William), of New York. Life of John Jay : w. select', f . 

h. corr. & misc. papers. By his son. 2v. 8i>. N.Y. 1833 

Jeans (Thomas T.), B.N. ed.. Naval brigades in the South 

African War, 1899-1900. Written by officers attached to 

var. brigades w. intr. by Comm. C. N. Eobinson, E.N. s8». 1901 
JefEreys (George Jeffreys, -t"' baron), Lord High Chancellor,. 

see Haeleian Miscell. 
Jekyll (Gertrude) & E. Mawley. Eoses for English gardens. 

8". 1902 
Jenkin (T. Nicol). Eeport on the General Trades of South 

Africa (excl. engineering & textiles). 8°. 1902 

Jenkins (Howard Malcolm), The family of William Penn,, 

founder of Pennsylvania, ancestry & descendants. 

8». Philadelphia. 1899 
Jenks (Edward). Edward Plantagenet, the English Justinian : 

or the making of the common law. 8°. 1902. 

Jenks (Jeremiah Whipple). The trust problem, rev. ed. 

s8i>. N.Y. 190a 
Jenkyns (Sir Henry), K.C.B. British rule & jurisdiction 

beyond the seas. Pref. by Sir Courtenay Ilbert. 8». 0. 190a 
Jensen (Wilhelm). Aus den Tagen der Hansa. 3[B]. 

[3« A.]. sS". L. 1902-4 

1, Dietwald Wernerkin (14. Jhdt.). 

2, Osmund Werneking (15. Jhdt.). 

3, Dietwald Werneken (16. Jhdt.). 

Die frankische Leuohte. s8». Dresden. 190-1 

Heimath. s8». Dresden. 1901 

Jentsch (Carl). Eodbertus. 8". St. 1899 

Jenyns (Soame). Poems ; [«. Life by Chalmers], see 

Chalmeks (A.) Eng. poets, vl7, 1810. 




Jeremias (Alfred). HoUe u. Paradies bei d. Babyloniern, 2= A., 
1903, see Alte Orient (Dek), Jhrg. 1, 1000. ! 

The Babylonian conception of heaven & hell ; tr. J. Hutchison, 
1902, see Alte Obient (Dek) : Translations, The ancient 
east, No. 4, 1902. 
Jeremias (Johannes). Moses und Hammurabi. sS". L. 1903 
Jerome Napoleon, king of Westphalia, see Maetinet (A.) 
J. N., roi de Westphalia, 2« M., 1902. 
see Tuequan (J.) Un joyeux souverain : le roi J., 1903. 
Jerome (Jerome K.) Paul Kelver. sS". 1902 

Jerrold (Douglas "W.) D. J.'s Weekly newspaper. July 1846- 
Deo. 1847. [3v.] fol. 1846-7 

Jerrold (Walter). The Autolyous of the book-stalls. s8». 1902 
George Meredith : an essay towards appreciation. s8°. 1902 
Jerusalem. J. regained, see *Nota Solyma, the ideal city ; or J. 
r,, 1902. 
see BiBLioTHfeQUE geecqcte vulgaiee; publ. par E. Legrand, 
t7. Bee. de doc', grecs cone, les rel'. du patriarcat de J. 
avec la Roumanie (1569-1728), 2' ed., 1903. 
JeSina (Josef). Romani cib oder d. Zigeuner-Sprache (Gram- 
matik, Worterbuch, Chrestomathie). 3« vermehrte A. (1. 
deutsche Ausgabe). 8°. L. 1886 

Jesuits. [Jesuits']. *Diso. of the Jesuits' college at Olerkenwell 
in March 1627-8, etc. ; \hy Sir B. Heath, or by Sir J. Coke'] ; 
ed. J. G. Nichols (1852), [1853], see Casiden Miscellany 
(The), v2. 

„ „ Supplementary note ; by J. G. Nichols, 1859, see 

Camden Miscellany (The), v4. 
Jesus, Christ. *Natiuite de nostre seigneur Jhesuohrist, led. 
A. v.], see Collection de poesies, romans, chroniques, &*., 
livr. 7, 1838-58. 

see Cynewule. The Christ of C, ed., etc., A. S. Cook, 1900. 
„ Lobstein (P.) The virgin birth of C. ; tr. V. Leuhette, 1903. 
„ Weiss (B.) Das Leben Jesu, 4= A.^ 1902. 
Jevons (Frank Byron), see Gaednek (P.) & P. B. J., Manual of 

Greek antiqs., 2"'' ed., 1898. 
Jew. The wandering Jew, see Paeis (G.), L^gendes du moyen 

Age : Le juif errant, etc., 1903. 
Jewett (Sarah Orne). The Tory lover. s8<=. 1901 

Jewish encyclopedia (The), vl-5. [in prog.']. laS". N.Y. 1901-3 
Jewish Historical Society of England. 
see Selden Soc. Select pleas, Starrs, & o. records f. the Bolls 
of the Exchequer of the Jews (1230-84), [procUiced by the 
S. S. in co-operation iv. the J. H. S. of E.], 1902. 
„ Yellin (D.) & I. Aeeahajib. Maimonides, 1903. 
s«6*HisT0EicAL (A) & law treatise agst. the J. & Judaism, etc., 

„ Selden Soc. Select pleas, Starrs, & o. records f . the Bolls 
of the Exchequer of the Jews (1220-84), 1902. 

Jifik (Eichard) & Cenek Syrovy. Praktick4 Mluvnioe jazyka 
nSmeok^ho pro Cechy. [Bibl. d. Spr.-kde.]. sS". Wien. n.d. 

Joachimus (Georgius), Bhaeticus. For an essay see Abhand- 
LUNGEN zur Gesoh. d. Mathematik., 

Joan, pope, see Hablelan Misoell. 

Joannes, Climaeiis, ps. [i.e. S. A. Kierkegaakd], see Kierkegaard 

Joannes, de Muris, see Mueis (J. de). 

Joannes, de silentio, ps. [i.e. S. A. Kieekegaaed], see Kierke- 
gaaed (S. a.) 

Jocelin, of Brakelond, see Beakelond (Jocelin, of) 

Jocelin, [a monk] of Furness. Vita S. Patricii, [lo. Rothi 
Blucidationes], see Messingham (T.) Florilegium insuls 
sanctorum, 1624. 

Johannes, Climacus, ps. [i.e. S. A. Kieekegaaed], see Kieeke- 
gaaed (S. a.) 

Johannes, abbas Reom. Vita, see Kbusch (B.) Passiones 
vitseque sanctorum, [Men. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., 
t3], 1896. 

Johannes, de silentio, ps. [i.e. S. A. Kieekegaaed], see Kieeke- 
gaaed (S. a.) 

John Rylands Library, see John Eylands Lieeaey [as one word]. 

John, of Alexandria, the Qrammarian, called Philoponus, see 
PHiLOPONns (Joannes). 

John II, dti,ke of Brabant. Ace. of expenses of J. of B. & 
Thomas & Henry of Lancaster, 1292^3; ed. J. Burtt, 1853, 
see Camden Miscellany (The), v2. 

John, king of England, [John Lackland], see Noegate (K.) J. 
Lackland, 1902. 

John, the Stylite, of Beth-mari-qanun, see Lewis (Mrs. A. S.) 
ed.. Select narratives of holy women, from the Sinai Palim- 
psest as written [i.e. copied] by J. in a.d. 778, [Studia 
Sinaitica, 9, 10], 1900. 

John Eylands Library, Manchester. *k brief descr. of the 
building & its contents, w. a descr. list of the works exhib. in 
the main library. [P1047]. 8». f.p.c. 1902 

Johns Hopkins University. Celebration of the 25'" anniv. of 
founding of univ. & inaugur. of I. Eemsen as President. 

8". Baltimore. 1902 


slO, i. [P1018]. 8». Baltimore. 1892 
Church & State &c. : [p] 1, The Bishop Hill Colony, by 
M. A. Mikkelsen [10, i]. 

„ „ s20. 8". Baltimore. 1902 

Colonial & economic history. [20.] 
Johnson House Committee, see Johnson (S.) Dr. J. & hi birth- 
place ; compiled by the J. H. C, 1902. 
Johnson (George) ed., The all red line. The annals & aims of 
the Pacific cable project. sS". Ottawa. 1903 

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8". 1829 
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je4nciiOBOiib nepio,i'li. Cx najiaMu ii pacyiiKavii bt, oco6oii Opomiopt. 

libinycKTi ncpBUM [3anHci;ii IlJin. PyccKaro rcorpaDinecKaro odui.] 

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h 2 




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8». 1902 
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light; a journal of psychical, occult, & mystical research. 

V21-23 (1901-1903). fol. 1901-03 

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de L., avec une notice par M. de Leseure. s8". 1890 

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8". N.Y. 1902 
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Richard O'Monkot], see Richard O'Monboy (le vie.) ps. 
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(H. p.) The campaign of 1776 around N. York & Brooklyn, 




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of the court of Chas. II. ; w. some aoc. of their surroundings. 

8". 1902 

.. >. 2°^&rev. ed. 8°. 1903 

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toria, h. life and empire. sS". 1901 
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chandeUe. 8°. 1897 
Poussifires de Paris. sS". 1902 
Princesses d'ivoire et d'ivresse. s8<>. 1902 
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mente alia chiesa. sS". Torino. 1898 
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po^mes gallois : la m^trique galloise, t2, ii, 1902. This is the 
3^ tp. of Arbois de Jubainville (M. H. d'). Cours de litt. celt., 
til, 1902, q.v. 
Loti (Pierre) ps. [i.e. Julien Viaud]. Les derniers jours de 
P6kin. [6" 6d.]. s8». [1901] 

26= ^d. s8». [1901] 

L'Inde (sans les Anglais). s8°. [1903] 

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[P1024]. S8". 1898 
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see ScHOEN (H.) La m6taphysique de L., 1902. 
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Charavay. [S. de I'H. de F.]. t8, [1479-80.] 8». 1903 

see Hakleian Misoell. 
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lieu. Par le cte. de Beauohamp. Ia8". 1902 

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king of France [i.e. L. XIV] ; it. t. the French, 1704. 
see Hakleian Miscbll. 

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I'alliance savoyarde sous L., 1903. 
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de la E^gence et du rhgae de L., 1885. 
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Amedeo G. M. F. F., d. of the A. 
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[Louis, d'OrUans et Bragance]. Tour d'Afrique. De Paris 

k Lourenpo-Marques — Au camp des Boers — Chasse et retour. 

sS". 1902 
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(E. V.) Louise, Grossherzogin v. Sachseu-Weimar, etc., 1903. 
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see Danvila (A.) Luisa Isabel de Orleans y Luis I., 1902. 
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calling herself countess of Albany, see Albany {The ctess. of). 
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russes. s8". 1903 

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A. C. J. de). 
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letters. 8°. 1902 

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Frhr. v. Lowensteen]. M6ms. du g6n.-major russe Baron de 
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script. ; w. notices of the discoveries at the priory. 

2"''ed. s8». Lewes. 1852 
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MOEE (S. B. L.-C, 4'* e. of). 
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8<>. 1902 

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S". 1899 

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M. (E. D.) 




M. (E. D,), see Mobel (E. D.) 
M. (G.), see Melzi {il conte G.) 

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Gviana ; as also a rel. of the excellent gouernment, etc., 1618, 

see Raleigh [Sir W.) 

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in 1675 & 1676 ; \by T. M.], 1835, see Bacon (N.), Virginian 


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of the works of these & u. classical authors as describe A.'s 
campaigns in Afghanistan, etc. With life of A., notes, etc. 

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see Hableian Miscell. 
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Legislative Department. 
Madras Code : consisting of the unrepealed M. regulations, 

Local Acts of the Gov. Gen. in council, & Acts of the Gov. of .j 

Fort George in cpiincij &c. 2v. 3'* ed. foh Calcutta. 1902 




Madras [continued]. 
Public wokks Depaktment. 
Classified list & dis'trib". return of establishment, to 31st Dec. 

1901. 8°. Madras. 1902 
Classified list & distrib". return of establishment, to 30th 

June 1902. S". Madras. 1902 

Classified list & distrib". return of establishment, to Deo. 3l3t 

1902. 80. Madras. 1903 
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1698-1719. Ia8°. 1901 

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T^d. s8». 1902 

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1, Le secret d'un ange. 2, Triomphe d'amour. 
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8°. Gand. 1903 
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Joyzelle : pifece en cinq actes. 

s8o. 1903 
Monna Vanna : pifece en trois 
actes. S8". 1902 

La sagesse et la destinee. 

s8». 1902 

La vie des abeilles. b8°. 1903 

The buried temple. Tr. A. Sutro. 

sS". 1902 

Pelleas & Melisanda; &, The 

Sightless. Tr. L. Alma- 

Tadema. s8". n.d. 

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(D. J.) 

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Sigismund v. Arco u. d. Prinzessin Claudia Felice v. Insbruck, 

see Eenst (P.) Altital. Novellen, B2, 1902. 

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1902-Oct., 1903, is numbered, on its i!p.,New ser., vl]. 4». 1902-3 

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u. E. Liesegang, Bl, 1901, see Peiese (V.) & E. Liesegang. 
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documentation de " Cyrano deBergerac." sS". 1903 

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Vita S. M'. 
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s&v.a".]. 8°. 1901 

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Dublin. Effects of Home Rule on the higher education. 

[P439]. 8". D. 1886 
Beasons why Britons should oppose Home Rule. 

[P439]. 8». D. 1886 

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folyam. tl8-22. Ia8'>. 1898-1902 

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1901, 1902. 8<>. Budapest. 1901-3 

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prog., 1902. 

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emprunt^es au Bhagavata Purana & au M., 1900. 
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studies in international relations, naval & pohtical. sS". 1902 
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80. Pesth. 1831 
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frangaise, r^dig^ dans I'ordre patronymique. 

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metrise " d. L. M., see Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. Mathe- 
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tenon]. Conseils aux demoiselles. Intr. & notes par T. 
LavalMe. 2t. s8». 1857 

Lettres historiques et ^difiantes adress^es aux dames de St. 
Louis. Avec des notes par T. Lavall^e. 2t. s8'>. 1856 

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Hanotaux. [tl, 2]. 8". [1902-3] 

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le cte. d'H. 
[2], Les cahiers de Mile. d'Aumale, avec intr. par G. H. 
Maistre {le cte. Joseph M. de), see Descostes (F.) J. de M. 
pendant la ESvol., 1895. 

Maitland Club. [Puhl.] 41. 4». 1838 

see Maey, g. of Scots. Sel". f. unpnbl. MSS. in Coll. of Arms & 

Brit. Museum illust. the r. of Mary, q. of Scotland, 1838. 

Maitland (J. A. Fuller-), see Fullee-Maitland (J. A.) 
Maitland (John), i"' e. of Lauderdale, see Laddekdale (J. M., 

■^•" e. of). 
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■I vol?\ 3' 6d. Ia8°. St.-P^tersbourg. 1881 

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of two Presbyterian ministers, [F. K. & J. Hampton], & 

prosecution of P. K., one of them, etc., 1707. 
*Makers (The) of Hellas ; by E. E. G., 1903, see Hellas. 
Malachy [O'Morgair], Saint, bp. of Down S Connor, abp. of 

Armagh. Prophetia S. M=». de summis pontifioibus, see 

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see Beenaed, Saint, abbot of Clairvaux, Vita S. M^. 
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writings. 8». 1897 

Malan. (Solomon C»sar), see Malan (A. N.) S. C. M. : mem", of 

h. life & writings, 1897. 
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par E. L., P. M., &c., 1903. 
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of the Holy Trinity of Norwich in Univ. of Camb. [Coll. hisf.]. 

S8". 1902 
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Mallat (Joseph). La Serbie oontemporaine. 2t. 8". 1902 

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8". 1902 
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Dr. Johnson], see Chalmees (A.) Eng. poets, vl4, 1810. 
Mallet Du Pan (Jacques Frangois), see Mallet (B.) M. Du P. 

& the French Revol., 1902. 
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8°. 1903 
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ed. w. intr. by Sir B. Strachey. 88°. 1901 

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s8". VaDetta. [1902] 
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of An essay on the principle of population, 1798 : 1803. 

sS". N.Y. 1895 
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famille. 8». Bordeaux. 1875 

Man : a monthly record of anthropological science. [v]l, 1901. 

Ia8<'. 1901 
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militaire. s8». 1900 

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the House of Lords, on Cromwell ; ed. S. E. Gardiner, 1883, see 

Camden Miscellany (The), v8. 
see Haeleian Misoell. 
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M. und die Bienenfabel-Controverse, 1897. 
Mankind, morality -play, see Manly (J. M.) Specimens of Pre- 

Shaksperean drama, vl, 1903. 
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drama. With intr., notes, & glossary. 

vl, 2. s8". Boston, U.S. 1900-3 

Bale (John). Kynge Johan. [1.] 
Brome play : Abraham & leaac. 

Chester Whitsun plays : Anti- 
christ. [1.] 

„ „ De Moae et rege 
Balaak et Balaam propheta. 

Coventry plays : The pageant of 
the shearmen & taylors. [1.] 

Digby plays : The conversion of 
St. Paul. [1.] 

Dramatic tropes: 1, Regularis 
Concordia monachorum — 2, 
Winchester troper. [1.] 

Easter dramatic office : St. 
John's, Dublin. [1.] 

Fragments of vernacular litur- 
gical plays. [1.] 

Gammer Gurtons nedle. By 
Mr. S., Master of Arts. [2.] 

Greene (Robert). James the 
Fourth. [2.] 

Hegge plays : Noah & Lamech. 

,, „ The salutation & 
conception. [1.] 
Heywood (John). The f onre PP. 

Hycke-flcorner. [1.] 

Kyd (Thomas). The Spanish 
tragedie. [2.] 

Lyly (John). Campaspe. [2.] 

Mankind. [1.] ; 

Mundus et infans. [1.] 

Nice wanton. [1.] , 

Norwich Whitsun plays: Crea- 
tion & fall. I, n. [1.] 


Manly (Joha Matthews) [contimced]. 
Specimens of Pre-Shaksperean drama [continued]. 

Peele (George). David & Beth 

sabe. [2.] 
The play of the Sacrament. [1.] 
Preston (Thomas). Cambises. 

Bedford (Jhon). Wyt & science. 

The Eevesby sword play. [1.] 
Robin Hood plays. [1.] 
Sackville (T.) & T. Norton. 

Gorboduc. [2.] 
St. George plays: Oxfordshire 

play — Lutterworth Christmas 
play. [1.] 
Towneley plays: Isaac— Jacob. 

„ „ Noah's flood. [1.] 
„ „ The second shepherds' 
play. [1.] 
Udall (Nicholas). Roister Bol- 
ster. [2.] 
York Corpus Christi plays : The. 
Judgment Day. [1.] 

The Resurrection. [1.] 

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Popes in the early middle ages. vl, pi. 2'^ imp. 8". 1902 

1, Greg. I to Leo. Ill, 590-795 ; pi, 590-657. 
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The mating of a dove. sg". 1901 

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Edward Osborne, citizen & clothworker of London. s8». 1900 

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M6ms. de M. Publ. par A. Taphanel. 8". Versailles. 1902 

Mansi (G-iovanni Domenico), abp. of Lucca. Saororum con- 

oiliorum nova et amplissima colleotio, in qua, prater ea quie 

P. Labbeus et G. Cossartius, et novissime N. Ooleti in lucem 

edidere, ea omnia insuper exhibentur, quae J. D. M. evulgavit. 

Ed. nov. ab eodem M. \t-iyB & iS-a, contn. Capitularia reguni 

Francorum vl t& 2, have gen. t. Sacrorum conoiliorum n. et 

ampl. colleotio, cujus J. D. Mansi et post ipsius mortem 

Florentinus et Venetianns editores 17^8-98 priores 31 tomes 

ed., nunc autem continuata et absoluta. This is also the title 

of tS'/B amd subsequent volumes']. tO-35. 

[in prog.] fol. Parisiis. 1901-6 
0, Introduotio: — 
1) D. Jacobatius, De conciUo. 2) J. A. Delphinus, De concilio. 
8) H. Donatus, De principatu Romause sedis. i) M. Mantua- 
Bonavitus, De concilio. 5) P. Fabulottus, De potestate papse 
supra conoil. 6) B. Caranza, De authoritate pontificis et ooncil. 
7) P. de Monte : In qua concil. gen. materia discutitur. 


1300-1344 a.d. 
81a, [1431-1440] 
3lB, [1439-1440] 
32, 1438-1549 
88, 1545-1565 
84, 1565-1727 
35, 1414-1724 


'■K17-B&1SB. tSlkSSlTi 

1, 1-304 A.D. 14, 814-856 A.D. 

2, 305-346 15, 856-868 
8, 847-409 16, 869-871 

4, 410-431 17a, 872-884 

5, 431-441 18a, 885-967 

6, 441-451 17b, Cap. Reg. Pr. vl. 

7, 451-492 18b, „ „ v2. 

8, 492-536 19, 967-1070 

9, 536-590 20, 1070-1109 

10, 590-653 21, 1109-1166 

11, 653-687 22, 1166-1225 

12, 687-787 28, 1225-1268 

13, 787-814 24, 1269-1299 

have coni. pagination. tSlA, issued'in 1903, has date of publ. 
1906. tO-35 are reprod. in facsimile from the editions of 
Mansi (tl-Slk) & of Ooleti {t3lB-35) ; the volumes from the 
36^'' will not be reproductions. The "Amplissima coll." was 
publ. at Florence d Venice, 1758-98. Mansi died in 1769, after 
the publ. of tl4. The issue of t31&, the final vol. of the 
original collection, brought the worh down to the Council of 
Florence, 1439. The fall of Venice d other political events 
prevented the continuation of the Collection. 
The plan of the present worh is as follows : — 
tl-3lA, a reproduction of Mansi, to be completed in 1906; 

t3lB-34, a supplement to the above, from, Labbeus d Cossar- 
tius (ed. of Coleti), bringing the work down to 
1727 ; facsimile. 
i35, a reproduction of parts of the " Supplementuni ad 

collect, concil." {6v, 1748-53) of Mansi, not inchided 
by him in the " AmpUssima coll." ; facsimile. 
t36, a Conspectus, w. a concordance to tl-35 {including 

17b, 18b, 31b). 
t37-i0{?) will bring the work down from 1727 to 1900. 
t40-43{?) will contain corrections d additions. 
Finally, there will be Tables of persons, places, dogmas, etc. 
Mansion (Paul), see Abhandlungen zur Gesoh. d. Mathematik. 
Mantegna (Andrea), see Ceottwell (M.) M., 1901. 
Manteuffel. (Otto Theodor, Frhr. v.) Preussens auswartige 
Politik 1850-58. Unveroffentl. Dokumente aus dem Naohlasse 
d. O. Fr. V. M. Hrsg. v. H. v. Posohinger. 3B. 8". 1902 


Mantova Benavides (Marco) [Bonavitos ; Mantous Bbnavldidb ; 
Mantua Bonaviips]. De concilio, see Mansi (G. D.) Saor. 
concil. colleotio, m tO, Introduotio, 1903. 

Mantovani (Dine), see Dante Alighiebi. Lectura D'". : II c. 17 
deir Inferno letto da D. M., 1900. 

Mantua (Isabella d'Este, marchioness of), see Este (I. d'). 

Mantua (Marcus) [Mantua Bonavitus (M.)], see Mantova 
Benavides (M.) 

Manuel d'archiSologie franpaise dep. les temps m^rovingiens 
jusqu'4 la Renaissance, pi (Architecture), par C. Enlart, 2[t] 
(1, Arch, relig. 2, Arch, civile et milit.) 8". 1902-4 

Manuels de bibliographie historique. [s6r.] Ill, [in prog.]. 

s8». 1901 etc. 

see France : Anon, wokks. Sources (Les) de I'hist. de France, 

jusqu'en 1815 ; par Molinier, etc., \inprog.], 1901 etc. [III.]. 

Manuscript poems. {A vol. of miscell. pieces in prose <& verse, 
incl. " Court d Country," a play, i73S. No compiler's name, 
d no date is affixed to this vol., but, judging from a Table to 
find Easter, at end of the hook, it was presutnably written about 
-1733-3.] fol. n.d. 

Manzoni {il conte Alessandro). iCori delle tragedie— Strofe per 

una prima comunione— Canti politici — In morte di C. Im- 

bonati — Urania — Sermoni — Frammenti d' Inni, versi e sonetti. 

Dioiiiarati e illua. da L. Yenturi. s8». Firenze. 1880 

I promessi sposi ; con un oomm. storico, estetico e lilologico di 

P. Petroochi. 4p. s8<'. Firenze. 1893-1902 

Poesie liriche di M., con note storiche e dichiarative di A. 

Bertoldi. s8<'. Firenze. 1892 

Prose minori — Lettere inedite e sparse — Pensieri e seatenze ; 

con note di A. Bertoldi. sS". Firenze. 1897 

Marcaggi (J. B.) La gen^se de Napoleon, sa formation intel- 
lectuelle et morale jusqu'au siege de Toulon. 8". 1902 

Marcel (Pierre), see B^henoee (H.) Les proletaires intelleotuels 
en France, par H. B., P. M., etc., 5' 6d., n.d. 

Marcellinus (Ammianus), see Ammianus Maroellincs. 

Marchand (Alfred), Moines et nonnes : hist., const., rfegle &c. des 
ordres religieux. 2t. n. 6d. S8". [1880] 

Marchand (Jean Bapt.), see Castellani (C.) M. I'africain, n.d. 

Marchands. *Les sept Marchans de naples, [ed. A. V.], see Col- 
lection de po6sies, romans, chroniques, &»., livr. 1, 1838-58. 

Marchesi (Griambattista). Studi e ricerche intorno ai nostri 
romanzieri e romanzi del settecento ; coll' aggiuuta di una 
bibliog. del romanzi ed. in Italia in quel sec. 8°. Bergamo. 1903 

Marchi (Emilio de). II Cappello del Prete. s8». Milano. 1902 
Giacomo 1' idealista. 2» ed. s8o. Milano. 1897 

March Phillipps (L.), see Phillipps (L. M.) 

Marcks (Erich). Konigin Elisabeth v. England u. ihre Zeit. 

la8o. Bielefeld. 1897 

Marcus Aurelius, emperor, see Aureliub Antoninus (M.) 

Mardarie, Cozianul. Lexicon slavo-rom^nesc ^i tilcuirea 
numelor, din 1649. Publicate, cu studiii, note §i indicele 
cuviutelor romanesci, de G. Cretu. Editiunea Acad. Eom4ne. 

Ia8°. 1900 

Margalits (E.) Horv4t tortenelmi repertor. k2. [inprog.] 8". 1902 

Margaret, d. of Jas. I of Scotland, wife of Dauphin Louis 
(Louis XI); 'I42S {?yi4/i3, see Rait (E. S.) Five Stuart 
princesses, 1902. 

Margaret, Saint, qu,een consort of Malcolm, king of Scotland, 
see Turgotub. Life of M. ; ed. W. Forbes-Leith, 1896. 

Margaret, Saint, virgin d martyr. La Vierge Marguerite sub- 
stitute i laLueine antique : analyse d'un po^me infed. du XV" 
s., suivie de la descript. du MS. et de recherches hist., par un 
fureteur, 1885, see Soleil (F.) 

Margueritte (Paul) & V. Margueritte. Les deux vies. s8». [1902] 
Zette (hist, d'une petite fille). s8». [1903] 

Margueritte (Victor). For works by V. M. d P. M. in collab., 
see Makguekitte (P.) 

Maria Theresia, gu^en of Htcngary d Bohemia, empress consort 
of Francis I, emperor of Germany, see Perey (L.) ps., 
Charles de Lorraine & la cour de Bruxelles sous le r. de M., 
2ndL., 1903. 

Marie Antoinette, queen consort of Louis XVI, king of France, 
see Camp AN (Mme. J. L. H.) Mme. C. : [Mims. sur la vie privCe 
de M. A., etc. ; avec biog. par Mme. Carette], 9' 6d., 1902. 

Marie Josephe [de Saxe], dauphine, see Stryienski (C.) La 
mfere des trois derniers Bourbons, M.-J. de S. et la cour de 
Louis XV, 1902. 

Marieton (Paul). Une hist, d'amour : les amants de Venise, 
G. Sand et Musset. 6d. definitive, avec des doc. in^dits. 

2' M. s8o. 1903 




Marignan (Albert). La tapisserie de Bayeux : etude aroh^o- 

logique et critique. s8». 1902 

Marillier (Harry Currie), University magazines and their 

makers. s8». [p.p.] 1899 

[rra''. ed] s8». 1902 

Karin (Francisco Bodrigniez), see EoDEiouEz Maein (F.) 
Marine. *Action (L') r^publicaine dans la marine, 1902, see 

*The mercantile marine in war time : articles repr. etc., 1902, 

see Meecantile. 
Marion & Co., publishers, see Bolas _(T.), A. A. K. Tallent, & 

E. Senior. Hdbk. of photography in colours, 1900. 
Markevich (Boleslav Mikhailovich) [Maekevitch]. 
La prinoesse Lina. Tr. L. Golschmann & E. Jaubert. 

2» ^d. sS". 1902 
Markham (G-errase), see Geenville (Sir B.) The last fight of 

" The Eevenge," descr. by M. etc., 1901. 
Marlborough (John Churchill, /«' duhe of), see Haeleian 


Marlborough (Barah Churchill, duchess of), loife of ^«' duhe, 

see Haeleian Misoell. 
Marmont (le marichal). De I'esprit des institutions mili- 

taires. 2" ki. (1846), rev. et augm. i" tirage. s8". 1873 

Marmontel (Jean Fran;ois), see Lenel (S.) Un homme de 

lettres au 18" s. : M., d'apres des doc", nouv. et in^dits, 1902. 
Mami (J.) ps. \i.e. Mme. Jeanne Maknieee]. Vieilles. 

7« 6d. sS". 1901 
Marniere (Mme. Jeanne) [ps. J. Marni], see Maeni (J.) ps. 
Marprelate (Martin) ps. *An admonition [agst. M. M.], 1589 ; 

ed. E. Arber, 1895, see Cooper (T.), bp. 
*The epistle [to the terrible priests, etc. By J. Penry d others'], 

1588 ; ed. E. Arber. 8". 1895 

Marriot (Gmil) ps. [i.e. Frl. Emilie Mataja]. Menschlichkeit. 

88°. 1902 
Marriott (Charles). Love with honour. s8". 1902 

Marriott (John Arthur Eansome). G. Canning & h. times : a 

political study. 88". 1903 

The makers of modern Italy : Mazzini, Cavour, Garibaldi. 3 

lect". deliv^. at Oxford. B8". 1901 

Marsh (Caroline Crane). Life of G. P. Marsh. 

2v, [v2 wanting]. S". N.Y. 1888 
Marsh (George Perkins), see Maesh (G. C.) Life of G. P. M., 

Marsh (Kichard), moueZisi. The Twickenham peerage. s8<>. 1902 
Marshall {Capt. Robert). His Excellency the Governor : a 

farcical romance. sS". 1901 

Marston (Annie W.) The great closed land : a plea for Tibet. 

Pref. by B. La Trobe. 2"" ed. 8°. 7i.d. 

Marston (Edward), publisher. Sketches of booksellers of other 

days. 8». 1901 

Sketches of some booksellers of the time of Dr. Samuel Johnson. 

s8<'. 1902 
Marston (John Westland). Dramatic and poet, works. 

2v. 88". 1876 
Martel de Janville (la ctsse. S. G. M, A. de) [pis. Gyp], see 

Gyp, ps. 
Martello Tower, ps. [i.e. F. M. Nokman], see Noeman (F. M.) 
Marten (Anthony), see Haeleian Misoell. 
Martens (Georg Friedrich von). Nouveau recueil gi5n. de 

traites etc. Cont. du grand recueil de Martens par F^lix 

Stoerk. s^r. 2, t26-28. 8». L. 1901-2 

Martial, the poet. [tMASTiALis (Maecds Valerius)]. Epigram- 

mata, recog. adnot. crit. W. M. Lindsay. [Script. Class. 

biblioth. Oxon.] s8°. 0. [1903] 

Martin, of Tours, Saint. *Le myslere de la vie etc. de sainct 

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romans, ohroniques, &"., livr. 12, 1838-58. 
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arten. vl. 8°. Strassburg. 1899 

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peril. s8». [1901] 

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Ed. Sir B. V. Hamilton. [Navy Eecords Soc, 24]. vl. 8". 1903 
Martin (Miss Violet) [ps. Maetin Boss], see Someeville (E.(E.), 

for ivories by S. d M. in collaboration. 
Martin (W.), Litt.D. Gerard Dou. Tr. by C. Bell. s8<>. 1902 
Martin ("William Alex. Parsons). A cycle of Cathay: or, 

China, South & North ; w. pers. reminis'. 88°. E. 1896 

Martineau (Alfred). La Prance dans la M^diterran^e : Le 

commerce fran(;ais dans le Levant. 8". 1902 

Martineau (James). In memoriam J. M., 180.5-1900. Special 

number of " The inquirer." [P1046]. sfol. 1900 

National duties ; & o. sermons & addresses. s8». 1903 

see Deummond (J.) & C. B. Upton. Life and letters of M., 1902. 

„ SiDGwiCK (H.) Lect". on the ethics of T. H. Green, Mr. 
Herbert Spencer, & J. M., 1902. 
Martinengo-Cesaresco (la contessa Evelyn L. H.) Lombard 

studies. 8°. 1902 

Martinet (Andre). J&6me Napoleon, roi de Westphalie. 

2« ^d. sS". 1902 
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2" ed., revista. s8". 1894 
Martinus, abbas Vcrtav. Miraeula, see Keuscii (B.) Passiones 

vit»que sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist.. Script, rer. Merov., tSl, 

Martyr (Peter), Anglerius, 1459-1325, see Thacheb (J. B.) C. 

Columbus, w. an essay on M., &c., vl, 2, 1903. 
Marucchi (Horace). BWments d'arch^ologie chr^tienne. 

tl-3. 8°. 1899-1902 
1, Notions g^n^rales. 2, Itin^raire des catacombes. 
3, Basiliques et 6glises de Some. 
Le Forum remain et le Palatin, d'apres les derni^res d^oou- 

vertes. 8°. 1902 

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jeziki." Gedicht. [In K. K. Ober-Gymnasium in Gorz, 

Jahresberioht 1862. P1036.] 8». Gorz. [1862] 

Marville (Claude Henri Feydeau de), cte. de Gien. Lettres 

de M., Iieut.-g6n. de police, au ministre Manrepas, 1742-7. 

Publ. par A. de Boislisle. [S. de I'H. de Paris]. 

t2, (1745-6). 8». 1903 
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1848. Ed. E. M. Aveling. s8». 1896 

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see Haeleian Misoell. 

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Mary II, queen of Great Brit, d Ireland ; 1662-94- 
see Haeleian Misoell. 
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(Mrs. A. S.) ed.. Select narratives of holy women etc., Syriac 

text, [(£■,] Translation, [Studia Sinaitica, 9, 10], 1900. 
Mary, Saint, slave of Tertullius, see Lewis (Mrs. A. S.) ed.. 

Select narratives of holy women etc., Syriac text, [if-,] Trans- 
lation, [Studia Sinaitica, 9, 10], 1900. 
Mary, queen of Scots ; I54S-S7. Sel". f. unpubl. MSS. in Coll. 

of Arms & Brit. Museum, illust. the r. of M., q. of S., 1543-68. 

[Ed. J. Stevenson]. [Maitlaud Club, 41]. 4<>. Glasgow. 1838 
see CnfeuEL (P. A.) M. & Catherine de M^diois, 1858. 

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to Scotland & M., v3, 1903. 
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Castile, 1508, [i.e. " The solempnities & triumphes etc." ; Lat. 

& Eng.] ; ed. J. Gairdner (1893), [1895], see Camden Miscel- 
lany (The), v9. 
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Madonna ; ed. B. Ince, 1903. 
Mary Feodorovna, empress consort of Paul I, emp. of Bussia. 

[DoEOTHEA Sophia Augusta von WiJRTEMBEEG]. Corr. de 

S.M. I'imperatrice M. F. aveo Mile, de N^lidoff, sa demoiselle 

d'honneur (1797-1801) ; suivie des lettres de Mile, de N. au 

prince A.-B. Kourakine ; publ. par la princesse Lise Trou- 

betzkoi. s8». 1896 

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Maryland. A rel. of the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore, 

in M. ; a narr. of the voyage to M., by A. White, etc., tr., see 

White (A.) 
Marzo (Gioacchino di). La pittura in Palermo nel rinasci- 

mento. Storia e documenti. Ia8<>. Palermo. 1899 

Masayoshi (Count Matsukata), minister of State for Finance. 

Eeport on the adoption of the gold standard in Japan. [Tr.] 

Ia8". Tokio. 1899 
Mascarades. Ballets et mascarades de cour de Henri III a 

Louis XIV (1581-1652) ; rec, etc., par P. Lacroix, 1868-70, 

see Lacroix (P.) 




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s8». Firenze. 1891 

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The four feathers. s8°. 1902 

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Egyptian arehwology. Tr. A. B. Edwards. S* ed. rev. & 
enlarged by a. Sup. chap, by Eng. ed. s8». 1902 

Massena Qe marichal Andre), due de Bivoli, prince d'EssUng, 
see Gachot (E.) Hist, milit. de M. : 1» campagne d'ltalie 
(179S-98), 1901. 
Massenbaci (Christian von). Memoiren zur Geseh. des 
preuss. Staats unter d. Eegierungen Friedrioh Wilhelm 11. & 
Friedrich Wilhelm III. 3B. s8°. Amsterdam. 1809 

Masson (Frederic). NapoMon et sa famille. t4-6, (4, 1807-9 ; 
5, 1809-10 ; 6, 1810-11). [4, 5, 2» 6d.]. 8°. 1900-3 

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Pollok & Aytoun. sS". [1898] 

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verrathen wird etc., see Eknst (P.) Altital. Novellen, Bl, 
*Mater dolorosa ; par I'auteur de " Amiti^ amoureuse " et Maurice 
de Waleffe, 1901, see Leoomte du Nouy (Mme. H.) & M. de 
Mathematik, see Abhandloxgen zur Gesch. d. Mathematik, 

Hft. 1-16, i, [m p-off.], 1877-1903. 
Mathematische u. naturwissenschaftliche Berichte aus 
Ungarn. B17, 18, (1899, 1900). 8». L. 1901-3 

Mather (Increase). *Briet rel. of the state of New England, f. 
the beginning of that plantation to 1689, etc., [by I.'M. ?], 1689, 
see New England. 
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Lancashire idylls. sS". 1895 

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"Honey." s8''. 1902 

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clan Maliere. s8». D. 1903 

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Scot. hist. f. the Reformation to the Revolution. 

2v. e\ Glasgow. 1902 
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sS\ [1902] 

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organic in human nature. 8°. 1902 

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La disgrace du due et de la , duchesse de Choiseul, la vie k 

Chanteloup, le retour k Paris, la mort. 8". 1903 

IjO due et la duchesse de Choiseul, leur vie intime, leurs amis et 

leurs temps. 8". 1902 

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choses de Port-Eoyal. 8». 1902 

Maupassant (Gruy de). 

Bel-ami. s8<>. 1892 

Bouledesuif, [<fo.i.]. sS". 1902 

Le Horla, etc. s8». 1903 

Notre cceur. sS". 1902 

Le rosier de Mme. Hiisaon, [S 

o.i.] s8<>. 1902 

Yvette, [dj o.t.] sS". 1902 

Maurice (J. Frederick Denison), 1805-I2, see Collins (W. E.) 

Typ. Eng. Churchmen, 1902. 
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He Maurice ; M. de La B. ; doc. r6unis par le Comity du bi- 

cent. de La B., 1899. 
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Musset]. 2= &d. s8o. [1902] 

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sfol. Innsbruck. 1901 
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(E.) Kaiser M. II bis zu s. Thronbesteigung (1527-64), 1903. 

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viteeque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. Merov.,t3], 


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see Hassall (A.) M., 1903. . 

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xvii. [Doc", in^d.] 2t. i\ 1902 

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pendioe alia Bibliotheca bibliographica italioa di G. Ottino e 

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Govt, of the N.W. Prov. of India during the Mutiny of 1857, 

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War ApoUonius von Tyana ein Weiser oder ein Betriiger oder 
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d. Mathematik. 

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persons are mentioned." Ed. Sir G. J. Armytage. v6, [Ste-Zyl]. 

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4 Quartalsbande]. Ia8".' 1901-3 

„ „ [A vol. of illustrations for Bl-4> mtlwut tp^ 

'. Ja8°. [1902] 
The illustrations for B2-8 are bouiid.w, ttm vols, to whi^h 

Musset (1. C. Alfred de), see Lafoscads; (L.) Le theatre d'A. 
de M., 1901. 
see Maueeas (C.) Les amants de Veuige, [0. Sand c& M."], 2» 
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[i.e. F. T. Vischee], see Visohee (F. T.) 
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ed, N. Festa, 





Nagl CAlfred), Foi- 3 essays see ABumDiiVSGSN zux Gesoh. d. 

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1876, see Govind Singh. 
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♦Narrative of a new <feo. imprisonment of two Presbyterian 

ministers, [F. Mahemie, <& J. Hampfiyii], Si prosecution of 

F. Makemie, one of them, etc. ; by a learner of law, & lover of 

liberty, 1707, see Force (P.) Tracts etc., v4, 1846. 
♦Narrative of the Indian & civil- wars in Virginia, in 1675 &1676, 

1814, see VtBGiNLi. 
♦Narrative of the proceedings of the people of South-Carolina in 

1719, etc., 1726, see Yonge (F.)^ 
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2v. sS". 1781 
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rep. prepared under dir. of Committee of Fifteen, 1902, see 

Committee of Fifteen. 

New Zealand. 


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Statistics for 1880]. fol. Wellington. 1882 

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fol. Wellington. 1902 
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Aborigines' Protection Soc. b8'>. 1846 

Papers & reports rel. to minerals & mining. 

fol. Wellington. 1899 
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abstracts f. the agricultural statistics of 1875-1895). 

fol. Wellington. 1875-96 
The vol', for 1874, 1875, 1876 are hound in Iv; 1877, 1878, 
1879 are bmmd in 1 ; 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885 are hound in 1 ; 
1892, 1893, 1894 are hound in 1 ; 1886 & 1891 are bound in 1. 
The vol. for ISSO has t. : Statistics etc., 1880, w. abstracts f. 
the agricultural statistics & Census of 1881; 1882, 1883 ^(t 
1884 have t". : Statistics etc., 1882-4, w. abstracts f . agric. 
stat«. of 1883-5, & industrial stat". f . Census of 1881 ; 189i 
has t. : Statistics etc., 1894, w. abstr'. f. agric. stat'. of Feb. 
1895 & stat". of local governing bodies for year ended 31 
Mar. 1895. 

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statistics of local governing bodies for year[s] ended 31 Mar., 

1900-1902). fol. Wellington. 1900-3 

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ship of the Maori race in New Zealand, 1896. 
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drama, vl, 1903. 
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88". Milano. 1898 
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vitseque sanctorum, [Mon. Germ, hist., Script, rer. Merov.. 

t3], 1896. 
Nicholas II, emperor of Russia, see Finnish. Eeply of the 

Finnish estates to the proposals of N. II for a new miUtary 

service law in Finland, 1900. 
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college at Clerkenwell in March 1627-8, etc., ed. N., 1853 ; 

[&], Supplementary note, by N., 1859, see Jesuits. ' 
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mond, & of the wardrobe stuff at Baynard's Castle of 

Katharine, princess dowager ; ed., w. mem^, & letters, of Eich- 

mond, by N., 1855, sec Richmond (H. F., d. of). 
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VIII, &. at Gloucester, temp. Mary ; ed. N. ; etc.," 1875, see 

Boy Bishop. 
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maggio 1898 in Italia. 2" ed., con uno studio suU' anarchia. 

„. , ^ ^ „ [P1027]. 8». Napoli. 1898 

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gaard (S. A.) 

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Orient (Der) : Translations. The ancient East, No. 2, 1901. 

Nield (Jonathan). A guide to the best hist, novels & tales. 

s4". 1902 




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seit d. Schlaoht bei Chaeronea. 2T. 8". Gotha. 1893-9 

1, Gesch. Alexanders d. Grossen u. s. Naohfolger u. d. 

Westhellenen bis z. J. 281 v. Chr. 

2, Vom J. 281 V. Chr. big z. Begriindang d. rom. Hegemonie 

im griech. Osten 188 v. Chr. 
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2" Abthlg. Bo]. 8°. L. 1903 

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werthungszeit, (1882/3-1888). 
Gesammelte Briefe. Bl, 2. s8". 1900-2 

Bl, hrsg. V. P. Gast u. A. Seidl. 

B2 has 2'"' t.: F. N.'s Briefweohsel mit Erwin Bohde; 
hrsg. V. E. Forster-Nietzsohe u. F. SchoU. 2" A. 
The dawn of day. Tr. J. Volz. 8". 1903 

L'origine de la trag6die, ou Hell^nisme at pessimisme. Tr. 
J. Marnold & J. Morland. s8". 1901 

Thus spake Zarathustra. Tr. A. Tille. 8". 1899 

Le voyageur et son ombre : opinions et sentences m^Ues. Tr. 
par H. Albert. sS". 1902 

see MoBius (P. J.) Uber d. Patholog. bei N., 1902. 
Nineteenth Century (The) and after. v51-53 (Jan. 1902-June 
1903). Ia8°. 1902-3 

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under British rule — and before. 2v. 8°. 1901 

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[P1027]. s8°. [Milano]. n.d. 
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u. M. N. als Vorlaufer d. neueren Philosophie, 1891. 
*No jest like a true jest : the merry life of Capt. James Hind, 
1674, see Hind (J.) 
Noah & Lamech, [play], see Hegge plays. 
Noailles {ctsse. Mathieu de). La nouvelle esp^iance. 

[2« 6d.]. 88". [1903] 

L'ombre des jours. s8°. [1902] 

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zosen : litteraturgeschichtl. Essays. 8'. 1901 

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Nordiske Literatur-Samfund. Nordiske Oldskrifter. 2, 4, 10, 
16, 25. s8°. 1847-59 

see Bandamanna Saga. B. S., 1850. [10.] 
„ Bmkn Hitdoelakajypi.j Sagan, 1847. [4.] 
„ Dboplauoabson (H.) Sagan, 1847. [2.] 
„ Gbettis Saga. G. S., 1859. [16, 25.] 
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Toweb]. " Martello Tower " in China & the Pacific in 
H.M.S. "Tribune" 1856-60. 80. 1902 

Norman (Henry), 6. ^SSS. All the Eussias. 8". 1902 

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The pit, a story of Chicago : [The epic of the wheat, 2]. s8<>. 1903 
Norris (William Edward). The embarrassing orphan. s8i>. 1901 
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10, 1650-3. 11, 1653-6. 12, 1657-60. 
North West Provinces [India], see Noeth-West ProV. 

North American review (The). vl74-6. 8". N.Y. 1902-3 

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Cisteroiensis B. Marie de Northberwic munimenta vetusta que 
sup. [Ed. C. Innes]. [Bannatyne Club]. 4». E. 1847 

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Hugh, Earl Percy, f. Boston & New York, 1774-G. Ed. C. K. 
Bolton. 84". Boston, U.S.A. 1902 

North-West Provinces, [India]. Hist, of services of gaz. 

officers, attached to the N.W. Prov'. & Oudh, corr. up to July, 

1901. 8°. Allahabad. 1901 

see India Office. List of Proceedings, &c. N.-W. P., 1834-1899 


Norton (Thomas), barrister, see Hableian Misoell. 
see Sackville (T.) & T. N., Gorbodue ; or Ferrex & Porrex. 

Norway. For anon, works in Norwegian, see Noboe. 

Norwich plays. Whitsun plays : Creation & fall, I, II, [repr. f . 
"Norwich pageants: The grocers' play, 1856"], see Manly 
(J. M.) Specimens of Pre-Shaksperean drama, vl, 1903. 

Norwood iCol.) Voyage to Virginia, n.d., see Force (P.) 
Tracts etc., v3, 1844. 

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GAAED (S. A.) 

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Nothomb (,le baron Jean Baptiste). Essai hist. & polit. sur la 
E^volution beige. 4= ^d. pr^o^d^e d'un avant-propos & suivie 
d'une premiere cont. par I'auteur et d'uue deuxi^me par T. 
Juste. 2t. 8». Bruxelles. 1876 

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by W. P. W. Phillimore & James Ward. St. Nicholas's 
Church. 1562 to 1812. 8". 1902 

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riages. Ed. W. P. W. Phillimore [<£- others]. v4, 5. 8°. 1902-3 

4, Newark Wapentake. Ed. W. P. W. P. & T. M. Blagg. p2. 

5, Eushcliffe Wapentake. Ed. W. P. W. P. & G. C. 
Eobertson. pi. 

see Nottingham. N. Parish Eegisters : Marriages etc., 1902. 
„ Ollebion. Parish Eegisters of 0., in the co. of N., 1592- 

1812 ; ed. G. W. Marshall, 1896. 
„ Wellow. Parish Registers of W., in the 00. of N., [1703- 
1812] ; ed. G. W. Marshall, 1896. 
Nouveau. Nouveau diet. hongrois-fran9ais et fr.-hong., 3° §d., 

t2 (partie hong.-fr.), 1865, see Dictionnaibe. 
Nouveau recueil g6n. de trait^s etc., cont. du grand recueil de 
Martens, 1901 etc., see Martens (G. P. v.) 
Nouvelle revue (La). Nouv. s^r., tl6-25, (mai 1902-deo. 1903). 

Ia8». 1902-3 
Nouvelles Archives des missions scientifiques et litteraires, 

see Archives des missions etc. 
Nouy (Mms. H. Lecomte du), see Lecomte du Nody. 
*Nova Britannia : offering most excellent fruites by planting in 

Virginia, etc., 1609, see Vibginia. 
*Nova Solyma, the ideal city ; or, Jerusalem regained : an anon, 
romance written in the time of Chas. I, now first drawn f. 
obscurity, & attr. to Milton. With intr., tr., lit. essays & 
bibliog., by W. Begley. 2v. 8". 1902 

Novati (Francesco), see Dante Alighieei. Lectura D'". : 11 c. 6 

del Purgatorio letto da F. N., [1901]. 

Nover (Jakob). Das alte undo neue Worms in Schrift uud 

Bild. S80. Worms. 1895 

Nuova antologia di lettere, scienze, ed arti. 4" serie, v95-108, 

(della raocolta, vl79-192). 8°. 1901-3 

Nyrop (Eristoffer). Manuel phon^tique du fran?ais parl6. 

2' fid. Tr. & remani^e par E. Philipot. 8". Copenhague. 1902 

go^f ■■' 


t^iiT} TKr„Tt:- 


W ^:„-l' 

S-«7nF?S-T;C'iT' .'• 






Oaiesmitji (Joltn). The religion of Piijtai'dh : a pagan creed of 

Apostolic times. bS". 1902 

Ober (Frederick A.) Josephine, Empress of the French. 

8". N.Y. 1901 
ObeThTinuner (Kogen). Die Insel Cypern, eine Landeskunde 

anf. hist. Grundlage. 

Tl, (Quellenkunde u. Naturbeschreibttng). 8". Mtinchen. 1903 
Obernitz (Hugo Moritz Anton Heinrich von), see Homo 

(P. A.) Von 0., 1887. 
O'Brien {Capt. Donat Henchy), R.N. My adventures during 

the late war : a narr. of shipwreck &c. in 1804-14. Ed. C. 

Oman. n. ed. 8». 1902 

Obstfelder (Sigbjorn). En pra3s,ts dagbog. 2=' OpI. s8°. 1900 
O'Connell (Daniel) [The LmEBji,TOB], see Lbckx (W. E. H.) 

Leaders of.public opinion in Ireland, v2, [O'C], n. ed., 1903. 
O'Connor (Itev. D.) St. Patrick's Purgatory, Lough Derg : its 

hist., traditions etc. enl., & rev., ed. s8». 1903 

Ocreatus (N.) For an essay see Abhandlungen zur Gesch. d. 

Oddo (Henri). La Provence : usages, coutumes, idiomes depuis 

les origines. Le E^librige et s. action sur la langue pro- 

venijale, avec une grammaire provenpale abr^gee. laS". 1902 
Oddr, Vestfoldingr. [Ottab, Jdrl], see Gobineau (le.cte. J., 

Hist. d'Ottar Jarl, 1879. 
O'Dempsey, The family of, see Mathews (T.) An aec. of the 

O'Ds., 1908. 
Odeon, TM&tre Nat. de I'. Conferences faites aux matinees 

classiques du Th^^tre Nat. de I'O. 

[t] 2, 4, 6-10. [6, 7, 2= ; 2, 4» ; 4, 6° 6d.]. sS". [1895-8] 
O'Sonnell (Francis Hugh). The ruin of education in Ireland 

& the Irish Fanar. 8°. 1902 

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<Edipus, king of Theies. *Sensuyt le Eoman de edipus filz du 

roy Layus, [ed. A. F.], see Collection de poesies, romans, 
. chroniques, &\, livr. 22, 1838-58. 
6fele (Felix, Frhr. v.) Keilschriftmedizin, 1902, see Alte 

Orient (Deb), Jhrg. 4, 1902. 
Official year-book of the Church of England, ss« Chuech. 
0'(Jara (A. P. A.), M.D. The green republic : a visit to South 

Tyrone. s8». 1902 

Oglethorpe (Gen. James Edward). ■ *Brief ace. of the estab- 
lishment of the colony of Georgia under Gen. J. 0. (1733), 

183-5, see Geobgia,. America, The province of. 
O'Hanlon (John), canon, [ps. Lagendensis]. Life of St. 

GreUan. s8°. D. 1881 

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S". 1900 

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wissenswiirdigsten Erscheinungeu auf d. Gebiete d. schonwissen- 

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NouY {Mme. H.) 
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see Haeleian Miscell. 
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Gesch. d. Mathematik. 




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the founder of evolution : his life & work. s8". 1901 

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P., ed. by S. Paget. 8». 1902 

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vaal, 1900-1. 
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Kuwauksia kansamme elamiista [p]l-5 in Iv. 

s8". Porwoossa, [Borga]. 1884-91 
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rewritten by N. & by P., 1903. 
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sS". 1902 

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Palmer (John), of New England. The present state of New- 
England impartially considered in a letter to the clergy. 

4°. [1689] 
This is wanting, but for a pamphlet wh. partly relates to 
it see Bawson (B.) & S. Sewall, *The revolution in New- 
England justified, & the people there vindicated f. the 
aspersions cast upon them by J. P. in h. answer \i.e. 
The present state etc.] to the declaration publ. by the 
inhabitants of Boston, etc., re-pr. 1773. 
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1896, see United States : Ageicultuke, Depi. or. 
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HocToqnMii Bonpoci. 8". C..neiep6ypri. 1878 

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s8<>. Milano. 1901 
*Papa (II) fnturo; perunCattolieoitaliano, 1898, see Bebthelet 


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(1471-3). [P1047]. laS". Milano. 1901 

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spiritualisme. . s8». 1902 

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B2, 1902. 
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ungen, 1887-9. 
see Stbcnz (F.) P., s. Leben u, s, Personlichkeit, 1903. 

*Paradis (Le) de la reine Sibylle ; [or. La reine Sibelle ; by A, 

de La Sale], see La Sale (A. de). 
^Paradoxes of State, rel. to present juncture of affairs in England 
and rest of Europe, 1702, see Toland (John). 
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s8». 1886 
Por la Europa Catolica. s8<>. n.d. 

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d'aujourd'hui, s^r. 1, P. B., etc.", 1903. 
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d'ltalie. [P1027]. 8°. Lausanne. 1898 

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Anonymous & misc. works. 

Collection de documents relatifs a I'hist. de Paris pend. la 

E^vol. Fr. [m prog.] laS". 1902-3 

see AuLAKD (F. V. A.) Paris sous le Consulat, tl, in prog.,. 


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du Conseil municipal. 4°. 1878-1902 

seeAFEKYDELA MoNNOYE (A. d'). Les jetons de I'^chevi- 

nage parisien : docs., reo. par A. de La M,, 1878. 
„ PouENiEE (M.) La Faculty de d^cret de I'Univ. de 

Paris au 15" s,, tl ii, 2, in prog., 1895-1902. 
„ Paris : Civic Institutions, etc Registres des delibe- 
rations, t9-ll, 1902, beloiv. 
♦Tableau des prisons de P., sous le r. de Eobespierre, contenant 
diff^rentes anecdotes sur plusieurs prisonniers, avec des 
couplets etc. qu'ils ont faits ; [by — Caisson ?]. 4t in 2, 88°. 1795 
Civic Institutions, etc. 
Registres des deliberations du Bureau de la villa de Paris. 
t9-ll. [Histoire gen. de Paris]. 4". 1902 

9, 1586-90. 10, 1590-4. 11, 1594-8. 

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paradis de la reine Sibylle — La legende du Tannhauser — Le 
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8". 1901 
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s8". 1902 

The right of way. 8°. 1901 

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of P., 1902, 
Parker (Mrs. K, Langloh). Australian legendary tales. Coll. 
by P., w. intr. by A. Lang. s8». 1897 

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[CoUins (W. E.) Typ. Eng. Churchmen, 1902]. 
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health, 2'"' ed. s8». 1902 

Parkman (Francis) the younger ; ■1S23-93. The conspiracy of 
Pontiao & the Indian war after the conquest of Canada. 

2v. s8°. 1899 
see Faenham (C, H.) Life of F, P,, 1900. 
Parliament, see Haeleian Miscell. 

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D'., authorised ed.]. 

V113-127 (Oct. 16, 1902-Aug. 14, 1903). Ia8". 1902-3 
The Parliamentary hist, of Eng,, f. the earliest period to 
[Aug. 12], 1803 ; f. which epoch it is conf. in " The Parlia- 
mentary Debates." v7, 32. Ia8». 1811-18 
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Placentinam pertinentia. [Ed. A. Pezzana, A. Ronchini, 
A. Bertani, G. M. AUodi, B. Pallastrelli, G. Bonora, E. Scara- 
belli, A. Barbieri, E. Bicehieri, C. Grandi, G. Gazzola^ 
G. Nasalli]. [in lOn]. 4°. Parms. 1856-66 
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cisoi Villa. 1862. 
Chronica fr. Salimbene Parmensia ex cod. Bibl. Vat, 1857. 




Farina [continued]. 
Monumenta historica etc. [continued]. 

Chronica Parmensia a sec. XI ad exitum sec. XIV. Ace. varia 
quae epectant ad hist, patiiee civ. et ecol. (Chron. Parm. 1038- 
1336 — Chron. abbrev. de factis civitatis — Chron. J. de Cornaz- 
zano. Excerpta e compendio chron. omnium sec. XIV quod 
italice concinnavit A. M. E. Da-Erba, Analeota, Appendix, 
Hymni). 1858. 

Chronica tria Placentina a Johanne Codagnello, ab anonymo ct a 
Gnerino oonscripta. 1859. 

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matum a 1417. Ed. A. Barbieri. [On co«ej-Statuta eccl. Parm.]. 

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title]. 1856. 

Statuta communis Parmae ab 1266-1304. 1857. 

Statuta communis Parmse 1316-1325. 1858. 

Statuta communis Parmse 1347. Accedunt leges vicecomitum 
Parmse imperantium ad 1374. 1860. 

Statuta varia civitatis Plaoenti^ (1200-1668). 1860. 

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lection de poisies, remans, chroniques, <&"., livr. 5, 1838-58. 
Parnell Commission [i.e. Special Commission to inquire into 
charges & allegations agst. certain Members of Parliament & 
others]. Hdbk. to report of the Special Commission. 

[P439]. 8». 1890 
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[P438]. 8<'. 1890 
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v3, The music of the l?"" c, by C. H. H. P., 1902. 
Parry (Edward Abbott). Eep. of the facts of the copyright 
action brought by E. A. P. agst. A. Moring & I. GoUancz. 
With a corr. betw. Dr. Fumivall & the plaintiff. 

[P1048]. 8". [1908] 
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N'. quse supersunt, 1902. 
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Oberschlesien.] 8". Breslau. 1903 

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The gold wolf- 
The house uader. the sea. 
I ci'own th«e Kipg. 
The iiron pirate. 

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s8o. 19.02 
.s8°. 1902 
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the first dynasty, pi, 1900." 




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t3-6 have iiltima guerra civil on their tp'., instead of 
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Albion ; & a direction for adventurers w. small stock to get 
two for one, etc. ; & a former descr. re-printed of the healthiest, 
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a plantation in New-England, etc. ; [by J. Cotton ?, or by J. 
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Two or more works. 
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i r.r..lj^' 

.Tif-K -, 





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Bxo.?amnxT) BT> cociaBi Poccin. HepeBejena no nopyreHiio Hjni.-P. 

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1-8, The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia. 
[4], Egypt &- -Nubia, vl. [This v. is lettered as vl only]^ 
5 „ „ [v2]. 

[6] „ „ [v3]. [TMs-V.has no v.nb.Onitstp]. 

4-6 have no gen. tp\ but have only the special tp'. 

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I'Espagne litt^raire, polit. et religieuse, de son temps. 

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" This is practically an enlarged ed." of h. Instruotions-for 

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anon.- in,'l900, q.v. 

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This is a continuation of " BusMn, Bossetti, ■ Prce- 
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<& refers to the career of D. O. Bossetti. 
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This differs from 'the p>-eceding, d relates to a controversy 
between mibert Hall & J. H. B. 
see Hall (H.) The- Bed Book of the Exchequer: a reply to 
J. H. B., 189a • ' 




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Tlie -f" ser. is complete in 3v, hut v1 is wanting. The 3"' 

ser. has 'Iv only. 
N.B. — The Boyal Soc. of Antiquaries of Ireland has 
changed its name d the iiatne of its Transactions as 
follows : I) Kilkenny Arehseological Soc, Transactions, 
vl, 2 ; II) Kilkenny & South-East of Ireland Archseolog. 
Soc, Proceedings & Transactions, v3. Journal, New ser., 
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n. ed..8". Viena. 187S 
Besides the tp. as above, the " Arte " <& the " Vocab. y Te- 
soro" have each a separate tp.; <£ the latter is in 2 
.parts, with sep. pagin. ■: 




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Russell (C. E., baron) of Killowen. 
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justice of England, see Dublin University : Trinity College. 

T. C. as landlords of Cahirciveen : statement by provost & 

senior fellows, in reply to letter [i.e. " New views on Ireland "] 

of R., 1880. 
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,, Imperatoebkoe Russkob Isiokicheskoe Obshchestvo. 
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. Sa (Pantaleao), sec Haeleian Misoell. 

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6'" e. of). 
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M. E; S,, s8». 1901 

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sS". Calcutta. 1885 
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Altnoedische. " , , . 

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2« ed. s8p^ 1902 

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TnuBNEysEN (B.) 
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made 1^ David Fraunceys, 132&: usually called Black Book 1 
of St. b.'s. Ed. J. W. Willis-Bund. [Cymmjrodorion Eecord 
Series, -5]. laS". 1902 

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5* s.-; ^LWterWorth Christmas play, [pr. f. W.' Mlyls 
'• Notices of L'eio^ter, 1865 *'], see MANLy"(J. M.) S^eilHefi's 
' of Pre'-BihakS'p'Si-ean- di'ama, vl, 1903. 

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Criticism of the N.T. : St. M.'s Lect'., .1902. ,; 

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Saint Paul's Cathedral, London. Visitations of churches 
belonging to St. P.'s C, 1249-52:; ed. W. S. Simpson, 1895, 
sec Simpson (W. S.) 
Saint Petersburg. 
see Impeeatokskoe Eusskoe Geogbapicheskoe Obshchestvo. 
„ Laipeeatoeskoe Eusskoe Istobicheskoe Obshchestvo. 
„ Seoekik, C6opnHK'trocy4apcTBoiiMT.ixi SHaniii, t1-.6, 18T4-8. 
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(1, Christenings; 2, Marriages & burials). [Harleian Soc, 
Beg., 29, 30], laS". 1902-3 

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St. Albans.' 
Saint- Andre (M. J. Bontillier de), see Bootilliee de Saint- 

Andee (M. J.) 

Sainte-Beuve (Charles Augustin) . Galerie de f emmes celebres. 

Tiree, des Causeries du Luajdi.psr S. B,. - laS"; ».d. 

see Miohaut (G.) Sainte-B. avant les " Lundis," 1903. 

Saint-Elme (Ida) ps. [i.e. Elzelina van Ayujii Jonghe]. 

M^moires d'une coutemporaine, ou souvenirs. -d'nne. femme 

sur les priucipaux personnages de la Eepubliqiie, du Consulat, 

et de l'Empire,,par IdaSaiut-Elme. n. ^d., augm. Pr6f. par 

N. Ney. 8». [1895] 

Memoirs of a contemporary r being reminiscences by S.-E., 

adventuress, of her. acquainianoe w. ceri^in makers of Fr. 

hist., 1790-1815. Tr. L. SiSrachey. ' ' sS". 1903 

Saint-Genies (le vte. Jean Edmond del'Isle de Falcon de)-[ps. 

BicHAKD O'Moneot], see Biohaed O'Moneoy (le vte.) ps. 
Saint-Genis (Flour de), see Floue de Saint-Genis (E.) 
Saint-John (Oliver)., lord chief justice of theCourt of Common 

Pleas, see Haeleian Miscell. 

Saint-Mars (Gabrielle Aniie Cisterne de Courtiras, vicomtesse 

de), i'i04-~2, [^js\ Jacques Beynacd; la comtesse^V>i&s\,. see 

Dash (la ctsse.) ps. 

Saint Maur(H..) Annals of the Seymours : being a. hist. olth.e 

Seymour family. 8". 1902 

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stfa-iles. s8''. 1902 

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in Europe. v2, (From the Benaissanee to decline of 14th c. 

orthodoxy). 8°. E. 1902 

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A short hist, of French lit. 6"> ed. s8». 0. 1901 

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des additions de Saint-S. au journal de Dangeau, & de notes 

& app'. par A. de Boislisle. [Grands 6crivains de la France]. 

tl7. 8". 1903 
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stois. [P1017]. 8". Dresden. n.d. [1892 ?] 
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Controverse : eine Episode in d. Gesch. d. engl. Aufklarung. 

8°. Freiburg i.B.- 1897 
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Gobind Singh-; tr; from the orig.. Gurmukhi by Sirdar Attar 
Singh. 38". Lahore. ' 1876 

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8, Suppl., completing all class lists to Aug. 1, 1901^ [re- 
placing N" . 6]. 
U"- report of trustees, Dec., 1902. [P1039]. 8". Salem! 1903 
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1; Le roi ii I'aoier. 
2, Le roi de I'or. 




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or town & royal manor of S., 1597-1669. Transcribed, & ed., 

by J. G. de T. Mandley. 

[Chetham Soc, N.S., 46, 48]. 2v. 84". [M'ter]. 1902 
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Salic law, see Hableian Miscell. 
Salisbury {Robert Arthur T. Gascoyne-Cecil, a'"* marq. of), see 

MacCarthy (J.) British political leaders, 1903. 
Salisbury (Robert Cecil, y" carl of), son of W. Cecil, Lord 

Burghley, see Cecil (Sir Bobert), aft. ^■" earl of Salisbury. 
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2B. 8°. Oldenburg. 1900-1902 

1, Das 16., 17., & 18. Jhdt. 

2, Napoleon I. & die deutsehe Presse. 

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JLeague]. rev. ed. s8». [1900] 

'Cruelties of civilization. {Short essays by 16 writers']. Ed. 

H. S. S. [Humanitarian League]. [si, 2]. s8". n.d. 

JKith and kin : poems of animal life. Selected by S. 88°. 1901 

■The logic of vegetarianism ; essays & dialogues. 88". 1899 

The new charter, a discussion of the rights of men & animals. 

[Short essays by J. C. Kenworthy (The humanitarian view) ; 

A. L. Lilley (The Church's view) ; J. Oldfield (The scientific 

view) ; Frederic Harrison (The ethical view) ; G. W. Foote 

<The secularist view) ; 0. W. Leadbeater (The theosophical 

view). Ed, by H. S. S. Humanitarian League]. b8". 1896 

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2»<' ed. s8». [1893] 

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63pp.\, by G. F. Monkshood & G. Gamble. sS". 1903 

Salutation (The) & conception, [play], see Heoge plays. 

Salviac (Martial de). Un peuple antique au pays de M^nilik : 

les Galla (dits d'origine gauloi8e),grande nation africaine. 

[2= ^d.] Ia8». [1902] 

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Sicilia in rapporto alle sue condizioni polit. dall' origine della 

lingua sino al 1848. 3v. Ia8°. Palermo. 1892-6 

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sieurs pofemes. 6" ^d. s8<>. 1902 

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inachev^s. sS". 1902 

Le chariot d'or — Symphonie h^roique. i' ^d. S80. 1903 

Sambhuchandra Mukhopadhyaya, see Mookerjee (S. C.) 

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(Jocelin, of). The chronicle of B. : a picture of monastic life 

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Samuel (Herbert), M.A. Liberalism. Intr. by Et. Hon. H. H. 

Asquith. s8». 1902 

Sanctorum, Passiones vitseque s. sevi Merovingici, see Kkdsch 

(B.) Passiones etc., [Mon. Germ, hist.], 1902. 
Sand (Craorge) ps. [i.e. Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, aft. 
Mme. Dudevant]. 

L'autre. sS". 1870 

Jje compagnon du tour de 

France. 2t. n.ed. 68°. 1869-85 
Consoelo. 3[t]. sS". [1900-1] 
Histoire de ma vie. 

*[t]. n. ed. 68". 1898-9 
Manprat. Tr. S. Young, w. crit. 

intr. by J. O. Hobbes. 8". 1902 
La petite Fadette. 

n. ^d. s8<>. [1902] 

see Le Eoy (A.) G. S. et ses 
amis, 2« ed., 1903. 

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d'amour: lee amants de 
Venise, G. S. et M., ed. 
def., 2'i ^d., 1903. 

„ MAimBAS (C.) Les amants 
de Venise, [S, ti A. cle 
Mussef], 2= ed., 1902. 

Sanda (Dr. Albert). Die Aramaer, 1902, see Alte Oribxt 

(Der), .Jhrg. 4, 1902. 
Sanday (Williain). An exam, of Harnack's " What is Xty. ? " 

8«. 1901 
see Bible : New Testament. Criticism of the N.T., by W. S. 
etc., 1902. 
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engl.-deutsch. u. d.-e. Worterbuch, grosse A., 1900-1. 
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1715. 8». 1901 

Sanders (William). The political re-organisation of the people. 

s8». 1902 
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San Sebastian, see Hablei.\n Miscell. 

Sanuto (Marino) the younger. 

I diai-ii di M. S. (1496-1533). ^8". Venezia. 1879-1902 

This vol. cont". tlie " Prefazione " only and has on its cover : 
I d. di M.S. ; prefazione di (i. Berchet. Venezia. 1903. 
I diarii di M. S. t57, 58, [ottobre, 1532-sett., 1533. t3S com- 
pletes the woi-k]. ]a8». Venezia. 1902-3 

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Lhasa & Central Tibet. Ed. W. W. Eockhill. [Roy. Geog. 

Soc] 8". 1902 

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di-amat.). [t6-8]. [inprog.} sS^. 1901-2 

[6], Sardou, Meilhac & Halevy, Pailleron, Becque. 

[7], Zola, Claretie, Coppee, Parodi, Bergerat, D^roulfede, Aicard, 
Olmet, Bes8on,.Bicliepin, Porto-Riche, Mirbeau, Lemaltre, 
de Curel, JuUien. 

[8], Heivieu, Brieux, Capus, Lavedan, Donnay, Courteline, 
Gandillot, Peydeau, Rostand, Antoine et le Theatre- 
Libre, les auteurs etrangers, etc. 

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Sark, see Harleian Miscell. 

Sarmiento de Acuna (Diego), conde de Gondomar, see 


Sarmiento de Gamboa (Pedro), see MENDASfA de Neyea (A. de). 

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& nos. 3-8 are called " The Savoy : an illust. monthly." 
Nos. 2S are ed. by Arthur Syvions. The editor of no. 1 
is not given. Lettered v1, 2, S, on covers, by publishers. 
No incfre publ. 
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BesoCpaaoBa. il-e. laS". C.-OeiepOypn; 1874-8 




Sbornik Icontinttect]. 
COopuBK'b 3a uapo4iia yMOTBopeiiuR, nayKa, h KUHiKniiua na^iiBa 
JiBHBCTepcTBOTo Ha flapo^HOTo npocBtmeHHC. Knara 1-17 linprog.'] 

laS". Co*Hn. 1889-1900 
Each hooJc (Kunrsi) has 3 div. (HayieMb oijlui — KuuiKOBeui 
0T4'Ui> — HapoAHH yMOTBopeHHB) wUh separate pag. Kiiara 
9 has 2 div, £ a npnjoiReuHC (A. leowpoBii, l>'b.irapcKH 
Kuurooiicb). KuBiii ^6 c0 i7 dfe issued in S vol. ; the •/'* 
vol. has 3 div. (Hayieui oivitji — 4-6^1. aa A'bp]KaBUii uaymi 
— ^txb npapoAoyieHi) with sep. pagi/n. ; the S"* vol. conp. 
tJie MaiepHaJH. 
These volumes C07itain numerous plates of costumes, coins, 
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8». L. 1902 
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'Ia8°. E. 1'963 
see Ghoome"(F. H.) Ordnance gazetteer of S., n. ed., 1901. 
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Exchequer (Court or). 

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The " Preface " is waiiting. 

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in Eng.,' by SjamE. .C^ttpn, \m- rather, hy'T-&i, 1659, see 
Sjieeton (G.) .Hi«t,r& biograph. tracts, vl, 1820. 

Th%$ work was orig. publd. in/620, under t.~,pf' "Yox 
popiuli ; , W-, «ew9 f. Spflyne." 
Scott (Sir Walter), .'/st .Wi. ; ■/77^~f>^32. 

MiiisSieUy -of the "Scattish 

border. Ed., T..F..HeiiclerBQn. 

4v. «».- S,. 1-9G2 

see Chambers (E.) Illust'. of 
the a. of Waverley [i.e. Sir 
W. S.l S'-'l ed., 1884. 

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Scott country, [to. iio- 

graph.ref. to Sir W. S.l 


• see Hudson (W, H.) Sir W. S., 


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Seaman's i<Tlie) opinion of a standing armyiiniEngland, in 
opposition to'.a :fleet:at sea, as theibestiiBeaiKfity of this king- 
dom. [P1028}; S'" ed. s4p. 1699 
Bebastiien., king. of Portiigal, see HjieleiajiMiscell. 
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— ^TJn ieros de roman au grand sifecle — Un grand homme — 

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Nama, or rules for the guidance of the Sikhs in religious 

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1, 814-830. 2, 831-840. 
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1, England's Remembrancer; or, an ace. of the Spanish 

Armada, 1588. — The fatal vespers. — The Gunpowder 
Treason. — ^King James's book of sports. — Welden's Court & 
character of K. James I. — Count Gondamor's trans', 
during h. embassy in Eng. — Mem', of G. Villiers, 1* d. of 
Buckingham. — Life & death of Henrietta Maria De 
Bourbon.— Life of Mr. Blood. 

2, Hist. ace. of life of James, d. of Monmouth.— Vicars's Eng- 

land's worthies. — Life of Hugh Peters. — Short view of the 
long r. of Henry III. — Life of Dickory Cronk. — Life of Capt. 
James Hind. — Second Capt. Hind, or life of John Simpson. 

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Tracts etc., v2, 1838. 
New Englands trials : declaring the successe of 80 ships em- 
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happie plantation, etc. ; & how to build a ileete etc., 2""' ed., 
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office of the mayor of Bristol ; & the costomary of the manor 
of Tettenhall-Eegis. From orig. MSS. of 14"' & IS"- c. Ed., 
w. notes, by T. S. ; w. intr., etc., by L. T. Smith, & a prelim, 
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Sotheby, fi/rm of a/uctioneers. 

The references here are for 1 anon. . & general collections 
only; the other collections sold by Messrs. S. are cata- 
logued under the names of the owners, 
see Catalogue. C. of an extraord. ser. of leather abacus, etc., of 
17 cent., 1901. 

.„ C. of a small coll. of valuable bks. & MSS. which will 

be sold by S. on 20"' June 1902, 1902. 

„ C. of a small coll. of valuable illuminated MSS. etc., 

the property of a well-known amateur, which will be sold 
by S. SO" Mar. 1903, 1903. 

„ C. of valuable bks. &MSS. : earlyBng. dramatic & poet. 

lit., publ". of Kelmscott, & other mod. presses, old heAals, 
etc, which will be sold by S. 18"' May 1902, etc, 1902. 

„ . C. of valuable books & MSS., iiicl. sel°. f. the lib', of 

W. Eadford, of Sir C. Locock, etc., wh. will be sdld by S. 

on 25"' Feb. 1901 etc., 1901. 

Soto (Ferdinando de), *Virginia richly valued, by the descr. 

of the main land of Florida, out of the foure yeeres trauell 

etc. of S. ; by a gentleman Of Eluas, tr. E. Hacklvyt, 1609, see 

FoKCE (P.) Tracts etc., v4, 1S46. 

This is anoth. ed. of the work published as v9 of the 
Sakhiyt Soc.'s publications (g^.ii.) ' 
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s8». 1903 

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Anon, woeks. 

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South Eastern & Chatham Railway, see Febkin-s (W. T.) S. E. 

& C. K'. : popular coast guide, 1903. 
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autumn of 1815 by S., w. an intr. by W. B. NiooU. s8°., 1903 
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Documentos presenijados i. las cortes, 1898, por -el piwistro de 
estado (Duque de Almod6var del Rio) : [Negoeiacipnes diplo- 
maticas desde el principio de la guerra con los Bgtftdos UnidDS 
hasta la firma del protocolo de Washington y gestiones practi- 
cadas pai-a su oumplimiento]. ,^8°. 1898 

„ ,, : Conferencia de Paris y tratado de paz de 

10 de Pic, 1898. laS", 1899 

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alfdb^tioo por materias, por M. C. Marcos. 2° ,ed: s8". 1893 
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papers designed principally for .the use of publishers, S". 1902 
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Xty. & paganism. 8". 1902 

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Statics." [P1044]. 8->. [1903] 

see Hudson (W. H.) An intr. to the phil. of S. ; w, a biog. 

sketch, 1897. • 

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H. S., and J. Martineau, 1902. 

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see Eous (F.) Thule, or Yertues historic, 1878. 
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■Eenaissanoe, w. special ref. to the influence of Italy in the 

formation & develop, of modern classicism. s8». N.Y. 1899 
Spink (Henry Hawkes) jun. The Gunpowder Plot & Lord 

Mounteagle's letter. 8". 1902 

Spinoza (Benedictus de), see Couchoud (P. L.).B. de S., 1902, 
see DcEF (E. A.) S.'s polit. & ethical philosophy, 1303. >, 
Spiritualism, see *Dangees (The) of s. ; by a member of the 

Soc. for Psychical Eeseareh, 1901. 
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deren geschichtl. Wert. S". HaDe a.S. 1891 

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Lovekjocl].- Une page perdue de H. de Bftlzac. s8". 1903 

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Johnson], see Chai.:iibes (A.) Eng. poets, v9, 1810. 
see Haeleian Misoell. 

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& Durham yeomen, under Lord Methuen, (S. Africa, 1900-01). 

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SchmoUer. B20. 8". L. 1902 

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Geschichte der Gegenwart. 


Aktenstiicke zur Gesch. d. 
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65, 66. 
Ost-A., see also Somaliland. 
West- A., see also Ascliaiiti. 
Aschantlkrieg, 1900. 66. 
Biindnisae, Conventionen, Ver- 
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Nordamerika, see also Verein- 

igte Staaten v. A. 
Panama Kanal,- see Vereinigte 

Staaten v. A. 

Krieg gegen d. Mullah, 
1899-1901. 66. ,